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Friday, November 01, 2013

What the government is terrified the press will publish

National assembly majority leader Aden Duale is a character difficult to understand. Just a few weeks ago he shocked everybody (including his own party) when he said that former President Mwai Kibaki should be arrested for orchestrating an oil deal which he claims put Kshs 15 billion in the pockets of the former president and his cronies. But he just floored me yesterday when I heard him move a new bill that essentially shuts down the press in Kenya. However analysts say he was just following instructions in a carefully choreographed script that sneaked in a bill that would make even Breshnev from old Russia blush.
Daniel arap Moi ruled Kenya for 24 long years. He jailed and maimed journalists BUT he never EVER introduced a single bill in parliament to reign in the press. Mwai Kibaki ruled Kenya only for 10 short years but introduced a total of 4 bills aimed solely at trimming down the powers (real and imagined) of the critical fourth estate.

Yesterday parliament passed a bill that effectively shuts down free media in the country. What you need to know is the fact that President Uhuru Kenyatta has retained many of Kibaki’s closest advisors (the security team for instance is intact) and the idea is to continue on the same path as his predecessor in a few key areas. Naturally top on their agenda is the “annoying press.”

There was such secrecy in the drafting and preparation of the bill coupled with the fact that it was carefully introduced when many vocal CORD legislators and level headed JUBILEE members were not in the house. This press shut down law was passed only by 60 members in a house with over 400.

Most Kenyans do not believe that the president will pick a pen with his left hand and appended his signature on the bill. Now why wouldn’t he when the bill was hatched crafted and plotted through parliament from State house? Our only hope are some “annoying” level headed the advisors that the president insists on retaining who may just persuade him that the huge political capital he will gain from not signing the bill will be worth rubbishing all the hard work that was put into it that started way back during Kibaki’s presidency.

But what Kenyans need to focus their attention on now is what the government is so desperate to hide from the public. That is where this whole phobia from the press originates from and is driven by.

Corrupt deals? Unlikely. That is stale, harmless information. Everybody knows that mega-corruption is alive and well in Kenya today. So we have to look elsewhere.

One tiny piece of information that the government is terrified about has to do with (Read the rest of the explosive story in my latest raw notes. Get it FREE in your email inbox in seconds, no catch.)


kumekucha said...

But what Kenyans need to focus their attention on now is what the government is so desperate to hide from the public. That is where this whole phobia from the press originates from and is driven by.

Anonymous said...

Everything goes chinese!
-media control
-Birth control-seen press this week? a bill on the way to ensure women get max 2 kids!
democracy kitu gani?

Mwarang'ethe said...

A few corrections please:

"Most Kenyans do not believe that the president will pick a pen with his left hand and appended his signature on the bill. Now why wouldn’t he when the bill was hatched crafted and plotted through parliament from State house?"

As per the British traditions, WHICH WE INHERITED, the word Parliament in the UK means:

(a) The King/Queen.
(b) The House of Commons.
(c) The House of Lords.

As such, in Kenya, Parliament means the Parliament where they MAKE NOISES and the President. That is why the Bill must be signed by the President to become law.

So, see these "two institutions" as ONE.


Secondly, WE ARE FOLLOWING the UK example and we "see no problems with this example."

Sample this:

"Newspapers seek injunction over press regulation royal charter."

"Newspaper and magazine publishers are seeking an injunction to prevent the government's plan for a new press regulation regime getting the royal seal of approval this week.

Industry bodies representing publishers said they would be seeking the injunction to stop the press regulation ROYAL charter – backed by the three main parties and Hacked Off campaigners – going before the PRIVY COUNCIL for SEALING by the Queen on Wednesday."


So, what is the PANIC about?


Also, "ALL DEMOCRACIES" [OLIGARCHIES] including the UK, regulate the press. For instance:

1. In January, 2012, the Iranian Press TV was banned in the UK pursuant to the Communications Act, 2003.

Where was the NOISE from the PRESSITUTE?

2. To prevent further damages to the SECURITY of the Realm, in 2013, the UK Government ordered the Guardian newspaper to destroy the so called Edward Snowden dossier.

NB: What a joke? What has this Snowden told us we did not know DECADES AGO?

3. In the UK, the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre pre - approves most of the British TV adverts.

4. Pursuant to the UK Terrorism Act, 2000, it is an offence to collect or possess information LIKELY to be of use to a terrorist.

For instance, pursuant to this law, IF ONE REVEALS something like the WEST GATE WATER PAPER BAGS, this information can LIKELY assist terrorist.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha, he he he ya ya ya ga ga ga

5. Pursuant to the UK Terrorism Act, 2006, such reporting as we have seen of the West Gate MAY said to GLORIFY terrorism and therefore, an offence.

