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Sunday, March 25, 2012

These Stupid Luos

If you played God over Kenya for just a single day you would laugh until your poor ribs ached. You would laugh at the sheer stupidity of this cancer called tribalism.

Now as God for just a day, you would be able to read minds and know exactly what people were thinking. You would be able to see exactly how many assassins were at the scene when Tom Mboya was assassinated and solve the mystery of who exactly the bald-headed man who pulled the trigger was. You would no all secrets and be familiar with all skeletons hidden in people's closets.

But the hilarious part would involve this Kikuyu chauvinist very proud of his tribe and who totally believes that the Kikuyu are superior and the only tribe capable of ruling Kenya as they have proved twice already. Hata serikali ya Moi ilisimama na bahati, no other tribe is capable of establishing and maintaining a government and that is just a pure fact, according to our friend.

Now why would a typical Kikuyu tribalist interest God? Patience, my son, patience my daughter. You will discover the hilarious truth in a moment.

As God for 24 hours you will also be able to see all the sins against the Luo community that our bigot Kikuyu extremist has committed over the years. What he did at campus and what he did at Naivasha during the post election violence. You will also see that he has no apologies to make.

Now let us call this guy Njoro (short for Njoroge). The name of his mother is Jemima Wairimu Chege and his father is called John Kamau Ngotho. And so he is pure Kikuyu “superior” blood… or is he?

As God you would be able to see what happened some 30 years ago when a civil servant called Jemima Wairimu Chege was sent out of town on an assignment. There was a seminar in Embu town that she attended. You would also know that she spent the night in Embu where she got rather cozy with a Mr Moses Waga. A tall drop-dead handsome Luo from the office who always wore a suit. He was also a very charming man with the ladies and invited Jemima Wairimu for a drink that evening. Jemima’s life back home with her husband was always so boring. He never took her out for a drink or anything but John Kamau Ngotho was a good provider and responsible husband and that is all that mattered.

Now in your position up there you would be able to see a lot of things as you delve into this critical history. You would for instance be able to realize just how true it is that alcohol tends to affect the legs of woman and the brains of man. It causes a woman’s legs to spread very easily and with abandon (need I say more?). And it causes a man’s brain to shift momentarily from his head to the lower parts of his anatomy. That combination is deadly and it is what led to the conception of a man called Njoro.

As God you would be able to laugh at this silly tribalism thing in small-minded Kenyans because the fact of the matter is that the rabid Kikuyu bigot called Njoro who loves to call Luos stupid is actually a Luo who thinks he is a Kikuyu. His biological father is one Moses Waga from Gem, deep in Luo Nyanza.

So who is he really insulting every time he opens his mouth and calls Luo’s stupid?

Get rid of those tribalism demons mate, even your mother may not be so sure what tribe you really are… so why should tribe matter so much?

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Nguthi Joseph kagechu said...

Not far from the true and as well hammers the point hope that kenyans must learn to love one another regardless of tribe.

Anonymous said...



Now we want the story about the Kikuyu who thinks he is a Luo.

Taabu said...


That is PERSONAL attack and you have been forwarned. Expect a call from my indefatigable and no-nonsensical lawyer, Luka.

Well, we are all (by) products of athleticism around the waist, LOL!!

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of post that can easily win the nobel peace prize.

Kudos Chris Kumekucha.

Luke said...

Chris my brother,
Speaking as a voice for the many parents with children who together with house helps and watchmen read this blog during weekends at night, may i WHOLEHEARTEDLY CONDEMN this latest post from Kumekucha

You can do better! This post reads like one of the Indian and WestAfrican Cinema soap opera plots which nowadays populate our local television airwaves lines, and can in no way be compared to our local programmes filmed right here such as Papa Shirandula, Vioja Mahakamani, Lies That Bind, and BullsEye

please Chris i beg you give us WHOLESOME material and content thats above and beyond moral reproach&reprehensibility. I for one am DEEPLY OFFENDED by your insinuations and baseless allegations against Men and Women

Kwani what do you have against BEVERAGES?What SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH did you conduct to MEASURE SPECIFICALLY that alcohol affects legs and brains in respective Genders?

