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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

A Veterinary Surgeon In Diani?? And They Say Kenya Is A Third World Country

Diani Vet shocks Kumekucha, here's why...
Whilst holidaying with family members in Diani South Coast last year, my brother suddenly fell ill and required urgent specialized medical assistance. We ended up getting an ambulance all the way to Mombasa Hospital (over 35 kilometres away).

That is the reason why I was pretty shocked the other day when I discovered that there is actually a very experienced vet surgeon right in Diani who is well equipped to handle all kinds of emergencies.

Diani is populated by scores of tourists and foreigners who jet in to enjoy the white sandy beaches. Many of the older tourists have extended stays in the country, others live in the country for several months every year to get away from the cold winters. Naturally this means that the population of pets in the area is bound to be high. And I would bet you that most who come pray that all will be well with their pets because if something were to go wrong they would have to go into a lot of trouble to find the kind of highly qualified, experienced and specialized treatment that one would expect only in Nairobi or at times in Mombasa. But surely not right there in Diani.

Just one more pleasantly surprising thing about Kenya that should be music in the ears of visitors and pet owners close to the area.  

Full contact details of the said vet. doctor below.

See also VIDEO; How many qualified Veterinary Surgeons in Coast and Diani?

Dr. Peter N.K.
All animals
Specialize on dogs and cats
Coming from Mombasa turn right after Nakumatt Diani
Head to Bazaar area, Diani
Entrance to clinic right next to Full Moon Discotheque

Full veterinary services
Export import permits

Tel +254 721 763 100

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