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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The truth about the chaos in Mombasa

The Somali youths at the forefront of running battles with police seem determined to escalate the violence and insecurity in Mombasa to the kind of levels they are used to back home in Mogadishu. Muta-do?

Yesterday police commissioner Mathew Iteere lost his cool when he was put on the spot over the security situation in the country. In my view he had every right to lose his temper because the police are NOT to blame for what is going on and if you understand the way Kenya works you will agree with what I am saying.

Mombasa is perfect, most of all because it is a coastal town just like Mogadishu.

My late dad used to complain (until I got sick of hearing it) about how the government had lowered the standards of the police force they inherited from their former colonial masters and continued to do so on a daily basis for political reasons not realizing that the “snake” they were rearing and feeding would one day turn against them and bite so hard that they would never recover. Okay my dad was not that eloquent in portraying his ideas but that was the gist of what he used to say over and over again during his retirement. He would finish off by emphasizing that standards would take years to build but could be destroyed in a flash.

The problem with our police force started when a deliberate effort was made to ensure that the top brass was always “politically correct.” That necessitated favoring the home boys for the top positions and shunning others who came from the wrong part of the country. If you investigate the history of the force properly you will quickly discover that the first commissioner should have been a man who was brushed aside simply because he hailed from Luo Nyanza.

Later on it became purely commercial in the police where the corrupt were quickly promoted to the top while those who blocked the high and mighty from doing their deals and refused to be bribed were forced out of the police force. I actually witnessed a senior police officer who stole cash raised by his juniors get promoted to police commissioner at the expense of other better qualified and principled policemen who refused to accept bribes let alone “steal.”. What would you expect from a force run by such a man?

Over the years the police force was reduced to a private army of the political elite. And so if you were a criminal who happened to be from the ruling tribe and close to State house no policeman would dare dream of arresting you, even if they caught you red handed. Everything had to wait for orders “from above.”

Now let’s get relevant to what is happening in Mombasa. When illegal immigrants started crossing over to Kenya from Somalia in the 1980s the Moi government did not see this as a security risk. They yawned and went to sleep. Security organs who were very aware of what was happening did nothing because they were waiting for orders from above that never came. This security problem that the government ignored spilled over to the United Kingdom where prior to the late 80s Kenyans did not need a visa to travel to the UK. Everything changed when Heathrow started being choked by Somalis with Kenyan passports arriving but hardly leaving. Most of these Somalis were illegal immigrants to Kenya who had easily obtained national identity cards and then Kenyan passports.

Today Somali immigrants are so many in Kenya that they have the kind of numbers that can easily tilt a closely fought presidential elections.

Impeccable sources from Mombasa have confirmed to this blogger that these “foreigners” are the ones causing chaos in Mombasa. Mombasa youths have always been outspoken in many ways but they have never been radicalized and cannot stand violence. The kind of youths throwing grenades at the police in Kenya’s coastal city are battle hardened and you can guess where they got all their experience from.

Word on the street is that the assassinated sheikh was murdered by his own people and judging from the well co-ordinated chaos that have followed in such an intricately choreographed manner that is becoming increasingly believable. The Somali youths at the forefront of running battles with police seem determined to escalate the violence and insecurity in Mombasa to the kind of levels that they are used to back home in Mogadishu. Mta-do?

Folks we are paying the price of decades of laxity in security where the idiots making the decisions spend most of their time barking orders like “kwenda rokoto hio mtu” (go and pick up so and so). And many times this order was given for the flimsiest of reasons like you delaying to pay somebody’s debt of a few hundred Kenya shillings.

And so while the cops were collecting petty debts for individuals and serving only the interests of the elite, security went to the dogs where it is now irretrievable. Yes, it is not Iteere’s fault is it? I would direct most of my security questions at one Daniel Toroitich arap Moi.
Breaking News: Mombasa erupts yet again;
This evening the uneasy but optimistic calm that had settled into Mombasa was shattered when a grenade was hurled into a police car seriously injuring at least 7 police officers. There were unconfirmed reports of deaths from the incident that took place very close to the Mombasa Pentecostal Church.

It is now clear that there are some elements within the town who are very determined to ensure that peace is not restored in the coastal city any time soon. Attacks of this magnitude against police officers during riots and demonstrations are very rare in the country and yet this is the second such incident in the last 3 days or so.


Anonymous said...

This is why I love Chris. He says what other journalists fear to say.

We need to find a way to differentiate between Kenyan Somalis and illegal immigrants from Somalia. Those who set up well-financed businesses in Nairobi and Mombasa are mostly NOT Kenyans. Wake up guys!! These are the people who are throwing grenades at the police. How much does a grenade cost? Can the typical Mombasa youth afford one, let alone have the guts and training to throw it correctly?