And don't use the excuse that we're all mature adults here-the internet has no age limit! the truth of the matter is what exactly is wrong with mutated "CROSS BREEDING" you so emphatically speak of?

Whereas i commend you for seeking to describe what AILS our society by making use of what happens in our private lives to try and SHAME our public business, your ADULT STYLE APPROACH is better suited really as an article somewhere in one of those South African magazines that closed shop the other day!

Well, SERMON OVER and I have no problem with the BOTTOM LINE (i.e. SAY NO TO TRIBALISM) but please lets keep personal things personal!

Thank you and MWALIMU TROUBLE will send you my Bill

Mwarang'ethe said...

mmmmmm, anyone who has spent a few hours reading history will tell you this:


As a matter of fact, there is no pure Gikuyu/Gema and no pure Mzungu.

People have all kinds of blood in them from past ages. Even the most die hard racist has all of blood he "hates."

As such, to think that, people are tribalists or racist because they have pure blood is not true and is not even the issue.

Even if you wiped all tribes, men would reconstitute these "tribes" under many schemes like:

- religion,
- class,
- color,
- nobles and knights,
- language,
- exclusive clubs,
- secret societies,
- football clubs (AFC v Gor Mahia), Manchester V Arsenal, Celtic v....
- families (House of, v House of ...etc etc.

Men are what they are. They are what they are because, this world is COMPETITION.

This being so, those who ARE WISE, know that, you cannot win alone. As such, you COMBINE with others who share somethings with you, be it in terms of religion (Ireland as an example), language, culture, families, clans, football clubs, etc, to win the competition.

More so, man being what he is, when his NATURAL ASSOCIATIONS like clans, tribes, families are BROKEN by violent means, as happened in Kenya, men will eventually, go back to those NATURAL ASSOCIATIONS whether you like it or not.

In fact, this is exactly what is happening in Kenya right now. The only question is:

- shall we be wise enough to handle the reversion to old associations in a mature manner or,

- we shall be foolish to use force to cement the broken egg?

NB: Have you see what is happening in Mombasa?

In Somalia, when the colonial State broke down into NATURAL ASSOCIATIONS of Somalis (clans), instead of them accepting that fact, and use the FEDERATIVE principle, some of the clans schemed how to put all the clans back into one tyrannical bottle again. The consequence? 20 years of war.

NB: In Libya, it shall also, break up into its ancient states/elements dating to the Roman times. And, if some of them try to put the egg back, there will be violence.

NB: Check Iraq, Congo, Sudan, Yugoslavia, USSR, India etc.

We may even add, check France (Basque), Spain (Catalan), Texas (USA), Canada (Quebec) and even Italy south and North divide.

It may take time, but, the egg will fall apart sooner or later. Things are what they are, or, It is the Nature of Things.

NB: Within these clans, families and tribes, there is also, fierce competition going on.

This being the ESTABLISHED historical evidence since the STONE AGE, the BEST we can do is:

- adopt a FEDERATIVE PRINCIPLE in "uniting" these tribes and stop using force. If some want to leave, let them leave.

For instance, the Kikuyu's alone are more than Danish and Swedish population, so, they can form their state called:

- Mungiki United State of Nyumba Ya Mumbi, if they want.

Finally, Chris, can you tell us this:

- What will a Gikuyu gain by voting a Luo into presidency because, presidency is not a flower girl thing?

NB: As many know, these voting stuff is just OPIUM for the masses, so, we take part in useless stuff.

Anyway, we are off to enjoy:

Rasta man does not like tribal wars:

Anonymous said...

PIG wrote:

....People have all kinds of blood in them from past ages. Even the most die hard racist has all of blood he "hates."

Hypocricy = African teacher, LOL

Anonymous said...

Chris this article is a let down. The educated populace deserves better.

All you have done is tell a sick patient in the hospital that he is sick. We know this otherwise we wouldnt be suffering from this political disease called tribalisim.

You have not provided and insight in to the reasons why tribalisim has muitated into the vicious parasitic national burden we have today unlike Mwarang'ethe who supported his argument with logical historical fact and insightful perspective.

