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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mary Wambui: Dirty family politics

Mary Wambui wa Munene: Fuming at the TNA offices yesterday when she discovered that no nomination certificate was forthcoming. 

Sayings of the wise before you elect your leaders;“The wealthier a person is the more likely it is that they hate the human community.”


Yesterday it was revealed that the President’s second wife Mary Wambui had been denied the TNA nomination certificate because an appeal lodged by her closest rival was being looked into, according to a statement from TNA headquarters. The appeal claimed that Wambui had bribed voters through her driver and even forged a letter of resignation from TNA purportedly written by her rival Gichuki Mugambi.

To those who know Wambui’s saga well it was amusing to realize that she is now using the name Munene which actually started as nickname early in the Kibaki presidency when people started calling her Wambui wa Munene. (Meaning Wambui who belongs to the big boss).

Wambui is probably the most feared woman in Kenya today despite her appearing pretty meek on TV and even invoking the name of God and saying that she was going to pray about the whole issue. She met the press flanked by her infamous daughter Wangui who is reported to have gotten married to one of the infamous Artur brothers.

Interestingly Wambui continues to enjoy state security although the president has publicly denied that he has any relationship with her.

Clearly the first family is behind Wambui’s current woes to be the heir of President Kibaki’s parliamentary seat.

Impeccable sources had informed this blogger earlier that the initial plan was for Wambui to go for a senatorial seat while Jimmy Kibaki (the president’s son by his first wife) would go for his father’s parliamentary seat. Those close to the first family were relieved because it appeared that an embarrassing political mud fight between the two wives and their children had been averted. However Wambui’s plan hit a snag when talk started about a Senatorial candidate being required to hold a university degree. She opted to play it safe and go for the parliamentary seat instead. Wambui did not go past class 7 and was brought up in an extremely poverty stricken environment.

It is worth noting that Wambui has been the chief campaigner for the president for years and was instrumental in intervening when former president Moi attempted to rig Kibaki out of his Othaya parliamentary seat in the infamous 1988 mlolongo (lining up) general elections. She quickly mobilized supporters who came out ready for trouble (complete with pangas) and frantic phone calls had to be made by the DC (the returning officer in those elections) to Nairobi after which the already announced results which indicated that Kibaki had been defeated were reversed and the future president made it back to parliament.

It is no secret that the president’s other family are behind concerted efforts to ensure that she does not inherit the Othaya seat. Last night frantic phone calls were being made all over the place which reminded me of the saying that when two elephants are fighting it is the grass that bear the brunt of the battle. Tension is still very high in Othaya even as you read this.

In the announced results Wambui beat her bitter rival Gichuki Mugambi by 13,050 votes to 10,080

I will keep you informed on how this amazing saga develops.

Mary Wambui to sue TNA over nomination

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Breaking News:
Mary Wambui has finally received her nomination certificate this evening and is now officially the TNA candidate for the Othaya parliamentary seat that has been Mwai Kibaki's for close to 40 years.  Read Daily Nation story.

Interestingly Wambui has always shunned the media but this time she freely gave interviews about her predicament and it seems the publicity over the issue caused the dark figures fighting against her nomination to give up their fight to frustrate her.

However this does not necessarily mean that the bid to stop her winning the parliamentary seat is over.

Kumbe bado..... 9:36PM Kenyan time 23/1/2013

Ooops latest reports indicate that there is still a hitch with the Othaya TNA ticket. Mary Wambui says it is not over yet despite assurances from the TNA. And sure enough her challenger Gichuki Mugambi has the nomination certificate and says that parties do NOT have the power to revoke it once it has been issued. Wow!!! wonders will never cease.


Anonymous said...


I have found this one sided reporting amusing. How comes no one is talking about the obvious travesty that has befallen one ODM Nairobi senate elect Elizabeth Ongoro and MP elect Tom Kajwang who had received even the nomination certificates only for the belching and farting ODM honchos to reward Margaret Wanjiru, who never contested for senate position that ticket??
Why is Chris of Kumekucha being influenced by local media stations that are under the payroll of the octogenarian soon to retire opinion poll president?
What about Nyong'o and raila's 'kassin' one Jakoyo Midiwo both who had been rejected by the holloi polloi but have now been sneaked in through the back door?

Chris, why through your one sided post are you whitewashing the more obvious and graveous abuse of democracy?
To be honest, Wambui's name has been forwarded to IEBC. Just go to and see the TNA and ODM official lists submitted to IEBC. All the stories circulating in the blogs and well propagated by FORA in the local media are just rocking chairs meant to divert our attention from the CRIMES of odmorons.

Otieno, Mathare

Taabu said...


Why do you dare provoke an EXECUTIVE FOUL MOOD?

Jimmy was just doing what every son would do - fight for mummy.

And while at it you couldn't resist introducing CLASS WARS. Kwani is it a crime if mary was born in abject poverty and never went past class 7?

