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Friday, August 06, 2010

Goodbye Kalonzo Musyoka and many others

See also Phil's Tit bits on referendum results

If you can read and understand English just try and read Kenya’s new constitution again. This time carefully and then when you are done, tell me if Kenyan politics can remain the same—whatever crafty thing the political class tries to do next.

Indeed the mystery deeply bothering me just now is how the highly intelligent political class rallied behind this very constitution that will for sure come back to haunt and destroy them. Were they drunk for all those months that they traveled country-wide drumming up support for the document? Did they not read carefully what they were supporting?

Even more interesting is how Kenyan politics has changed so quickly over the last few months (even before the new constitution is implemented) as so dramatically illustrated by the voting patterns countrywide for the proposed document.

Many analysts have argued that the reason why Ukambani stood so firmly against the proposed constitution had to do with them listening to the church. I come from the area and I can tell you that is NOT true. The truth is much more complicated than that. For starters there has been a backlash brewing against Vice president Kalonzo Musyoka in Ukambani for a very long time now. (Interestingly in Kalonzo’s own constituency of Mwingi North Yes won unconvincingly with 24,489 votes against 14,780 for “No”).

I happened to be in Machakos town in 2008 when Kalonzo made the ill-advised decision to celebrate his Silver Jubilee in politics and his being appointed vice president in the town. It is instructive that he did not hold these celebrations in his constituency or even in Mwingi or Kitiu but in Machakos which is very far from his constituency. Even then, the way locals in Machakos were talking you would have been convinced that they were preparing to stone the man to death. The main cause of all these anti-Kalonzo emotions had something to do with the fact that in his long political career he has done nothing for his people on the ground. Something that nobody would dare point out in the Kanu days.

Another factor that influenced voting patterns amongst the Akamba people is a factor that applied right across the country and is a pointer to what we should expect in 2012. More so under the new constitution. It seems that the era of Kenyan voters voting as a block and without thinking very much has ended. Slowly but surely the days of tribal chiefs are on their way out of Kenyan politics. We saw the same thing in Eldoret North where the area MP William Ruto used every trick in the book (including a lot of white lies) to get the voters to turn against the new constitution. Well a sizeable amount of his constituents voted yes. Almost half of them. That is very telling indeed.

What should make politicians really scared is the fact that the new Kenyan voter is young restless and very unpredictable. But they will mostly base their final decision on merit.

But even before Kenyans voted in the historic referendum on Wednesday the signs were already clearly emerging that Kenyan politics would never be the same again.

Let’s revisit the last YES rally at Uhuru park last weekend. Two prospective presidential candidates to me looked like they were really struggling with Kenya’s new politics. The first was ODM’s Musalia Mudavadi. He gave what appeared to be a good speech and quoted the founding father of the Tanzanian nation the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere. To be honest I enjoyed his speech myself in comparison to some of the other crazy remarks some politicians were making. But the crowd at Uhuru park yawned and fidgeted. It was an excellent speech BUT to the wrong audience. The Kenyan voter is today extremely young and restless and has little time for intellectual discourses or ancient history, even if they are well read (haven’t I learnt that lesson the hard way right here in Kumekucha with my love for Kenyan history? These days I have to carefully package history into current affairs.)

The other politician who was clearly struggling was Kalonzo Musyoka. He learnt from his mistake of last time and tried very hard to use Raila to ride on the mood of the rowdy youths at Uhuru park. The effort fell flat on its’ face and made him look weak. Too little too late. The voting patterns amongst Kalonzo’s own Akamba people and even right in his own constituency a few days later just went on to confirm what everybody saw at Uhuru Park.

It is instructive that the two politicians I have mentioned from both sides of the political divide are former KANU diehards. It seems that those who thrived on Kanu’s rubber-stamp-and-kneel-down-before-the-king politics are going to have no place in the new Kenya. Thus it is hardly surprising that whispers within ODM have it that Musalia greatly disappointed and failed completely to step into the Captain’s shoes when he was incapacitated recently. A growing number of supporters of the party are now of the view that he should be replaced and the party should get another “stronger” character to the position.

