Monday, May 30, 2011

Why the next president of Kenya MUST Be a Mini Skirt Wearer

It is deadly to be a poor judge of character. It can cost you your life and more.
Quick IQ quiz for men only: What is the first thing you see when you look at the photo above?

a) Nice thighs
b) Nice hair
c) how can I ... with this woman?
d) Her eyes look dodgy
(see correct answer at the bottom of this post)


There was this very wealthy man who had a loving faithful wife who had been with him from the days he was a very poor man. As is usual with men of such means a lass somewhere in the sea of poverty that surrounded him decided that she was fed up with life in the lowest ranks of life. Once her mind was made up she quickly worked her way into the man’s life. Her main weapon was flattery amongst a host of other carefully selected tools. It helped that she was a seasonal prostitute operating in Mombasa; whenever a big ship with free-spending American sailors docked, she would receive a call on her cell phone to rush to the Coast. She soon made the balding ugly Sonko of a man who believed he was very bright, believe that he was the most handsome man alive. When she gave her favours she made him believe that he was the most skilled lover the world had known.

Naturally the rich man started despising his wife. How come she did not see how good-looking he still was? How come she did not make the bedroom noises this other young lass made?

And of course the gold digger did not miss a trick. Snaring a man is kindergarten stuff if you know how, men are visual animals. Wear short skirts and sometimes sit carelessly pleading innocence (you don’t even have to have nice legs). Show a lot of cleavage and laugh a lot. And whatever happens don’t dare fart.

Well… wife number one had no chance.

The inevitable quickly happen. The “clever” rich man married a second wife and abandoned and frustrated his first wife. The one who truly loved him for who he really was and NOT what he had. This sad story can have many varying endings, none of them a good one for the snared man.

This kind of thing happens all the time. As you read this one Samuel Gichuru former all-powerful managing director of KPLC can identify with this story mainly because it is woman-trouble that attracted the attention of international investigators to his alleged criminal activities. How many poor-judge of-character powerful men have been made short work of by women?

Admittedly few men are good judges of human character. Women tend to do a better job when it comes to reading the motives of others (except when romance blinds them into terrible and tragic mistakes that they regret their entire lives).

Kenyan voters have consistently been pretty poor judges of human character. Some would say that the vast majority of voters have always been blinded by Kenya shillings notes floating across their valley of decision when it comes to where to place a tick on the ballot paper. I don’t agree entirely. I believe that the much greater weakness here has been failing to see people for who they really are.

I will give you just one example. There is a man called Mutula Kilonzo. The current minister of justice is rapidly emerging as one of the voices of reason and major crusaders against corruption in high places. Now that is pretty laughable when you know the real Mutula Kilonzo. A man who made billions of shillings serving the most corrupt in high places. It is said that the money and power went into the man’s head and today his house off the Machakos road has it’s very own in-house animal orphanage. I can picture Bwana Mutula feeding his lions (like those mafia dons do in movies) as he plots his next move on the political chess board of unsuspecting Kenyans.

Word on the street is that Mutula Kilonzo will be a presidential candidate in 2012 (which will upset wiper but so what?). If you read the dark secrets of past presidents of Kenya you will cringe at the mere suggestion of such a thing. For this reason may the next president of Kenya spot a stud please or if it will be madam president let her wear mini skirts always. It is not the earing or the thighs that depict true character is it?

Answer to the IQ quiz above:
1. If you chose "A" your IQ is lower that that of an idiot
2. If you chose "B" you are a genius
3. If you chose "C" you are a typical male kenyan man (not very clever when you see a woman's thighs)
4. If you chose "D" you must be Albert Einsten himself... a university professor somewhere maybe? ... a genius no less, research shows that there cannot be more than 20 people like you in the whole of Kenya. Kumekucha readers are eager to meet a genius like you, please send your photo and profile for publication here. WELL DONE!! You are a rare and virtually extinct breed.