Please take notes from him both as a writer and political analyst. Your blog should produce better. You would have been better speaking about the stance taken by meru Mp's against GEMA

Please copy and paste the link into your browser and read the article. It has more relevance to the current political crisis looming then the soap opera script that your post is.

The perspective and stance based on rationality taken by Meru mp's needs to be promoted and adopted country wide.

Also as anonymous at 3/25/12 2:58 AM said now all we want is the story about a kikuyu who thinks he is a Luo.

Just so you dont seem one sided.

Also why not conduct a survey as to why a Kikuyu or Luo wouldnt vote for the member of the opposite tribe and read their answers back to them directly and publicly so they see and hear how ridiculous their tribal rhetoric is
if their answers amount to such



M. Pesa said...

Chris, when was the last time you left your big air conditioned office and ventured deep in the slums of Korogocho or Kibera? Here you will find that most inhabitants are actually Kikuyus and Luos and of course a substantial number from other tribes. These people have intermarried deeply, play, laugh, joke, trade and drink together. They even borrow salt from the neighbour when yours run short while cooking. Many young people here actually don't even know the tribes of their mates. But come elections and through in these dirty politicians and their provocative speeches that incite "kabila adui.." Kenyans are generally peace loving people who just want to be left alone and feed their families- that's all that matters to them. Many Kenyans from various tribes have settled all over the land- from Kambas at the coast to luhyas and luos working in the coffee plantations and factories in Thika- to the Mkisii in Kitengela. I think the biggest problem is IMPUNITY where leaders like William "chop off their fingers" Ntimama will incite and get away scot free. I also think ordinary Kenyans also can be blamed for allowing themselves to be brainwashed. We must ignore these tribal rallies.

My 2 cents worth.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 1.53, this reference to PIG is getting old. why attack the messanger and not the message?

Ken T

Mwarang'ethe said...

I think the biggest problem is IMPUNITY where leaders like William "chop off their fingers" Ntimama will incite and get away scot free. I also think ordinary Kenyans also can be blamed for allowing themselves to be brainwashed. We must ignore these tribal rallies


Group offers $10,000 to ‘capture’ Trayvon Martin’s killer.

The new Black Panther Party offered a bounty of $10,000 Saturday for the “capture” of a Florida neighborhood watch captain

Interesting times ahead.

Anyway, Wapi hiyo Axe:

Anonymous said...

Chris Kumekucha has never had a more powerful message-filled post like this one since he was born. I wish he could focus on these kind of posts instead of the cr** he usually serves here.

Anonymous said...


NEWS: the Brits have discovered oil in Turkan. Oh no, not again these IMPERIALIST! How did they beat the African teacher to the tape.

Please dismiss them with your most toxic vitroil. And while at it don't forget AUTHENTIC Sumarian folklore to go with the rants. Over to you RACIST TEACHER.

Mwarang'ethe said...

NEWS: the Brits have discovered oil in Turkan. Oh no, not again these IMPERIALIST! How did they beat the African teacher to the tape.


Wacha ujinga wewe.

Africans are very deluded from the TOP to the BOTTOM. They think oil and gas will save them. Not at all.

We do not deny that oil is good, but, the way we look at these stuff, is so silly and childish.

Just check the way GROWN UP BABIES like Kibaki and Murungi are happy as if oil has been our problem.

Singapore has no oil. The last time we checked:

- their unemployment was 3%,

- had a GDP of US$ 235. 7 B in 2009.

Nigeria, with all the oil (very light crude), and has a GDP of about US$ 217 B.

This is GDP of a nation with over 162 MILLION people. Singapore has ONLY about 5 million.

In other words, if Nigeria was to live up to its full potential taking Singapore as the bench mark:

- if 5 million = $ 235 B, then,
Nigeria GDP ought to be $ 235 B x 32 = ?

NB: Just think about that for a moment!

- Singapore's total ASSETS under management account is around SGD$ 1 TRILLION.

- Singapore has over 14,OOO multinationals.

