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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Deadly Police killers Part 1

Deadly Police killers Part 1

It was approaching mid 2008 and two different incidents happened in quick succession. The first was a warning that my true identity and location was known to certain persons hell-bent on hiding the truth from Kenyans at all costs. These people had been linked to various assassinations that at that point were only “rumours published in Kumekucha.” The second was when out of the blue one of my most impeccable and reliable security informants warned me to lie low and ensure that my identity was never known to this same group. My two informants did not know each other, I was sure of that. And so the timing of their warnings unsettled me greatly. I realized then that my life was really in danger.

Still I hesitated. What if both were wrong? Besides I had been very careful all along, surely there was no way they could find me. And so I did a little more checking and digging. Some sources assured me that all was well. But one or two others told me that I was a marked man because I had disclosed information that was way too sensitive in my blog and what made matters worse is that the information had reached the wrong “foreigners” who were now going to cause a lot of trouble. Since I knew too much and would most probably be called upon to help unearth the truth later, I could no longer be ignored.

Running for dear life can be a strange thing. The first thing that happens is panic. I did not realize how panicked I was until a friend who was helping me asked me a direct question; who exactly wanted to kill you? My mind went blank. It seemed that I had forgotten all the distinct incidents and happenings that had led me to that conclusion. It took two different lengthy dossiers for me to pinpoint the exact source of my fears with barely plausible motives as to why anybody would want to end my life prematurely.

In retrospect what happened in the weeks and months that followed confirmed that my information was correct as people who knew much less than I did ended up dead, execution-style. I am convinced to this day that had I not shifted locations when I did, things would have been very different.

It is important to remember that when I had my troubles almost nobody believed that there was a police execution unit at work in Kenya. And you really couldn’t blame them because they did not know as much as I knew on the subject.

This weekend I hope to help you dear readers of Kumekucha to understand a lot more about the reign of terror of one Maj Gen Hussein Ali and the reason why the Americans will not leave him alone even after he left the police to be postmaster general. His reign of terror as police commissioner is unprecedented although the truth is that police killings did not start with him.

And so let’s start in the next post with a history of the brutal nature of the Kenya police shall we?

To be continued

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P.S. Warnings here in Kumekucha about the time bomb that is Eastleigh have been numerous and started at least two years ago. The government as usual ignored them. The violence yesterday at the Jamia mosque in Nairobi caused many Kenyan Muslims to hang their heads in shame. And there is very little that they can now do to cleanse their image in the eyes of other Kenyans. After all who will believe that the so called Muslim youth who caused chaos are all from Somalia and are resident in the country (mostly illegally)? Who can differentiate between them and the local peace loving Muslims? Some deaths were caused yesterday… and for what? For a radical muslim cleric who has suddenly found that there is no airline in the world willing to carry him (even those from muslim countries?) A man who came into Kenya through Tanzania and yet the same Tanzania refused to follow the usual protocol where the radical cleric should have retraced his steps back to where he came from? By the way Tanzania has majority of the population listed as being Muslims.

So how differently should have the Kenyan government handled this Faisal chap who promotes the killing of innocent women and children and claims that his is a religious crusade? Should he have been invited for a cup of coffee in State house? Maybe flown back to Jamaica on the presidential jet? Please!!!!!

It is really annoying for illegal immigrants from a neighbouring country to cause so much chaos and disturb the peace in our country after they have caused such serious problems in their own country so that it is now inhabitable. It would seem that they want to do the same to our beloved Kenya. How dare you come into my peaceful house as a guest and then start breaking stuff and behaving as if it is your house? Hon George Saitoti please wake up and do something drastic!!

I have personally witnessed a man of Somalian descent being denied entry into Tanzania by immigration officers at Namanga. That tells you why Tanzania will never have such silly problems.

If I was Saitoti I would literally shut down Eastleigh right away. As I said in a post over a year ago. It is probably too late to do anything sane now. And that means that the only way to solve the problem is to do it with radical and bold strokes (whatever the consequences). Unless of course we want Nairobi to rapidly degenerate into another Mogadishu soon.