In the same breath if PNU are interested in making an impact in the next general elections then Kalonzo Musyoka should not feature anywhere in the 2012 line up. Get me very right here because I am NOT being personal. Just ask yourself the simple question; what does he have to offer? What will he bring to the table?

So the new politician in Kenya has got to package their message just right for young voters who are now the majority and who quickly and easily get bored. At the same Uhuru Park rally one politician despite his advanced age managed to do just that. Prime Minister Raila Odinga used his infamous soccer analogy and almost brought the house down. Some silly visitors to this blog continue to insist on painting me as a Raila sympathizer and supporter which is just not true (ask Phil and he will tell you how often he gets upset about what I frequently write about his beloved captain here. Still you have to give it to our Phil for always being consistent about his political leanings right from the time I first met him in 2005 when this blog started.)

Hate him or like him, the truth of the matter is that Raila’s speech at Uhuru Park was highly entertaining while beautifully driving the political message home. I myself rolled on the floor in laughter when he reached the part where the ball was passed to Bishop Wanjiru and then she slipped and fell and got injured so seriously that she had to be carried off the pitch. He was of course referring to the recent misfortunes of the Bishop where she lost her parliamentary seat in a court petition.

To some folks who think that they have gone to school, the whole charade looks childish and unbecoming for a whole principal and member of the executive of the republic of Kenya. To the voters it was hilarious and no doubt many who may not have made up their mind about the draft constitution at that point were influenced to vote in a manner that pleased the entertaining PM a few days later. For instance in the PM’s home province of Nyanza the support for a new constitution was overwhelming. 1,174, 033 people voted YES which represented a total of 91 per cent of the votes cast. Only a paltry 101, 491 representing 8 per cent said NO to the new constitution. You really can’t argue with those figures can you?

Good people, whatever the flaws and shortcomings of the new constitution, you can be sure of one thing. Kenyan politics has dramatically changed forever. Prepare yourself for the entry of some very new kids on the block.

P.S. My estimates of the win that the YES side would get turned out to be off the mark. I had said 85% having adjusted it from my earlier 75% of the total votes cast. Other pollsters put the figure at around 60% and they too were wrong. It turned out that the correct figure was somewhere in the middle at about 70%. But then polls are not always accurate to the exact percentage. Not only that, politics is usually very fluid and many politicians facing certain defeat have won elections just because something changed on the ground just before voters went to the polls. It happens all the time and it happens all over the world. I know for a fact that there were a lot of dirty things that went on in the Rift Valley in the last few days (remember the man who said on TV that he was voting against the new constitution because it limited land ownership to 10 acres and he had more than that and didn’t want to lose his land?)

Anyway, I know I have many enemies here insistent on splitting hairs because for some reason they see me as a threat (my advice to them is to concentrate on the more serious threat to their game at the moment—namely our new constitution). However the point to be noted is that despite the noise NO fellows were making about “rigged” polls, Kumekucha and the other pollsters were absolutely correct about the sentiments of the people on the ground. I am delighted that once again my faithful readers have been able to prove that I indeed have my fingers constantly on the pulse of the Kenyan nation and the people on the ground and that is one of the reasons why some important people I know always take notes when reading my posts here.


Anonymous said...

Poor Chris,

And i thought the constitution was so good that we would now be debating the good things to expect.
Well, seems like Chris and other octogenarian raila moronic fanatics are trying to harvest as much political capital as possible by demeaning Kalonzo who happened to have been in the same team with their pet king.

Kambas made their domocratic choise and YES won but unlike some tribes who can be herded like sheep by their leader, Kambas exercised their free and those who felt the document was a sham voted NO.

Chris, why not say Goodbye Ngilu? Oh, Ngilu was a member of the pentagoon supporting the 'kabila adui' crusader!!!

Chris who predicted an 85% win for YES is now not only desperate but pitiful. Nway, for a man who has been wrong so many times, let him continue blowing hot air that translates to ZERO, NILSH, BURE KABISA, BILAS...

Anonymous said...


Chris is trying to drum support for his dissapointing predictions whose inaccuracy has been consistent.
Did any opinion pollster talk of 60%. Of course not, Chris was just trying to dilute the effect of his folly and try to sound intelligent. Am sure Mwarangethe is just noding his head pitying this fellow.