As such, since Africans are DELUDED from the TOP to the BOTTOM, if you go to Nigeria, Angola, every bright boy and girl wants, or, is an oil engineer so as to mine oil for EXPORT to Singapore and China.

Shame on the Africans led by GROWN UP BABIES like Kibaki!


By the way Chris, just for FUN, sometimes back, you wrote about "your" hero Murdoch.

Have you seen the COUNTER ATTACK against Cameron?


Anyway, since now you have oil, and you expect to become a superpower, we leave to enjoy:

400 Years of stupidity:

Anonymous said...

And Singapore are let by policies formulated by graduates of IVY LEAGUE OF FOOLS?????????

Yeah delusion and childish fantasies. Intellectual amnesia-selective discourse when it suits advancing Sumarian folklore

Hypocricyx2, LOLLEST.

Mwarang'ethe said...

And Singapore are let by policies formulated by graduates of IVY LEAGUE OF FOOLS?????????

Yeah delusion and childish fantasies. Intellectual amnesia-selective discourse when it suits advancing Sumarian folklore



Turkana people and other Kenyans.

We have VERY GOOD news.

As your GROWN UP BABIES leaders in DIAPERS, were talking nice things, the CRUEL PERFIDIOUS ALBION was POCKETING the GOOD NEWS.

Oh, Africans!

At 8.00 a.m. the share price of the Turkana oil discoverer Tullow was:

- 1, 473. 00.

At 16.30, the shares were:

- 1, 570.

So, that is about a change of £ 1 per share.

So, if you had 1000, 000 million shares, on this ANNOUNCEMENT by the BABY LEADERS IN DIAPERS, you made a cool £ 1000, 000 while SIPPING COFFEE whose debt Wanjiku has just paid as Uhuru was ordered to do.

We are aware that, some of this wealth SCOOPED from Turkana will come back as FOOD AID to the STARVING TURKANA women and KIDS.

And, when some of us will question it, we shall be told that, the CRUEL PERFIDIOUS ALBION feeds us and we should be grateful? Bwa ha ha ha he he hi hi.

We FEED HIM as we starve our own kids!


NB: Taabu, you accuse us of being obsessed with imperialism. Please, can you tell us what you think of the facts we have just mentioned?

NB: We shall have much to say on this in the months and years to come.


With that, we leave to enjoy:

African Teachers WANTED URGENTLY:

Anonymous said...

Why are you being so prudent and very economical with your reverse-tribal analogies?

Well, talking of cross pollination, does the name or place Kiganjo ring a bell? Kiganjo as in the police training college.

How about we try and do the math, then come up with figures of how many recruits (kurutu) have been admitted at the national training facility dating back to the the late 40s and early 50s, until the 90s when Askari Kinga and Afande Ndurex (Tureckis) starting interrupting the annual statistical data analysis with regard to the output of progenies in the area.

Keep in mind that the figures from Kiganjo have been rivaled by the figures of salaried generations very social and patriotic civil servants from all walks of life based in Nairobi, Kabete, Thika, Ruiru, Ruaraka, Kangemi, Mathare, Dandora, Kayole, Nakuru, Naivasha, Mombasa, Nyandarua, Kirinyanga, Murang'a, Nyeri, Kiambu, Tigoni, and many other areas in central province are not included out of respect for all those concerned.

Back to our so-called elevated police academy at Kiganjo, it has been estimated that one in every twenty recruits (exclude full-time employees for the time being) is reponsible for a progeny - offsprings of the Kiganjo police college - of mixed kabila by the time the police graduates have left the area and been asigned to other regions of the country.

So, rewind the clock of time, check the DNA in some of us through the sands of times, without holding our parents to different standards, or view their previous inter-ethnic relationships and at times weekend/occasional/chance social encounters through the prism of unacceptable moral latitude.

When all is said and done, let's try to examine our so-called Ukabila Mambo Leo Kenyan style, and find out 'who is really who' or who they think they are in terms of kabila damu, regardless of whether most of the progenies were raised as who they think they are in 2012 courtesy of the influence of their maternal biological parents.

In all fairness, the same goes for other offsprings in many areas of Kenya, or in cases where cross pollination took place but one party was never given or included in the award of patent rights, call it paternal awareness (aka responsibility).

