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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bold Bensouda Shames Devil, Calls Aspirants Bluff

Special Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda did not disappoint in her maiden tourist voyage to the country..

Following a warm reception, the black liberator of Kenyan impunity set a different tone to her visit by refusing to follow in her predecessor's footsteps. Instead of adopting Kenya's world famous wildlife, the Gambian native choose instead to skilfully tighten the noose already hanging tightly over the neck of Kenyan masters of impunity

The dark skinned Bensouda has ably measured up to the calling of her office by skilfully juggling between rounds of diplomacy with the President,PM,CJ,AG, DPP,P.C.,and Director of Witness Protection tactfully thanking all for supporting her candidature as ICC Prosecutor while shamelessly sharpening the Hague guillotine reminding the 3 arms of Government of their culpability in failing for 5 years to set up a local tribunal mechanism to bring the perpetrators of the post-election violence to justice

In one fell swoop the African Prosecutor tactfully called Presidential aspirant's bluff at the same time dealing a blow to their faint hearted apologists by wisely indicating she is not against any ethnic community thereby leaving none in doubt that the Kenyan tribal stereotype does not play a role in the facts stacked against PEV suspects

Fatou Bensouda may not be everybody's hero but the West African born ICC successor has proven she competently carries the baton handed down to her by predecessor Argentinian Ocampo in the tradition of wielding the blind double edge sword without fear or favor. All sectors of Kenyan society can continue to sleep easy at night knowing that the painful journey to end Kenya's cancer of impunity is finally drawing to a close NA BADO


Anonymous said...

This article is soo Taabu-like. Luke, are you sure you did not post this on behalf of the pensioner?

Anonymous said...

Loukas, there is no doubt that some of us are still the same old myopic villagers we were during the two previous despotic regimes.

And to make matters worse, our respective ethnic and political functional illiteracy continues to duplicate itself during and after every general election because so many of us have never bothered to venture beyond our tribal enclaves or regional comfort zones.

Or even seek any type of enlightenment beyond all that has been deviously imparted in our respective tribal psyche by our parents, grandparents, neighbours, relatives, clans, friends, the head tribal chiefs and council of tribal elders - including our village primary and secondary school teachers - for one sinister reason or another.

With all due respect, it would be very unfair to speak on behalf of our counterparts, the myopic ethnic urbanites and the politically functional illiterates in their midst because their worldview is thousand miles apart from our village types.

However, being the typical myopic villagers we have been, still are and will always be for a long time to come, there is one clarification that we need from Loukas the author of the post entitled Bold Bensouda Shames Devil, Calls Aspirants Bluff.

Did the courageous and brave daughter, a descedant of our West African ancestors shame the tribal political evil spirits or the tribal political demons in our midst?

And will she dare extend her powers in the efforts to help us - ethnic villagers and urrbanites - confront our national daemon, the great old political Leviathan that still has a very vicious stronghold on our fourty-nine year old country?

Anonymous said...

Luke, may we, some of us, also reiterate what was stated by one Ms. Kaba in January of last year, by reminding the so-called 2013 presidential aspirants that don't cry for Jean-Pierre Bemba because those who refuse to learn from history are bound to repeat it. Bemba refused to learn from history, and now he is paying for it in a very big way, while enclosed in a very small space, he now calls home - adjusted living quarters.

Who are likely to end up as Kenya's versions of Jean-Pierre Bemba of DRCongo in the course of 2014 or 2015 and beyond?

Talking of a man, a self-made wealthy diamond merchant, a plitician, a one time very powerful and feared warlord who was a favourite puppet of a particular imperial power during the civil war - dirty struggle for precious natural resources - in DRCongo.

One in the person of Jean-Pierre Bemba ([B]e [E]very [M]an's [B]eastly [A]lly), who had come to believe that he was untoucbale, knew-it-all and his former powerful imperial masters he had msitaken for imperial allies would install him as president of DRCongo, or come to his aid, grant him immunity or refuge in his darkest hour of need.

Unfortunatley for Jean-Pierre Bemba and fortunately for the still suffering children, women, men and the elderly of DRCongo, the rest is histor after the ICC's curtain of justice came crashing down him, although the rest of the world is still aware or deep denial as usual that the civil war - dirty struggle for the preciuos natural resources by imperial forces - has yet to be ended by the United Nations or by powerful voices, influencial minds and concerned voices of reason among the world community.

So, don't cry for the soon to be Jean-Pierre Bembas of Kenya in due time.

Anonymous said...

One presidential aspirant has insisted that I can still be able to run the country from The Hague and I will not allow any outside forces to control and run the country, when and if he is elected president of Kenya.

Well, well, well! The presidential aspirants in question reminds some of us about what was once said several months ago in 2010; Gbagbo is not going anywhere because the core of the problem in Core d'Ivore is a conspiracy by the French government to use any measures necessary to remove President Laurent Gbagbo from power because they think he is dangerous and inimical to the interests in Francophone Africa?

