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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

President Uhuru Sworn-in Abroad at The Hague

It is five months to the mother of all elections. But that does not matter it is six months to the The Hague/ICC noose snapping. And Uhuru is no average Joe, he knows the only way to KILL The Hague monster clinging on his back is to win the presidency.

Forget all the bravado and brinkmanship from the other presidential aspirants. Uhuru has penciled his life on the next polls. In is mind it is a matter of LIFE and DEATH socially, politically and financially.

The forth coming elections is like oxygen to Uhuru. He losses and his goose is hunted, cooked, digested and flushed. The 26th richest African can afford to risk ICC jail which will see over 50 billion shillings of Kenyatta family wealth seized to compensate Post Election Violence victims. Never.

What is more, the new constitution provided immunity to Kenyan presidents from prosecution in any court for any criminal offence. Don't waste your breathe shouting that ICC is not bound by our laws. This is Kenya and impunity is our first, middle and surname.

Article 143 (1) of the new constitution explicitly states that "Criminal proceedings shall not be instituted or continued in any court against the President or a person performing the functions of that office, during the tenure of office."

Yes with ultimate power you can afford to read the same constitution selectively and dismiss the next clause Article 143(4): "The immunity of the president under this Article shall not extend to a crime for which the President may be prosecuted under any treaty to which Kenya is party and which prohibits such immunity". Kwani mta do?

And before you foam at the mouth waxing legalistic you have to know the present substantive appointing authority who is not Kibaki lest you delude yourself. If in doubt just send and email to either Eugene and ole Metito.

So forget about flamboyant old geezers like Bashir or Mugabe shouting themselves hoarse with neocolonialism slogans. Come next year and Kenya will beat them all making history in all fronts.

And that history will begin with the forth president of Kenya being sworn in office in Europe, Netherlands to be precise and at The Hague to be exact.

Already three very creative Kenyans, Messrs Charles Munyui, Kamotho Njenga and Paul Mwangi have taken both AG Muigai and Justice Minister Wamalwa to court so that they can be directed to amend the Assumption of the Office of the President Act, 2012 so as to accommodate swearing-in from without Kenyan borders.

You see last month's by-elections has definitely redefined Kenyan politics. The new party on the political block is ruling the airwaves and Uhuru is leaving nothing to chance. And what a sweet victory, real or perceived, it would be to defeat the very person who engineered his ICC persecutions. Game on.


Mwarang'ethe said...

It is five months to the mother of all elections.


You mean mother of all OPIUM SESSIONS?


Article 143 (1) of the new constitution explicitly states that "Criminal proceedings shall not be instituted or continued in any court against the President or a person performing the functions of that office, during the tenure of office."

Yes with ultimate power you can afford to read the same constitution selectively and dismiss the next clause Article 143(4): "The immunity of the president under this Article shall not extend to a crime for which the President may be prosecuted under any treaty to which Kenya is party and which prohibits such immunity".


First, which immunity are these articles referring to because, we have TWO TYPES OF IMMUNITY in international law for heads of States and such?

Alternatively, one may ask, does the removal of the SUBSTANTIVE immunity also, mean the removal of the PROCEDURAL immunity?

Anyway, was this Uhuru Kenyatta who was urging Kikuyu Residents not to Retaliate?

With that, we leave to enjoy:

Muruthi Gukira - Attack!

Anonymous said...

Education is to acquire the ability to think through issues. And not to sound like a procken record only

Your brain cells may just die out of monotony and boredom.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 2.17 a.m, Mwarangethe might sound boring/ repetitive but so far some issues he’s raised has come to pass. You’ll for instance recall how we fought him in 2010 for throwing mud at our new constitution. The new katiba euphoria was so high that one would have expected that our social & economic problems would have all disappeared by now; more that 2 years after enacting the said law. But have they? On the contrary it seems most folks were too deluded (also think childish fantasies) to foresee the huge financial implications of implementing the new law and take note of a couple of unworkable articles.

