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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Goodbye Mombasa?

Spare a thought for the families of the policemen who have died in Mombasa in the line of duty protecting Kenyans. RIP brave officers.

I have sources on the ground in troubled Mombasa and the information coming out of Mombasa raha is not good.

The police have called those causing chaos “criminals." Even presidential hopeful Martha Karua has called them criminals. The strange thing is that these “criminals” do not behave like criminals at all they in fact behave more like people who are out to cause chaos. If your objective was just to loot the last thing you would want to do is kill a policeman let alone hurl grenades into vehicles that you think are full of policemen. What is even more telling here is the timing of last night’s grenade attack. Over 3 lorries of GSU personnel had arrived in Mombasa and had spent the better part of the day moving from house to house in the troubled areas of Mombasa city. Actually calm and a semblance of normalcy had been restored and the media reported exactly that. It looked like the worst was behind us. But suddenly… yet another grenade attack that seriously injured 7 policemen. Actually police reports contradict eye witnesses on the ground who say they saw at least 2 dead policemen after the attack.

When you examine these unfolding events next to the assassination of sheikh Aboud Rogo it becomes crystal clear that there is more than meets the eye in the whole saga. For starters it is highly unlikely that the radical sheikh was killed by Kenyan authorities. Actually the possibility that makes the most sense now is that he was gunned down by his own people who already had the grenades and the well laid plans to cause chaos ready and finalized. It is highly unlikely that the grenades and planning all happened hours after the assassination, after all such weaponry is not sukuma wiki (kales, which are a staple of Kenyans) that you just walk to the market and purchase on demand.

Secondly the attacks on churches were clearly designed to provoke some kind of retaliation. Fortunately this seems to have been planned by somebody who does not know Kenyan Christians too well and was operating on assumptions that Kenya is similar to Nigeria. That gives us yet another important clue that may help point to the source of the troubles at the Coast. There are those who have said that since the late Sheikh Rogo’s radical teachings were against churches, it is only natural that his followers would burn churches after his death. A more believable angry retaliation would be against the government rather than churches.

Following this train of thought the next question is who would want to bring trouble to Mombasa? Who would have the most to gain from such troubles? Or who would have a motive?

In previous posts in this blog there have been spirited efforts to defend radical elements of Somali immigrants living in Kenya. According to them the current troubles at the Coast are the work of locals working alone. And yet it is a well known fact that these radical Somali elements support Al Shabab and have been very busy in recent years “educating” Mombasa Muslims on how they can be “better” Muslims. Their message has been rejected by older and wiser Muslims but has been embraced by the young, the jobless and the restless.

P.S. Is it only me who has noticed that no senior Muslim religious leader has appeared in the media to appeal for calm since the Mombasa troubles started. It is only Muslim politicians and ordinary Muslims. What are they fearing?

See earlier post: The truth about the chaos in Mombasa


Mwarang'ethe said...

"When you examine these unfolding events next to the assassination of sheikh Aboud Rogo it becomes crystal clear that there is more than meets the eye in the whole saga. For starters it is highly unlikely that the radical sheikh was killed by Kenyan authorities. Actually the possibility that makes the most sense now is that he was gunned down by his own people."


That is why the African Teacher warns all the time about the DUPES and FANATICS such as RADICAL ROGO.


"Secondly the attacks on churches were clearly designed to provoke some kind of retaliation."

The African Teacher will tell you this:

The Islamic rise was due to the economic decline of Arabia which led to the last of the great SEMITIC MIGRATION. The "first" one had been led by Abraham.

This sudden expansion of the Saracens was a culmination of what had been afoot for centuries. Islam was simply a change in the watchword for which they fought for.

As such, Islam’s importance lies in its MASKED POLITICAL CHARACTER which the modern world must take into account.

Hunger and AVARICE not religion, are the impelling forces, but, religion supplies the essential unity and central power.

So, the expansion of Islam is a POLITICAL NECESSITY. That is why for instance, after the death of the Prophet, his followers waged bloody RIDDA WARS (war to allegedly reconverting those who were running away from Islam), but, in TRUTH was war against those who were refusing to pay TRIBUTES to the STATE/EMPIRE OF MEDINA.

NB: It is the TRIBUTE issue once again.

