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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Get On Google Search To Sell Like Crazy

Why bother to get on Google search? What kind of results should you expect? Can somebody really make serious money just from being found in the organic results of Google? How does one get on google search for free?

Those are no doubt some of the questions on your mind as you entered the keywords "get on google".

Google Inc is a multi-billion dollar company that did not exist 20 years ago. And its' main source of revenue is the famous search engine bearing the company name. That should tell you that being found on Google is big business. Companies the world over make billions just from being found on google search. 

Worldwide a company like Orbitz that relies heavily on traffic from Google made $757,500,000 in a recent year. In Kenya a very small business I know rakes in well over Kshs 900,000 monthly purely from customers who found them through Google search. I am certain there are other local businesses that make much more. Bottom line; make no mistake about it, there are serious benefits here. More so in this age of smart phones which people use on the go and search google as they go.   

Read these fascinating case studies from Kenyan companies;

I launched this hotel in Mlolongo in 2007 and realized that I was close to the airport and people landing at the nearby JKIA could avoid the traffic jam stress and come straight to my budget hotel. Chris organized it and people typing anything about cheap accomodation close to the airport could find me. I was pleasantly amazed at the response. It works.
Competition is tight when it comes to computer accessories in Mombasa. But everything changed when I met this guy who got me to be found through Google. And the guys who call are usually looking to buy right away.
My courier business had a very slow start. Very slow. My research before launching had some very wrong assumptions. Lots of stress until this google thing. Two years later, I have no complaints even when the economy is not doing so well.

So how does one get on Google search? Most folks who know their way around the web and have the time can do it for themselves. Get all the tips on how to get on Google search.

However most entrepreneurs may not have the time and so you may want to take advantage of an interesting free special offer from an expereinced Kenyan search engine optimizer. Call/text Chris right away on 0727-217920 if you want to get on Google search right away to sell like crazy.

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