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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kenyans, don’t you love your country enough?

I am angry. And you should be too.

Let’s get serious here because our future and that of our loved ones depends on it. It seems that there is a plot to make me go through another 5 years very similar to the last 5 nightmarish years I have gone through. Hell no!!!

As things stand at the time of writing this, on March 4th we will have a choice of electing either Uhuru Kenyatta or Raila Odinga to be the fourth president of Kenya.

Did you say Raila Odinga? The man who has been the second most powerful man in Kenya for the last 5 years? Are you sure that is the man you are talking about? Well with all due respect to the man I voted for in 2007, what has he done in the last 5 years? Surely he should have given us a glimpse (at the very least) of what he is capable of doing? Please let’s not get tribal here and let’s leave all the emotions out of this. Yes, the election was stolen from him and my sympathies go out to him. But I dare say that where our beloved country is now, we cannot afford to elect somebody purely on sympathetic grounds.

Do you read the newspapers (when you can afford them)? Insecurity all over the place, people getting killed and robbed? Injustice, impunity, rape, corruption etc. My dear friends surely Kenya can only take so much. Surely sooner or later something will give. What am I saying? We are in a crisis as a nation and we cannot afford to make decisions based on emotions.

So if you get sober enough you will realize that voting CORD will be a big mistake. Who did you say is Hon Raila’s running mate? Kalonzo Musyoka? Wow. Those are the guys you want to hand over the reigns of the country for the next 5 years?

What was the name of the other person Kenyans are so eager to put into State house? Uhuru Kenyatta? I think I am going to have a fit at his rate. Isn’t that the guy with a case before the ICC? So what you guys are saying is that you want to make Kenya another Sudan? Well, they have plenty of oil gushing out of the soil and they have bossom buddies in the Arab world with deep pockets. So you don’t want to tell me that you want to push Kenya into deeper crisis by causing the country to be shunned by every other nation that matters do you?

Most of the good folks who will hear nothing of electing anybody but the son of Jomo ride in matatus. When was the last time the Jubilee luminary rode in a matatu? When was the last time he worried about insecurity in the country? I will not even discuss his silver-spoon-in-the-mouth upbringing within the grounds of State house because I know that at least 7 million Kenyans (priviledged information) want to turn our beloved country into some kind of kingdom where certain people come from a royal lineage and have a right to rule.

Folks we have been had. The political class have all ganged up against us the voters and put us in a corner where we have no choice but to vote for either of the candidates of their choice. Don’t you get it? Why do you think that they have all meekly and obediently lined up behind either of the two horses? And I mean ALL OF THEM. Don’t you think that there is something they know that we don’t know?

I have a solution. Good people we have the power to say NO. We have the power to say enough is enough. We have the power to teach all these guys a lesson by refusing to fit into their neat and well laid plans. We tiny mice that always get caught in that mouse trap, inches away from the juicy cheese and other goodies they put there to lure us in, need to stop and think. Guys it is the very same mouse trap and the very same bait and it will get the very same results. You and I will be left complaining the same complaints over the next 5 years and taking about how our leaders are corrupt and greedy and selfish. But who will have elected them into office?

The young people of Kenya have a nice phrase that I really love. “Kuingizwa kwa box” (t be put into a box). It is used to refer to a situation where you have been chasing this girl and she has shunned you until one day she gives in to you and accepts her fate with you. She “ingias kwa box”. Guys let us refuse kuingia kwa box.

I have an idea. Why don’t we all elect somebody who is out of the box. Somebody who is not even seeking the presidency as we speak. Why don’t we hand pick our very own leader? Somebody who is acceptable to all tribes because I honestly don’t know what tribe he is and I really don’t care. And more importantly neither do his die-hard supporters.

Let us all together demand that this person stands for president and then let us all ignore the circus that has been elaborately prepared for us and elect this guy just to teach the political class a lesson. To remind them that we have the power. Because we do.

Gideon Sonko has many things about him that I don’t like. Actually my list is pretty long. BUT he understands the common man. He knows what the ordinary mwananchi goes through. And that is why he is extremely popular on the ground and most of all… roll the drums please! The thing I like the most… he is tribeless. Yes!! That is the big cancer we must get rid of NOW before it consumes all of us together with our children. Sonko has no tribe to favour. Although I dare add that having a person who belongs to your tribe in State house has NEVER been known to put any ugali on anybody’s plate. Ask your Kalenjin friends what they benefitted from President Moi’s 24 years in power. Ask our Kikuyu brothers what they have to show for Kibaki’s 10 year rule. I dare add that when you have your tribe in State house it is in fact a disadvantage because they have to work very hard not to look like they are favouring you. The result is that you will be disfavored for the next 5 years.