Just like Sonko, she ROSE through the ranks of poverty and connects with the masses. Don't ask nor insinuate how the wealth cam along.


You can ask L. Armstrong to blood dope the right T/DNA if you are not lucky to belong.

kumekucha said...

- NTV Kenya -
The IEBC is now warning that serious disciplinary measures will be taken against controversial Othaya parliamentary aspirant Mary Wambui who on Tuesday night stormed the offices of the IEBC. Wambui was accompanied to the IEBC offices by among others former MP Rachel Shebesh who demanded that Wambui be cleared to contest the parliamentary seat currently held by President Mwai Kibaki. And as Brenda Wanga reports, the punishment for the chaotic night visit could be as severe as disqualification from the March 4th election.

- NTV Kenya -

Anonymous said...

The real risk-was-on Ongoro while the risk-was-off Wanjiru when all things were considered, and due to the fact that the senatorial seat would have been snatched or handed over to Gideon 'Sonko' Mbuvi on a well decorated silver plater had Ongoro been 'fronted' as ODM's weapon of TNA's defeat in an urban toe-to-toe contest at the polls.

With all due respect to Ongoro and her legions of diehard supporters, may they be reminded of the fact that Wanjiru never had the any intention of vying for the senatorial seat in the first place, but in the end those concerned hand picked a worthy opponent among the two women candidates, an individual who is very capable of giving Gideon 'Sonko' Mbuvi and his TNA camp a ran for their money and political lives.

Was it fair? Did their party play it fair or favourites? And is it democratic when some members of agiven political party are sidelined in favour of other high profile members or well established party insiders?

The no-or-yes - fair or unfair - fact will be determined by the end results after the polls on March 4th.

Further, Wanjiru is not an angel given her personal and political history, including what transpared recently, however, with regard to matters of political leadership, her brand of hands-on adminstration style, and the tenacious zeal that has become her forte, she is the right choice of candidate and a politician who will do very well across political lines and with Nairobi County residents from all walks of life.

Anonymous said...

Why was wamboi so agitated when the bodies of saitoti and his assistant were being taken to lee funeral home?

Anonymous said...

Some of us are now being reminded that God is going to help women of Kenya this time around, after five decades of having been silent, busy somehere else, absent, unappreciated, and not accorded the rightful honour within the region by several generations of Kenya women and men.

So, why now? Why in 2013 and not 2014 or 2016?

What has really changed under the Kenyan skies that is bound to convince the Creator to shift course and extend rare slices of benevolence to the downtrodden women of Kenya?

Is it because some of us just found out the hard way and in the last hour that what we thought was a given in terms of party nominations turned out to be a real nightmare that is bound to leave us locked out without a slight chance of contesting the March 4th general election?

In the meantime, have some of us really bothered to ask ourselves where we have been in the last one, two, three, four or five decades, at a time when majority women of Kenya were in desperate need of political, economic, social and personal lifelines?

Where were some of us when the likes of the late Wangari Maathai (RIP) and a tight band of mothers were being clobbered and haunted all the place by powerful forces that had the mandate of deciding who lived and who died?

Who among the citizenry was right and merited to be rewarded for their tireless patriotic efforts of supporting the head of state, state functions, institutions, agents of the state and political agendas as stipulated at the time?

Or who was wrong, a rubble rouser and deserved to be severely punished for going against the state's policies, directives from obove, speaking up without fear, and at times banished for good just because they were considered to be the enemies of the state?

Why do some of us like to invoke the name of the Creator when we find ourselves in a bind, yet forget to do so during deadly or problematic situations that usually involve majority of Kenyan women?

Why now? Why in 2013? Is it because we have just found that our personal interests and political aspirations are being threatened or on the brink of collapse after years of having lived very comfortable lives without a single worry under the Kenyan skies?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha hu hu hu ya ya ya ya yu yu yu ta ta ta ta ra ra ra wa wa wa we we wi wi...

Oh, Lord! As we prophesied, this 2013 was to be the Great OPIUM SESSION and it is turning out to be.

Oh, Lord! Many are now waking up from that land of DELUSION, ILLUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES!

We wish them all the best for we know that:

- where food is deficient, in that land, it MUST be hopeless and in vain to try and improve morals and the minds of the millions.


Even if you write a 1000 page Constitution with all nice and sweet nothings like integrity, democracy and such stupid bla bla bla, it is all in vain.

Meanwhile, without ENJOYING the tribulations/misfortune of other MEN, in the name of POLITICAL ANALYSIS, and knowing that:

- Homes are smoke,

- TWO WIVES are TWO POTS OF POISON, we leave to enjoy Kirira:

Anonymous said...

Two wives may be a pot of poison, yet Mzee did pick his own poison and survived, and even went on to become the lead of his people for ten years without having his insides like utumbo destroyed or consumed alive by the other pot of poison that was left outside the walls of the homestead.

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