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Statement from Kumekucha: I have keenly read the concerns of the people and mostly my dear faithful readers of this, the oldest political blog in Kenya. And after some deep introspection I have passed judgement over myself as follows; guilty as charged. I have been guilty of abandoning my readers to chase for the elusive Kenyan shilling. I have abandoned the principals that once made this site the-must-read-must-stopover site for so many Kenyans all over the world.

And so with all humility I have re-dedicated myself to this blog and to you and to returning it to what it once was. Already I have started implementing a number of changes. For instance readers can now make comments in this blog that will be seen on Facebook. This will allow for wider discussion on the issues raised in this blog, most of which are of national importance. Later this week readers will have a new jobs and business opportunities digest with cutting edge tips they can use for BIG profits all based on news and unfolding events.

But surely all work and no play will make Mzalendo a dull boy… ama? Readers have always been delighted when we have occasionally carried movie reviews in this blog. And so I have decided to make that a regular feature. So all you movie lovers out there who never have time to browse looking for the right movie to watch are in for a treat if you keep it here. I will also be searching for the most useful ebooks online and doing deals so that they are made available for FREE only to Kumekucha readers. The first deal of this nature appears just above this message. This coupled with my controversial Kumekucha Weekend Specials and the Nyatiti and drums features which will make a come back soon should put Kumekucha back on track. Let’s put this show on the road folks.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris my brother,
Its good to have you back in action bro, and I am happy to see from reading your recent posts that despite the tough year you've had you've not lost your golden touch of writing political posts that reflect the true state of events on the ground

Having said that.... what i'm about to say next is well intentioned and very sincere. If this blog fails it will be because of your brazen disregard for appropriate censorship controls and regulations.

I have never understood why from time to time you insist on displaying explicit images of women which lack dignity and consequently threaten the beloved popularity and wide spread appeal of this family blog read by parents and children alike. In this regard i commend the active bloggers and commenters like Taabu, Phil, Mwarang'ethe, and all the anonymouses for continuing to provide content that is above board and worthy of discussion

I know what my critics will say in response to this my comment, but i assure you Chris they could not care less if integration Commission chairman Mzalendo Kibunjia and his team at The National Cohesion Integration Commission swooped in and shut down this blog before the crucial 2012 elections, and that is a scenario we all want to avoid for we know Kumekucha will play a crucial role in the next elections

In conclusion Chris, i urge you not to lower the standards of this blog to the mexican soap opera standards we see on our local television screens like Citizen TV and KBC. You can do better than this and you know it bro. Over to you bro,you have been forewarned

Chris said...

Luke my broda,

Habari ya siku mingi sana.

I c u hve not lost ur touch either.

Hehehehehehe explicit images indeed!!

Kumekucha Chris

Anonymous said...

Is Kenya full of prudes? Ati explict? My backside!!
No wonder Kenyans(both men and women)are rated among the worst lovers in the world!

M. Pesa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
M. Pesa said...

One of the reasons why I respect Chris is that when Kumekuchans speak, he carefully listens, analyses all the suggestions and takes appropriate actions for the best interest of this pioneer blog.

Kudos Bwana Chris for that, unlike in some other blogs where the owners act like demi-gods and think they are "clever experts" who can't be told what is good since they know everything. Very soon we shall have journalists and even wanasiasa trooping back in this blog to gauge the political mood on the ground like they used to.

About the next CEO of this nation being a "skirt wearer," I have always said Martha Karua- the Iron Lady- should get our votes since she has proved time and time again she has the best interests of this nation at heart.

I admit the Gichugu legislator is not a saint- no one is. She has made some critical mistakes like blindly supporting Kibaki's corrupt regime even when they rigged elections. But who has not made such stupid mistakes? Which politician in Kenya, hell.. even in Africa,.. has resigned like Karua did on matters of principle?

The big question is whether women can overcome their jealousy and envy and support one of their own. With a suitable running mate, Karua can help Kenya take a giant leap as he head to fulfilling vision 2030.

Anonymous said...

