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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Even The Most Diehard Tribalist in Kenya Has Blood That They Hate

I acknowledge that many of the good folks who leave comments in this blog are smarter than I am. And so I will be regularly re-posting some of the best comments from each post I make to highlight the words of wisdom from many commentators here and give them more visibility.
-Chris Kumekucha-

- By Mwarangethe-
Anyone who has spent a few hours reading history will tell you this:


As a matter of fact, there is no pure Gikuyu/Gema and no pure Mzungu.

People have all kinds of blood in them from past ages. Even the most die hard racist has all of blood he "hates."

As such, to think that, people are tribalists or racist because they have pure blood is not true and is not even the issue.

Even if you wiped all tribes, men would reconstitute these "tribes" under many schemes like:

- religion,
- class,
- color,
- nobles and knights,
- language,
- exclusive clubs,
- secret societies,
- football clubs (AFC v Gor Mahia), Manchester V Arsenal, Celtic v....
- families (House of, v House of ...etc etc.

Men are what they are. They are what they are because, this world is COMPETITION.

This being so, those who ARE WISE, know that, you cannot win alone. As such, you COMBINE with others who share somethings with you, be it in terms of religion (Ireland as an example), language, culture, families, clans, football clubs, etc, to win the competition.

More so, man being what he is, when his NATURAL ASSOCIATIONS like clans, tribes, families are BROKEN by violent means, as happened in Kenya, men will eventually, go back to those NATURAL ASSOCIATIONS whether you like it or not.

In fact, this is exactly what is happening in Kenya right now. The only question is:

- shall we be wise enough to handle the reversion to old associations in a mature manner or,

- we shall be foolish to use force to cement the broken egg?

NB: Have you see what is happening in Mombasa?

In Somalia, when the colonial State broke down into NATURAL ASSOCIATIONS of Somalis (clans), instead of them accepting that fact, and use the FEDERATIVE principle, some of the clans schemed how to put all the clans back into one tyrannical bottle again. The consequence? 20 years of war.

NB: In Libya, it shall also, break up into its ancient states/elements dating to the Roman times. And, if some of them try to put the egg back, there will be violence.

NB: Check Iraq, Congo, Sudan, Yugoslavia, USSR, India etc.

We may even add, check France (Basque), Spain (Catalan), Texas (USA), Canada (Quebec) and even Italy south and North divide.

It may take time, but, the egg will fall apart sooner or later. Things are what they are, or, It is the Nature of Things.

NB: Within these clans, families and tribes, there is also, fierce competition going on.

This being the ESTABLISHED historical evidence since the STONE AGE, the BEST we can do is:

- adopt a FEDERATIVE PRINCIPLE in "uniting" these tribes and stop using force. If some want to leave, let them leave.

For instance, the Kikuyu's alone are more than Danish and Swedish population, so, they can form their state called:

- Mungiki United State of Nyumba Ya Mumbi, if they want.

Finally, Chris, can you tell us this:

- What will a Gikuyu gain by voting a Luo into presidency because, presidency is not a flower girl thing?


Anonymous said...

Well put, but for your general information, take note that there is a pure race, namely the human race, unlike our so-called distant ____ the primates and what have you out there.

Point taken, however, what will 78.9% of the Agikuyu really gain by voting for a Gikiyu president, knowing what is already known by now about the abject poverty and total insecurity that has become a way of life for many Kenyans living in Gatundu and Othaya?

And how will the next Gikuyu or Luo or Kamba or Kalenjin or Luhya or Maasai or Mijikenda et al presidency add a mkebe, debe or gunia of unga, maize, beans and rice into the empty granaries of the ethnicities in question who are still living far below the Kenyan poverty line?

By the way, let's not even bother trying to unearth the gruesome details of insecurity, destroyed lives, including the routine murderous mayhem that still takes place in and around regions like Kiambu and Nyeri.

Yet these are regions that still pride themselves as being the birthplaces of national political leaders like the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and the soon to be former president Mzee Mwai Kibaki.

Anonymous said...

Even The Most Diehard Tribalist in Kenya Has Blood That They Hate.

A young French woman living in Australia, and dating an African of South African descent, whom she met while they were college students in Queensland, asks her boyfriend, what ethnic background are you anyway?

The African boyfriend hesitates for a moment before replying, of course I am South African from Transvaal. Can't you see the obvious? And why do you ask after we have been dating for over seven months"

The young French woman replies, I am two and half months pregnant, and I just want to know more about your other side of the family.

The African boyfriend replies, what side? Eeeeh! There is nothing for you to worry about at all. I guarantee there won't be any little nasty surprises for you when the baby arrives.

The young French women remarks, what do you really mean by 'there won't be any little nasty surprises' for me?

Her African boyfriend asures her by saying, my family's old blood lines are as pure as they have been since the arrival of our forefathers in South Africa during the 17th century.

The rest as they say is history that's very predictable in some critical situations.

The young French mother was deserted by her African boyfriend after giving birth to healthy cute looking twin sons.

What caused the desertion? Well, her African boyfriend accused her of having been unfaithful to him, and even went on to castigate her for having withheld critical information about her allegedly North African (Algerian) ancestry from him, when they first met, and which would have been a vital determinant of any slight chance of his involvement with her.

Unbeknown to her now former African boyfriend, Most Afrikaner families have between 5% and 7% non-white ancestory, such as Khoi African, Indonesian and Indian, as the early Dutch settlement at the Cape allowed inter-racial marriage. - Mordechai Tamarkin. Cecil Rhodes and the Cape Afrikaners.

Anonymous said...

You've hit the nail on the head with this one. In the end there is no fighting the natural order and any attempt to keep the egg together by force will meet the same success as the attempt to save the protagonist in the imperialist nursery rhyme... All the King's horses and all the King's men couldn't put Humpty together again.

Anonymous said...

What about very hateful parents in inter-ethnic marriages, who end up not only going their own separates ways, but hating their ex to the point where they make sure that not a single trace of the other parent's name, history and tribe ('blood') are known or remembered by children in their custody, who had nothing do with the bitter divorce or acrimonious separation in the first place?

A middle aged Kenyan parent told his best friends, "Please pray for my children. I am not sure what will become of them."

He had just resettled in Europe after having left North America due to a very acrimonious separation in which he had not only lost his professional license, career and children, but the ex had go on and changed the middle and last names of their children because of her venomous anger, raw hatred and volcanic size revenge against everything that the other parent represented.

Although the absent parent has had a new family, two boys and a girl, of his own since then, the wall in his living room is covered with a huge professional portrait of the faces of his other three children in North America, with an inscription, 'Missing In Action But Never Forgotten' ~ 1997.

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