By the way, while Chris says that Kalonzo has never done anything for his constituents, why doesnt he in the same breath say that Raila has not done anything for Kibera where Phil and other of his kin hail from???
Kibera slum has been having a double digit negative growth since this 'kaptain' became an MP.
I hope the crowd that was entertained by football jokes ate them in the evening.

What a stupid article.

Anonymous said...

I was checking Kumekucha hopping to read something that is more positive after the historical passing of a good constitution.

Sadly, Chris seems to be stuck in the MOI days of politics of mud slinging and he is getting some back as expected in this blog. What a sad day. What a pity.

Anonymous said...

Truth really hurts but remains truth

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Chris. I enjoyed reading it and although I am not amongst those who take notes I have certainly kept abreast of the situation in Kenya by being a faithful reader here for a number of years now.

And as usual you are munificent enough to allow critical comments in your blog that cross the line to being downright malicious. I have never understood why, but then its' your blog.

I am what can qualify to be called a legal expert and I agree that the days to come will be very interesting and am really looking forward to the change of guard that must come to Kenya as a result of that life-changing document Kenyans voted for a few days ago.

Kenya has always been a sleeping giant with tons of untapped potential.

Anonymous said...

Chris,are you paid to bring Kalonzo down.Ngilu is as much a Kamba leader as Kalonzo.She too has been a presidential candidate once before.Her political battles with Kalonzo for supremacy in Ukambani are legendary.With both on the on the Yes side,one would have expected them to deliver a more convincing outcome.So by attempting to divorce the two on this one and paint Kalonzo as the looser,you are being insincere and it is you who is engaging in splitting hairs!Ngilu is on record as saying she was baffled a

Phil said...

Well said Chris

Remember the commentation is not all about football.

Whereas Raila Fabregas Odinga passes the ball to Mwai Iniesta Kibaki, it speaks volume that William Ruto is chengwad by Uhuru Kenyatta....the two were on one side at Naivasha PSC trying to outwit ODM out of a parliamentary system of government forgetting that you have no business being in business if you do not have a plan B.

It emerges in this referendum only ODM, KANU's Uhuru and NARC-K had a plan B. ODM's Ruto wanted presidential (to go against Odinga's ODM) but with 3-tier devolution. He gained on one but miserably failed on the other. That is where Raila's football commentary comes in: Uhuru anamchenga Ruto, na Ruto ameanguka.

That commentary speaks about Fabregas coming in as a super-sub to pass the ball to Iniesta to score the world cup winning goal. Mudavadi is like Fernando Torres. Great player who had a poor world cup. You cannot count him out just yet.

Kalonzo is in the field, but his role is largely defensive. Unlikely to score, unlikely to make a match winning save. But only on the pitch as part of the eleven soccer player. He may as well be on the bench depending which team we are facing on match day. Depends on the Managers, the principals of the grand coalition that is.

Siafu, meaning the people, have at last slayed the SNAKE SERPENT of impunity, led by Daniel AArap Moi. All provinces participated in slaying that snake. It is a victory we shall savor for a long long time.

Anonymous said...


Do you really have to copy paste contributions from Jukwaa word for word?

Poor raila fanatics!! Seems the constitution has taken a back seat and now its time to market their aging sickly leader and what a better way than to drag his biggest competitor to the murky waters.

How they forget the Kenyans voters. They tried the same with Makwere lol..

Mwarang'ethe said...

The Kenyan voter is today extremely young and restless and has little time for intellectual discourses or ancient history, even if they are well read (haven’t I learnt that lesson the hard way right here in Kumekucha with my love for Kenyan history? These days I have to carefully package history into current affairs.)


Not surprising.

Assuming this is not in any way "intellectual or ancient history," to turn off these "young Kenyans," we ask this.

With the new constitution, if we divide every KES 100 of income/wealth generated every year from 2010, what % shall the:

(a) Labor,
(b) Rent,
(c) risk/entrepreneur, and
(d) capital get?

Today, if you analyse the figures you will get rent and capital taking perhaps over 70% share. This leaves around 20% for the rest.

Now, when you factor that, rent and capital constitute about 1% of the population, the implications are very clear.