M-Pesa, we have noted with great delight your continous public display of love and affection for our Chris.
I just hope it's not just a crush--- We always like to hear stories of romance wherever they comes from.

Anonymous said...

"The big question is whether women can overcome their jealousy and envy and support one of their own."

I strongly suspect you selected choice "A" of Chris' pop quiz in the previous page.

Anonymous said...

You patch foolish idea like a semaless dress and make one foolish gown. Dont try to impress us that you are inteligent as a matter of fact you are, but do not go overboard try to demonstrate this it comes out terrible. What is the thigh to do with Mutula. Are you a prophet Daniel with the image on babylon

Anonymous said...

It is rather obvious that the next choice of president for us Kenyans must be "a mini skirt wearer" as Chris has chauvinistically stated it. The simple reason being that men have failed us at every opportunity they have been given to lead this country forward ranging from the family through to politics, upto and including religion!mmmmh! they know themselves who we are referring to

Women have been so undervalued in African society at large, and specifically in Kenya.Their role has traditionally been confined to the kitchen and the bedroom. No wonder they are now rebelling so hard with the independent women western attitudes of disrespectfulness and obnoxious treatment of men.

Let the men support the women for leadership roles and positions.It is their turn and they deserve to lead us out of the mess we have created

Anonymous said...

Who has not made such a mistake? Well for one, i have not! What she did was inexcusable!

Anonymous said...

As a red-hot-bloodied hetrosexual guy, I would mind to see a woman become our next president. A real sex on legs lady not the one Chris has put up there. And before u say "sex on legs" is expilict, the meaning for that term is a "very attractive lady" which we currently do not have in kenya at the moment.

Mwarang'ethe said...

So, if we have a skirt wearer, our issues will be sorted out. We wish we could live in such wonderland of bread and circuses.

The die is cast. You take your OPIUM as much you want in 2012, but, it SHALL be in vain.

You keep on ignoring the REAL stuff in favour of what is popular/sexy and easy.

However, in the fullness of time, you shall come back to KK to re-read our warnings:

Sample this:

"IMF sounds alarm over runaway inflation."

"Kenya MUST address the risks of:

(a)rising INFLATION,
(b) depleting FOREIGN RESERVES, and
(c) widening DEFICIT to consolidate economic gains."


We have 3 issues ahead, but, Kenyans, in their usual ignorance, have not noticed this. Good luck.


In Greece, where they are now implementing the IMF medicine, we are reading this:

"Military coup possible in Greece."

"The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency warned in a report that the tough AUSTERITY measures and the dire situation could escalate and even lead to a military coup,

NB: Check our last article on meaning of AUSTERITY.


NB: Age of military rule is at hand. Either, swallow the AUSTERITY (neo - feudalism by OPIUM sessions), or, the military comes in the Pinochet style.


I have been guilty of abandoning my readers to chase for the elusive Kenyan shilling.


Just a word brother.

Seek to PRODUCE WEALTH and you shall never worry about the shillings.

Money is, or, ought to be the representative of WEALTH so created from they LABOUR.

However, in the Babylon shistem, people are mis - educated to chase money.

To chase the shilling is to climb the tree from the top. However, Babylon works by reversing order of nature and the results of such pervesions are evident in the whole world.


Anyway, we leave thee with Material Man by Isaacs Gregory:

Anonymous said...


You seem to be a person of sound mind. If I were you (and ofcourse am not) I would start an activity similar to what Mwalimu Mati does and start sensitizing people on the ground.Take the government head-on on it's economic policies by disecting them and exposing the underlying ignorance and giving the way forward. Perhaps in the fullness of time just like Mutunga you will be appointed the Finance Misnisterin 2022.

Anonymous said...

It is easy for the intellectually lazy to mistake intellectual activism and evangelical economics for brilliance. Make no mistake and don't rash to envy/jealousy for I am not.

Anonymous said...