We need to get serious about deporting illegal immigrants before they take over the entire country. Why should Kenyans get deported from countries like Tanzania while Kenya is every immigrant's toilet?

Anonymous said...

The radical preaching of Aboud Rogo would never have attracted a large following amongst the peace-loving Muslims of Mombasa. It pulled in a huge following from the radicalized illegal immigrants in Mombasa all from a troubled neighbouring country who have plenty of cash and are now the majority in most of the mosques on the island. the few locals following them are doing it for financial gain.

Let the government continue sleeping on the job.

Taabu said...


The late Aboud Rogo may have out lived his usefulness to the Al-Kebaab. They have now taken the war to our doorsteps literally using the very refugees vomiting on our shoes. I know activist will come baying your neck.

There are Kenya Somalis and Somali Somalis. You don't need a degree in statistics to get incited about the flawed 2009 census. Again wait for the activists come baying for your blood.

BTW you are more than generous with the facts. Kenyans did need a visa to UK till 1997 (yes just 15 years ago). That is before the blue PP developed feet at the right price. That was Nyayo time and even now everything has a price.

As for the militants Al-Shabaab is providing the logistics and MTADO?

Leave police out of this. Blame the PM for nepotism because he can communiccate with:
1) Police Commissioner

2) CID Director

3) AP Commandant

4) Traffic Commandant

in mother-tongue. And don't shout Kibunja is watching you for hate speech.

Please quit your DELUSIONAL arguments. Kenya is safe and take your pick from these scenarios:

1) DRONES don't drive along Mombasa-Malindi road.

2) Kikambala is not Kamba but Jewish.

3) Kenya (leadership) is on auto pilot.

kumekucha said...

@Taboo, fellow pensioner you mean that Kenyans DID NOT need a visa to hop onto a plane headed to the UK until 1997 when thanks to illegal immigrants obtaining IDS and Kenyan passports in droves started crowding into Britain. The rest as they say is history.

Saved by Grace said...

Are Somalis the only Muslims in Kenya?

This is one thing I detest so much when when people start demonizing one particular group as a scapegoat.

I have been to Mombasa and Lamu and the most radicalised people I ever met are Kenyan Muslims. There was a street in Mombasa until recently was renamed "Osama bin Laden Street" and all those who lived in that street are a thousand generation Kenyan.

The man who masterminded Nairobi and Tanzanian embassy bombings in 1998 was not a Somali, was he?
Sheikh Kimathi is he a Somali? The guy who was shot in Mombasa is he a Somali?

Chris, rise higher and distant yourself from ethnic bigotry.

The war we have at hand is not an ethnic war but against radical Islam!

The most wanted terrorist hiding in Kenya is infact a white British woman by the name Samantha Lewthwaite (the widow of 7/7 London bomber)who had set-up a terror training camp in Mombasa. She is still at large in Kenya after slipping from kenyan police.

Here is the shocking full story.

Anonymous said...

@Saved by Grace

Thanks for putting it so clearly. It is always easy to blame the person whom you think is least likely to respond. There is no difference between somali radicals, swahili radicals or muslim-kikuyu radicals. Please take time to analyze the situations before jumping to conclusions out of laziness. Infact Most grenade attacks in Nairobi so far has been carried out by non-somalis alshabaab supporters.

Taabu said...


Yes, until 1997 a Kenyan would just hop into KQ/BA with only a passport and off to London. S/he would obtain visa on arrival at Heathrow.

Poor pensioner, you must be aging damn fast. You mean you cannot remember the village convoy waving you goodbye at JKIA in the early 90s enroute to England and you didn't have a visa.

By then the BLUE PP was very respected until it acquired a price tag. And you know what buyers they did on arrival? Dole (welfare) and no schooling hence the many BUS DRIVERS.

Need I say more? No haters please.

As for militants, you don't need to read THE TELEGRAPH whose correspondent in NBO covers more than 10 countries.

Fazul/Kimathi/Rogo may all be Kenyan but the origin of their militancy and training is from without.

Wapi Mwarang'ethe to EDUCATE when you need him!!!

A militant is a murderer, period, no matter the nationality. The granades are out-sourced.

Take this to the bank. Mombasa chaos is Sunday school. Wait until skirmishes hit/spread/start from Eastleigh.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Recently, someone heard a conversation between an IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS GRADUATE (ILFG) and an African Teacher:

ILFG: My friend AT, I am sure you are following the on going riots in Mombasa.
AT: Off course. Such human commotion provide much for REFLECTION for a thoughtful man.