Mmmmmm. If we only knew how some of us, including our siblings, cousines, close relatives and immediate neighbours come into being, including half of the tribal-DNA and units of heredity that exist under our different but equal shades of Kenyan skins, then ukabila mambo leo would not be an issue dominating our ethnic and political radar screens at all, at all, at all, at all.

Let's not even get into how many babies have been switched at birth in places like Pumwani etc since the 50s (a story for another time).

LOL! Wewe ni kabila gani? Kwenu ni wapi? Wewe unatoka wapi? Kwani ulizaliwa mkoa gani?

Ignorance is - our tribal plus national - bliss.

Anonymous said...

There ia a sad but teachable story that has been told so many times about a former UoN graduate who really hated one particular ethnicity.

Yet unbeknown to the former graduate in question, two of the graduate's half-siblings belonged to the very ethnicity s/he hated while at the UoN and in the years following.

The mother went to her grave without ever revealing the true identity of the half-siblings' biological father until a vengeful maternal auntie spilled the ethnic beans as well as provided the photographs of their early childhood, including the real identity of their biological father who was still well and alive.

The would have been a "brother in law" to the vengeful auntie was was penalized by the "father-in-law" for failing to pay recommended dowry.

The vengeful disclosure happened as a result of the maternal auntie being denied an invitation to the wonderful wedding of one of the half-siblings weddings.

Anonymous said...

Our people, the educated populace, the well travelled and segments of the diasporic populations are some of the worst culprits in all matters pertaining to tribal bigtory, overt discrimination, extremism, and embedded covert negative and destructive political ethnicity.

A long time good friend, (veterinarian, DVM) of mine loves to refer to our version of Jamuhuri tribalism as "ethnic hygroma".

And the vet has always reiterated the fact that "tribal camplylobacter, leptospita and cryptosporidium are deadly tribal pathogens that are directly transferrable to other humans we live with or come in contact with, especially during every national general election season".

In worst case scenarios, the virulent tribal pathogens always get transmitted to innocent children who happen to have been born, raised and reside in households, communities and chauvinist environments that have been contaminated with heavy levels of negative and destructive ethnicity.

To the degree where the young generations inadvertently emulate what has become so common place and acceptable in the everyday lives of the people within their inffected communities.

And the crossive spillage always ends up permeating every local, regional and national political, economic, social and even religious spheres with devastating consequences for many decades.

One of our best remedy may have to start with leashing the menacing tribal evil hyenas within each and every one of us, as well as rediscovering ways of cleaning up after our every tribal carbon prints, and at times get a compulsory yearly vacination against sheer stupidity of this cancer called tribalism

Anonymous said...

A Kenyan woman was overheard asking her colleagues, Nani mjinga? Nani wajinga? And why are we still idiots of the first order in this day and age, while pieces of our country are being sold to outsiders and their shareholders who have never set foot on Kenyan soil?

That was on October 23rd, 2003, at a time when most of her colleagues could not understand nor bother to really find out what she was raving and ranting about, as some of them termed it at the time, during their private unit sessions.

Unfortunately, very little has changed since then, while at the same time, some of us have continued to engage ourselves in a frenzy of ritual chest thumping, crowing, roaring over the fact that our respective tribal communities are far more superior than the rest of the other so-called "inferior" or "lesser tribal communities".

When all is said and done, we continue to remain oblivious to the fact that Block 10BB (oil is a real curse) was sold for $10 million, a whopping (Sh.840 million) to outsiders who have never or may never have our country's best interests at heart.

So, the question remains nani mjinga? Nani wajinga? In this day and age of oil exploration, oil discovery and the sharing of huge profits gained from speculative ventures in far away remote places like Turkana, Kenya.

The rank and file wajinga among us are those who still think that their modern day tribal entities will earn them over Sh.840 million for the much needed regional basic developments that have been neglected for the last five decades.

By the way, the everyday Turkana children, women and men will still have no basic services by 2017, 2022 and including 2027.