The African Teacher will also, tell you this:

When the Western guys took Christianity, they converted it into CHRISTENDOM, i.e. MASKED POLITICAL CHARACTER to hide their AVARICE.

In other words, we are dealing with two MASKED guys. Some from Arabia with their Islam and some in the West with their Christendom.

Since they are all motivated by AVARICE, they wage war around the world since around 700 A.D. in the name of religions and terrorism. And, they tell us that, we must join one or the other side.

The ROOTS MAN say NO to both MONKEYS.

With that, we leave to enjoy:

We do not want Devil's philosophy:

M. Pesa said...

True: The Govt may not have killed this radical Sheikh, but I don't have a doubt they know who pulled the trigger and pumped over 18 bullets into his flesh. This sheikh was a dangerous man in the eyes of the Govt and international agencies like CIA and Mossad. Being seen as very dangerous and with so many terror related court cases, then he must have been under the surveillance of the NSIS 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When the spooks trail you that much, they monitor your calls, texts, know what you ate and when, they know where you are going using which vehicle and at what speed, they know each and every minute detail which they log into their huge files. So, What did the NSIS see when this man was being mowed down with a machine gun because they must have been trailing him? About the terrorists hurling grenades at police, I don't care where they come from or who they are- they might as well be from Mars. The police must defend themselves fully and pull the trigger fast when confronted by an armed radicalised youth, quickly dispatching him to rot in hell. There must also be door to door searches and those found being here illegally must be booted out fast, no maswali- whether they are from Congo or Mongolia. Only when these goons are given stiff sentences in Shimo la Tewa and hefty fines for looters will the Govt succeed in sending a strong message. Anything short of that is kid play. Kenya must not fail it's vast majority of decent people. Sanity must be restored at all costs.

Taabu said...


Now your DELUSIONAL stories are becoming scary and true. This mayhem exposes INCOMPETENT intel.

The poor policeman on the beat pays with his life the incompetence from above. How you do you expalin the failure to unmask Rogo and his militia of street preachers of hate directed at Christians?

The big elephant in the house is hate street preaching that has beeen prevalent in Msa. The militants took it literally and are now executing the real movie.

Al-shabaab is behind all these chaos. We can choose to live the national lie sweetly packaged as theories but wait till the storm hits Eastleigh.

Poor police finds themselves between the devil and dark blue sea. They cannot charge at rioters because of new katiba. Just like the london police were helpless infront of looters last year.

But again you must blame the PM fo his nepotism to appoint

1) Poilice commissioner

2) CID director

3) AP commandant

4) Trafic commandant

all from Bondo. It is the DNA, stupid.

Kenyans are paying the price of auto pilot leadrship.

Imagine the audacity of the militants in Msa when all the army top brass are around and the President is headed there. No coincidence.

Killing a policeman amounts to stirring hornets nest - kuchokoza nyuki. The police force must use MAXIMUM force to punish the riotaers and militants. Damn the activists.

Saved by Grace said...

First, find Samantha Lewthwaite and all of her compliances who are known to be British passport holders. Believe me there are many of them in Kenya mainly in Mombasa.

Second, we need to find out why our local youths are buying into imported radical Islam and what can be done to deter them.

Probably we need to borrow Israel's approach on dealing with terrorists. No pussy-footing! Have you noticed since Israel implemented hardline approach on terrorism it has managed to reduce terrorist attacks inside Israel to almost non-exsitence?

Kenya has become a hotbed for terrorists and radicals from all over the world and it's about time Kenya as a nation wake up and crash them once and for all.

Countries like Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistani, India, Europe, US... all have managed to frustrate the plans of these scumbag.

Anonymous said...


Imagine for a micro-second what would be happening by now - 24/7 - if the ghastly scene of a dead uniformed law enforcement officer had occurred in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, and guess where? In the United States of America.

Needless to say that no stone habouring those responsible, including their associates, affiliates, circle of so-called revolutionary comrades, their families, friends, business associates and neighbours, would have been left not just unturned but sledged, cracked, ground and sieved by the combined local, regional and national secuity agencies in the civilized and democratic western nations.