6. In 1997, the UK Court held that, press freedom as per the UK Human Rights Acts implemented pursuant to the European Convention was irrelevant in a SECRET DISCLOSURE to the press!


Now, the REAL ISSUE is, what really does the so called 4th Estate really, i.e. PRESSITUTE tell us?

They tell us NOTHING and BULLSHIT!

Fine. The so called press will tell you about corruption. So, what do we do with that kind of information? Apart from increasing our stress levels, what else does such information do? NOTHING.

So, there being nothing they tell us, we see no need to regulate them.

However, should Kenya COPY the MOTHER COUNTRY, we say, well, well,

Anyway, since HYSTERIA is what counts and not FACTS, we are off to enjoy:

International Herb:

Anonymous said...

Kenya should understand democracy. Checks and balances are needed. Before a bill goes to state house, it should pass a hurdle called senate. Such a draconian law must have a 3/4 majority win in senate.
Change of constitution is necessary. I am tending to believe that jubilee is taking us back to 1965. I would not wonder.

Anonymous said...

Dual is a Somal and wants to destroy Kenya

Anonymous said...

Someone out there needs and must bring a voice of reason including much needed civility to the wilderness that continues to surround and overwhelm Kenyatta in terms of what has already been brewing in what remains of the country's parliament that is now loaded with nothing more other than the worst kind of four legs good type representatives the country has ever seen in the last fifty. It will now be to Kenyatta to keep his state-house ship afloat or allow it to be sunk by the four legs good type of majority parliamentarians if he goes ahead and gets duped into signing the bill that has been voted upon and passed by the four-legs-good despotic occupants of the disgusting house. Least Kenyatta forgets what becomes the four legged political creatures on a sinking ship amidst the worst kind of parliamentary made storm. All the eyes, be they friend or foe, are now every move that Kenyatta will make.

Anonymous said...

The long term demented disciples and Judas supporters of mega-corruption who are aided by their well protected and entrenched godfathers and godmothers who are always busy trying to take the country and it's whole future to the dumps for a long time to come.

Therefore the ongoing unpatriotic attempts of trying to shut down the press - that has never been what it was set out to be nor lived up to its expectations - in the country will not workout in favour of those who have engineered the whole shred of a draconian bill.

The draconian bill that has just been passed with the sole aim of muscling out the so-called free press of Kenya will only end-up creating adverse effects, unintended nationwide consequences, untold ramifications and a real long-term concerted backlash from the general public as well as the international community.

When all is said and done about the sickening bill, there will be more losers than winners throughout the entire country by the time the citizenry has gone through the next three to four cycles of general elections, at time whereby most of the self-anointed political engineers of the worst kind of draconian bill have kicked their respective rusted buckets, while leaving future generations to pick up the pieces and get rid of the corrosive bill.

The legislators need to get their minds right and prevent the country from the worst that is yet to come once the bill becomes operative for all the wrong reasons under the Kenyan skies.

Anonymous said...

Politicians like the national assembly majority leader always end up becoming nothing that disposable mouth pieces at the short=term ill-service of their seasonal political masters. In other words, his days in the national assembly are numbered and the writing is on the wall with his name awaiting political oblivion like his predecessors have done in the last fifty years.

Anonymous said...

Does bashir gag press?
It is two of a kind in Africa
Next.....sign the withdrawal from the Rome statutes bill to avoid impeachment

Anonymous said...

Those people who were blindly elected last March are so used to paying lip service to the whole nation and their so-called respective loyal constituents, only to end up snoozing and causing the nation to lose big time in many destructive ways beyond the public's imagination.

So far, it is really hard to believe that sixty stinkers in the ... house managed to sneak through a skunk of a bill while the other 340 members of the same ... house were either snoozing in parliament or in their usual comfortable personal confines in and around Nairobi.

The intended skunk of a bill will not only pollute the little freedom of the press and speech but will also heavily curtail every word that gets generated by any local scribe based on Kenyan soil.

Hence, those people who sneaked a skunk of a bill must be resisted in every which way known to the citizenry. It is now or never, otherwise Kenyans are going to pay the worst kind of a heavy price regardless of their political affiliations and ethnic backgrounds.

Any political evil that is crafted within parliament in the form of draconian censorship does not play a fair master but can cause untold havoc to anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

People who sneaked the bill through and others who seem to be in favour of the skunk bill should be very much careful of what they are about to help unleash in the support of the real puppet masters who seem to own the country.

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