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Abass said...

Who cares what you say? Whether you like it or not, I am as Kenyan as anyone can get. Somalis are here to stay and they have being part of this country always. Just because were are becoming more assertive and appearing in Nairobi more often does not mean we didn't exist.

NEP is the second largest province in Kenya and our population is rapidly increasing. I am sorry Chris but you can't always push us to the sideline and hope we never existed. And you know, hating us won't help you. Hatred won't help anyone. But I trust most Kenyans are not as stupid as you and know we just want to get on with our life in this country as part and parcel of this country. No one wins in fitna, don't forget that.

Anonymous said...

Chris, my friend, you got it all wrong in regards to Somalis immigrants.

First, you need to differentiate and separate between radical Islam and genuine refugees fleeing persecution in their own country. These are 2 totally different group of people. And under UN refugee council, which Kenya is a member, Kenya as a country has an obligation to take in people fleeing war, humanitarian crisis, genocide, etc etc..

I appreciate you are a passionate patriotic Kenyan but in the same fire of passion please add humanitarianism.
Many Somalis especially women and children are facing REAL humanitarian catastrophe in their own country and Kenya is the only safe haven and a place where they can have a chance to life. Where is your compassion?

You even went further to call them "illegal immigrants". That is very crude coming from a man who in his own admission descend from Kamba and Bukhusu tribes. Did you know both Kamba and Luhyia (bukhsu) entered Kenya illegally during great Bantu migration from West Africa between 1500-1000 BC?
In fact Somalis and other Cushites were the early settlers in Kenya. Read your history, my friend.

…And learn to be tolerant!

Yours truly,

Phil's Mistress.

Mwarang'ethe said...

As we have stated here before, the issue of terrorists and pirates from Somalia, Yemen etc is a well calculated smokescreen designed to set the stage for militarization of Africa i.e. occupation and domination and Indian Ocean choke points.

It is now clear that the Greater Afghan war has expanded to:

Cuba (Guantanamo Bay Naval Base), Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, the Philippines, Seychelles, Sudan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Yemen.

In Djibouti, there are now some 2,500 U.S. military personnel in the Pentagon's first permanent base in Africa. It is also the headquarters of the U.S.'s Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA), set up in 2001 several months before Operation Enduring Freedom.

The CJTF-HOA, based in the French military base of Camp Lemonier, was transferred from the Pentagon's Central Command to its Africa Command on October 1, 2008 when AFRICOM was formally activated.

Its area of responsibility includes Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Seychelles, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Yemen.

Its areas of interest are Comoros, Mauritius, and Madagascar. The last three are, like Seychelles, island nations in the Indian Ocean.

The U.S. expanded Camp Lemonier to five times its original size in 2006 and troops from all branches of the U.S. armed services use the base when not working 'downrange' in countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia and Yemen.

For those in the know,Yemen, in the 1990s, welcomed back Arab fighters who left Afghanistan after the fall of the Soviet Union.

What is clear is that as with Afghanistan itself and other locations where the American military is fighting insurgent groups - the Philippines, Somalia and Yemen - the Pentagon is frequently confronting fighters funded, armed and trained by its own government in Pakistan from 1978-1992 under Operation Cyclone, the largest-ever CIA covert undertaking.

Anonymous said...

By the way Chris there are three million Kenyan somalies
according to the recent censors. So do plan exile of them. Solmalis could easily relocate to other countries with all their resources and then you will have major economic crises. At leasts90% of business in eastleigh is Kenyan owned.
If you guys can't do business then too bad for you. Stop this silly jelousy
if you are advocating religious hatred in Kenya against Muslim. Kenya could easily turn worse than Somalia

we can't even handle the tribal issues and Kenya will sufer at the expense of appeasing foreign powers.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Furthermore, in 2008, it was reported by U.S. News & World Report that:

"two of the most dangerous players are violent Afghan Islamists named Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and Jalaluddin Haqqani, according to U.S. officials."

