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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Why Crack Unit Ended Garissa University Siege In Less Than 15 Minutes

The crack GSU Recce company arrive at a recent scene of trouble. The easiest way to identify them is from the pistol holsters they wear on their thighs.

When the whole Garissa University attack story is told, it will not be complete without a mention of the crack unit that arrived very late but managed to end the siege in less than 15 minutes flat.

We have to be careful here not to tell the enemy too much so you will excuse me if I am economical with all the facts I always dig out that you guys come to this blog looking for.

I am of course talking about the GSU Recce company. Firstly it is interesting that the GSU has always been one of the best trained security units in the country. Few Kenyans know this because they have always had the perfect carmoflouge, everybody knows that the GSU specialize in dealing with riots, hence the nick name fanya fujo uone (cause trouble and suffer the consequences). Few know that the unit was really founded as an elite Presidential protection unit capable of protecting the tenant of State house even from an assault by soldiers in the event of a coup.

Several sources on the ground say that  before Recce arrived the terrorists had managed to contain and keep at bay all the security forces on the scene trying to flash them out, including the army. One of the reasons for this is because the al Shabaab militia had taken position on the roof of the building and had at least one crack shot sniper. The small group of Recce officers arrived and everything changed.

There is a side to this story that may never be told for security reasons. However a retired security expert talking to this blogger pointed out the fact that one of the dead terrorists' photograph shows a deep wound at the back of the head. Which would suggest that one of the recce snipers may have quickly found a place high enough to take a shot that hit the back of that al Shabaab militant's head. These are the kind of tactics that would have caused the siege to end so quickly after the crack unit arrived.

Hardly surprising because unlike anybody on the scene the Recce unit are highly and specially training to deal with situations just like the Garissa one. Many have criticized the fact that they arrived by road when many other less critical government officials had been flown in and arrived hours earlier. It is clear that the government now needs to work on Recce transportation to emergencies. A state of the art helicopter would be ideal. Or at the very least something close.

The GSU Recce Company is made up of elite soldiers who are highly trained within Kenya and abroad in highly regarded military training facilities in countries such as United Kingdom, America and Israel. The Recce company is a specially trained unit of commandos which can be said to be in the same league as the British SAS, America's Delta Force, France's EPIGN and the Israel's Sayaret Matkal.

The main crucial function of GSU's Recce Unit is to provide support to the other field companies of the General Service Unit. Apart from reinforcing the other companies of the GSU, it is also sent to perform security operations that require the highest level of attention. This battle hardened force is also capable of being deployed in the event of war. Read more about the GSU Recce company.

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