So let’s just cancel out this tribe thing and look for a tribeless guy to be our next president.

Now I can see you twisting your face in horror at my very suggestion and wondering what I am smoking as I write this. Guys I am extremely sober.

President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma is the President of South Africa. That economy is much more complex than ours and much bigger too. Sample this; if you lived in South Africa instead of Kenya you would;
-    have 40% more chance at being employed
-    make 6.3 times more money
-    use 36.1 times more electricity
-    consume 6.3 times more oil
-    spend 10.7 times more money on health care
-    have 18.15% less chance of your yet to be born toddler dying in infancy

That country is in the hands of a man with less education than our own President Gideon Sonko.

Oh yes I know what the law says about the qualification of a presidential candidate but that is something that can be challenged in a court because you do not need a law degree to see how unconstitutional it really is. The rich kids go to school and they don’t want the poor kids to ever become president because some folks in some ivory tower seem to think that Kenya suffered under Moi because of his poor educational background. I don’t agree. Kenya has suffered the most in the hands of educated people who were crooked and did not care about the ordinary folks because they will never understand them. Most of them believe that poor people are poor because they are fools. I beg to differ.

But I digress.

I and a lot of people in this country would love to see Gideon Sonko on the ballot paper for president on March 4th. I dare the guys who own Kenya to put him there and let the people decide. Please don’ limit our choices.

Musituweke kwa box!

P.S. Kindly forward/photocopy etc this article to other voters. Grab this opportunity to have something to brag about to your grand children, it may be your only chance.

P.S. You are free to suggest any other tribeless candidate of your choice that we can all comfortably vote for. For better or for worse let’s do something different this time round instead of doing the same thing and hoping for different results. As you know that’s the definition of madness and surely Kenyans are NOT mad.

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Anonymous said...

I'll vote Raila. Period.

Anonymous said...

We the Kenyans refuse to vote for a molasses thief. We refuse to vote for a malindi squatters land thief, We refuse to vote for KKV funds thief, We refuse to vote for maize scandal architect, We refuse to vote for 1982 Coup attempt architect, We refuse to vote for a hair dyeing octogenarian, We refuse to vote for the analogue team, simply put We refuse to vote for raila!!

Mwangalendo said...

Kumekucha, you cannot be serious! Sonko for president of all people? He of the somersaulting, head butting of walls, wearing dreadlocks fame! There is no difference between him and that DJ President in Madagascar Rajoelina who led a popular revolt in that country and then became the president in 2009 after a stint as mayor of Antananarivo.
But your point is noted in terms of him appealing to all tribes because the other fellows are all leaders into tribal cocoons.
Now if only he would be in line for presidency maybe, just maybe I would vote for him

Anonymous said...

We need CHANGE I will vote for Kingwa Kamenchu.

M. Pesa said...

Hi Chris! Great article and thanks for thinking outside the box. I wish the hapless masses out there in the slums would do the same and reject these ethnic tin gods and their culture of entitlement. But can they overcome strong tribal emotions within them?

I think we have allowed the mainstream media to put us all in a box by setting the agenda. That's what happens when we let politicians and well connected individuals own 70 percent of the media in Kenya.

They will spin issues to suit their own egos and increase their already bloated bank balances. SK Macharia who owns nearly all of Kenyan radio and Citizen TV has publicly stated he will vote for the tired and exhausted Raila. Standard Media Group is owned by Moi and family, need we say more?

Without bragging if you guys can recall, I was the first Kenyan to predict Sonko would win the Makadara seat long before those by-elections. You can search that on this blog!

Sonko has mass appeal and that's why folks are scared stiff of taking him on in Nairobi senate seat. That's why the likes of Fred Gumo have quickly retired from politics having realized that cold and brutal fact.

I don't think Sonko will become president this round because it looks like it's a bit too late in the day. But he's the type to watch in the future- 2017.

Personally I don't care whether he wears earring like our CJ or not. I don't care whether he wears baggy jeans or not. All I care about is what he does with power. And so far, only a complete idiot would say he has not done pretty well in Makadara.

And that's why Nairobians will greatly reward Sonko with Senator seat come March 4th and you can take that to the nearest bank!

The next 5 years will be the toughest in my opinion. This is because UhuRuto will win the coming elections. I mean, how can they lose when they are just going to inherit Kibaki's 2007 votes and added more from Kalenjins and Luhyas? To make it worse, the state is right behind them, the security and defence machinery et all!