@8:35 AM
Did you mean it's the women's turn to EAT and LEAD Kenya further along the established road of abject poverty and self-destruction?

Anonymous said...

What's in a name? A well tailored collection of skirts, dresses, kitenges, lesos, rindas, baibuis, kilts, trousers - I think that should suffice for any politician.

I see the next president of Kenya embracing a modest and decent dress code in 2012, if not then definitely in 2017.

These days it's no longer an issue nor does it really matter who wears the pettite, regular, tall, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL cotton/linen/wool stretch or curvey fit or ultra soft or cropped or dobby or travex or ripstop or cargo trousers/tanks/pants on Kenya's many streets, in the workplace as well as in many homes.

Electing a woman with a real spine and leadership abilities, qualities, skills etc is what matters in this day and age.

Anonymous said...

Women can do just as good or bad a job in leadership as men in Kenya have.Kenyan men need to stop looking down on women as simply child bearing cooks.

Anonymous said...

do you mean child bearing cooks of child bearing CROOKS? just curious

Anonymous said...

Fell for the bait, hook line and sinker, and couldn't just resist launching into a long diatribe against those who are so accustomed to seeing little devils in every shadow under the sun.

Referring to people who have huge unresolved issues that need to be really addressed in professional settings ASAP before they reach the age of fourty, fifty, sixty or whatever age adult human beings learn to accept themselves for who they are and have always been aka half-the-problem or part-of-the-problem or the-main-problem, thee "stubborn mule" in their lives, families, homes, communities and country at large.

The proverbial Kenyan man, the boogeyman is not the problem nor is he the main obstacle to the aspirations of the downtrodden children, women, men and all living things in the People's Republic of Kenya.

Kenya's real problem is the lacklustre and flaccid economy, junior high school type of politics, collective mentality of its citizenry and the godforsaken geopolitical location of the country as well as the whole continent.

Kenyan men are not to blame, the partriachical society is not the major culprit, the young boys, sons, nephews, cousins, uncles, fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, childhood neighbours, boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, deadbeat donors, nor are the dispensable/disposable/emasculated/demonized/ vilified/scapegoated/curfewed/bedroom-exiled/overburdened/
underappreciated/silently suffering current husbands or ex-husbands to blame.

3rd world poverty, 3rd world trading practices, 3rd world self percetion, 3rd world educational system, 3rd world daily toleration of corruption, 3rd world lack of a sense of continental pride, 3rd world thirst for war and blood of innocent Africans (victims), 3rd world addiction of electing of the same old same old sterile crop of deadwood politicians,

And to some extent the politics of international trade, heavy handed conglomerates, and the industrial military complexes are to blame.

All things taken into account, the myriad of Kenya's internal issues and existing humungous problems will not be solved in the three decades even if the next parliament consisted of 95% of women legislatures and a duly elected and qualified female president at the State House.

Lest we forget, the ugly truth of the matter is that there will always be the tiny upper-upper class, followed by the upper class, the upper-middle class, the middle class, lower-middle class, the lower-lower middle, lower class, the poor, the dirty poor and the invisible in our midst.

And that's where a myriad of Kenya's problems continue to undergo the inevitable fermentation process until the point whereby the have-nots will no longer be able to perservere anymore in the same way their great-grandparents, grandparents, parents and neighbours have done since the 1960s.

Mwarang'ethe said...

It seems so many countries MUST have SKIRT WEARERS so as to solve their problems:

May be even here a SKIRT WEARER would solve problems:

We are also, 300% sure that, with a SKIRT WEARER like Martha Karua, the Babylon shall not infect 3rd WORLD people with:

- Gonorrhea,
- Syphilis etc.

We are also, 400% sure, this is not happening NOW and SHALL never happen in the future.

NB: All this is EGO expanding and evangelical economics.

Anonymous said...

Jameni, kwani must you sink that low? Kwa kweli wewe ni mtu wa bafo, kitambo sana. Enzi hizi bado kuna UKIMWI kasoro tiba malaam hadi itakapo thibitika. Heshima, mzee! Kumekucha!