ILFG: My concern is that, most of the rioters are the useless Somali refugees who are abusing our hospitality. These thugs want to destroy our beautiful country as they have destroyed theirs. I am also, worried about their numbers because, they might use these numbers in the OPIUM SESSIONS to favour one candidate.
AT: My friend ILFG, you talk too much, but, you think very little.
ILFG: Why would you say such an abusive thing AT?

AT: Listen my friend. It is easy talk a lot of shit and believe yourself knowledgeable because other idiots cheer you. To understand the “Somali” problem, one must know a bit of the RECENT history of the Somalis especially, since 70's and 80's.
ILFG: Mr. AT, you are always talking about the past. You are so boring.

AT: Listen you idiot. The problem of Somalis started when the DELICATE balance between the NOMADIC HERDEMEN and the small AGRICULRALIST was destroyed in 1980's.
ILFG: How was this balance undermined AT?
AT: Bear in mind these facts:

(a) in 1970's, Somali were food sufficient,
(b) by 1983, livestock accounted for 80% of their exports.

ILFG: So, what are you driving at?
AT: I want to demonstrate how a STATE FAILS and then become a problem for the whole humanity.
ILFG: So, what will I do with this knowledgeable?

AT: Simply: (a) you cannot discuss INTELLIGENTLY the Somali problem if you are not aware of why Somali failed, and (b) the Somali problem cannot be resolved without such an understanding.

AT: For instance, in early 1980's, the World Bank THUGS forced Somalia to DEVALUE its currency.
ILFG: Why talk of money now?
AT: As I have informed many a times, your shallow understanding is the cause of ruin of many nations. If you could listen, with such DEVALUATION, the prices of veterinary medicine went up. On top of this, the same WB THUGS, forced that nation to PRIVATISE the veterinary services. Also, the same THUGS, destroyed emergency animal feed program drought times. Also, watering points were PRIVATIZED.
ILFG: I am in a hurry, can you sum up this monologue now!

AT: As I have told you many times, FOOLS DIE FOR LACK OF WISDOM. Basically, with the above THUGISH MEASURES, the herds were decimated and so were the pastoralists who constituted over 50% of the population.
ILFG: So, why were these measures pursued?

AT: Well, as a result of these THUGGISH MEASURES: (a) the Somalian exports to Saudi Arabia/Middle East was wrecked, and (b) this was taken over by AUSTRALIA and the EU.
AT: As you can see if you have a brain and not KICHWA MAJI, having destroyed the economy and the Somalian State, they turn around and restrict the immigration of the Somalian ECONOMIC IMMIGRANTS. At the same time, they pose as HUMANITARIANS cheered by the DUPES and FANATICS.

ILFG: But, but, didn't Moi allow them to come to Kenya?
AT: My friend, there is only one nation without illegal immigrants.

ILFG: Which nation is that:
AT: It is called Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea). Doesn't that tell you something you FOOL?

With that, the AT left to enjoy:

Every time I see the wicked men, my blood runs cold:

Anonymous said...

How comes it has been reported that some people were being put on return flights to JKIA the moment they landed at "He-Throw-Me-Out" during the late 1980s and early 1990s?

As for the DPA ("disposable passports on arrival"), it was once a very lucrative cottage industry run under the management of a cartel within the immigration department.

$3000 - $4000 used to fetch a ready made passport within forty-eight hours.

And $5000 - $6000 would procure a passport in emergency transit situations or urgent travel to European or North American destinations.

Somalia Somali were not the only buyers, it also involved many Ethiopians, Ugandans, Sudanese, Nigerians, Congomans, Rwandans, Comorons, Pakistani, Indians, Tanzanians, Mozambicans and South Africans.

Rumours had it that so many petrol stations around the country, and four hotels in Nairobi, one in Kisumu, two in Elodret, one in Nakuru, others in Kisii and several in Mombasa, were investments from the passport cottage industry at one time or another.

There was a time when Kenyan issued passports were once the most common foreign item stored in the 'Lost and Found' sections of many police stations in the UK, Netherlands, Canada, France, Belgium, USA, Norway, Finland, etc.

And the joke was, "the passports had been divorced by their original owners."

While other abandoned passports wound up on the black markets of Abuja and Lagos where they were resold to new holders seeking a better abroad.

Anonymous said...


Please change tact. That ILFG/AT talk has run its course. But since you are so full of yourself, you mind constipating on that cheap staple of vebiage.

BTW in your small world intellect is only there is humanities? You never mention HARD SCIENCE (nothing like social/politcial science please).

When are historians going to discover an H-pad?

Anonymous said...