Our port city of Mombasa is at a crossroads in its long history of existence, and the hour of reckoning has arrived, where residents (Kenyans and legal guests) from all walks of life will now have a choice to stand with their country (Kenya) and be counted in the name restoring immediate law and order, and assisting governmental and civil authorities
in apprehending the perpetrators.

Or the other choice for some people - [they know who they are, who they have happen and what they really are] - out there is to willingly align themselves with those who are fully engaged in turning the port city of Mombasa into 'Little Moghadishu or Little Beirut.

While at the same time as they continue to support, habour, collaborate, and collude with well known pockets of marauding gangs of local and foreign violent criminals as well as hardcore terrorists who may be still licking their deep fresh wounds after having just run away or escaped from defeat in their camps based in Somalia, Yemen and Afghanistan.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but any picture of a dead law enforcement officer murdered in cold blood and worst of all in plain sight, such as the streets of Mombasa while on duty (patrol) is beyond any words to say the least.

The time is now, the moment is now and season is now for the government and law abiding residents of the coastal region to sent a very clear message to the agents of violence and angels of deaths, that is ENOUGH is ENOUGH, NOT in OUR HOMETOWN of MOMBASA and NEVER AGAIN.

In the meantime, heads must roll and continue to roll for the next several months given what has take place for all the wrong reasons under the skies above the coastal region of Kenya.

Anonymous said...

What are they fearing?

Well, some of them seem to know what is really going and may have known about it in advance and in detail.

Hence, all they maybe trying to do is taste the waters while waiting to find out the directions in which the waves of justice, the dust of riotious crowds and organised criminal elements will be heading.

While there others who may have gone into hiding in fear for their lives and do not want to end up like the late Aboud Rogo.

It is in moments such as these when only the most courageous and real brave senior religious leader in the coastal community will emerge and dare stand up and speak out in the name of peace, and for what is good, right and worthwhile for the larger community, region and country at large.

Time will tell with regard to what some of the senior spiritual leaders will decide to do and not do at this juncture - hour of need.

Anonymous said...

Where are those activists who love to screams "police brutality!!!!" to the high heavens, come out of their comfort zones and their imported wood stained desks to condemn the ongoing violence? Where are they?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Imagine for a micro-second what would be happening by now - 24/7 - if the ghastly scene of a dead uniformed law enforcement officer had occurred in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, and guess where? In the United States of America.


Why not include SYRIA? Oh! that is not a civilized nation!

More so, we INQUIRE what if the so called CIVILIZED and DEMOCRATIC nations PLUS the ARABIC ABSOLUTE MONARCHS you tell us about decide:

(a) to open a KENYAN HUMAN RIGHTS OBSERVATORY office in London like that of the Syrian ACTIVISTS?

(b) to give NON LETHAL AID to the Coastal ACTIVISTS?

(c) to ask Kenya to withdraw police etc from the Coastal region in a Kofi Annan led PEACE PLAN?

Anyway, since this inquiry is waste of time, we leave to enjoy:

Rat trap

Anonymous said...


Now you are becoming very predictable and shamelessly cheap. A dead cop is no laughing matter the world over. Why do you have to squeeeze Syria there?

Just like MM, your are painfully condescening and all others are fools-CLUELESS.

Grow up please and argue, stop seeing imperial shadows lurking everywhere. And you deride them is imperial language on imperial medium. SHAME!!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing personal, political or tribal whatsoever, but is it any surprise that the likes of Steven Omondi, 24, have already graduated from juvenile stone throwing to lobbing live grenades at the police officers, which they find so much easier than face-to-face or hand-to-hand combat?

Is he one and the same menacing character in a "Detroyer" t-shirt, the guy seen taking slingshot aim at his selected target at Royal Castle Hotel several days ago?

The more emboldened they become, the more havoc they wreak in their wake.

Anonymous said...

@8:20 AM

Did you always derive great pleasure from the death of uniformed police officers or innocent bystanders?

Anyway, ... don't wish you and your dear ones any ill will at all in the next five years or more, but imagine for a mirco-second if the dead police officer (RIP) was your one and only child.

Or let us say, your nephew, brother, half-brother, cousin, paternal uncle, maternal uncle, childhood friend, neighbour, etc? Count your blessings and be very grateful that he is not your biological son.

Have a wonderful and peace filled Friday night, restful weekend and great time during the month of September.

