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Monday, October 17, 2011

Can the Kenya Army Defeat The Al Shabab?

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There was very heavy gunfire outside and I was huddled inside the tiny cupboard with my mother and younger brother (two years younger than me). I was only a handful of years old but I was really scared. More scared than I have ever been in my life. My kid brother threw up in the cupboard all over my mum’s night gown. This was Isiolo. My dad was not home having gone to the officer’s mess for his usual evening drink and Shifta bandits had raided the town and taken everybody (including the heavy Kenya Army presence) completely by surprise. I can remember the events of that day as if it was only yesterday, young as I was then.
An American marine stripped almost naked and being dragged painfully along the streets of Mogadishu to a large crowd of cheering onlookers in the early 1990s shortly before President Clinton hurriedly pulled out American forces from the Wildest Wild West of Africa. Can the Kenya Army now win a war that American could not?

Years later I learnt that things had not been any better at the mess which was a stone’s throw from where we lived. Everybody had taken cover when the Somali Shifta gunfire had started, including my dad. Somebody had also hit the lights and the place was in darkness. But after a short while my dad noticed some liquid on the floor near him. There seemed to be a leak somewhere. Or had somebody poured petrol into the place waiting to ignite it and destroy everything and everybody in there? He anxiously scooped up the liquid and carefully smelt it. It wasn’t petrol. It was human urine. The officer taking cover right next to him had passed urine over himself in fear.

As you might have guessed I survived that unforgettable night of 1968. Somehow the Soldiers and police in town managed to keep the Shifta bandits at bay but fighting continued into the wee hours of the morning because I remember dozing off with gun fire still ringing in my ears.

That was the Shifta war of the late 1960s. Now history has brought us full circle and the new name for the same enemy is Al Shabab.

As predicted by this blogger in my raw notes months ago, after being defeated in Mogadishu, the Al Shabab have resorted to guerrilla tactics against Kenya. These Somali terrorists have become such a serious threat to Kenya that for the first time in the history of our nation we are at war. Nobody wants to say it but that is exactly what is happening as you read this.

The Kenya Army has been deployed to our borders with orders to neutralize all Al Shabab threats 100 KM into Somalia from our borders. If that is not full scale war, then I need to go back to school to learn English.

This new development brings back old memories of the terror that the Shifta unleashed on Kenyans. You see the Somalis are masters of guerrilla tactics and if you do not believe it ask the crack American Marines who were defeated very embarrassingly on the streets of Mogadishu in the early 1990s.

In other words we have entered a Vietnam situation. For those who throw up at the mention of history a quick translation is in order. Ladies and Gentlemen the Kenya army has entered a war that it can never win. We lost the shifta war of the late sixties with very heavy casualties and there is nothing to suggest that this time round the results will be different.

Admittedly we have very few options in this matter as our neighbours Somali seem to be very determined to share their chaos with us. Even full international intervention will not wipe out the Al Shabab threat overnight.

I hate to be the one to break this to you on a Monday morning of all days... but apart from our other numerous problems, including a free falling Kenyan Shilling that is yet to hit the ground, we are now at war as a nation.

God help Kenya.

Kenyan Forces Pursue Al Shabab into Somalia


Anonymous said...


We wacha zako and I have reported you to Kibunja for hate speech against Somalis.

Now we are reaping rewards of cowardice and lack of leadership. Give it to the devil, Moi was nothing but a coward when Kenya was threatened. True he suffocated us but you don't address that by being aloof like with his so-called intellectualism that only succeeded in minting ethno billionaires at the expense of 40 m Kenyans.

You see Ugandan soldiers (Migingo), Karamojas (Pokot) and Ethiopians kill Kenyans everyday but nobody care till when two whites are abducted and the army is 100km in Somali. The enemy within lives in Easleigh. Wait till Ahmednasir and co start shouting PROFILLING.

Al Shabaab just like Museveni knows we have a CEO president hence the provocation. All the so-called economic (CORRUPTION) development is built on quick sand. Nairobi has sold her soul to pirates and Majengo in Mombassa is no longer Kenyan.

Where are the panafricanists to smell and shout West is attacking somali. We haven't seen anything yet.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Oh, human folly is so abundant.

Two small things to note in a hurry:

1. War is the HEALTH of a State.

When economies are in ruin, there are scandals, just borrow from the tricks of Lucullus in Syria and Caesar in Gaul/France and blind fold the SHEEPLE into stupid and childish patriotism.