Why? Because some economic hitmen for commercial hire, with the help of several well connected Judas bin Tamaa (in Kenya government) stole what was rightfully theirs for decades, in the same way an old bully on the block steals candy from the baby's mouth.

In the meantime, the rest of us will continue to feel and parade our so-called "superior tribal entities" as being far more advanced than the other people we have come to consider as "inferior tribal outfits" in the neighbouring regions around the country.

Yet at the end of the day, month, year, next general election, and decade, most of us, including so many members of our so-called "suprior tribes" will still being dying from common preventable tropical diseases due to lack of basic health facilities, roads, clean drinking waters, food supplies, gainful employment and security in our "superior tribal" homelands.

So, the real questions remain, who is fooling who? Nani mjinga? Nani wajinga? In this day and age.

Mwarang'ethe said...

So, the real questions remain, who is fooling who? Nani mjinga? Nani wajinga? In this day and age.


We hope the CENSOR AFANDE will not strike again. Well, never mind.

To answer thy question:

(a) Whoever DELUDES himself that, OPIUM SESSIONS i 2012, 17 etc, are the solution, ni MJINGA.

(b) Whoever DELUDES himself that, Ocampo/ICC/ white gods will help Africa, ni MJINGA.

(c) Whoever DELUDES himself that, we can FIGHT CORRUPTION, IMPUNITY etc under the current arrangements, ni MJINGA.

(d) Whoever DELUDES himself that, the New so called Katiba will solve anything, ni MJINGA.

(e) Whoever believes that, COMMISSION AGENTS/BABIES in Diapers will ever solve anything, ni MJINGA.

(f) Whoever DELUDES himself that, LOOKING EAST is the solution, ni MJINGA.

We can go on and on, but, since we are not sure these answers will survive the CENSOR AFANDE, we leave it at that and retreat to enjoy:

Lost souls swimming in a fish bowl year after year,

Running over the same old ground, what have you found?

The same OLD FEARS,

Anonymous said...

Excuse the digression - Sisi watu wa Pwani are tired of this....

There are those of us who may (or may not) some how feel the pain over the loss of Balala bin Alilala Kazini's touirism portfolio.

And we will not some how try to problematize the political sacking, nor try to waste any excessive religious zeal on the matter for all it's worth as we await the national general elections.

For starters, there are those of us from the coastal region of Kenya who don't support PNU or ODM, and have not done so in the last ten years the two parties have been in power due to obvious political and geographic reasons as well as other personal preferences.

So, for those who are now busy crying out loud that 'sisi watu' wa Pwani are tired of this and that, in other words, the latest sacking of one Balala bin Alilala, inter alia.

Well, there is a worsening humanitarian crisis which some of us hope that sisi watu wa Pwani are (also sick and) tired of, after not just decades but centuries of business as usual of treating certain segments of the costal as well as upcountry populations as lesser human beings because of the colour of their skin, language or ancestral heritage.

And especially the extremely cruel and brutal behaviour of certain employers who feel that they have bought (purchased) and own over 3000 Kenyan women and therefore they have the right to subject them to very deplorable living and working conditions in Saudi Arabia.

Sisi watu wa Pwani are sick and tired of this business as usual cruel tactics of modern day slavery that still remains the modus operandi in so many Middle East countries.

Fact, there are those of us who have not been supporters of the prime minister nor the president, and neither have we been supporters of Balala bin Alilala when he was still flying high and mighty.

The issue at hand is, why has the latest sacking of Balala bin Alilala Kazini ("changed his political party affiliation") become such a concern and a hot button political issue to his diehard supporters and some of us from the coast, yet the plight of over 3000 (yes, over three-thousand) Kenyan is seen as a non issue to the so-called law abiding citizens and religious observant people on the coast as well as in all other regions of Kenya?

How comes sisi watu wa Kenya are not yet sick and tired of seeing a fellow citizens treated as modern day slaves in Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries?

Anonymous said...

The Deluded wajinga of Kenya have been, still are and will continue to be their own worst enemies, and they have no one to blame but themselves for the futile swimming in the same old debe of a fish bowl year after year, decade after decade, milele na milele, mende na mende.