Will the "new dispensation" change this maths or entrench it?

Secondly, to these "young impatient Kenyans" which we might say are WELL TRAINED, we ask, since the CBK will be "independent" from them, how shall they deal with it?

And, we might even ask, since they have endorsed an "independent" CBK, to print worthless papers which are used to CONSFISCATE their LABOUR, if they hate intellectualism and history so much, on what basis did they come to their conclusion?

If they haved not reviewed the battle between currency and banking school of the 19th Century which culminated in CBK like entities, can we be wrong to say they are deluding themselves if they think they are not ruled by "intellectuals and ancient history" which they hate too much?

And, if we are correct, how can wilful ignorance of such knowledge be not seen for what it is,foolishness?

Kipsang said...

Eldoret North is a major Town. If you didn't know every electoin about 27,000 votes go to the opposite candidate. Let me break it down to you even more. The current population consists of other tribes,but majority are kalenjin. I bet you didn't know this.Hon. Ruto during the interview with Kass fm on 4th August at 7.00 pm said he expect that 27,000 kikuyus and 6,000 Luos would vote YES. Please always get your facts right. I guess this confirms our worst fears that Kumekucha really needs a major overhaul in this new dawn in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Your article is wrong on several premises. sample this:
1. Akamba 50/50 vote for both YES and NO accurately reflects Kalonzo Musyoka's watermellon state. voters correctly read his position and accurately voted the way their leader wanted them to (so as to still maintain the good favors of Ruto and some evangelicals).

2. Herd mentality is in kenya to stay. It has moved from the kikuyu and the luo to the kamba (2008) and now the kalenjin who overwhelmingly (by over 90%) voted no. Lack of the Kambas to vote as a herd in the referendum once again reflected their leader's yes/no/yes position.

3. Eldoret North has a lot of madoadoas. most of the idps from the greater and rural parts of rv congregated in eldoret slums for security. most of the people who still feel unsafe to go back to their farm are found in the slums of eldoret. The result: urban eldoret is today dorminated by 41 tribes while its rural peripheries are occupied by kales. kales therefore voted as a group with ruto, but all those luhya/kikuyu/luo doa doas voted with their tribal leaders in YES camp.

4. Ruto is beatable in Eldoret North if the immigration patterns witnessed there persists.

M. Pesa said...

The Referendum results have unleashed a little dirty secret we all suspected long ago. The sprawling GEMA nation has grown leaps and bounds spilling from Central and eating into Naivasha, Nakuru and all the way to Rongai which all voted YES. Don't forget even Laikipia and Kajiado North are predominantly Gema. No wonder Moi and Ruto are having political diarrhoea coz of this tribal maths!

Yes, Kalonzo is a born loser and his political clout is now thoroughly diminished. So is the clergy who were swept off their feet because they refused to change with the times. But the biggest black eye goes to those flash TV evangelists who have good taste for the finest things in life. They may claim to cure AIDS on our small screens but they have been exposed for all the lies they told their flock regarding the draft.

Can you even imagine the likes of Maina Nganga who is an ex convict saying abortion will now be performed on demand? Pius Muiru who was preaching in Jeevanjee the other day yet today they live in posh Runda while spinning Range Rover Sports while their flock sit idle at jobless corner outside Hilton being struck by hunger pangs in their bellies?

But for me the icing on the cake gotta be Mpigs paying taxes from next month just like everybody else. Another issue which has been forgotten is now KACC has a new boss called PLO Lumumba who has his sight on Moi and his band of forty thieves!

Anonymous said...

This is a very desperate way of trying to earn a living from your ODM paymasters by dragging Kalonzo's name in an ackward attempt to promote Raila's presidential aspirations.

First, the Akamba's lukeward attitude toward the katiba was not a reflection of their attitude towards Kalonzo as you would like us to believe, or their religiosity as some armchair Nairobi experts are telling us. They were pissed off by being given three counties. The Akambas thought they in the same league with other big tribes who got four ot more counties.