2. A non - industrial nation like Kenya, CANNOT WIN any modern warfare. It can only win, if the industrial nations so desire.

NB: When are IMF $$$ coming? Is this part of the deal?

Aren't some nations looking to export (read death instruments) as a means of escaping their economic quagmire/mess?


Another one to note before we disappear. After m7 came into power, he was given many $$$$ as DEBTS/YOKE to the Ugandan SHEEPLE.

He then, as instructed, went ahead to use these UGANDAN DEBTS to form the Rwandese rebels. The rest is history as they say.

NB: Have you notice our brother NERO Hoover Obama is now in Uganda, SS, Central African Republic and Congo? Oh, Pax Americana we tell thee.


"True he suffocated us but you don't address that by being aloof like with his so-called intellectualism that only succeeded in minting ethno billionaires at the expense of 40 m Kenyans."


Oh, we hear thee!

We know where you got your ideas from. It was a guy called Cleon of the ancient Athens. Hear him speak in urging war:

"... that lack of learning combined with sound common sense is more helpful than the kind of cleverness that gets out of hand ...and that as a GENERAL RULE states are better governed by the MAN IN THE STREET than by INTELLECTUALS."

So, rest easy for that speech was made over 2000 years ago in Athens.

The tragedy was that, Cleon and Athens were all ruined by that Great war.


A quick one for our soldiers:

May you please, behave like Alexander the so called Great.

After conquering Persia, he burnt TO THE GROUND their best city so as to AMUSE his PROSTITUTE who had accompanied him to that Great War.

Bwa ha ha he he hi hi, wi wi, human folly,so, entertaining.

Another quick one for the soldiers:

A long study of human affairs reveals that, in REVENGE, men tend to REPEAL the GENERAL LAWS OF HUMANITY which exist to give hope of salvation to those in distress.

In victory, therefore, men often forget that, when their time for distress will come, they will need the GENERAL LAWS OF HUMANITY which they REPEALED in their hour of victory.

A 3rd quick for soldiers. Africans fight and kill each other so as to MAINTAIN the powers and hegemony of the outsiders over the Africans affairs.

Anyway, since all this nonsense, we leave to enjoy: I Tried:

Anonymous said...

Chris is right (as usual).

Many heavy casualties later the Al Shabab threat will still be very much where it is now. Just hope that the Americans can fully finance this particular war effort, it is their problem after all.

But judging from the current politics and financial situation of Uncle Sam, Kenyans are on their own.

This is more serious than most will ever realize.

Anonymous said...

mwarengethe, wape wape vidonge vyao!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes Prof of LAND/TAX/WAR dis them more vodonge. Give them knowledge the paragon of wisdom.

Noble prize 2011 to Prof Mwara (and please shred that as neocon, LOL).

Anonymous said...

Wapi Luke to reprimand Chris for his insensitivity to show DEAD NUDE body on the family blog?


Anonymous said...

Fellow Kenyans,
Today in this global community we all live in the truth is what happens next door in our neighbor's house affects us who live in the adjacent precinct

The terrorist Alshabab in collusion with the pirates of the somali waters have been having a field day kidnapping and terrorising on Kenyan soil as if Kenya does not have any security.

The fault however lies squarely with the security ministry who have waited until the last moment to unleash a war that will not solve anything other than to make innocent kenyans the target of somali bombings and in general create an atmosphere of fear in the country

Anonymous said...

The idea is not to win but to contain just like in the past Shifta war or any guerilla war fought anywhere. We would not be in Somalia if Al Shabaab had not provoked us in the first place!

Anonymous said...

Loot,loot,Loot the economy.
Then create a siatuation to be an effective diversion,but remembre,2012 is an election year.

Not to forget that small issue of the ICC that must be dealt with before we hold the elections

Harder times ahead for those who missed looting for they shall remain behind and take the full force of this "war" while the looters follow their looted dollars to safe havens

Mwarang'ethe said...

Oh yes Prof of LAND/TAX/WAR dis them more vodonge. Give them knowledge the paragon of wisdom.


And, what are we fighting for? Is not some piece of land? Never mind about that.

Out of boredom, we just browsed your WONDERFUL CON - stitution, and we came across some strange things we could not understand really. Can you help?

Sample this:

Article 58 (1) A state of emergency may be declared only under Article 132 (4)(d) and only when -

(a) the STATE is threatened by WAR, INVASION, and general insurrection, disorder, natural disaster, or OTHER public emergency; and

(b) the declaration is necessary to meet the circumstances for which the emergency is declared.