I am really sorry and dissapointed with this article, the coast has sooooo many problems chronic unemployment, no access to title deeds, under education, lack of any economic activities beyond prostitution and drug dealing for the common wanainchi, radicalised youth, and all this post refers to is the somali youth at the "forefront" of the demos, I saw kenyans and quite a lot of kambas :) among them, and I know most wabara kenyans will keep on at turns ridiculing, humiliating, ignoring, chastising and oppressing our rights regardless if it be in the courts or through murder! If you think these somali youths are the problem why dont you add the jiins in your atavastic dread of such things.....

Anonymous said...

Some people here are trying to defend illegal Somali immigrants causing chaos in Kenya.

What Chris is saying here is not rocket science and neither is it a big revelation. It is common knowledge.

Talk to anybody in the security services and they will tell you that our biggest problem today is that radical Somalis have infiltrated the country and are in our midst, even leaving comments in this blog trying to divert attention elsewhere so that people continue ignoring them and assuming that all is well.

They never intermarry with the locals and they always have a superiority complex over the host country where they have settled. Why do you think the Australian PM was complaining the other day?

Sadly in Kenya well-greased palms will never complain nor discuss the huge security problem we now have on our hands and when people like Chris raise it they are shouted down and told that they do not know what they are talking about.

Luke said...

ati Moi's LEGACY was to SWITCH off the LIGHTS hio ni bure kabisa

How do you say COME TEACHER COME in vernacular? just curious bro

Saved by Grace said...

Ok, Taabu, i understand you don't like The Telegragh and it's NBO correspondent nevertherless you can also read about Samantha Lewthwaite on one of top British tabloid newspaper on how she (Samantha) managed to bribe herself out from Kenyan authorities.

Here is the full story:

Anonymous said...

mwara' has now resorted to writing parables!

Anonymous said...

The time has come not to declare a state of emergency - not yet for the moment - but institute a complete shutdown of Mombasa city and the surrounding areas.

Let the tourists and other outsiders be shuttled to some other convenient locations or diverted to alternative locations as far away Tanzania and South African.

Thereafter, let the house to house, floor to roof, land to sea searches and flash out operations commense henceforth for an undisclosed number of days, even weeks.

There comes a time when enough is enough, and a time to flash out any resident evil, surrogates and affiliates whose only mission has been to cause anarchy to the coastal community and rest of the country.

At this juncture, national security - restoration of law and order - is paramount to the so-called personal freedoms and whatever have you, my foot!

The honeymoon decades of being very welcoming, patient and understanding hosts to our neighbours and at times to dens of wild or at times extremely evil minded guests ("brood of vipers in Mombao, Nairobi and elsewhere") should be called into question.

While immediate drastic security measures are implemented on region to region basis by all gobvernment and civil authorities.

Mwarang'ethe said...

"BTW in your small world intellect is only there is humanities? You never mention HARD SCIENCE (nothing like social/politcial science please).

When are historians going to discover an H-pad?"


The conversation continued like this:

ILFG: Mr. AT, I was listening to someone and he was very skeptical of the past. What may you say about such?

AT: To such men, you just pity them. You see my friend, it is through that most useful subject of all, we call history, we can learn the TRUE CAUSES of the decay and fall of nations.

ILFG: Please elaborate a bit.

AT: My friend, it is through IGNORANCE man is misled in the MEANS and deceived himself in the CAUSES and EFFECTS.

This being the case, he must enlighten himself by EXPERIENCE. If you know history, then, you do not have to learn through your own COSTLY MISTAKES.

In other words, you profit by the experience of others and avoid their pains and suffering. Otherwise, if you do not, you enter that famous saying, HISTORY REPEATS itself.

No, it does not. It is man, out of his CHILDISH CONTEMPT for history, who repeats the most ancient FOLLIES thinking himself very wise.

ILFG: I am still not getting you.

AT: Mr. ILFG, if I may inquire, who are the best people in HARD SCIENCES today?

ILFG: No doubt, the Jews have done very well in this area if you count the number of awards.

AT: Very well. I may therefore, inquire, are Jews IGNORANT OF their HISTORY and that of others as the ILF Graduates? More so, how to organize KNOWLEDGE and CAPITAL to fund HARD SCIENCES is a historical subject.

ILFG: I must agree they are well informed because, they study it in their Synagogues.

AT: There you are my friend. There is a strong link between knowledge of history and hard sciences.

As such, to imagine that one can pursue hard sciences without the GUIDING LIGHT of history, is to enter that world of ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES.

ILFG: And, if I may ask, is it true that Somali's do not intermarry with the locals?