Mwarang'ethe said...


Now you are becoming very predictable and shamelessly cheap. A dead cop is no laughing matter the world over. Why do you have to squeeeze Syria there?


The idea of any one laughing at a dead cop is a FIGMENT of your fertile and DELUSIONAL IMAGINATION.

How many cops have died in Syria in the last 1 year because of ACTIVISTS who get NON - LETHAL AID?

What makes you think Kenya is special? Do you think what has happened in Libya, Egypt, Syria etc, has no RELEVANCY to Kenya? Oh, we hear Kenya is the ISLAND of PEACE! What delusions!

NB: Kenyan problems are not police problems and therefore, cannot be solved by the police.


"Grow up please and argue, stop seeing imperial shadows lurking everywhere. And you deride them is imperial language on imperial medium. SHAME!!!"

Fine. We seek solace in this:

People who worry about problems that others are not worrying about
are irritating and are disparaged after the event.

People who were right when others were wrong are even more irritating.

Let us give you a clue:

The rise of Europe since the 15th Century led to a 500 YEARS maritime and naval contest for domination of the Atlantic Ocean.

The SHIFTING of ECONOMIC POWER (it may be reversed) in the 21st Century, will lead to a CONTEST for the DOMINATION of the Indian Ocean of which, Kenya shares with other nations.

So, what appears to you as a simple local matter, may be very complex and could have far reaching consequences.

As an example, India alone is expanding its 155 ships to over 300 warships. Why? For fishing tilapia?

The Japanese Maritime SELF DEFENSE (A LIE), has brought destroyers to the Indian Ocean. Why? Well, the OFFICIAL REASON was the 2001 attacks. A lie!

Malaysia, Indonesia and many other Indian Ocean nations are expanding their navies. Why? To fish crabs?

And, we may ask, how is that Lamu port to Sudan going?

Anyway, since all this is imperial delusions, it is time to enjoy:

Kalachnikov Love

Anonymous said...

Who would want to bring trouble to Mombasa?

Who has the motive, opportunity and muscle - foot soldiers, goons and idlers under the influence of illegal substances - to try and set Mombasa on fire by way of Majengo, Changamwe and elsewhere?

As they say, the devil is always in the details, and the writing on the wall left a very clear and loud message for the authorities and the country's leadership.

The authorities will have to look no further than follow the rotten scent of violence and dig deeper into the backgrounds and activities (in the last five years) of both the usual and unsual suspects, including resident drug cartel working in collaboration with pack of domesticated hyenas under the command of a shadowy council of deviant elements from across the north-eastern coastal borders.

Only thorough investigations will they be able to unearth the culprits' current modi operandi that may profoundly impact not just the criminal science but future thinking and operations of Kenyan law enforcement teams and national security agencies.

On the other hand, the 'Mombasa Mayhem' is a golden opportunity for the reexamination, reevalution, reconfiguration and a complete overhaul of the country's security agencies.

Unfortunately, ninty-seven percent (97%) of the top brass, including rank and file are still entrenched in a mindset dating back to the 1970s and early 1980s.

Anonymous said...

Which is which in terms of the title for the senior most police chief in charge of Mombasa area?

Is it the old designation of PPO (provincial police officer), RPO (regional police officer) or county something?

Whatever title is in use, the current police chief, intelligence chief, assistant commandant of adminstration police, and regional adminstaror, must all be removed from Mombasa ASAP, and set home for good.

They should not be granted another opportunity of being transfered to other regions of the country where their already established incompetence and gross negligence will continue to ignite future riots, senseless loss of life and wanton destruction of property.

Aggrey Adoli must be the first individual to be removed from Mombasa and held responsible for letting the residents of Mombasa and the police force down.

Anonymous said...

There will be no more weekly free rations of fresh meat delivered to wakubwa's houses in Mombasa, courtesy of one very generous wholesale dealer in meat. For they have allowed themselves to be compromised for far too long.

Anonymous said...


Apologies for polluting 'Goodbye Mombasa' (Kwaheri Mombao aka Majengo Sirudi Tena!) with a very unsolemn reminder that the self-proclaimed messiah and self-made billionaire evangelist Rev. Sun Myung Moon is no longer in charge of his millions of spiritual followers and the vast commercial empire that was his domain for deacdes.