(2) A declaration of a state of emergency, and any legislation enacted or other action taken in consequence of the declaration, shall be effective only -

(a) prospectively, and

(b) for not longer that 14 days from the date of declaration, UNLESS the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY resolves to extend the declaration.

Article 95 (6) The National Assembly APPROVES DECLARATIONS of WAR and EXTENSIONS of STATES of EMERGENCY.

It is the hall mark of democracy that, those who pay in BLOOD and TREASURE for war, DECLARE WAR and FUND IT.

However, in ours, the NA only need APPROVE the war declared by the OLIGARCHY. And, the PESA to come later!

Not surprising for the OLIGARCHY has always involved the multitude in DISASTERS while excluding them from any BENEFITS.

Oh, wait. Article 132 (4) The President MAY -

NB: Word MAY.

(e) with the APPROVAL of Parliament, DECLARE War.

We are a bit confused. Have we declared war or, what is really going on? Who declared it? AGAINST who? And, for what? Any EVIDENCE?

And, why would a WONDERFUL CON - stitution give the President the CHOICE whether to ask Parliament for war declaration? And, can he delegate such powers his Ministers? If so, how?

"Kenya's military will pursue Somali gunmen across the frontier who they say are responsible for a spate of kidnappings of foreigners, the internal security minister said Saturday."


NB: Should the powers be declare a state of emergency, how would that affect your forthcoming OPIUM SESSION?

Can someone who understand these stuff educate us please?

As we wait, we retreat to enjoy:

Iron Sharpening Iron

be carefull of the things you do,
the everyday words you speak

Anonymous said...

Can the Kenya Army now win a war that American could not?

The KDF is in no way trying to win, let alone engage in a war that the Americans could not finish.

The KDF is defending its homeland and making sure that Kenya's the corridor along the national boarders are secure.

Further, the KDF may not have the same might and so-called sophisticated modern hardware as that of the United States military.

But they have the will, the backyard-knowhow and the well crafted small unit tactical assaults optional
experience that Uncle Sam's boys didn't have, or didn't want to cultivate in the first place.

Seek and check out the documentaries about the Shifta War and the skirmishes there after, for further information.

So far, majority of the Kenyans have paid little or no attention to what the KDF, GSU, KP, KWS, and the KAP ('raptors) have been doing for their country in the last four decades, until the stripped hyenas bust on to the scene, just the other day.

FYI, it's true and it's a fact, that there is the armed wing of the former Kenya Army is so corrupt at the D.O.D, but there is also a very well trained and dedicated fighting force within the KDF that's always ready to defend the country to the last soldier standing.

The house always wins, while outsiders always end up paying for their multiple of sins.

So, let the hyenas of darkness try and bring their frothing games of mayhem and death on our territory. A bitter welcome awaits them.

@8:34 AM, my thoughts exactly, when it comes to dealing with the rabid stripped hyenas that have found the excuse of frothing with guns and the unsatisfiable hunger for the wanton destruction of human life, property and wildlife in and around the north eastern corridor of Kenya, under warped notions of misguided religious zealotry.

Some of us, the so-called experts on anything and all things about the KDFs, never give credit where it's due and when it's due.

The main objective of the KDF in region is to confront, counter attack (wherever/whenever necessary), disrupt, dislodge and contain the various ... elements that have been addicted on causing mayhem along the Kenyan boarders for the last three decades.

KDF is not mandated to execute any duties similar to those of UDF or RDF, but the KDF is concentrating its concerted efforts on strategic homeland defence.

As a matter of fact, the KAP has battled the stripped hyenas (hyenas of darkness) with great successes since the mid-late 1960s, through the 80s, 90s and 2000s.

If we want to talk of battle hardened units, then the first that comes to mind are the KAP forces 'seasoned ('raptor' units), who have really been feared by the
rogue elements, hyenas of darkness, who keep creeping on to Kenyan territory from their caves across the otherside.

KAP ('raptors') has been their constant nightmare and daytime lightening rod. One of the many reasons many residents of north eastern territories felt very secure and safe while travelling under a convoy of KAP ('raptors') units.

The KDF will double or even triple the KAP ('raptors') effect when it comes to repulsing the intruders.

Anonymous said...

