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Monday, June 20, 2011

Kilonzo: We will deal with Tobiko Soon

Justice Minister Mutula Kilonzo has cut out a niche for himself as one of the leading reformists in the country. For those who know the dark past of Mr Kilonzo that is quite something (more on his past later in this post).

And so true to recent form, Mutula revealed last night that he has a few legal ideas on how he is going to deal with the “Tobiko problem” created by parliament when they chose to disregard recommendations and approve Tobiko’s appointment without investigating the claims of corruption and unfitting conduct from his past made against him by the public.
Justice Minister Mutula "Reforms" Kilonzo: Promised to deal with Tobiko
Now that is one motion of intent which must be going down very well with a vast majority of Kenyans many of whom could not hide their displeasure when Tobiko was sworn in alongside the more popularly approved appointments of the chief justice and his deputy a few hours ago. One onlooker commented in the hearing of this blogger that if Tobiko was as upright as his defenders claimed he was, he would have refused to take up his appointment and steeped aside. “I am sure Willy Mutunga and Nancy Baraza would have done exactly that (i.e. step aside) were they in Tobiko’s shoes.”

I have been thinking hard about what that ordinary Kenyan said and the more I think about it the more sense what they said makes. Accepting to be sworn into office and smiling several times for the cameras (as if to mock those against his appointment) is the face of impunity itself and a clear indication of the kind of character we are dealing with here in our new DPP tupende tusipende.

In fact it is interesting how such a seemingly intelligent man cannot see the serious harm he is doing to himself by taking up office with such baggage hanging around his neck. How will he serve the very public that he seemed to be mocking at the swearing in ceremony?

Anyway back to our very reform-minded minister of Justice. Mutula made the revelations about his intentions towards Tobiko on national TV in the Julie Gichuru hosted Sunday live news on Citizen TV. However he quickly added that he will pursue his legal ideas at an unspecified future date because his immediate priority is to speed up the implementation of the new constitution. More music in the ears of ordinary long suffering Kenyans.

But Mutula Kilonzo has not always been at the fore-front of reforms. In an earlier life he was known as former President Daniel arap Moi’s lawyer and close confidant. The lawyer used this position to greatly enrich himself literally overnight.

Every story has two sides. This is Mutula Kilonzo’s version of his past life. But luckily you can also get the no holds barred investigated report that includes his dark secrets and especially what MPs were talking about when shouting down Mutula in parliament last week during the Tobiko debate.

The Mutula Kilonzo you don't know

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Anonymous said...

Why do I have a sickening feeling that Keriako ole Tumbako may end up becoming the albatross around the neck of the judiciary system?

The civil society, LSK, MPigs, the so called religious institutions, even FIDA as well as the "recommending commission" were warned of Kireiko ole Tumbako's reputation that is far less flattering.

But they all took no heed, presuming that any incriminating secrets would remain concealed from the public scrutiny.

The public will be left to endure and content with one hand that may end up washing many other hands throughout his tenure as DPP.

M. Pesa said...

They have already started dealing with him: And his fate lies with none other than Dr Willy Mutunga!!!!


Posted Monday, June 20 2011 at 16:31

Nairobi High Court on Monday declined to issue preliminary declaration that the appointment of Director of Public Prosecution Keriako Tobiko was unconstitutional.

However, the court certified the matter as urgent and directed that it be placed before the Chief Justice for direction.

The application which was first filed last week was tabled in court again on Monday morning after an amendment, to ask the court to declare the nomination and appointment of Mr Tobiko despite allegations of impropriety as a breach of the Constitution.

Last Thursday, activists had registered the petition in court seeking to stop President Mwai Kibaki from appointing Mr Tobiko but they were forced to withdraw it for amendment after it was overtaken by events.

The President had made the appointment before the matter was brought to a judge.

And on Monday, the activists from the Kenya Youth Parliament and the Kenya Youth League were before Lady Justice Jeanne Gacheche, who declined to make any declaration but informed them the file will be forwarded to the Chief Justice for urgent action.

That means key business of the new Chief Justice, Willy Mutunga, who was sworn-in alongside Mr Tobiko on Monday morning, will be to address a case against the appointment of the latter.

kumekucha said...

@M.pesa this is the best news I have heard in a very very long time. The new constitution works after all.

Chris Kumekucha

Anonymous said...

Lest we forget, long long time ago, several decades just before the Tana River charted its sixth and final course, Heracleitus, (c.540-480 B.C.) warned his fellow mortals that a man's character is his fate.

Consequently, there are several men and women who hold high profile positions and many others who are seeking the same who will have to survive or fail in their endeavors based on the content of their charcaters.

That's if the new constitution is given a chance and the power to work for the greater good.

While there are so many people who have craved, struggled, fought, and died for LIBERTY, there are those of us who have yet to fully understand that LIBERTY means FREEDOM to do not what one wants to do, but what one ought to do. - Dalberg.

Let's hope Mr. Willy Mutunga will do what is expected of a real Chief Justice and what he ought to do for the country.

Karol said...

Dr. Willy Mutunga sir, Kenya is watching with anticipation.

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