And now can you give me some reasons why march 4 isn’t opium taking session (I take that to mean another useless ritual that will most likely not any add value to the welfare of Kenyans). That is, if we look back in history.

With that we leave to enjoy…… Mwara please paste some link here.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
Education is to acquire the ability to think through issues.


Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha he he he hi hi hu hu hu wa wa wa wa wu wu wu wi wi wi pa pa pa pa pi pi pi pi

You mean thinking through issues like YOUR MOST LEARNED MAN as we are reading here:

"A home fit for Chief Justice."

"Chief [IN]Justice Willy Mutunga might soon rest his head in a PALATIAL house, should the [DEFORMED] Judiciary have its way. [WHY NOT?]

It has invited tenders [INSIDERS] from interested parties [OLIGARCHY] for the purchase of a fully-furnished mansion that will be the CJ’s official residence.

According to the specifications, the palatial mansion must have a minimum of five all-ensuite bedrooms, a car park capable of holding MORE than 20 cars and an open verandah that can accommodate at least 100 guests."


When it comes to the PARLIAMENT of FOOLS & IDIOTS, Kenyans, in their usual DELUSIONS, ILLUSIONS & CHILDISH FANTASIES, can only muster CHILDISH words like:


So, what are you going to do about the [DE]REFORMED JUDICIARY?

Oh! we know of another solution which involves THINKING THROUGH ISSUES (CHILDISH & IDIOTIC) of BASKING IN THE SUN in the name of Street demonstrations:

"Demonstrators marched in the Kenyan capital on Tuesday to protest hefty sendoff bonus that Members of Parliament apportioned themselves through an amendment on their remuneration."

This THINKING THROUGH is led by such eminent bodies such as:

- the Transparency International and

- the Kenya [IN]Human Rights Commission of IDLERS.


Anyway, since Kenyans are THINKING THROUGH their ISSUES as evidenced by the above examples (we can cite many more), we leave to STUDY ART of LEADERSHIP in the history of Mbeere people and in particular of a woman called: CIERUME

This we do while enjoying:

Kihunguiyo - Is There A Man in This House/Country?

Luke said...

ati D.P.M. UHURU '>' or '=' P.O.R.S. BASHIR hio ni bure kabisa

Anonymous said...


Do you practice what you preach or you are simply engaging in e-udaku as in GOSSIP waiting for any news from Std/NMG/CNN/BBC to appear intelligent?

I am just asking and please keep it civil if you must rant not that I expect you to change from what defines you.

You have been populating this blog with your utopian economics which you must have sent to CoE and hence the tantrum when they binned the verbiage.

So tell me how comes you started a COSMETIC business trading in shilling (it collapsed)? You are in Europe paying tax and working for the very people you rant about day and night.

Please stop living in your head and never ever imagine that yours is the right path because you have not even domesticated your rants (not thoughts).

E-udaku from newspapers never made one an intellectual. Just remove the newspapers and ask who escaped with your clothes.

Please selectively chose a sentence/paragraph from here to anchor your next rant.

Bring in on.

Anonymous said...

I am a Luo and i will vote for Uhuru Kenyatta come 2013.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Please stop living in your head and never ever imagine that yours is the right path because you have not even domesticated your rants (not thoughts).


You must mean right path like that of the MINISTERIAL DONKEYS in the HOUSE OF LIARS where you are not supposed to LIE because it is a House of GENTLEMEN LIARS?

Anonymous said...

The esteemed resident critics of grammer, style and usage are always encouraged to use a cold steel machete or a chapa mamba colossal 25-inch heavy duty machete to hack at whatever displeases them or violates proper English grammer.

Anyway, what is the real use or point of acquiring general knowledge or worse, developing the so-called power of reasoning and judgment when the same can not be put to practical use that benefits the community at large?

The Kenyan educational system generally prepares oneself or others to excel at the art of brilliantly parroting information with a quasi colonial accent as a measure of being seen as a very well educated and properly adjusted citizen of our banana republic.