Chris, I don't intent to flood your post, however, while I somehow agree with what you have narrated to some extent, I would beg to differ with regard to the assertion that Kenya lost the Shifta War or the skirmishes thereafter.

The landmines combined with hit-and-run tactics, may have taken a toll on the British troops and later on our Kenya troops, but many calculated adjustments were made accordingly and the method of operation when it came to the transportation of hardware and above all, the movement of troops was changed to the army's great strategic advantage.

While the establishment of the permanent military bases and the one time famous helicopter unit (air calvary) in the affected region helped change the tide of war.

And for every one Kenya soldier that was lost, the otherside, call them 'Shifta' if you will, lost fifty or more men.

One of the main reasons taht forced them to give up the war, and shift their fights toward the infamous Ogaden War, where they were dealt very heavy blows and lost their men in the thousands. It's estimated that they lost over 60,000 of their men.

Check out the available documentaries on both wars; Shifta and Ogaden.

Anyway, I just wanted to reiterate that life is largely a matter of expectation.

First of all, continue to believe in yourself as a citizen of the Republic of Kenya, for you are truly capable of much when it comes to defending your homeland.

Then, never give up hope but have some cautious measure of trust in the Kenya Defence Force as well as the other paramilatry forces that are also capable of much and ever ready to defend their territorial homeland at all cost.

As mentioned before, there is a very corrupt cartel at the Department of Defence (D.o.D) as well as a culture of impunity in the Ministry of Defence (M.o.D), and especially within the ordinance corps (whatever name its known by in 2012).

However, there is another side of the Kenya Defence Force (best kept secret), that of a lean and mean force that has learned to emulate the training, discipline, fighting skills and formations of the French foreign legion (minus the presence of foreign recruits within its rank and file) to a greater extent in the last ten years, as opposed to the old days where it was under the heavy dependence and influence of the United States Marines or Royal Marines.

Thankfully, the KDF has changed with the times, and on a scale of one to ten, I would say that some of the units in question are five or six to ten, based what some of us have seen and heard in the past.

And just because one soldier or an askari took the liberty to moisturize his fatigues with bodily discharge for whatever reasons while under fire, it is not a current reflection of some of the toughened units within the KDF.

So far, the country is in good hands and under better protection, and the KDF has learned to build well on present situations.

BTW, we have been at war, Kenya has always been at war when it comes to protecting its northern and north east national borders, and we have done with very little help from the UK, USA, or other third parties.

The drones in Yemen have never extended any much needed assistance to the KDF in real time, and some of toughest operations carried out by the KDF, and KAP occur at night, one of the suitable cover for attacks on Kenyan soil by the hyenas of darkness.

kumekucha said...

Anon @ 1:36.

Thank you very much for your valuable contribution to this post. I am a patriotic Kenyan and it would really delight me if what you have said all turns out to be true and the KDF defeats the enemy hands down.

These kids calling themselves Al Shabab have really caused us too much trouble. And for what?? We are not their American perceived enemies. They have enjoyed Kenyan hospitality and then what have they done? They have left their human waste at the door on their way out. They really need to be taught a lesson or two.

Chris Kumekucha

Anonymous said...

Talk about a misinformed piece! What command of economics do you have to label this a war that Kenya can not win? Pitiful, how vacuous your opinion is...I hate whoever directed me here.

DM-Nairobi said...

@Anon 1:36,

This is a lot of crap - that Kenya's 'best kept secret' is a well trained defence force capable of teaching Al Shabab a lesson!

Who doesn't know that years of massive corruption during annual recruitment exercises has considerably weakened our defence forces capacity to fight anyone. With young army recruits being paid for Ksh 100,000/= each by their relatives in order to 'qualify" and thereafter earn a salary in the Kenya Army for doing nothing, how do you expect such recruits to commit their lives to defend their motherland?

They joined because our Army has become an easy gravy train for anyone politically connected. Lets not even examine the massive corruption that underpins activities at DoD and all its procurement processes. Honestly, how do we expect such corrupt and lazy military leaders to engage in any war successfully?

I maintain strongly, the KDF are incapable of winning a war with battle hardened militias such as the Al Shabaab.

I suspect this war has more to it than meets the eye - perhaps its Kibaki's way of distracting citizens from a disastrous shilling and economy? Perhaps a dangerous gameplan has been hatched for the 2012 elections?

Chris, you need to investigate these angles.

Kenyans, we are big trouble because of our Lords of Corruption in both politics and the military.

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