AT: That is true. But, they are not alone. The Indians, Arabs, Jews and others also, do not intermarry. So, why pick on Somalis?

ILFG: I need sometime to reflect on this.

With that, the AT left to enjoy:

I Am That I Am

Anonymous said...

I agree,Kenyans know how to use guns. But throwing grenades? And very accurately at that? Twice? That is much more common in a neighbouring country where there has been chaos for decades.

Anonymous said...


Do you really want to know the whole truth about the ongoing chaos in Mombasa as well as the cause of Rogo's odious death?

Well, the next three months will expose what has really been going on in some quarters of the greater Mombasa area.

As for Rogo, he was used to swimming with the wild sharks from Kismayo, Moghadishu and elsewhere, and unfortunately he ended up being used as a bait aka sacrificial lamb - collateral damage - by the very same zealots and militants for obivious given the outbreak of riots in some certain sections of Mombasa.

As of now, it has become so obvious that sleeper cells, recent infiltrators and their hired demented thugs bent on causing more mayhem in the coastal region of Kenya are starting to rare their very ugly heads and hands laced with grenades, deadly explosives and other intruments of death.

What has transpired so far, indicates that the whole incidencies were planned way in advance and stage managed to culminate not just with the cold blooded murder of Rogo but also with the well coordinated youth riots and grenade attacks as intended by their handlers.

The sleeper cells and recent infiltrators have resorted to launching grenades at innocent civilians, churches and now against the police as their mode of cowardly attacks on Kenyan soil.

So, it is high time that the governmental and civil authorities including religious leaders and elders from the affected communities all agree on the immediate imposition of dusk to dawn curfew if any more violence continue to unfold in Mombasa or any where else in the coastal region of Kenya.

And any further occurrence of violent incidents throughout today and Friday will determine whether the government imposes an eighteen hour curfew or not.

Or goes on to declare a state of emergency on the country's port city of Mombasa.

After rushing in extra GSU, Admin police, regular police, riot police and contingent plain officers, while at the same time keeping army troops on twenty-hour red alert stand-by.

Some group of individuals in question seem to have overly underestimated the authorities but unfortunately, it may turn out that they have just given them the strategic excuse they have been waiting for since the sporadic violent incidences started several months ago.

Sadly, for the peace loving residents of the port city of Mombasa, mtego wa panya huingia waliomo na wasiokuwamo the moment the dreaded crackdown begins to be implemented in an unprecedent operation to search, capture, or eradict the perpetrators of the heinious crimes and terrorist attacks in the region.

Anonymous said...

Dawa ya moto ni moto. Let the cowardly agents of violence bring it on and they will taste for the first time what they have taken for granted since the early 1970s.

The imported ... madness must be contained by all at all costs and means necessary, since there is very little that can be done for a thankless generation that has lost any semblance of respect for their host nations and its people, and above all for themselves, their parents, communities, religion and the Creator of the universe.

Anonymous said...

Our usual modus operandi of blaming wabara for our own self-inflicted problems is kind of so outdated after decades of singing the same old same old tune for reasons knwon to us.

Points made by some individuals are well taken, however, must we, the people of Mombao (mkoa wa pwani) cut our noses in order to spite our faces?

Or slash our own throats as the only means available of silencing or getting rid of our starving and growling stomachs?

Are there not other workable alternative ways and means of dealing with our ancient grievances that may never be resolved hundred percent during our lifetime?

When all is said and done, we, the people of pwani, will have no body to blame, not even those comercial preachers aka sanctimonious religious leaders who have been receiving millions and millions of dollars over the last fifty years under the pretext of developing our respective communities, yet they have ending up diverting the funds and investing the donations in personal businesses, real estate, matatu, hotels (rented out to foreign individuals or institutions) and farms along the coast.

For our information, the so-called wabara, formerly "raw material" (millions and millions of slaves) that were exported for centuries to the Middle East, Asia and Europe, by renown notorious slave traders like Tippu Tip (Hamad bin Muhammad) are not the enemy, problem, cause, boogeyman or the dreaded genie in a bottle buried deep in Kilindini.

The fact remains that kinachotukula sisi wote hasa wenyeji wa pwani ki nguoni mwetu, yaani our deeply embeded modus operandi which has made it so easy for us to blame the rest of the country, and point fingers at outsiders rather than deal with the immediate root causes of our own self-inflicted ancient problems that date way back to the days of Al Said Dynasty of Oman.

Let us, wapwani, look in the mirror and take a real good look at what needs to change in our midst before all else.

Otherwise, the blaming games, disdain and hate for others who have nothing to do we ourr real problems - rooting white whales on the islands - will continue for another three decades without any relief in sight.

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