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Thursday, March 29, 2012

No Tribalism In Kenyans Slums Plus White Woman With Black Children Saga

By M-Pesa

When was the last time you left your big air conditioned office and ventured deep in the slums of Korogocho, Mathare or Kibera?

Here you will find that most inhabitants are actually Kikuyus and Luos and of course a substantial number from other tribes. These people have intermarried deeply, play, laugh, joke, trade and drink together. They even borrow salt from the neighbour when they run short while cooking. Many young people here actually don't even know the tribes of their mates (and they have no interest in knowing). But come elections and through those dirty politicians and their provocative speeches that incite "kabila adui.." as well as distribution of cash will suddenly cause "tribal clashes."
The truth is that Kenyans are generally peace loving people who just want to be left alone to feed their families- that's all that matters to them. Many Kenyans from various tribes have settled all over the land- from Kambas at the coast to Luhyas and Luos working in the coffee plantations and factories in Thika- to the Mkisii in Kitengela. I think the biggest problem is IMPUNITY where leaders like William "chop off their fingers" Ntimama will incite and get away with it scot free.

I also think ordinary Kenyans can partly be blamed for allowing themselves to be brainwashed. We must ignore these tribal rallies.

Mystery of Faithful White French Woman Who Gave Birth To Black Children

A young French woman living in Australia, and dating an African of South African descent, whom she met while they were college students in Queensland, asks her boyfriend, what ethnic background are you anyway?

The African boyfriend hesitates for a moment before replying, of course I am South African from Transvaal. Can't you see the obvious? And why do you ask after we have been dating for over seven months"

The young French woman replies, I am two and half months pregnant, and I just want to know more about your other side of the family.

The African boyfriend replies, what side? Eeeeh! There is nothing for you to worry about at all. I guarantee there won't be any little nasty surprises for you when the baby arrives.

The young French women remarks, what do you really mean by 'there won't be any little nasty surprises' for me?

Her African boyfriend reassures her by saying, my family's old blood lines are as pure as they have been since the arrival of our forefathers in South Africa during the 17th century.

The rest as they say is history that's very predictable in some critical situations.

The young French mother was deserted by her African boyfriend after giving birth to healthy cute looking twin sons.

What caused the desertion? Well, her African boyfriend accused her of having been unfaithful to him, and even went on to castigate her for having withheld critical information about her allegedly North African (Algerian) ancestry from him, when they first met, and which would have been a vital determinant of any slight chance of his involvement with her.

Unbeknown to her now former African boyfriend, Most Afrikaner families have between 5% and 7% non-white ancestry, such as Khoi African, Indonesian and Indian, as the early Dutch settlement at the Cape allowed inter-racial marriage. 

- Mordechai Tamarkin. Cecil Rhodes and the Cape Afrikaners. 

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Anonymous said...

Have you had the chance to see Skin (2008 film), a biographical film about Sandra Laing's life.

And you may also have heard or read books about Sandra's life under several titles, such as, Sandra Laing: A Spiritual Journey (2000) and Skin Deep: The Story of Sandra Laing (2009).

Hate to imagine what happened to the number of innocent children like Sandra that were born to white (Afrikaner) parents who never had the guts and same courage as Abraham and Sannie Laing.

It goes without saying, majority of them must have been handed over for immediate adoption the moment their skin colour become evident, or worse, their classification became official.

Many painful and heart wrenching stories have been told of how compassionate and passionate parents of children like Sandra had no option but to sneak their children out of South Africa and into next door Bostwana, South West Africa, present day Namibia, and Southern Rhodesia.

That was the only option or avenue through which conflicted parents could manage to find the time in order to come and visit with their 'coloured children' every so often during school holidays or whenever chance availed itself, since most of the affected parents had to not only protect their livelihood, careers, business interests, ancient family histories, membership in certain institutions and organisations, but also their very own lives at the time.

The fortunate South African children with Sandra Laing's skin colour were the ones whose parents were lucky enough to have had the means and friends to ship them out to far away places like Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium and Scotland, as the only alternative countries that would provide them with good opportunities to have a better chance at life.

That's one of the reasons why so many of us, free people, around the world should never ever take democracy for granted in any way, shape or fashion.

Anonymous said...

No Tribalism In Kenyan Slums is right on the mark and very true across the board in human experience - across cultures, languages, and backgrounds.

Case in point, there has been a peaceful co-existence in the slum area of Guryong, the Kibera of Seoul, where poor Koreans and other "undocuemnted" immigrants from China, North Korea, West Africa and North Africa have lived side by side since the 80s and 90s.

Those responsible for Seoul City Urban Planning are now addressing the issue of poverty and stigma in the Seoul larger community. While the fate the immigrants, especially West Africans is yet to be known.

Anonymous said...

While there are those of us who are 150% in support of killing all sorts of tribal, sub-tribal and clanish demons inside all of us, we also offer another 155% in support of frustrating the political class.

However let's not forget the deadly political demons hidden within the religious class and their cunning clergy who tend to sectarianize sociopolitical issues for their own selfish ends that have nothing to do with honourig the Almighty Creator, serving their respective communities and constructive developing of Kenya and all of its people.

Talking of the 'cunning political clergy' who have perfected the religious art of distorting truth to suit themselves and help them gain seasonal seats or places within their various political camps of the day.

When all is said and done, each of the self-styled political clergy must either recognize that they are who the Almighty Creator says they are or deny all about it, leaving them with no point of reference or value, except as their respective cunning political affiliations assign to them.

Anonymous said...


A Zimbabwean pastor was allegedly forced to be intimate with a woman under duress from two male accomplices.

The latest report of an attack on a man hitch hiker by people hunting for sperms for ritual purposes has prompted police to issue a warning to men to avoid travelling at night alone, or without reliable transport.

Police said the pastor (name withheld) was offered a lift by the suspects driving a Toyota Ipsum model at Karoi town, west of Harare, around midnight last Friday.

The car's occupants were said to be two men and a woman.

They drove towards Harare, but suddenly stopped at a secluded place and ordered the pastor to have sexual intercourse with the woman.

He reportedly refused, but was threatened with unspecified harm by the men, forcing him to be intimate with the woman without protection.

"We strongly suspect that the woman was wearing a female condom, although the complainant has not indicated whether protection of the female type was used,” police spokesperson Clemence Mabgweazara was quoted as saying by the Herald newspaper.

After the act, the suspects forcibly took $30 from the pastor’s pockets and drove off, leaving him stranded.

A number of attacks blamed on "sperm harvesting syndicates" have been reported in Zimbabwe in the last two years.

Anonymous said...

Why do Kenyan politicians rise or fall? How can the politicians that rise help Kenya create the conditions for economic growth, prosperity and long term ethnic harmony?

And what, once these conditions are achieved, can the development minded politicians do to sustain this progress?

NB: The stinking track records for bad and fallen politicians is well a known painful topic that is reserved for another day.

And by the way, the worst kabila-mende (or chachu) I have ever met or known are people from the very backyards of my parents' former ancestral villages, clans and regions.

The internal hatred among these people is far worse than that between dogs or hyenas and sheep.

So, I have always wondered where they even get the time to brew hatred for the other unsuspecting ethnicities in the country.

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