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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The coming face of Nairobi

This is national politics not an election at the golf club

Nairobi Governor in waiting Ferdinand "Rusha Mawe" Waititu

By M-pesa
During the sham and delayed nominations, Mbaru supporters were impatient and left the queues in a huff because they had to dash back to work quickly.

Waititu's supporters stayed put because most of them are young and jobless youth from various slums in the city like Korogocho, Mukuru, Mathare, Kibera etc. Sonko won by a landslide, it's the same supporters who elected waititu!

Don't forget 70 percent of Nairobians live in various slums and when it comes to elections, they call the shots. Most of them don't read blogs or newspapers, actually they heard of Jimnah Mbaru just a few weeks ago when he declared his candidature.

They see him as the snobbish and golfing type who has never slept hungry. On the other hand, Waititu and Sonko are always the first whenever there's demolition or fire in these slums fighting even physically for them.

I'm not shocked that Waititu sailed through. Once you win the hearts and minds of the poor and oppressed, then nothing else matters in elections. Mbaru even published his CV which is over 30 pages long. To the holloi polloi out there, those are just useless pieces of papers.

Of course to me and you reading this, belching and farting after your five course meal, Mbaru would make the better Governor being a highly decorated technocrat and suave CEO with all his grand plans.

But sorry, that's NOT how democracy works! Majority have their way while minority have their say. I suspect tribeless middle-class in TNA may "defect" to Kidero or still vote Mbaru if he defects to UDF like someone told me he may. But will it be enough to defeat Waititu with all the strong support he has in the slums? Nope!


Mwarang'ethe said...

"I'm not shocked that Waititu sailed through. Once you win the hearts and minds of the poor and oppressed, then nothing else matters in elections. Mbaru even published his CV which is over 30 pages long. To the holloi polloi out there, those are just useless pieces of papers."


Bwa ha ha ha ha ha hu hu hu he he he ta ta ta we we ra ra ra ri ri ri ya ya ya ba ba ba na na na na

From his site:

"Though a country’s national prosperity is usually measured in economic terms, increasing wealth is of diminished value unless all can share its benefits and the growing wealth is used to redress growing social deficiencies, one of which is housing (Erguden, 2001)."


So, how does he propose to redress the growing social deficiencies including that of housing?

Ati building 500, 000 houses?

Well, under the existing social conditions, even if you build 1 million homes, you will solve nothing. Zero solution!

For instance, if you build a lot of small houses as he proposes, you will end up ATTRACTING even more immigrants from the rural areas and you end up in square one!

And, why is it that, in Spain, there are SO MANY EMPTY houses when so many are HOMELESS?


The rest of his stuff are those "normal" but useless discussions about gender issue and such bla bla.

We just inquire, didn't the new constitution solve women problems?

And, even better, has Mr. Mbaru, ever worked in the PRODUCTIVE SECTOR of the economy?

With that, we leave to enjoy:

Itonga ni Arogi - The Rich Are Like the Witchdoctors:

Yes! They Live Here said...

Watched Waititu last night on Citizen tv i realised that he has nothing to offer the nairobians. but as things have it he might sail thro. This leave with those in the aristocracy one lesson to learn. Dont shun the poor, Dont see them as filth! You should now learn the signs of the time that we are in. Our voting pattern has changed. The poor need recognition, something they have never seen than from these two former legislatures. How did Obama win elections? His Policies were basically meant ot uplift the poor the long forgotten person.

Mwangalendo said...

Waititu is almost certain to be Nairobi County's first governor. A winning combination to me would be a well qualified running mate from whichever community to temper his rabble rousing reputation and to be the number cruncher behind his governorship. We have enough tried and tested administrators to choose from including some of those that stepped down from contesting the governors position when they realised they had no chance against Waititu.

Anonymous said...

Why make it that easy if it is all that complicated?

