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Monday, April 06, 2015

Garissa University Attack: Kenyan Lawyer Was One Of The Terrorists

Brutal Kenyan lawyer/terrorist who may have used his university background to easily scout Garissa campus. How does a budding brilliant lawyer with such a bright future beckoning get radicalized?

End of the road for Mohammed Abdirahim Abdullahi. Many of those who knew him recognized him immediately from this photo

Kenyans are numb with shock at the revelation that one of the ruthless Garissa University al Shabaab attackers was a Kenyan lawyer. And it gets worse, his father is a government chief in Mandera.

The name of the terrorist lawyer is Mohammed Abdirahim Abdullahi, who was the son of Abdullahi Daqare, the current chief of Bulla Jamhuri location in Mandera County. Abdullahi graduated in 2013.

The shocking news has helped fit a few more pieces into the Garissa University jigsaw puzzle. For instance eyewitnesses repeatedly said that the attackers seemed to know the university very intimately. For instance when the attack started they went straight to the hall where the University Christian Union members were praying and massacred everybody there for early morning prayers and worship.

Those familiar with the culture at universities in Kenya will tell you that entering any university as an outsider to scout around is not easy. Students are always quick to notice “aliens” and can sometimes get pretty hostile. Which would mean that for a typical Somali radical from Somalia it would have been extremely difficult to scout the camps in readiness for the attack. An interesting aside here is that in the oppressive Moi days intelligence officers found it so difficult to nose around at the University of Nairobi that they ultimately ended up planting full time “students” and using informers but even these were quickly identified by students.

However for Abdirahim, a former University of Nairobi student, it would have been a piece of cake walking into Garissa University and getting all the information he needed. The end result was that the militants knew exactly what to do and where to attack for maximum casualties.

There were also some armed administration policemen on campus who had been placed there a week before the attack after intelligence reports revealed that an attack on a major university establishment was imminent. A harmless former university student who was a budding brilliant lawyer would have had no problem at all getting to know their exact location and patrol patterns.

The sad story of Mohammed Abdirahim Abdullahi is instructive to all Kenyans that even an innocent face can be a ruthlessly brutal terrorist capable of killing innocent young students in cold blood. The terrorists not only lined up and shot the students, there were also bodies that had missing heads.

Nicknamed Ababmo by his classmates at the Law Faculty in Nairobi’s Parklands Campus, he is said to have been a sharp dresser, tending to favour tailored suits and loved to shoot pool with his friends. He had a room on campus but he rarely stayed there, preferring to operate out of Eastleigh, where he was said to run a business selling cooking gas. Eastleigh is very close to Parklands.

Abdirahim went missing from his Mandera home about a year ago and it became common knowledge that he had joined the Somali militant group al Shabaab. Others suspected he may have travelled to Syria to join the dreaded ISIS terror group.

His twits reveal a regular student using regular language common amongst his peers like in one twit he said; “So how does this sh*t work?? Nt even a clue! A rather apt description of the young lawyer turned terrorist wouldn't you say.

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