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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Oswago's terrible blunder

IEBC CEO James Oswago considers himself a smart man. There is no other way one can survive in such a high profile post in Kenya today. But there is one major blunder he seems to have made that could prove to be extremely costly to him.

When you are CEO and something happens on your watch you cannot look the other way and assume that because it is being done by very powerful government operatives, you are clean. The truth is that the buck stops on your desk as CEO.

There is no doubt that there was some wrong doing over the hurried ordering of voter identification equipment in the run up to the March 2013 general elections. Impeccable sources reveal that Oswago is clean but could do nothing as powerful individuals linked to State house did their thing. But right now he is in big trouble because legally the buck stops with him and it will be extremely difficult for him to absolve himself from blame.

Remarks made by Oswago to the press at the time it first came to light that the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) were investigating him are very revealing. He said;

" I have given EACC overwhelming comprehensive oral and documentary explanation . The EACC know from whom to get the answers to their questions and let them give it to you without protecting the persons."

There is actually much more to this Oswago saga than meets the eye and it is all pretty sensitive but you can get glimpses and regular revealing excerpts of both my raw notes and much acclaimed Intelligence reports in your email inbox.

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