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Friday, November 05, 2010

Brave Ruto Panics, Calls The Hague Bluff

Naive or brave? Well call is courage, panic or whatever you fancy but Hon William Samoei arap Ruto has rattled both Kenya and the The Hague. After deriding ICC as irrelevant and snail-paced to act (remember 100 years?), Ruto has taken the battle right to Ocampo's doorstep and in its wake left all the PEV's suspects shaking in their boots like leaves at the mercy of ferocious desert gales.

That Ruto caught all and sundry by surprise is not debatable. And he could not have struck at a better time in his political life when he has no CABINET BAGGAGE which would have demanded clearance before booking a date with Moreno and his sleuths in The Netherlands.

Either Ruto is trailblazing in tilting/setting Kenya's political agenda or being plainly naive by attempting to preempt the inevitable. True to the adage either the guilty are very afraid or the brave chat their won paths. Take you pick. Either way Bill has left the other suspects with little room to wiggle. They must come out of the closet and publicly declare their stand, no two ways about it.

You can only imagine the impending political inferno if Ruto chooses to go SUICIDAL (security in numbers) with some PENTAGON minutes, either real or not. Spice that up with the unsettling fact that senior security officers have written to Ocampo vowing never to take responsibility for orders that came from the GOVERNMENT.

The recipe you get is a mix that leaves every politician sneezing and the stomach rubbling. Meanwhile they are left groping in the dark with Ocampo's sledgehammer lurking in the shadows. The Hague Express has gathered full steam and there is no disembarking. Nobody is safe. And what was that gimmick about AU resolution not to submit to the ICC again? NA BADO!!


Ken said...

The end is near for very many people.

My only hope is he learnt from Githongo on evidence gathering and he has gone to see Bwana Ocampo with tight evidence.

Mambo bado, those singing Uhuru or Raila for 2012 should first hold their horses because things are about to get really interesting.

Anonymous said...

They stole the election and kenyans reacted. People were killed. Houses were burned. Kibaki became President and Odinga the Prime Minister. They sacked William Samoei Ruto from the cabinet. What else do you expect Ruto to do???

The leader of Kalenjin nation has taken full responsibility on their behalf. Long live WSR.

We voted for Uhuru in 2002 and Raila in 2007. Come 2012 and we shall all vote our own William Ruto whether he makes or not.

A friend of oracle.

Anonymous said...

I fail to understand this obsession with RVP electorate over the years of voting as they are told. Probably just a knee jerk reaction from circling the wagons to protect nyayo's interests.

Here's a brief court itinerary for ruto. Nov 17: eldoret council plot theft case. Dec 2010: fire fighting ICC matters. Jan 26, 2011 KPC illegal forest acquisition case. Feb 2011: repeat the cycle hoping no new case crops up. In short, kirgit will be so busy running from one court to another the only way you will vote for him is if you vote for him as a "write-in" candidate, Alaska style.

NTV this morning reports "another prominent Kenyan with presidential ambitions" beat ruto to meeting Ocampo by making a detour after a recent official trip. Did UK make a beeline to The Hague after his recent US trip? Wonders never cease!


Anonymous said...

Ken @ 4:41 PM,

Despite the fact that Githongo had gathered more than enough evidence to nab the Angloleasing thieves, people like you still had the gall to say that he had no admissible evidence.

Why was this? Because your tribesman (Mr Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki) was president when this theft was going on, and he (Mr Pumbavu) and a few elites from the Mr Kenya region "benefited" from the outright THEFT/LOOTING of the Angloleasing billions. Shame on you Ken.

Anonymous said...

Ruto is innocent! Who doesn't remember the RV PEV was sponteneous. It wasn't Ruto's fault that some Kikuyus wanted to be councillors in Mogotio. I mean, had Ruto told the Kikuyus to be the sangari of RV and calling their villages Kikuyu names? Ruto's fault maybe only acting spontaneously like his tribemates in their ancestal lands.
I personally feel like getting pontaneous when I hear some people claiming Nakuru as their county. For those who don't know, we in RV are very spontaneous people; we don't have time to think!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ruto's secret meeting with Museveni,next week meeting with Zuma-whats cooking?

mimi said...

PLO should investigate the acquisition of Kisumu Molasses Plant by Raila Odinga.

M. Pesa said...

Ruto is a thug, liar and cheat since his days as a YK92 henchman. Don't forget those are the qualities Kenyans look for when electing their leaders. So I would say he stands a good chance in 2012. A little birds tells me that Gospel Singer called Emmy Kosgey (of Taunet Nelel fame) had taken a flight to The Hague 2 days earlier. Wonders never cease!

Anonymous said...

Ruto is NOT guilty until proven!

Profit MooHamMad

luke said...

Wewe Taabu wacha,
Ruto is in Netherlands to have a cup of dutch TEA with Ocampo who is his agemate and friend.period.
najivunia kuwa mkenya

Ukweli Wa Mambo said...

Those who DIED did not steal elections.

Those who were displaced did not steal the elections.

Those who were BEATEN / INJURED / HARRASSED, did not steal the elections.

Many who died did not even vote. Many had not even attained the AGE of voting.

When will the narrow minded tribalists understand these simple fact?!!

The techniques used (mental preparation, logistical preparation, timing, slogans, blocking roads, propaganda,uproooting railways, systematic killings etc) and the precise nature of their execution is indicative of prior planning. Spontaneous violence does not happen in a coordinated and sustained manner like that.

The American consultant who advised ODM has a history of organizing political violence and coups. He should be one of the MOST WANTED suspects.