The same drama played out in Embu, where the Embu and Mbeere are put together in one single county for the whole tribe. In fact, you couldn't talk about the katiba in Siakago, the capital of Mbeere. Then go to Meru and talk to the Tharaka and Igembe sub-tribes and they will tell you it was all about the counties. Even Kiraitu and Kibaki avoided those areas of Meru. The Tharakas feel they will be dominated by the Nithis in the same county, while the Igembes don't want to be in the same county with the more dominant Imentis. Please go to the ground and stop theorizing from you computer room in town.

And then you want to sell Raila's candidacy by saying how good he is at telling football tales. If that is all it takes to govern Kenya, then we have better comedians tan Raila. Raila worshippers (aka Kalonzo haters) need to go back to the drawing board because you don't know what awaits your messiah in 2012.

M. Pesa said...

I will add something else which nobody is talking about. I think ODM goons who heckle people they don't like (read Kalonzo) should style up and grow up. This heckling especially outside KICC when YES was celebrating was ill advised and actually got the president and many other people quite pissed off. These hired goons who happen to be Raila's die hard fanatics should be told they are actually harming Raila's chances of sailing through in 2012. They need to circumcise their manners!

Anonymous said...


You are damn right about the new wave of Gema domination of RV. Before the referendum, a Kalenjin good friend of mine was telling me that the Kales may have made a terrible strategic blunder in attacking the Kikuyus in 2008 in RV. He would talk of how some of the IDPs may have settled permanently in Eldoret remaking it into a non-Kalenjin city, and that the violence also weakened their ability to form alliances at the national level (it was either they stick with Raila or they go their way alone). He would talk of Luhyas having Kakamega and Luos Kisumu, but Kalenjin having no city of their own if Eldoret is taken over by these IDPs. To be honest, I didn't care about his concerns but out of life-long friendship I listened. Now I see clearly what he meant.

Kikuyus now stand to dominate the new counties of Laikipia and Nakuru in addition to those they have in Central. More importantly, they can now elect MPs from the following RV valley constituencies: Laikipia East, Laikipia West, Naivasha, Nakuru Town, Molo, Subukia, Rongai and Kajiado North. And in Kajiado South and Kuresoi, it is just a matter of time. They have been migrating and buying land in Kajiado South at a very alarming rate.

In fact, if you analyze well the 40% "yes" vote from RV you will see the overwheling part of it came from those Gema-RV region assisted by the Luhya-RV region around Kwanza and Cherangany.

I don't know what this means for the new political dispensation and I hope it means very little. But that reality is there for all to see.

Anonymous said...

I too don't understand the game plan of these Raila fanatics. They antagonized Kikuyus in 2007, then they have been busy antigonizing the Kalenjins, and finally they are pissing off the Akambas. They can't heckle other communities into silence the way they do back in Luo Nyanza, and expect Raila to win the presidency. They could be helping Kalonzo's chances.

Anonymous said...

This article says alot about this Chris aka Kumekucha. The man is senile living in iron age of mud slinging!

Bure Kabisa wewe Chris....

Anonymous said...

Chris spot on. Like the commentary and the comments thereafter. Good analytics. Am kale and I think that my people have been making major strategical mistakes for a long time. Many ills that my people have go way back to the trauma since the assasination of samoei by meinertzhagen. The mentality of my people have also played heavily in the increasing isolation; we are introverts in nature and that doesn't play well in the kenya of today. But rest assured there shall be a new volcanic eruption ( not violently but intellectaully) sooner than most of you think. We have had the wrong leadership for way too long.
A wise Orkoiyot

Anonymous said...

2012, Raila Odinga vs Eugene Wamalwa.

Anonymous said...

Raila na mpira! Raila na mpira...... What a 'constitutional goooooooal'...he he he, mezeni wembe! Mambo biaaaad! Kaloozer needs a 'Miracle'...maybe nominated to parliament! In 2012 he he he. Lol, woi Kaloozer!

Anonymous said...

Raila na mpira! Raila na mpira...... What a 'constitutional goooooooal'...he he he, mezeni wembe! Mambo biaaaad! Kaloozer needs a 'Miracle'...maybe nominated to parliament! In 2012 he he he. Lol, woi Kaloozer!

Anonymous said...

2012 Is still far off! But honestly Kaloozer has just lost it. The man has done nothing for us Kambas in his over 25 years of politics.