Well, we all have a right to express our opinions concerning variety of issues affecting us and the country at large, in the same token, it is always right and fitting to also come up with some kind of practical solutions if any that are geared at what we think or believe might lend solutions or resolutions in dealing with the very issues in question.

The new Constitution has yet to do a lot for Kenyans from all walks of life, but it was not meant to be an overnight sliver bullet type of solution to all of Kenya's pre-existing-cum-current tons of problems, however, like in any developing nation, it is never that easy, but it takes time, resources and colloborative effort to achieve fifty or sixty percentage of the over all desired outcome - with equity for all people - in the long run.

The existing urban social conditions have always been part and parcel of most developing urban areas that are confronted with predicaments similar to those present in the greater Nairobi mertropolitan area.

Any sort of attempts aimed at tackling the severe housing problem in Nairobi area may not be a panacea but it is one step in the right direction and will definitely go a long way in addressing some of the many urban social conditions that require immediate attention.

Burying our heads between our benumbed feet, or in the usual sands of palsy while assuming that any of attempts we make in dealing with the current urban issues will end up in zero soultions should never ever be an alternative or our collective method of operation when tackling mountains of existing social problems in urban as well as rural areas.

Anonymous said...


What is the real problem if Governor Rusha Mawe Waititu gets elected by the majority in Nairobi County?

Kwani what became or happened to the respect that was accorded to any political issue once the people had spoken?

Does vox populi still ring a bell? Or has the voice of a few that reside in palatial mansions decided to take over and reserve the whole political heartbeat and economic lifeline of Nairobi County for their exclusive usage?

By the way, how many great minds with MAs/MSs and PhDs were responsible for the colossal mess at the NSSF, yet not a single culprit was ever held responsible nor was the looted funds ever reclaimed?

It is no secret that the looted funds were privately injected into the so-called booming real estate by well known individuals associated with NSSF and under the protection of their godfathers in the civil service, with blessings from political bigwigs belonging the two main parties.

So, why not grant the aspiring Governor Rusha Mawe Waititu a five year term so that he may utilise his time to eat like others at the NSSF have done for decades?

Anonymous said...

If being educated is to be like Mwarang'ethe/Mbaru/Kidero then give me Sonko and Waititu anytime.

Anonymous said...

Only educated fools didn't see it coming. Still they supress the likes of Kalembe Ndile and Margret Wanjiru. They should understand they belong to elitist confines of academia and corporate governance/management set ups in private sector and not underdeveloped political pretences to democracy they believe are governments of working nations in this part of the world.

Anonymous said...

Really, what is the craziness about Waititu. A racist, criminal in waiting against Maasai and others.Kidero is the right one to lead and unite in our capital city. Otherwise Kenyans are totally blind.

Anonymous said...

Fulani wa Fulani, what will be your next well thought out strategic move should Mh. Rusha Mawe Waititu become the first governor of Nairobi County?

Will you and your kind leave Nairobi County in droves as was the case just before and after December 12th, 1963 when so many masettler left the British Protetorate through any-which-way that was available at the time - amid fears of the worst kind that the end of their preferential lifestyle as they knew it would be taken away from them by a local parliament infested with socialist, communist and uneducated tribal politicians?

With regard to our present day masettler - not to be mistaken by mavulture -, alot can be deduced from their entrenched school of thought given the ongoing chatter in their midst.

As it were, the so-called quasi first generation of TMC (tribless middle-class) of Nairobi County are not as tribless as they want to be perceived, or demand the rest of the LMC (lower-middle-class) and lower-class to believe their well staged charade, or as they pretend to be when in public, especially during every general election.

Lest the people forget that every mzee kobe - tortoise -always retreats into his/her well enhanced shell that keeps on adjusting to the prevailing political winds in the name of self-preservation as well as gaining whatever advantage available to a slect few, rather than out of altruistic reasons.

Unfortunately, for the present day masettler, more votes and power will be diverted toward Mh. Rusha Mawe after March 4th, if and when the tribeless middle-class decides to split their well calculated vote between Waititu's political opponents, newcomer Kidero and latecomer Mbaru.