That man who said it was none other one in the person of Koffi Charles, the former Cote d'Ivoire's ambassador to the United States.

Wonder what became of him and his entourage of political diehards and legions of Gbagbo's Ivorian supporters based in North American and European?

Where is the former ambassador and the former legal advisor to Gbagbo? Where are they now?

Did they seek asylum in France as it was reported earlier on, or did they end up remaing in the United States while they sought political refuge in Canada or slewhere?

And did any of his claims at the time vindicate him with regard to what he had stated on so many occasions, and especially before all whole world - infront the United Nations building - that, Gbagbo will not allow the French to control and run Cote d'Ivoire on their terms... Ivorians will resist any military intervention with their last drop of blood until the last man falls.

Now that all has been said and done, and the last man has not fallen but escaped and forgotten all about Gbagbo's return to the presidency, who is in control and running Cote d'Ivoire at a time when the former political allies of Gbagbo continue to enjoy the comforts and peaceful bliss that their exilic lifestyles have to offer?

Anonymous said...

I hate to go tribal on Kumekucha, however, I could not resist asking a question that is so commonly traded in 80% of the conversational circles in Kenya and among the diaspora. Eeah! What
other Kenyan tribes is Fatou Bensouda from without adorning her image as depicted on Kumekucha with a kanga from top down or good quality sari from top to bottom?

Anonymous said...

What goes around comes around in one way or another, and that is why people should never ever envy a man or woman whose star may seem to be on the rise, because there comes time as it usually happens when the rising stars fall from celebratory highs to devasting lows in a matter of minutes, days, weeks or months.

Case in point, Nancy Baraza just missed her cherished golden photo opportunity, and woman-to-woman talk, official business session and four o'clock tea with the ICC's special prosecutor.

While the man who was responsible for the course that may have led to the ruin of so many people's careers at the ... is no longer the CEO.

Vikram Pandit, the one time financial guru at ... never ever thought that a day would come when he would be forced to swallow his pride, park his belongings and quit an institution he had to regard as his corporate feifdom.

Few people may consider the departure of the two individuals as a sign of bad things to come, however, the majority view it as a fresh start and sign of better things to come for the institutions that got rid of the two individuals.

Mwarang'ethe said...


"Deal is signed, but voter kits will still be late."

The cost of biometric voter registration kits on Thursday hit the Sh7 billion (Euros 65 million), with indications that the government’s contract with the Canadian firm could lead to payment of more money.

There were intrigues to the delayed deal with revelations that the Canadian loan was not interest free as touted but will attract an ANNUAL INTEREST of 5.12 per cent.

And, even better,

"IEBC chairman Ahmed Issack Hassan, who was present at the signing ceremony, warned that the electoral agency will resort to manual voter registration if the kits are not flown to Nairobi on time."

NB: Seems like someone should start dusting the law of contract case law.


Taabu, any more updates on YOUR beloved OPIUM SESSION kits?

With that, it is time to enjoy:

The more victimization is up on their back
The more FOOLISH they become

The more victimization is up on their back
They satisfy Lord for less

This one turn them fool, that one turn them fool

So what are they waiting for

Taabu said...



Anonymous said...

Don't cry for Uhuru or Ruto when they accept their looming admission at The Hague.

Likewise don't cry for Odinga, Musyoka and Mudavadi when all of them fail to get elected as Kenya's next president.

It will be good riddance if the above mentioned five political characters are sidelined from the nation's political arena for a change and the good of the country.

Uhuru, Ruto, Odinga, Musyoka, Mudavadi and twelve other prominent politicians, including their henchmen, have been the main problem rather than solution to finding ways and means for the implementation of equal political, economic, social, and civil rights for all Kenyan people in the last ten years.

Kenyans should not waste their time nor tears crying for Uhuru, Ruto, Odinga, Musyoka, Mudavadi and the other twelve prominent political characters because all the have cared about in the last decade is how to continue amassing personal and family wealthy while 85% of the Kenyan population are left to slave for a living 24/7-365.

Anonymous said...

What's happening to Kenyan sites. Daily post and KK are my regular blogs but they both look like they have stalled.
Chris, what's happening?

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha, who is next on the list of intended targets after Yarmouk in Sudan?

Yarmouk was hit at a time when no body saw it coming and many have been left scratching their bald heads, guessing, wondering who was responsible for the direct surgical hit on a location known for its huge national armoury, a weapons manufacturing plant, and a frequent transit point for cache of arsenal meant to disrupt and destroy one particualr nation in the region.

If other people's guess is as good as ours, then was the hit an intended test run in preparing for future multiple strikes against the mother lode of all opposition and instigations that have been brewing in the ancient land of Xerxes?

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