Mother Nature could not afford to extend one more lifeline to him because Sister Death had already rendered a verdict that 92-years of good living were more than enough for a wealthy businessman and religious patriach of his age.

So, Mother Nature will have to settle for the 'dust-to-dust' verdict in the case of Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

By the way, it seems as though the year 2012 is not yet done with some of us (mortals) for unknown as well as well known reasons.

Such is the end of life moments that we (mortals) must content with at one point or another.

There is still a narrow corridor of four more months left before 2013 takes over in her own right.

Taabu said...

Rev Moon, 92, is dead. How many Kumekuchans have been left without a messiah?

Anonymous said...

The Unification Church and the worldwide Unification Movement (Moonists) under the Messiah Rev. Moon have had a significant number of followers in Kenya since the early 1980s.

Most of his faithful religious adherents were drawn from among the young bright minds at the University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University, formerly Kenyatta University College, Kenya Polytechnic and Kenya Institute of Mass Communication.

Some well informed insiders from those days have always attested to the fact that, well crafted underground religious recruitment excercises at the four campuses and among the middle and upper class Nairobians were so frequent and very competitive between the Unification Church (Moonist) and Opus Dei (Work of God), a Catholic organisation or some sort of movement that is not to be mistaken for the Finger of God.

In the end, Opus Dei lost out in terms of numbers (harvestsor yearly recruitments) because the Unification Church targetted young adults and adults from all religious backgrounds and walks of life, as opposed to Opus Dei which heavily concentrated its recruitment efforts on incorporating very bright students with great potential, well educated Catholic professionals and wealthy Catholics into its rank and file.

Rev. Moon had the rare opportunity to live out his twelve lives over a long extended period of time (92 years), his twelfth and last life unfolded after he miraculously survived a helicopter crash in July of 2008 and walked away with minor injuries.

He is survived by several children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and his religious as well as commercial empire has been left in good family hands and under his successor, the youngest American born and Harvard educated son named Hyung Jin Moon.

So, how many Kumkuchans have been left with a messiah?

Well, it is hard to estimate the exact number of religious orphans who have been left without a messiah, given the fact that the inception of the Unification Church in Nairobi, Kenya happened during the early 1980s.

Guess what? It's hard to know who is who in our midst, and we will never be able to know who is or is not a member of the Unification Church, given the religious freedom(s) emjoyed by many people around us today.

Anonymous said...

Attention: @Kumekucha,

Re: Body of a Dead Police Officer still lying in the Streets of Mombasa.

How about the deceased officer be granted a posthumous Medal of Honour for his bravery and ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty, including the much deserved respect for his remains?

A simple white bedsheet cover of some sort be put over the body of the slain officer until such a time the coroner for Mombasa County is able to retrieve it for a decent burial.

Local tradition dating back to the dreaded mid-late 1500s dictates that the body of a deceased person, be it of a believer or non believer, shall not be left lying idle (in a pool of caked blood) in the streets or near the doorsteps until noontide or sunset without appropriate burial.

The least Kumekucha can do, is secure the gun for safe keeping and cover the remains with white sheet.

As expected, if the local residents do not want to have anything to do with the body for obvious reasons, then seek immediate help from a well clan based at Frere town, just outside the island of Mombasa.

They have always known what needs to be done in such situations since the mid-late 1400s.

Anonymous said...

No disrespect intended for those concerned, but I would like to know what Mheshimiwa Charity Ngilu was not only thinking but also smoking prior to making her bold announcement of vying for the presidency for another time?

On the other hand, kudos to her as she expects to capture presidential masion on the hill by April or May of 2013 given the overwhelming majority of emboldened women voters from all corners of the country, who are now willing to take a gamble on her for the last time ever.

Anonymous said...

Aggrey Adoli must go!

The man must leave his police base in Mombasa due to all the mess that took place on his watch and while he was asleep at the broken wheel of regional and national security.

The region is very lucky beecause the three days of rioting were generated by low level mobs of angry youth.

Otherwise, the whole country would be singing a very different tune by now, had real terrorists inflitrated the coast region and accomplished their mission, namely that of blasting vital installations in the port city of Mombasa.