Anonymous said...

I like long-legged women, - a woman can be short or tall, but longggg legs my my!!

Philip said...

Its time we need to listen to people like Mwarangethe.

As we are talking now there are several demonstration going on courtesy of escalating food prices.

One of the cheapest food in Kenya, Ugali is now not for everybody. If you go to supermarket with 1,000 its unlikely that the common products you'll buy will fill a meduim paperbag.

I wonder if anyone has done any reseach but with this inflation most Kenyans have become over Kshs 5,000 poorer. Imagine those who were earning less than 10,000.

As this is going on those who get opportunity to steal from the Government are doing so with reckless abandon through government projects.

If this goes on then majority of us will soon be affected and we'll not have time to be in this blog as we'll also join the rest in demonstrations.

The effect this is having on the middle class is by having several of them to leave their vehicles home. Soon they will have to change their diet, and maybe its during that time that they'll also join in demonstration.

I'm told several people in Dohnholm estate are taking the train. Something that in the past was viewed with distaste by people in these areas.

You never know what will happen in future.

Philip said...

I'll agree with Mwarangethe.

At the moment one of the most important human right, food security, has been violated.

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe and Philip
I could be wrong but it seems the two of you are only now just noticing that food insecurity is a perennial re-occurring problem in this country. We don't need to go far back to give you examples, take a look at this post by Chris from as recently as 2009

The fact that only now your alarm bells are beginning to ring is a tacit but sad indicator of how insulated the Kenyan middle classes have been from the daily hardship faced by ordinary kenyans on a regular basis.

Mwarang'ethe said...

The fact that only now your alarm bells are beginning to ring is a tacit but sad indicator of how insulated the Kenyan middle classes have been from the daily hardship faced by ordinary kenyans on a regular basis.

5/31/11 5:01 AM


Hold on your horses.

As an example, in 1993-4, some of us were recipients of food from PLAN INTERNATIONAL.

We would wake up at 5 a.m., go dig some trenches to prevent soil erosion in some farms some kilometers away.

The payment for this was a voucher which we used to use to collect food from some local sellers.

NB: This voucher system has been very helpful in understanding how money ought to work. Talking of making lemonade from lemons.

Today, we are still in FARMING. So, we know more about farming/food situation than you may think.

So, do not lump some of us with so called middle class whatever that means for we have no idea what the hell is that.

NB: On a serious note, the words 3rd world countries/developing nations is an euphenism for FOOD DEFICIT COUNTRIES.

How do you like that?

NB: This is EGO expanding and evangelistic economics.

Anonymous said...

"At the moment one of the most important human right, food security, has been violated."

Violated by whom? Pray tell?

Anonymous said...

How did we as a republic end up where we are today with skyrocketing food prices and worst of all, with very little food or no food at all to feed ourselves the ordinary wananchi?

Guess our misplaced priorities were overly focused on making fools of ourselves during the large turn outs around the country in support of few political elements in our midst and the disgraceful show we put up at the ICC for all the wrong reasons and at the wrong time.

We the ordianry people have already made our beds and we will have to continue sleeping in them until such time we learn to accept to change our ways and the direction of our nation for the common good.

So far one of the cheapest staple foods in the country is now beyond the reach of the ordinary mwananchi because we the ordinary people at one time did surrender our right, power, expertise and the pride we once had of producing a steady surplus of a variety of other alternative grains and foods such sorghum, millet, cassava, thistle, countless varieties of coloured maize, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, etcetera and succumbed to the so called cherished processed nylon (with nil fiber) types of bleached flour for ugali and chapati alike.

Then there is the maize cartel and their underlings who always love playing deadly games with some of the staple foods, straight from cropping, harvesting, storage, pricing, distribution and final sales of the products we the ordinary wananchi hold so dear.

Eeeeh! How many of us have ever bothered to weigh a bag or packet of ugali, rice, beans or sugar in order to find out how long the millers, the middle men and wholesalers have been taking advantage of us the ordinary people for last six decades?