Well, let gubernatorial race that seeme to be pitched between the downtrodden slum dwellers and the powerful, talented and wealthy urbanites of Nairobi Country play itself out in the name of a maturing democracy where the majority still believes that will make some sort of a difference in one way or another - superficial level - Kenyan style.

Anonymous said...

Shed no single mamba tear for Margret Wanjiru, a person who should have known better rather present fake credentials in order to gain an unfair advantage.

The unfortunate politician has no one to blame but herself, for she knew better than shoot herself in both feet, whereby she ended up missing out on her bid for the higher political office she was seeking in Nairobi County.

While at the same time the holy-than-thou religious image she has spent deacades cultivating as a woman of God within the religious circles around the city, has taken a big dent that will take years to mend.

She forced her own hand in that regard, otherwise she should have been contented with defending her parliamenatry seat given the fact that she has not yet recovered from the recent related court battles.

Thereafter, she could have had all the timee to clear, fix, or even earn proper qualifications from anyone of the local universities, then, make a bigger political move by 2017.

Anonymous said...

@3:16 AM - 1/21/13

Couldn't agree more with regard to mwenye nguvu mpishe. In whatever manner or way the outcome turns out, picking a cruncher to fill in the slot of lieutenant-governor is a must by any means necessary. S/he will be responsible for holding the fort so that whoever becomes the newly elected governor of Nairobi can be afforded the time and space to engage in the usual political theatrics in front of cameras as well as for the sake of maintaing pertinence in the eyes of his core supporters. A cruncher it is and it must be in the interest of a better and stronger Nairobi County in all aspects.

Anonymous said...

Are you really sure that supporters of Mbaru stormed off in a huff in order to return to work, or to be on time for their Ksh.20,000 business/pleasure lunches in some of the upscale French, Italian, German, Chinese, South African, Indian restaurants, and old colonial style members only country clubs in Nairobi?

Anonymous said...

Do the math, 70 percenters versus 28 percenters? The other 2 percenters, better known as 'dollar millionaires' never want to compromise their elevated status by being seen any where in the presence of the 70 percenters, after all, their wealth - thanks to Kenya's generous buisness climate - is tacked away in offshore tax havens, while they have two or more luxurious homes ilocated hundreds or thousands of miles away in safe havens. Scour YouTube clips for several shocking surprises in the tune of three million and above .

Anonymous said...

The coming face(s) of Nairobi can be tamed or shown the right direction in which to look at the right time and for the best interests of all those who have not been so fortunate as well as those who have already been fortune for a while.

However, what concerns most residents of Nairobi County and rest of the country is the coming face(s) of the national police force given what has taken place in the Great Rift Valley where a police impersonator was able to discipline, suspend, transfer, reasign and fire police officers at will, without the provincial police officer raising a finger of authority.

Even the authorities at Vigilance House failed to detect that the character in question was an anormaly, if not an aberration in their midst.

The police impersonator was a real character in uniform and who known to verbally extend the official leave of police officers by ten or more days without proper paper work nor the knowledge of the OCPD concerned.

So, what will the coming face of the real police look like when it is unveiled, if at all there are any official plans in the works?

The decay must have been so deep within the entire police force in the Rift Valley to point where a provincial officer entrusted with duties over one of the largest regions in the country, had no qualms telling one of his senior officer that wachana na huyo mtu, huyo ni mtu wa police commissioner. Who does not know Waingajo in Kenya?

As it turned out, the police impersonator and a thug was not well known in other regions of the country, but now, the whole country, including many people, and police forces in East Africa, on the African continent and parts of Europe now know who the real Waiganjo is and what he was up in the last couple of years.

It is the faces of characters and impersonators like Waiganjo and many others who operate with impunity that worries the citizenry, unlike the Waititu bandwagon that may be coming to the city after March 4th, 2013.

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