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Monday, April 06, 2015

Recce Company Get Two Choppers After Nation And Kumekucha Articles

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After a recent post in this blog, things have happened very fast. The heroic Recce company now has transportation that will get them to emergencies much quicker. We are not talking about one BUT two helicopters.

This is what I said in an earlier post;

Many have criticized the fact that they (Recce) arrived by road when many other less critical government officials had been flown in and arrived hours earlier. It is clear that the government now needs to work on Recce transportation to emergencies. A state of the art helicopter would be ideal. Or at the very least something close.

The decision to have the two coppers stationed at the elite security unit's base in Ruiru was made on Saturday in a meeting at State House that was attended by security chiefs and the President.

Apparently the crack unit was ready and waiting as early as moments after the attack started and were waiting for further orders even as the terrorists rained terror on defenseless students.

All in all although the police had been alerted of the attack as early as 6am, it took them almost 12 hours to finally contain the situation which only happen less than 15 minutes after the Recce boys arrived in Garissa. Read more details about this story.

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