A very pety politician always crying foul, when Hon. Ngilu drills boreholes in his backyard he orders it stopped because Hon. Ngilu is supposedly 'Undermining him' in his backyard and yet for years in KANU he let us beg for food and water like alms.

A man who gives orders to the media through the VPPS not to be covering him from the back so as not to expose his balding head. Well he can continue dying his hair but as a Kamba our new kid on the block is kiema kilonzo.

The Anti Kalonzo wave in Ukambani is for real and those who are still in denial should know that his time is up. He has wasted our chance for seeing the inside of statehouse.

He is already in the premier league...the champions league has been left for the BIG Three. Raila, Uhuru and Ruto. Compared to this three, Kaloozer simply has nothing to bring to the table and his 'usingizi' mentality of thinking that he will be the 'automatic' flag bearer for PNU come 2012 is all but a dream, let him watch the GEMA magic at play- even Hon. Kiraitu no longer sings his tune of 'Mbus ndriver wa 2012.

But atleast we Kaos can say we once had a VP.

Anonymous said...

If people don't know who Kalonzo is sample this. After taking over the VP's seat,he semingly frustrated an american NGO who had come to drill bore holes in his constituency. This NGO could not even clear their machinery at the ports since there were orders from above. Now who are the beneficiaries of the water being drilled? No wonder he could only celebrate his silver jubilee from afar. Poor guy is not a good schemer at all!!

Anonymous said...

The analysis of how the Eldoret will turn into an immigrants town are spot on. You just refreshed my thought.

Anonymous said...

Moi can't stand his Kabarak home in Rongai being represented in parliament by a Kikuyu. But someone should tell him that acknowledging reality is one way of retaining one's sanity.

Phil said...

Blogger Anonymous said...

2012, Raila Odinga vs Eugene Wamalwa.

Have you sunk this low?

Anonymous said...

Listen to the song Thug Raila is singing in the following quote:

"We don’t want to talk about kicking people out when we have much more important affairs to concern us in operationalising this Constitution.
It has to be signed and then we must begin to put structures in place to anchor it. Ruto is a member of ODM and we are not in the culture of expelling members. ODM is a democratic party that tolerates differences of opinion. So we really don’t need to waste time thinking about individuals."

It is good to see the Thug wrap his tail around his balls for once. A few months ago the Thug was talking about disciplining Ruto for some alleged corruption. After seeing General Ruto's might in the referendum results of RV, the Thug is sending emissaries to the General that they can work out a deal regarding Ocampo (with the help of Americans) in return for Ruto's supporting the delusional presidential hopes of the Thug.

Some of these political thugs will spin themselves silly before they realize their time is up.

Anonymous said...

Kaloozer! Apart from frustrating bore hole drilling in his constituency has been unable to show leadership in all the ministerial dockets that he has been placed in...remember when he was the environment minister-Kenyans have nothing to remember him for. Home affairs minister-poor bastard cant even implement and continue the prison reforms that Uncle moody begun.

No wonder the prison officers went on strike under his watch. A man who says he is pro reform - remember his KANU days - was in the fore front championing for Baba na Mama party.

Furthermore, a self declared democrat - who cant even stand Hon. Ngilu being on the opposing end- we still remember his prediction that Hon. Ngilu was not going to make it back to parliament. Lol- Ngilu really showed him huh!

Kalonzo will never be in the same league as the late Mulu Mutisya, Ngei and Mulinge. We simply dont need a poor leader! He aint making it to the house on the hill Mr. Cry baby.

Anonymous said...

Osavinya! Kaloozer! He he he... Dont worry your political blunders will be in our history books.

Plus Kaloozer should tell us were his new found wealth has come from Mr. Born Again - South Africa perharps mmmmh!

Good riddance from the BIG LEAGUE!

Anonymous said...

Poor leadership is SPOT ON! Thats Wsup with Kalonzo. He cant make his dockets perform. Plus ODM-K is a former shell of itself - no wonder the party cant even field candidates in by-elections.

Mr. Cry Baby is also SPOT ON! Always crying foul - well Maziwa ya Nyayo no longer flows freely. Pull up your socks bwana Kaloozer things are now officially Moto.