And once they are quickly sworn in, sanctions will begin and it will be too late when reality starts sinking in. The rich leaders will have nothing to lose when prices start shooting up, they are billionaires already.

Just like I predicted Sonko's win way back, I'm predicting painful 5 years and economic turmoil in the next 5 years, for as sure as the sun rises, UhuRuto will beat Raila. If you make your bed, with thorns or blankets, you must prepare to lie on it! Tribal politics have not developed any nation and so Kenya will not be the first. We must change our course for we are sleep-walking into a disaster with our tribal loyalties or we must prepare for the inevitable. If we can't do that for our own sake, how about for the sake of our kids and future generations?

My 2 cents worth!

Mwarang'ethe said...

"Surely sooner or later something will give. What am I saying? We are in a crisis as a nation and we cannot afford to make decisions based on emotions."


Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha what a contradiction?

OPIUM SESSIONS are by their NATURE based on emotions!


"I will not even discuss his silver-spoon-in-the-mouth upbringing within the grounds of State house because I know that at least 7 million Kenyans (priviledged information) want to turn our beloved country into some kind of kingdom where certain people come from a royal lineage and have a right to rule."


Without supporting it, Monarchy is the LONGEST GOVERNANCE system in the last 6000 years.

As a matter of FACT, all nations that have ever tried "PURE DEMOCRACY,2 as Africans are STUPIDLY doing, have ended in confusion and chaos.

Sample this. Ancient Egypt (Ta Merry), Ancient Nubia (Ta Nehisi), ancient Ethiopia were all monarchies. They lasted longer THAN ANY OTHER NATIONS ever since! What an achievement?

NB: Real African name for Egypt is Ta Merry. Egypt is a Greek, i.e. COLONIAL name. Real name for Nubia was Ta Nehisi.

Ancient Greece, tried PURE democracy, it collapsed into chaos in less than 50 years! It collapsed and left Sparta in place!

Rome, had a MIXED system with some Monarchy, aristocracy, some OPIUM SESSION to FOOL the masses. It lasted over a thousand years.

In the modern times, UK, has a MIXTURE of OPIUM SESSION, Aristocracy/oligarchy and Monarchy. It has lasted since 1066. [Modern Rome version).

America, on the other hand, seems to have gone for "PURE" democracy like Ancient Greece. We can bet this. USA will collapse into different States before UK collapses.

So, as you yap yap about your democracy, remember that, what Africans are trying, under the existing social conditions is a recipe for confusion and chaos.

That is why for instance, at the end of the 2WW, in which the Japanese fought like hell, had only one request/demand before unconditional surrender.

Let the Emperor of Japan remain! Reflect on this!


"Gideon Sonko has many things about him that I don’t like. Actually my list is pretty long. BUT he understands the common man. He knows what the ordinary mwananchi goes through. And that is why he is extremely popular on the ground and most of all..."


So, after understanding, how will he solve the problems? Please, please!


"President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma is the President of South Africa. That economy is much more complex than ours and much bigger too. Sample this; if you lived in South Africa instead of Kenya you would;
- have 40% more chance at being employed..."


What is this now? You think SA is the way it is because of Zuma?

You better study some history and UNDERSTAND what is role the SA role in Africa.

When you understand that HIDDEN HISTORY, you shall know better and not peddle outlandish ideas.

Anyway, since understanding what poor people go through is the qualification, we leave to enjoy:

We Deh Yah Still:

kumekucha said...

Hello M-pesa,

You have been missing in action for a long time. Are you busy campaigning for somebody?

It is absolutely true that you were the first to draw attention to Sonko the candidate for a parliamentary seat on these very pages. At the time nobody had heard of him. You alerted us on how he was spending a fortune. The guy really hit the ground running I tell you.

You are also absolutely right that the mainstream media is controlling the agenda and it is NOT the agenda of the people. It is the agenda of those who own Kenya. I agree with you that we are headed for a terrible 5 years, much worse than the last 5 years. The billionaires club that has made a fortune courtesy of Kibaki's 10 years are determined to continue doing their thing for another 10 years at the very least.

I don't know where you get your information but you are also right that Uhuruto will win... easily. According to my privileged information, by about 2 million votes. And even if there is a run off, CORD will suffer an even bigger defeat.

We are in serious trouble my brother and yet Kenyans refuse to think outside their tribal or emotional cocoons.

Many people mostly in the Nairobi upmarket estates, cringe at the very prospect of a Sonko candidature for anything, let alone Senator. That is why they are trying to disqualify him from the race early.

Please join me in dedicating Kumekucha's agenda to that of the long suffering people of Kenya. The down-trodden masses who do not own any media houses and cannot even afford 20 bob to go on social media to express their views.