On the other hand, while we the ordinary people are still busy shouting, crying, trying to figure out where our next meal will come from and at the same getting ready for short lived demonstrations in some of the selected urban areas, many are wondering and beginning to ask where are the so called moral voices of our communities, the Sunday voices in many palces of worship, the morally concerned in our midst?

Why are we the ordinary people not surprised that some of the fact that the very same people, leaders of some certain institutions, who invested a lot of their combined efforts, energies, resources and time into opposing the nominations of Mr. Mutungi and Ms. Baraza, have been dead silence over the escalating food prices and worsening living conditions of the ordinary mwanachi?

I will let the politicians off the hook this time around because they are the lesser evil known to many of us, but the so called moral leaders of our respective communities are the ones we need to fear most, because almost everyone of them is guaranteed three meals a day, full tank of petro once or twice a week, a comfotable roof over their heads, good medical care, tax free imprest accounts for other miscellaneous needs and wants in the their daily lives.

Anyway, we the ordianry wananchi are to blame for finding ourselves trapped in a vicious cycle of sinking ugaliless hole full skyrocketing food prices, hunger, anger, confusion and with no hope in sight.

Oh how true it is so easy to detrail, destruct, confuse, manipulate or even hold hsotage a whole country that has its stomach fueled by ugali eenergy but no enough food reserves to meet the needs of its population.

Convinient or what? For there be to skyrocketing food prices months just before the 2012 electioneering season kicks off with a bang of the usual votes for food programs around the wwhole country.

Anonymous said...


If you start promoting a skirt wearer as the next president, you will make Thug Raila start wearing skirts. Remember he will do anything (including crying at night) to be president of Kenya.

Wembe Wa Mugumo Tree said...

Anon 6:53am
I couldn't agree more with your succinct synopsis.There's no doubt that the weakest link in the chain is not the loud angry Unga protesters who today have suddenly begun to feel the pangs of hunger due to the high cost of living brought about by run away costs of food and petrol not to mention unchanging incomes and ridiculously high tax levels

One can only wonder what Sonko aka Mike Mbuvi wanted to prove by showing up at today's demonstration-he thinks his job is to throw money at every problem yet his job description is to represent his constituents in the house by changing laws inside.

Unga protestors today have proven that kumbe they have been having it good all this time. Now finally their belts are being tightened for them and boy they are not liking it one bit LOL.

Anonymous said...

Why is the Creator so stingy in the department of earthly beauty?

Why is the Creator of humankind so unfair, biased, plays favourites and discriminates against some of his own precious creations when it comes to beauty?

The picture of the twenty something woman in your blog says it all in a million words, and at the same time makes so many women of her age very angry, hateful, envious and jealous of her well curved and gorgeous physique.

Don't get me wrong when I reiterate the obvious that she is amazingly beautiful and the kind of woman who takes very good care of herself.

When all is said and done, you will find it strange that the picture of the cute woman in question appeals to the spirit, not to the flesh as far as I am concerned, hence the limit of my admiration of the Creator's beautiful, marvelous and wonderful creation.

Creations like her are a promise of life at its prime, at its best and the next generation of good looking women who will help preserve the lineage of her own kind if they so choose.

But the question remains, why is the Creator so stingy, mean and unfair when it comes to generously granting beauty to all of his creation?

I will not hesitate to sue whoever it is that once said "all humans are created equal in the eyes of the Creator".

Anonymous said...

Mutula Kilonzo for a presidential tustle and hustle in 2012? Let him roll the dice and give Musyoka Kalonzo a run for his money and the last of his games at political survival. 'Mutukilo' can do it.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to find out what became of the rich man, the rich man's wife and the gold digger or "Godi" as they are known in neighbourhoods like Ganjoni?

Frist of all, I will start by paying homage and giving credit where it's due in modesty and moderation.