Without forgetting the pretentious displays of educational qualifications and empty intellectual chatter that reverberates in various social circles within the major cities and towns in the country.

Is it any wonder that our fifty year old country still imports cutlery, most of the kitchen untensils, clothing, basic pharmaceuticals, sanitary pads, bicycles et cetera?

In the meantime, our honourable members of parliament have just awarded themselves Sh6 billion send off packages, while the highly educated masses and civil society are still figuring out ways to think through issues before adressing the parliamentary scandal.

Anonymous said...

The coming general election is going to be a real waste of billions of shillings and time, and stratification of political tribal enclaves in form of counties.

March 4th 2013 general election will definetly end up being another very useless ritual that will most likely not add any value, tangible benefits or concrete transformation to the general welfare of all Kenyans.

Anonymous said...

Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga should be the two main culprits getting ready to head out to the ICC rather the others. The two political rivals could have prevented the bloodshed and chaos that followed but they refused to burgeby failing to put the country above their century old myopic political and regional interests.

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe, be honest. You're rooting for UK as PORK, right?

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm! Eeeeeh! 50 billion ... seized to compensate post-election violence victims, the majority of whom were forcefully expelled from their homes in various regions of the country due to the culumilative political ramifications brought about by a certain president and his side-kick of a prime minister?

The temptation of being coerced to emerge from the usual comforts of a dingy den located in the ravines and cravices of Kumekucha County, was so great, but before some of us could be prompted to lash out violently - in a mob justice style - and at random in a blind rage like a rabid striped hyena that some of us have become since 2007 and given the looming 2013 general election.

Luckily, last minute timely restraints were thrown along the path taken by so many of us in the last decades, forcing the dim light on the walls of the dingy den to enable some residents to figure out that the post had been delivered in a slyly humorous manner which is in accordance with Taabu's signature use of irony to mock or convey contempt at our nation's current political, economic and social affairs.

As for some of Africa's long term political gezeers like the all-powerful warrior and mighty field marshall, and scorpion ruler of the ancient Nubia Kingdom, Emir al-Bashir, including the all-knowing, very proficient speaker of the Queen's vernacular, conqueror and lifetime ruler of all ancient steatite fiefdoms of Zimba Empire, mighty king Robert Mugabe.

Do not worry a bit about their kind or political breed for the time being, due to the fact that every single-celled life form under the African skies has an expiration date, termination date, or a non negotionable appointment with Sister Death courtesy of Mother Nature and her eternal sibling Mother Earth.

No one, not even a single celled life form has ever managed to escape the guranteed maternal affection, tender farewell send off that is wlays granted by the two universal elder sisters.

Will 2013 extend some exit visas to the two mighty lifetime rulers or will they get some kind of timely reprieve as was the sad case in 2010 and 2011?

Anonymous said...

I am a kenyan who believes in colletive humanity i have no intention of electing someone charged with crimes against humanity

Anonymous said...

Excuse the digression, while some of us eagerly await our very own young advocates, activists, self-styled revolutionaries and aspiring parliamentary, senatorial, ward and women representative candidates to vigorously challenge the president and the parliament over fiscal repsonsibility by demanding that Mwai Kibaki and the Disgusting - August - House repeal or immediately revoke the Sh6 billion send off package that the outgoing members of parliament are trying to rob from the country's treasury at the expense of the citizenry.

Recall the name Malala? Not talking about the South Africans or Bostwanas named Malala, nor several other individuals who are named Malala, some of whom are doctors, entrepreneurs, lawyers, CPAs, military officers, teachers, farmers and unfortunately two of them are among the most wanted felonious characters in Kenya by the police (check photograph on the mosted wanted list of dangerous criminals).

The name of a young activist whose attempted assasination has turned tables on the Taliban.