Chris Kumekucha.

Anonymous said...

Well stated as it is and has been in a very long time. Woe unto us!

Sadly, we, the people, have continued to assert ourselves in a context of political, economic, social and cultural numbing in the last ten years.

Further, the fact remains that we do not love nor like our country that much, many of us do not even identify with our country anymore, nor have we had any special concern for the well being of our country in the last several decades.

Our destructive collective parasitic nature extends to the point where we no longer have the will, ability and readiness to work collaboratively with people from other ethnicities or political pursuasions for our common good.

Even the minority among us are not ready to defend our homeland of Kenya to the last person - woman or man - standing, let alone accept to sacrifice our immediate tribal political gratification, personal greed and collective arrogance for the sake of the most good.

We are what we are, what we have been and what we are going to be in the next ten to twenty years, unless we decide to take a very good look in our respective mirrors, then find the courage to develop the ways and means that will eventually force the majority of us to really begin to change on an individual as well as collective basis, and consequently go on to take the most difficult step of placing our nation above all else, as real patriots do.

On the other hand, nothing against the young folks in their mid-late teens, however, they are not any different from their older folks in their early-mid-late 20s, and 30s, when it comes to recycling phrases that were in vogue way back when, or at one point or another.

Belive it or not, phrases such "kuingizwa kwa box" and "ingias kwa box" that are in popular usage have been revived from a not so distant past.

How quick we forget, or rather those who forget the past phrases - from bafoo - used by their older siblings, aunties, uncles, parents and even grandfathers, are bound to reuse them again and again.

Case in point, kuingizwa kwa box has its genesis in kubandikwa kwa cube or kunataa maskani. While ingias kwa box originates from boresha pangoni or bonyeze kwa ghafla or nataa kibindoni, etc.

Guess the pleasure of popular usage of certain phrases in never restrained nor separated from the not so distant past.

Lugha Continua!!

Anonymous said...


Why are you so quick to prematurely shower Ged Ley Ihele Kisa with praises for the work(s) in progress dating back to a hundred years or more?

Lest we forget, a well seasoned gliding enthusiast with a temporary liense can take over a glider and some how guide it on a course that has been crafted by his or her qualified predecessors, but it does not always translate into a comfortable landing at an intended destination or when the winds have died down just after crossing the Table Mountains.

So, does the number 14,000 ... ... ... in the course of 2013 and 2014 ring a bell that will leave very painful and deafening sounds in the regional economic ears?

While at it, do not forget to do the math and at the same time assess the long term impact that will be felt in the wake of King Ged Ley Ihele Kisa and his royal house.

Mwarang'ethe said...

"Just like I predicted Sonko's win way back, I'm predicting painful 5 years and economic turmoil in the next 5 years, for as sure as the sun rises, UhuRuto will beat Raila. If you make your bed, with thorns or blankets, you must prepare to lie on it! Tribal politics have not developed any nation and so Kenya will not be the first. We must change our course for we are sleep-walking into a disaster with our tribal loyalties or we must prepare for the inevitable."


Why are prices of stuff been going up even before there were sanctions?

And, since colonial times to today, when have Africans enjoyed any meaningful economic prosperity?

Why are the Swiss, who are very "tribal," not having problems we have?

Why are Somalis who are one tribe, having so much issues?

Yugoslavia was TRIBELESS for 70 years. So, why did it collapse into its TRIBAL segments in 1990's?

With those OBSERVATIONS, we leave to enjoy:

Mugo's prophecy:

Anonymous said...


Love for our beloved country should never be mistaken by the misplaced and "blind want" for Gid Leon Sonko Mbuvi by the people of the constituency he formerly representated in the last two or so years.

While Baba wa taifa Mtarajiwa, Mutukufu Rais Gid Leon Sonko Mbuvi is clearly cut from the same cloth as the current poor crop of greedy politicians around the country, let us not forget the fact that he was not any different from 88% of his fellow MPigs in the parliamentry mud wrestling pool.

Talking of the MPigs who were very supportive, protective and in praise of Two Legs Bad, Four Legs Good policises, porecedures as well as overnight passing of bills that were always infavour of overloading their dirty financial feeding troughs at the peril of the citizenry and whole nation.

Just show the people a single MPig that has not had a golden ring on his or her snout in the last ten or five years while in parliament.

Without forgeting those who voted for, passed and later embraced the fly-by-night Ksh9.3 million robbery bill in favour of their individual dirty financial troughs, and we will do everything in our collective power to have him or her elected as Baba/Mama wa taifa Mtarajiwa by March 4th, 2013.