The violence WAS predetermined and preorganized to overthrow the Government no matter what and there must have been foreign elements involved.

Anyang Nyongo knows. Balala knows. Ruto knows, Ngilu knows. Raila also knows - but he probably did not expect the kind of violence that occurred. Maybe he was briefed at high level and thought it would be mass protest or political demonstration (not ethnic cleansin / GENOCIDE).

His radical Generals (Nyongo, Balala) bear the brunt of the responsibility.

Same case for the retaliatory attacks, they were WRONG in targeting innocent wananchi on the basis of tribe. That was NOT self defence. Self defence and revenge are two different things.

The Government FAILED to protect its people. President Kibaki failed the country. If you are weak in a crisis, you are weak indeed.

Kenya needs a fresh start. Fresh leaders who are not tainted by bloodshed or corruption. People of integrity, who have risen above the tribal barriers. People who love KENYA as a country. A fresh start. This should be the goal of all citizens in 2012.

Philip said...

Mwarangethe needs to explain what's happening and how this relates to LAND AND MONEY.

This is because I was shocked how he knew so much about Kagame, I wonder where he gets some of this information.

And Mwarangethe, hope you are writing a book, or you have already written, only awaiting editing. But please if it has what some people call "Sumerian folklore" then tell me which pages so that I can pluck them off.

Chris, let Mwarangethe write something about economy, and how mistakes made by some countries are being reflected in Kenya. Let him tell us at least something about our Vision 2030, and where we need to improve.

Anonymous said...

Ruto is the King of Kalenjistan!
Nobody should dare touch this anointed son, we have our Machetes sharpened ready for war!
Profit MooHamMad

Anonymous said...

Let him acclimatize himself with his new milieu. Ocampo is not investigating election fraud, incitement, tribalism, economic boycott; no he is investigating, PLANNING AND FINANCING.

Anonymous said...

Ukweli wa mambo.

If you visited langas eldoret after kibaki was announced the winner, you have noticed human heads of luos and kales lined on the road .Iam sure it was not the work of ruto or ODMers .After thought investigation ocampo can see who the real culprit was.

Anonymous said...

Very strategic,might get get lighter sentence for good behavior and co-operation. Looks to me like he will even accept a plea bargain. Plead guilty for abbe ting not financing and only get 8 months sentence.

Anonymous said...

Much has been talked about and said about WSR, infact very few people understand the man.

Within the intelligence circles it was already known that WSR had written to the Hague requesting for audience with The Hague Slayer, what was not known was when this "wish" would be granted.

In my view WSR has no feeling of culpability for offenses that were committed in 2012. The events that happened then were simply out of control and him feeling guilty would just prove to be unproductive and detrimental.

This is not to justify the events that occured then which were simply - Horrid to say the least.

As Kenyans continue tying his actions to guilt or what is right and wrong, moral and immoral time will tell if his move to seek audience to set matters "straight" was a grave error or mistake.

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed,

The Oracle has Shat

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:05 AM
The so called voluntary "trip to the Hague" is reminiscent of the the volutantary trips made by Peter Kupaza to the Wisconsin Bureau of Ivestigations, FBI's field office in Wisconsin, Milwaukee Division of Investigation and interaction with law enforcement officers in the late 1990s.

In 1997 Peter Kupaza, 40, raped his cousin, Mwenvano Mwambashi Kupaza, 25, a visiting student from Tanzania, then forced her to have an abortion when she became pregnant.

Peter Kupaza claimed that Mwenvano had returned to her home in Tanzania, so that's where her friends thought she was while, her family in Tanzania thought that she was still living in Madison.

On July 31, 1999, a woman and her children found a female torso and several garbage bags filled with body parts in the Wisconsin Ruiver near Spring Green. The face, head and neck had been skinned, and feet were missing.

One lie after another led to Peter Kupaza's arrest and he was charged with Mwenvano's murder - years after have corporated with the FBI, WBI and local enforcement officers.

He said that he talked with her father in April, and claimed that her father told him that Mwenvano had arrived home safely.

But when police called her father, he said that he had no spoken to Peter Kupaza in more than two years, and had not seen his daughter since June 1998.

When police searched Peter Kupaza's aprtment, they found Mwenvano's Bible and purse.

Peter t. Kupaza's petition for release was denied on September 30, 2009.

Wiscosin Attorney General applauded the decision. "This was aparticular brutal crime, and I'm pleased the federal district court found no grounds for release. Kupaza's life sentence is an appropriate punishment for his crimes."

Going to the Hague on a voluntary basis doesn't mean he's innocent, or even that he's entitled to a plea bargain, or an out of jail free card.

There is a preponderance of evidence that will convict all those leaders (principles) responsible for post election violence.

Justice will be done, one way or another.

Anonymous said...

"He's being plainly naive by attempting to preempt the inevitable."

Where is Solobodan Milosevic and his accomplices in 2010?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The truth from my investigations is that Chris has a small clique of women admirers but there seems to be a gate keeper who always deletes our comments here in Kumekucha. Is it not our democratic right to say what we feel and think about our beloved Chris? Or is there somebody jealous who does not want to think for a second that Chris is loved by many women?

Is talking about our beloved blogger more out of topic than those who bring Ruto stors to a Kikwete post. Chris, please answer.

All woman

Anonymous said...

@ anon above,

I also condemned the revenge (retaliatory) attacks.

You saw human heads on the road and the first thing on your mind was.. what tribe are they?


Ukweli Wa Mambo said...

@ anon above,

I also condemned the revenge (retaliatory) attacks.

You saw human heads on the road and the first thing on your mind was.. what tribe are they?


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