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Monday, October 17, 2016

Shocking Reason Why You Do Not Have Enough Customers

Just a decade and a half ago you would see most people buried in newspapers and books but mostly idling. Today virtually everybody is buried in their smart phones. Even whilst driving (not a good idea).

Clearly the world has changed dramatically. But have you changed with it or are you still stuck in habits and strategies that would have worked best in the 70s and 80s?

A fascinating analysis carried out by this writer recently revealed a shocking state of affairs. Desperate customers cash on hand and ready to spend right away cannot find the services and products they need using their smart phones. On the other end desperate businesses are idling and even shutting down for lack of enough business. Would you believe that?

So... what is the problem here? Simply put business owners in Kenya are still marketing and selling their businesses using tactics that would have worked like magic in the 70s and 80s.

Verified statistics show that there are people searching for services/products who find it impossible to get what they are looking for. Sadly in most cases these are customers and clients ready to spend right away to solve their immediate problems using specific products and services.

I will give just one example. When they search on Google for your services/products they are unable to find your contacts, company names and details that confirm you have what they are looking for.

Think back to a time recently when you were looking for a spare part for your car, a good restaurant to lunch with an important client, a certain product to solve a problem in the office or a service for an upcoming function and you will see exactly what I am talking about here. Chances are that you had cash on hand but you ended up frustrated not able to find what you were looking for. So you ended up applying time wasting solutions like physical visits or calling others for the information.

My research also shows that most businesses would need only very minor adjustments to correct this sad state of affairs. Most have the capacity to do this in-house with their current staff and with little or no outside help.

And one does not even need a website to do this. Another thing most Kenyans are stuck on is the pre-Google era of 15 years ago where a dot com website address was like an upmarket office address. A website is important but why set up one when you do not yet have a massive advertising budget like Safaricoms' to promote it and lead traffic there? What your customers will ordinarily do is google for information and they will care less whether they find it on a Facebook page or an obscure shared domain on the web. What they want is accurate info that they can use right away.

You will be interested to know that there is an amazing FREE opportunity that you can take advantage of RIGHT AWAY to cast a hard look at your strategy for landing more business and more customers. Actually there are more people than you think looking for you out there who do not need you to sweat it out selling them because they already want what you have.

Using a simple questionnaire online we will collect data from you that will later be analyzed by our in-house experts who will be able to send you a FREE report on exactly what to do to adjust your strategy so that you land all those valuable customers using their smart phones this very minute and already seeking you out.

How will we benefit Yet We Are Not Selling You Anything?

While keeping all your personal info and identity private and highly confidential, we will deliver the general research data and findings to our clients who are very interested in getting their hands on it.

How will YOU Benefit?

When we have analyzed all the data from the questionnaire, we will (within 3 days) send you a brief report that will help you and your staff make minor adjustments so that you become more accessible to all those people out there looking for you on their smart phones. What are you waiting for?
Just call Chris now on 0721 623 092 and get the ball rolling to get more customers coming in. It doesn't matter how small you think your business is.

Get more information on how you can make minor adjustments in your small business today to correct this situation by calling Chris now on 0721 623 092


Anonymous said...

I like this article. Has opened my eyes more than any other in a long time.

Anonymous said...

Gosh I need help with this. How do I get in touch with the experts ASAP?

Chris said...

Get in touch with Chris now on 0721 623 092.

The same number in the article above.

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