Incompetence within the police, security or the KDF should never be rewarded in any way, shape or form, therefore, Aggrey Adoli must be relieved off his command at Kizingo as soon as possible.

Unless the powers that be at Ulinzi House, Ministry of Internal Security and the President's Office are waiting for another security breach, debacle or mayhem to take place in the wake of the killings in Tana Delta and predictable riots in Mombasa.

Incompetent security chiefs must be forced out, let go or fired, so that others may learn from their costly mistakes and do a better job in terms of regional and national security of all Kenyans, as well as deligent command of their respective forces, rank and file.

Otherwise, how many deaths of innocent civilians and police officers will it take before the likes of Aggrey Adoli are recalled and sent home for good?

The man must go! For he failed big time! And he has even been given a very low grade D- based on how he responded to the riots, handled police officers under his command and himself in the process

Anonymous said...

How many more deaths of innocent civilians in Tana Delta will it take before Aggrey Adoli and his coastal counterparts are removed from the Coast region, or fired from their jobs?

What a shame that violence continues to take place in the Tana Delta while all the likes of Aggrey Adoli can do is give a stream of meaningless press conferences after the fact.

The public does not need to be told about what the police are doing to combant the situation, or round up the culptits, all that the public as well as the press needs to be informed, is how many killers have been captured and brought to justice.

How many cache of weapons have been confiscated, including pictorial proof of any evidence retained in the process or security operations.

If those in charge of the security in the Tana Delta are unable to contain the ongoing violence, then imagine what will happen in the next couple of months as the campaign season heats up.

Hate to repeat it again over and over, but the fact remains that Aggrey Adoli and his counterparts must be held accountable for the total security failure (breach) before, during and after the Mombasa Riots, violence in Tana Delta, and the deaths of innocents civilians.

The man and his counterparts must go! There is doubt in the mnids of many alw abiding citizens in the coast regions, that Kenya police force has many other senior officers who are well trained, prepared, ready, able and willing to do a better job in the name of Utumishi Kwa Wote unlike the abysmal secuirty job that is being done at the moment.

Anonymous said...

What is still going on in the Tana Delta? Has that the region of Kenya become a failed security zone where killer gangs and blood thirsty thugs bent on revenge and reprisal attacks are free to roam dya and night and do what they will?

More security officers have been killed in line of duty, as a matter of fact, five GSU personnel, two adminstration police officers, and two regular police officers, including sixteen male civilians and five women who have lost their lives in the Tana Delta mayhem, because of lack forsight on the part of the senior security chiefs in the coastal region.

The warning signs were all there and thay have been evident since June of 2011 and there no excuse why the fires of ethnic tension, strife and cosenquent blood bath were not extinguished before they reached a crescendo.

By all security accounts, the ongoing murderous mayhem in the Tana Delta now calls for a nothing less than a full scale military operation geared toward the containment and incapcitation of all the marauding gangs of raiders, killers, plunderers and looters among the Pokomo, Orma and neighbouring communities.

In the meantime, the Coast police boss Aggrey Adoli must be relieved off his command wwith immediate effect, and given other light duties elsewhere or in some admisntrative desk job that are less demanding nor tasking, so that he may be able to finish the remainder of his days before retirement, given that he still has a family to support and financial obligations to pay off.

And a no nosense senior superintendent of police or very qualified security custodian should be posted to the coast region as an immediate emergency replacement to help combant the deadly situation in the Tana Delta before it gets out of hand, or worse, similar cases begin to replicate themselves in other hot-spot regions of along the coast.

Anonymous said...

There are people who celebrated and cheered when the young police officer was killed and left lying for hours in the streets of the dirtiest part of Mombasa, while not knowing some of their leaders and neighbours would be dead in a matter of months after having been cut down in a hail of bullets along some of the main roads in the coast. While many others lost their lives, property and all investments they had ever accumulated in the Tana Delta. Word has it that, three of the young men involved in the killing of the young police officer, have died at different stages and mysterious circumstances since. One of them was killed by members of his own criminal gang in Somalia, the second one committed suicide due to pre-existing personal family issues, and the third guy hit by a matatu along the Mombasa - Malindi highway. So, what did the killers and their handlers gain by killing the young police officer?

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