That woman, that one, yes, that one over there at the top, looks excellent, young and exuberant, she symbolises Kumekucha's new vitality.

I don't need the aid of absurd exaggeration to offer respect and praises to her as well as many other women with similar body types and terrific features from H2T.

My only problem with such images is that as a person with a compromised sense of judgement but not poor judgement during my temporary moments of weakness, I find it hard at times in distinguishing whether such an image is of a self-made manikin with a dodgy plastic smile or that of a normal woman caught in the moment?

I also noticeed that she's wearing some kind of a dress but not a skirt or some piece of clothing for women and girls that hangs from the waist and does not have legs.

IMHO, I wouldn't mind at all electing or having the next president of Kenya as one who loves to wear long skirts or short skirts if she is willing and able to contribute to the measurement of Kenya with regard to leading the whole country develop gradually into a just a society.

Majority of us should be ready to elect not just a wearer of many skirts, but a woman of substance if the move translates into helping all Kenyans live a dignified life and making it possible for others to have what they need for such a life.

BTW, given a choice for president between Martha Karua and those with body types similar to Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Lopez, Iman Bowie, Tyra Banks, Angela Bassett, Pasarias, Iman Bowie, Tina Turner, Winnie Mandela et al.

I would vote for none other than Martha Karua, a woman of substance and a known politician who doesn't shy away from wearing long skirt, short skirt (knee-high in her case), pants and African dresses as she goes about her daily business.

Anonymous said...

10 reasons why Martha Karua will never become president of Kenya

1)Tainted past

Anonymous said...

Kenyans never cease to amaze. They never cease to amaze.

Mathew Iteere "had written to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the lifting of Dr, Wigwe's immunity.

Being a diplomat, he is not liable to any form of arrest or detention by Kenyan authorities".

Mmmm! How many police officers in Kenya have ever been arrested, detained for questioning, suspended or even had their badges and guns taken away from them after having been involved in vicious cases of domestic abuse, brawls and random attacks on innocent civilians?

There is a youtube clip where Mathew Iteere is seen reading from a verse about 'removing a log in the eye' during one of those so called prayer breakfasts in Nairobi.

How true that practice makes perfect.

Anonymous said...

Tainted past as in what manner fo sorts?
a) emptying the treasury,
b) aimless shuttles at the tax payer's expense,
c) land grabbing,
d) sleeping in $7,000 a night hotels,
e) molasses plant,
f) PEV
g) maize scandal,
h) daughter of a former president or the opposition leaders,
i) appointing of relatives to diploamtic asigments,
k) trying to avoid the ICC at all costs,
l) an alcoholic,
m) marihuana smoker,
n) corruption,
o) Triton/Gold scandals,
p) excessive negative ethncity,
q) greed for power,
r) immorality as defined by some religious leaders,
s) sold Kenya to the highest bidder?

Anonymous said...

10 reasons why Martha Karua will never become President of Kenya contd....

2) supported General Keugoya's theft of 2008 elections

Anonymous said...

Chris, this post is kinda old.
Where did you dissapear to?
On holiday?

Anonymous said...

Provide a breakdown of the 80 new constituencies in any one of your future posts, and how they will affect the political landscape at the national as well as regional level.

And who stands to benefit most from the creation of new constituencies - PNU, ODM, or Other?

Some locals in Kenya, former diasporans, and current diasporans (soon to be carpetbaggers) have a real toll order cut out for them and they will have to do a lot homework in the newly created constituences, some of which have large populations but few registered voters.

NB: Although it's too little, too late, too bad for those who are trying to use the dual-citizen card so that some of them could join the political races in newly created constituences.

They may just have to wait for December of 2017 or December of 2022, a duration that is not so bad because it will give many of them ample time to raise the much needed campaign funds or build an adequate war chest, reconnect with their roots, appeal to the local people, taste the waters and eventual declare their candidancy when the moment is ripe.

Anonymous said...

Lets just say that your posts mke me wish to comment, something which i typically by no means do.

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