By the way, Royal Prince Gid Leon 'Sonko' Mbuvi is not Aristide Jean Bertrand, and even he were to make the grevious mistake of becoming a reincarnation of his in dirty politics of Kenya soil, then all the well placed evil forces with the unquestionable loyal support of some of the darkest political hands on the continent, Europa and Amrika, will work hand in hand to have him whisked out of power and away from the country without any notice.

Taabu said...

Chris + MPesa,

Kwani Sonko amekula nini yenu? Please show us your degrees from the IVY SCHOOL (of FOOLS) ama forever keep your cool/rants.

You poor boys do not know even where Yogoslavia/Neto is?

Please show us the contents of the box separating your ears.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans have been given to choose among devils

which devil is better under the circumstances?-me think CORD!

Kenyans are not ready to look at angels

Anonymous said...


You peole have always thought that stone throwing and chasing after goons in Embakasi is all I do? While all along you people had no clue that I was and am still a man of the people with a real degree from the University Punjab. One of the oldest institution that dates back to 1882. Kwani nini kigine mwataka kutoka kwangu? As a matter of fact some of your degrees and certification are suspect as far I am concerned. As the boss of bosses, sorry I meant governor of Nairobi County, I will make sure that no one with suspect qualifications gets employment in Nairobi county thereby denying bona fide candidates or workers theri chance for a gainful employment. I am not clown but a hands on politician who have been in the trenches with my people in Embakasi and as a matter of fact I do not need bodyguards to about my business in Emabakasi or any where in Nairobi County, unlike the others. Imagine one of my opponent for governorship has already six bodyguards and a bullet proof vehicle. I wonder why? Is a president or a balozi of one of those powerful nations? What is he afraid of? The people of Nairobi County or people from his past dealings? Hii mambo yenu ya kome kabisa.

Anonymous said...

Gideon Sonko may seem to be thee "tribless politician" but he may be worse than the average political tribal leader in our rural and urban areas given his personal history.

The young politician with a very bright and unblemished political future ahead of him, that is if he gets elected, has been and still is part of a very vicious underground business cartel in the Kenya.

Hence, voters must becareful of what they wish for cause they just might get it in many ways than they had hoped for after April, 2013.

What is the real point of trying to avoid ending up in another ten years of being boiled alive in the red hot political cooking pots of 2002-2013, only to be consumed by raging political fires from April of 2013 to August, 2017, or worse uptil August, 2022?

Anonymous said...

The majority of Kenyan voters will determine the fate of our country's political, economic and social future as from 2013 through 2017 and 2022.

Therefore, March 4th is a fight for our survival as a people and as one nation. It is a do or die for the future of many us and country.

But as things turn out, twenty-eight million of us have no clue whatsoever nor the answers as to what is very essential when voting or casting their votes in the coming March 4th general election.

Ask anyone or any group of particular people whether they are going to the polls so as to elect national leaders who will make sure that the country's economy thrives and benefits Kenyans from all walks of life in the cousre of the next five to ten years, including better security and political climates within Kenya's territorial borders.

Or whether all they care about and want is to make sure that they only vote for one of their own to get elected to occupy the highest seat in the land, or serve as the deputy boss without paying much to the country's economy and basic security?

Unfortunately, the majority of us will not admit it in public that they would rather have one of their own elected to the old colonial edifice that was once occupied by the last imperial governor of Kenya, than vote for a candidate who will steer the country's economy to better heights for the benefit of all Kenyans instead of a select few as it has been the usual case in the last ten years.

The choice is between tribal political leadership versus a national leadership that will enable the country to experience termendous growth within all of its political, economic and social spheres in the course of the next five to ten years.

Anonymous said...

Why are Mh. Fred Gumo's peers not bothering with emulating the immaculate example he has set for future generations of Kenyan politicians?

Including many others - his peers - in the civil service and elsewhere in the country.

There comes a time when enough is enough and it is always wise to quit politics while the storm has not yet started flooding one's political 'domain' or career path that was forged in the last several years.

Otherwise, politics will end up being no different from what is so common in almost all religious institutions where evangelists (aka revivalists), elders, pastors, priests, bishops, monks, nuns, imams, shiekhs, et al, are accustomed to hanging on until their dying day or until a scandal of some sorts sidelines or destroys their tight control, power and dominance over their respective religious institutions.

It would have been very great for the country and its fifty year old democracy had twenty to let say thirty of Mh. Gumo's peers quit at around the same time he did, and allow new faces, fresh minds, or politicians with worthwile visions and constructive agendas to take over after the March 4th general election.

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