On a brighter note, our running on the same old ground in the Turkana east corner of 'District 23' has led to the discovery of cursed black gold, whose profits will line up the pockets of the wealthy shareholders in Canada, and cushion the retirement funds of retirees' in both the English and French speaking regions of Canada.

The very same people (Kanadiens) who have been so busy and active on the frontlines of fair trade and economic equality, complaining of how 'The Chinese Invasion of Africa's Resources' is unfair, unjust and unsuitable for the economies and overall health of the African people and political stability of their emerging nations.

Mmmmmmmm! How comes we, the wise people, never saw the Tundra wolves in business clothing when they were coming to take advantage of our collective delusions, ujinga galore and corruptible government?

Anonymous said...

The tribal demons should not only be killed but they must be exorcised proper with salt and boiling water contributed by all concerned persons, if there is to be any hope of really frustrating the corruptible political elites as well as finding the ways to eject them out from inner cricles of influence in the course of the next two decades.

Anonymous said...

Hallo! Hallo! Is someone present at Kumekucha? Is there a place I can leave my two cents comments without the fear of them getting wasted in the deleted dustbin of time?

Anonymous said...

There is a dirty currency that is designated as 'TRIBE' for all the wrong political, ethnic, economic and regional reasons under the Kenyan skies.

Because the tribal currency never helps, uplifts nor benefits 85% of members of the tribal groups beyond the cyclical tribal block voting of their tribal lords with misplaced intentions and hidden agendas during the general elections.

As far as I am concerned, a tribal factory, tribal cottage industry or even an advanced tribal stock exchange market would be of real benefit to all the members of various political tribes agitating for their turn to have one of their own - dirty tribal political lords - secure the presidency as the only means of survival for the whole tribe in the next ten years, while their tribal lord is serving his two terms of office with impunity.

So, why do tribal people waste their precious lives, resources, energies and time chasing after political prey during dry election season, only to have their tribal hyena lords snatch up everything for their own use, hyena associates, hyena families, the well connected hyenas and their very close hyena friends?

The question that many outsiders have always asked is, why do tribal gatherers of election votes risk their very lives and future of their tribes for the sake and benefit of one selfish and greedy tribal hyena leader?

Have we, modern day political packs of hyenas hit rock bottom to the point where we have becoem nothing than tribal packs of hyenas vs the other tribal packs of hyenas from the opposition bushes, valleys, hills, forests, and gorges in the mountains of Kenya?

What a wonderful and progressive packs of political hyenas we have decided to become after almost fifty year's retrogressive uhuru.

Anonymous said...

Whoever deludes himself that he is always right and nobody else ni MJINGA SANA.

Mwarang'ethe said...

And especially the extremely cruel and brutal behaviour of certain employers who feel that they have bought (purchased) and own over 3000 Kenyan women and therefore they have the right to subject them to very deplorable living and working conditions in Saudi Arabia.


You are a bit BEHIND ndugu wa kutoka Pwani.

Atwoli, he of the COTU and ILO and such high sounding names of this universe, those women you are yapping about there is, a mwamuko mpya.

Kwa hiyo mwaamuko, kuna article 3, article ya saba, bla bla blaaaaaaa

So, what else do you guys want? Oh! humanity!

Anonymous said...

By the way, what "guys" do you have in mind?

As for the 3000 Kenyan women, some of us are fully behind the ongoing campaign for their immediate release, regardless of the fact that majority of them are from upcountry, and some of the victims may even have originated from a backyards, villages and towns near where most of you call home.

Further, many have heard from the horses' (several of the victims) mouths, and many other families with loved ones who are still suffering in Saudi Arabia; namely Wajaluo na Wakikuyu ndo wengi, kuna lugha tofauti (kabila mbalimbali) kuto sehemu zote nchini Kenya.

What else do the victims of modern day slavery in Saudi Arabia and their families in Kenya want?

Do you really want a reminder about their basic needs and wants as we speak from the comfort of our so-called cozy homes, be it in the diaspora or right here in Kenya?

Simply put, their immediate release, basic freedoms and a quick return back home to the one and only one Republic of Kenya.

Need I say more!

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