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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Would You Dare Refuse To "Ingia Box" And Elect This Man In 2017?

The young people of Kenya have a nice phrase that I really love. “Kuingizwa kwa box” (to be put into a box). It is used to refer to a situation where you have been chasing this girl and she has shunned you until one day she gives in to you and accepts her fate with you. She “ingias kwa box”. Guys let us refuse kuingia kwa box.

I have an idea. Why don’t we all elect somebody who is out of the box in 2017? Somebody who is not even seeking the presidency as we speak. Why don’t we hand pick our very own leader? Somebody who is acceptable to all tribes because I honestly don’t know what tribe he is and I really don’t care. And more importantly neither do his die-hard supporters.

Let us all together demand that this person stands for president and then let us all ignore the circus that has been elaborately prepared for us and elect this guy just to teach the political class a lesson. To remind them that we have the power. Because we do.

Gideon Sonko has many things about him that I don’t like. Actually my list is pretty long. BUT he understands the common man. He knows what the ordinary mwananchi goes through. And that is why he is extremely popular on the ground and most of all… roll the drums please! The thing I like the most… he is tribeless. Yes!! That is the big cancer we must get rid of NOW before it consumes all of us together with our children. Sonko has no tribe to favour. Although I dare add that having a person who belongs to your tribe in State house has NEVER been known to put any ugali on anybody’s plate. Ask your Kalenjin friends what they benefitted from President Moi’s 24 years in power. Ask our Kikuyu brothers what they have to show for Kibaki’s 10 year rule. I dare add that when you have your tribe in State house it is in fact a disadvantage because they have to work very hard not to look like they are favouring you. The result is that you will be disfavored for the next 5 years.

So let’s just cancel out this tribe thing and look for a tribeless guy to be our next president.

Now I can see you twisting your face in horror at my very suggestion and wondering what I am smoking as I write this. Guys I am extremely sober.

President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma is the President of South Africa. That economy is much more complex than ours and much bigger too. Sample this; if you lived in South Africa instead of Kenya you would;
-    have 40% more chance at being employed
-    make 6.3 times more money
-    use 36.1 times more electricity
-    consume 6.3 times more oil
-    spend 10.7 times more money on health care
-    have 18.15% less chance of your yet to be born toddler dying in infancy

That country is in the hands of a man with less education than our own President Gideon Sonko.

Oh yes I know what the law says about the qualification of a presidential candidate but that is something that can be challenged in a court because you do not need a law degree to see how unconstitutional it really is. The rich kids go to school and they don’t want the poor kids to ever become president because some folks in some ivory tower seem to think that Kenya suffered under Moi because of his poor educational background. I don’t agree. Kenya has suffered the most in the hands of educated people who were crooked and did not care about the ordinary folks because they will never understand them. Most of them believe that poor people are poor because they are fools. I beg to differ.

But I digress.

I and a lot of people in this country would love to see Gideon Sonko on the ballot paper for president on March 4th. I dare the guys who own Kenya to put him there and let the people decide. Please don’ limit our choices.

Musituweke kwa box!

P.S. Kindly forward/photocopy etc this article to other voters. Grab this opportunity to have something to brag about to your grand children, it may be your only chance.
P.S. You are free to suggest any other tribeless candidate of your choice that we can all comfortably vote for. For better or for worse let’s do something different this time round instead of doing the same thing and hoping for different results. As you know that’s the definition of madness and surely Kenyans are NOT mad.

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Anonymous said...

Yes I would. Just get him in the ballot paper ujoinee

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