As folks who are already familiar with young and famous Malala Yousafzai years of activism and advocasy, are well aware that Pakistani have erupted in uproar and disgust over the Taliban's shooting of the 14-year old advocate for education rights, not just for young girls but young boys as well.

So far, across the country of Pakistanis continue to react with outrage and demonstrations against the attack on young Malala Yousafzai, who was lucky to have survived the assasin's four bullet that hit her while she was on a school with other students.

A day will come Kenya's equivalent of young Malala Yousafazai will risk their lives and stand up for what they deem to be right for their generations and future a better nation of Kenya, and of course minus the local gangs - Mungiki, Marines, China Squad and MRC, etc - that are cultivating a Taliban kind of evil mentality.

Anonymous said...

As foaming between the toes and waxing of redundant questions is bound to continue being generated by some pockets within the population, there are those among us - elbow lickers - who want to know whether:

a) Fulani wa fulani will be sworn-in as president while attending the court proceedings at The Hague?

b) Sworn-in after the ICC has condemned him to a thirty-five year prison sentence without any possibility of parole?

c) Sworn-in while he is back home as any free man or politician in the same manner as Lt. Gen. Omar al-Bashir, the President of Sudan and head of et cetera, et cetera in Sudan?

d) Will the next president whoever he or she maybe, end up being granted immunity for all the right reasons under Article 143(1)?

e) Or empowered by impunity for all the wrong reasons under Article 143(1)?

f) When all has been said and done, to what degree will the whole ICC saga bring about any meaningful changes in our deep-seated national modi operandi?

And especially among those of us - elbow lickers - who have always adamantly refused to relate to our fellow Kenyans as equals and compatriots, let alone deal with them as human beings.

g) In the meantime, how many pails of ugali, githeri, muthokoi, amtoke, kiporo and wali, buckets of tripe, goat meat, mutton, chicken and beef, debes of sukumawiki, mchicha, kanzira, kisamvi, mbwezi, sugarloaf and drumhead cabbages, etc.

Including barrels of muratina, busaa, chang'aa, yokozuma, miti, and other deadly local as well as imported brews will the awaited imprisonment or highly anticipated banishment of fulani wa fulani end up adding onto our respective barren tracts of affiliated political kitchens, ethnic tables and personal half-empty plates by the end of 2017?

Anonymous said...

Sounds very noble and patriotic at first glance, when we refuse to throw away our votes in favour of one political crook, only to end up dumping the same infavour of another equally crooked politician or one of the worst kind. So, where is our so-called true belief in collective humanity, respect for human dignity and the right for all people to exist freely and peacefully wherever they maybe at any given time of the day? Or is it just our usual belief in selective humanity that has remained deeply embedded in our minds and hearts since childhood, that is always mistaken for 'collective humanity' in this day and age?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Mwarang'ethe, be honest. You're rooting for UK as PORK, right?

10/9/12 11:25 PM


What? NEVER!

PORK, does that mean that awful meat from those animals called pigs?

More so, PORK to do what?

To continue the "legacy" of INFRASTRUCTURAL BUILDINGS of Mr. Kibaki meant to actualize the NIGHTMARE 2030?

By such legacy we mean for instance the Muthurwa terminus. As concerns this INFRASTRUCTURAL DEVELOPMENT, we are reading that:

"Operators protest at poor state of Muthurwa terminus.

Traffic at the busy Jogoo Road was partially paralyzed after matatu operators using the Muthurwa terminus staged a demonstration to protest at the facility's dilapidated state.

The matatu operators said the demonstration was to protest the failure of the City council to listen to their grievances despite paying HEAVY parking fees every month."

Bwa ha ha ha ha he he he he hu hu wa wa wa wa we we we we wu wu wu wu wu ra ra ra ra re re re ga ga ga ga

This comedy is endless!


Anyway, do not involve the African Teachers in your CHILDISH OPIUM SESSIONS.

With that, we leave to enjoy:

Rasta Children Drive Them Away when they come to talk about OPIUM SESSION:

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