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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dirty Kenyan Politics Part 2

Read Part 1 of this article first

For you to be able to analyze anything soberly you must be able to step back and away from all your emotions and the immense euphoria that engulfs most Kenyans during any election.
If you do this you will quickly realize that election 2013 is already shaping up to be the most violent in our history. Yep, even more violent than 2008.

Interestingly the fiery earthquake prophet Awuor has already predicted the following about the upcoming general elections;

I see terrible animosity, with a worse magnitude than the 2008 violence. It will sweep Kenya with flood of blood and wananchi will hack one another like ones hacking down trees. Kenyans will kill one another with renewed appetite and the agony will be as horrible as never ever seen in the land. It will occur simultaneously with the elections to disguise the cause.

Even if you do not believe in prophets, it is abundantly clear that the chief dirty trick being used in these elections is violence. There are few political strategies that are as effective as violence when it comes to winning elections. Kenyans urgently need to be educated on this and you can do a great service to the nation by forwarding this article to as many of your friends as you possibly can. This is a message that those  who own Kenya do not want Kenyans to know. They are determined that we remain na├»ve and swallow the cock and bull story that two tribes who have been living peacefully together for years can suddenly wake up one morning and start killing each other over some livestock or watering holes. This is hogwash. Just carefully study cattle rustling and compare it to the troubles we have seen in recent times. Look for where women and children were hacked down or houses burnt and if you find the same pattern then you can believe some of the down right lies being peddled to Kenyans with abandon.

The Tana clashes are linked to presidential politics. Sadly I cannot say more here but readers of my raw notes will get all the info in their inboxes.

But how does violence win elections? Here’s how;

a) Your opponent's voters are forced to relocate from the place where they need to be to vote. In many cases your core supporters are the ones you are using to keep the fire of trouble and violence burning and so they will remain to vote. Those who remain who are not with you, can hardly make an objective choice when their priority is to stay alive. (This is one reason why the law should be changed to allow people to vote from anywhere).

b) In the ensuing violence and the chaos that follows there is nobody to stop you "importing" thousands of voters to win the election for you.

c) Violence spreads fear. The idea is to create very serious fear, then come in and quell the violence. It is then very easy to convince the voters that if they don't vote for the "people who quelled the violence" then the violence will return if the other side wins.

d) It becomes easy and much cheaper to collect voters cards from those who remain in return for their lives and security. (Our new electronic voting system seems to have nipped this one in the bud which is great news.)

e) It becomes impossible for any candidate to sell their agenda to the electorate.

In brief election violence and intimidation works like magic. That is why people use it. When you are seated in safety in that posh apartment in some smart neighborhood or in some foreign country, it is impossible for you to understand what it is like to live in constant fear of your life in your own country. Chances are that you have never lived in a populated area where election violence has broken out. How then can you even begin to understand?

Adds Kumekucha; 

Certain politicians are inciting the Tana tribal clashes, to eject one community from the region. It is political.

The aim is to speedily assemble evidence against the persons implicated and arraign them in a court of law. There is also strong indication that prosecution of the key perpetrators will restore law and order and bring the killings to a halt.
- Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo- 

The violent clashes have little to do with communal rivalry over shared resources. In most of these attacks there has been no theft of property and where it has occurred, it is more of an afterthought [rather] than the actual motive. In one incident, 60 heads of cattle which could have been easily stolen were instead killed.- Police Spokesman Eric Kiraithe addressing a press briefing on behalf of the Inspector General-

To be continued. Next post: The man who invented extreme election violence warned Kenyans first.

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Anonymous said...

nime-forward pap!!!

Wa-kenya tuwe macho hawa m-pigs na presidential candidates ni wanyama sio watu.

Translation: Wake up Kenyans our m-pigs and presidential candidates are animals (blood hungry vampires) not human beings.

Anonymous said...

Now, now, bearing in mind that Central has finally joined hands with Rift valley- the only two tribal zones historically known to bear the brunt of violence during elections in Kenya against each other, and given that the Kambas, Coastarian’s, Kisii’s,Luhyas and many other small tribes are not known to be violent, the only violence prophesied here will occur in one zone historically known for stone throwing and senseless uprooting and destroying own city/ government/ personal property affecting those living in that city and its environs, so may be The NSIS ought to take this prophesy seriously and beef up security in that area x100. Chris what say thee? Kweli longo?

Anonymous said...

Chris has smoked out cord stratergy..ditto!!

Mwarang'ethe said...

If only men could approach social problems from the FIRST PRINCIPLES!

If they did, they would discover very easily the NATURAL LAWS that govern the GREAT SOCIAL PROBLEMS!

However, since they prefer to start from the TOP (as taught by the ILF), they end up bringing forth very elaborate systems of cycles and epiycles such as the ingenious astronomers previous to Copernicus had endeavored to account for the movement of the Heavenly bodies.

Simply, Kenya, just like MALI, were established thru:

(a) violence,
(b) fraud, and
(c) injustice.

Without removing/understanding these UGLY FOUNDATIONS, all the so called analysts can do is to elaborate intricate confusions and absurdities.

It is so, because, that which is founded upon violence, fraud and injustice, MUST as a matter of LOGIC, be maintained via the same means!

It has, cannot and shall not be otherwise.

With those few words of WISDOM, we retreat to enjoy:

We wish politics was 1 + 1:

Taabu said...


There you go again with an Armargeddon post. Your inspiration must be exclusively from DARK FORCES. SHINDWE.

That said siasa is all about power + resources = SELFISHNESS. Just ask the poor Mathare folks who have been EVICTED so that they don't vote for the wrong person.

It is called flexing economic muscle to exercise the political body.

kumekucha said...

Anon@ 3:54

You assume that political violence is instigated by ordinary wananchi on the ground for tribal reasons. I don't agree. It is the political class that carefully organizes it. You will remember that when this tribal clashes thing started in earnest in 1991 shortly after the return of multi-party politics, arrows were even imported by the government then from one of the Koreas.

My big fear is that there is too much at stake for some very powerful people in Kenya this time round. And since things are spinning out of control, their plans will be best served by a chaotic ungovernable Kenya.

I wouldn't bring out the champagne just yet.

Chris Kumekucha

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