KIEMA KILONZO - Please stand up!

Anonymous said...

Raila is just a sick old man, with the propensity for another stroke, massive this time around. So those talking about 2010 should temper their expectations.
What puzzles me more than the bumpkin's infirmity is whether the voting patterns for this constitution will sustain to 2012. I will hazard a resounding NO. There appears to be no further incentive for the Kikuyu to cooperate with Jaluos. Unlikely that the coast will cooperate with the sick man and rift valley is clearly a no-no. Where will he get his votes from if/when he survives the next physical challenge? Mijingo??

Anonymous said...

peanut brain @ 3:51 pm. You can hate on RAO as much as you like but fact remains that he is the next PREZO. We Christian's pray for his good health (i know devils like you were hoping he would be called to join you in hell duirng his sickness....u will wait till the cows return home). ati another stroke? when did he get the previous one you numskull, wishing death on a fellow human being.

Anonymous said...

Most of us are forgetting the fact that "... and many others" besides kalonzo Musyoka will be kissing their parliamentary benches goodbye by 2012.

Kalonzo Musyoka is who we thought he was from day one and a politician many people have come to despise, including many from his constituency and the neighbouring one.

His abysmal track record since the days Daniel arap Moi, and now he is a man who time has come to set aside and let the people of Ukambani embrace a new dawn with all its bright future.

People of Kitui will do just fine without him being at the .... because they are very resilient, they are survivors and have learned to collaborate and listen where necessary.

Anonymous said...

Anon @3:51 PM

"There appears to be no further incentive for the Kikuyu to cooperate with Jaluos."

Kikuyus were not cooperating with Luos in the referendum. Kikuyus were voting "yes" to safeguard their interests especially in some parts of RV, but the Luos were voting "yes" because they had been ordered to do so by their Messiah.

Anonymous said...

@7:55pm...peanut brain yourself. the messiah is just human it would help if you were more anticipatory in your outlook and built appropriate safeguards or you'll forever be doomed to your flying toilets.

Anonymous said...


If Raila had not fallen sick at the crucial time he did, the "YES" side would have lost the referendum and we would have been back to square one. He had become such a divisive character on the "YES" side that not a single politician wanted to be seen with him except the president and a few Luo ministers. It was only after he fell sick that other politicians were able to go out and explain that the katiba did not mean backing Raila's ambitions, and only then the wananchi started reacting favorably to the katiba. It was also the time the press started focussing on and explaining Ruto's lies. Otherwise, if Raila had continued to be the face of the "YES" side, the katiba would have been rejected.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed amazing to read the blanket statements being spewed around by some who imagine they are the epitome of the political intelligensia. If you have a herd mentality, quit involving all Kenyans. Projecting exposes your immaturity as well as lack of self confidence.
As for those who hate Raila, its tickling to read your comments. At the end of the day the kenyans with voters cards will vote for who they think is good for them. In fact in the office after the referendum one kaleo said to me, "i voted NO so that when kenya would spiral out of control you would remember the message we in the rift were trying to tell you!"
Now i ask. WHO had convinced that intelligent kaleo man that there was going to be bloodshed? GASP!
As humans we vote according to our personal demons and messiahs. So those tribal haters should quit lying to themselves that they are a cut above the rest. Kenyans have woken up to the fact that every country deserves the leaders it gets. Tribalistic or not, its up to the individual. If the kaleos want a tribal war lord, thats their choice. If luos listen to their so called aged messiah, who are you to make snide remarks? The arrogance portrayed in tribal name calling is ignorant.

@Anon 9.23. Thank you for pointing out what most kenyans know about Kalonzo. A pathetic excuse of a leader who has dug his heels in and refuses to change with the times. Maybe he should join his fellow soloist kamotho from the Kanu hey days in the political cold where they can continue yelling foul even at moving shadows?

As for whoever it was that had the nerve to mention Wamalwa for 2012, that was a BAD joke. The days of riding into leadership roles on relatives coattails ESPECIALLY in Western, does NOT work. It ended with Musalia. Count the number of MPs we threw out in 2007 before you payuka such nonsense. Mudavadi was lucky Raila repackaged him. Nkt!!

KIPRONO said...


Anonymous said...

To: Raila Worshippers.

For the next two years have fun entertaining your delusional hopes of his presidency, but please don't try to go to State House to measure the drapes, not yet. The presidency belongs to the people of Kenya, and, as of today, the majority don't seem to be entertained by Raila's football tales, or intimidated by the heckling of his un-cultured herds.

Anonymous said...

Poor Raila, he is damned when he wins and is COUNTERFACTUALLY damned more if he would have lost. And speaking of worshipping who was more DIVISIVE that JC during his time?

And please don't shout blasphemy before engaging what little separates your ears!

Anonymous said...

Blessed are the young Kenyans for they will inherit Katiba Mpya without unnecessary bloodshed.

"The days of riding into leadership roles on relatives coattails ESPECIALLY in Western does NOT work. It ended with Musalia".

Well stated. Truth really hurts but remains the truth. Let those with ears hear and let the forewarned beware of the well informed voters in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Chris, Phil and Taabu can gloat all they want and insult Kalonzo until the cocks come home to roast but the blessings that are Kalonzo's will not be transfered to their ailing senile hero.

Anonymous said...

Why are darkies here pretending to be kambas and speaking for us.You hate us because we are not like you. You know you are a herd and you want everyone else to be herded.

Logic should be introduced early in the school cariculum in kenya. Thinking must be improved if this country is to go anywhere.

Anonymous said...

You mean some people cannot imagine that one can vote YES or NO without thinking of the wishes of "the king"?

Anonymous said...

A very useless debate coming from tribalists. The Almighty, I beseech thee to send forth the spirit of wisdom.

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunately the new katiba did not outlaw herd mentality. It is annoying to see a whole community refusing to read the katiba because their leader has read and liked it.

Anonymous said...

Some Akambas should be sent to Luo Nyanza to introduce Raila-worshipping Luos to the virtues of individualized thinking and avoidace of worshipping political leaders.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo a.k.a Cry Baby a.ka Kaloozer a.ka. Baba Muasya!

Had to wait for Raila to Join KANU so that he could grow some balls -RAO simply repacked him. Ruto went round stating that Kaloozer was with him during NO! Rallies in Ukambani but well dude didnt want to openly tell the Kaos that he was not with Ruto coz he was afraid that he would antagonize his Rift vally 'votes' for 2012 woishe.

Leadership qualities ziko down too sana! - ODM-K is a dying patry and has 99% MPs from Kamba land so he is just a tribal chief. The way Rao haters overlook this infact ODM is the only party in Kenya today that can atleast claim to have an MP from almost each province. Dude simply dumped his running mate Julia Ojiambo and forgot about her LOl!. Couldn't even bring a crowd during Prez. Kibakis last rally in Kao land- Kibaki had to say!.... 'Tulikuwa pale Kisumu na watu walijitokeza haiya ya ya yai...-a snide remark at Kaloozer.

Poor performer Environment and now Home affairs- Uncle Moody did a super job as VP- Kaloozer is well simply Kaloozer.
We all know what he has done there atleast Mwakwere brought in the Ferries.

Dude is simply being taken for a ride and he cant see it coming- I think the KANU mentality of automatic nomination is still in him. If PNU was to nominate their prezzo candidate Kaloozer cant beat Uhuru and thats a FACT!. ODM-K is not a member of PNU affiliated parties and he should remember who the PNU chair is-watch that space. Plus all the central MPs who were singing his Bus driver song aint singing no more why? Do they know what Kaloozer doesnt (He should see J.B wanjui, Prof. Kimura and Kangethe on more) Plus Jimmy Kibaki formed simama Kenya (with Dad's blessings and finances of course) and went for Wamalwa - the writing is on the wall. Ruto saw what was happening and quickly aligned himself with simama

Kibaki wont anoint Kaloozer as his successor! He was simply a pawn and saved Baba jimmy in 2007 and we all know how Kibaki has thanked and rewarded his loyal supporters - Kaloozer should consult - Murungaru, Karua, Matere, Maj. Gen Ali, Hyslop Ipu, Lt. General Njoroge and others. If he is waiting for that he should quickly run for Kamute - oops i forgot he is saved.

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