In August 30, 2009, in the Commander's Initial Assessment Report of General Stanley McChrystal, commander of all U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan which led to Obama's escalation of the war by over 100, 000 soldiers, state that:

"The major insurgent groups in order of their threat to the mission are: the Quetta Shura Taliban (05T), the Haqqani Network (HQN), and the Hezb-e Islami Gulbuddin (HiG)."

But, who are these warlords?

The truth is as reported by U.S. News & World Report:

"[T]hese two warlords — currently at the top of America's list of most wanted men in Afghanistan — were once among America's most valued allies. In the 1980s, the CIA funneled hundreds of millions of dollars in weapons and ammunition to help them battle the Soviet Army....Hekmatyar, then widely considered by Washington to be a reliable anti-Soviet rebel, was even flown to the United States by the CIA in 1985."

"U.S. officials had an even higher opinion of Haqqani, who was considered the most effective rebel warlord....Haqqani was also one of the leading advocates of the so-called Arab Afghans, deftly organizing Arab volunteer fighters who came to wage jihad against the Soviet Union and helping to protect future al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden."

Using the pretext of terrorism in Kenya, Somalia, we are now witnessing militarization of Africa in unprecedented scale.

Of course, the presence of an alleged "terrorist Imam" offers a perfect smokescreen. How did he travel through all these nations to enter Kenya?

Sample this:

- in December, 2009, it was announced that a 1,000-strong Marine combat task force capable of rapidly deploying to hot spots could soon be at the disposal of the new U.S. Africa Command.

- The NATO Secretary General in Oct. 2009 while in Turkey said that:

"We have a shared interest in helping countries like Afghanistan and Iraq to stand on their feet again, fostering stability in the Middle East...and preventing countries like Somalia and Sudan from slipping deeper into chaos."

- Two months earlier, it had been announced that:

About 75 U.S. military personnel and civilians will be headed to the Seychelles islands in the coming weeks to set up...Reaper operations, which could start in October or November. U.S. Africa Command is calling the Navy-led mission Ocean Look.

Without going into too much details, we can see an Afghanistan-Pakistan-Somalia-Yemen connection is intimately connected with its plans for Africa as a whole.

Anonymous said...


I really hope Kenya govt is not expecting money from foreign countries for this esp with regard to the carbon trade and other climate mitigation schemes. Many people are watching how these evictions have been conducted. They are also watching the govt to see whether it has the capacity to monitor and maintain the integrity of any such dealing. The PM (and his cronies) should realize that it's not a slam dunk! If UNEP endorses this flawed procedure and especially the dispossession of the rural poor they too shall face opposition including even from within the UN itself. We shall meet in Bali!

Anonymous said...

Learn more about this controversial Jamaican cleric Abdullah al-Faisal here:

Anonymous said...

FACTS about Al-Faisal!

Muslim cleric Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal, who has been deported from the UK to Jamaica, was jailed in 2003 for soliciting the murder of Jews and Hindus.

Al-Faisal spent years travelling the UK preaching racial hatred urging his audience to kill Jews, Hindus and Westerners.

The imam called on impressionable teenage boys to learn how to use rifles, fly planes and use missiles to kill "all unbelievers".

In return for becoming martyrs, he promised them the reward of a place in paradise.

One of the 7 July London suicide bombers, Germaine Lindsay, was heavily influenced by him, according to the former UK Home Secretary John Reid.

Shoe bomber Richard Reid, who like al-Faisal is of Jamaica descent, is said to have visited mosques where he preached.

In the UK he attended Brixton mosque in south London - the same mosque where Reid is thought to have met Zacharias Moussaoui, the alleged "20th hijacker" in the 11 September attacks.

Reid was jailed for life in the US for attempting to blow up a transatlantic jet with explosives in his shoes.

But al-Faisal said he had never met either man because they had attended two years after he had left.

The Muslim cleric went on to set up his own study circles in the mid-1990s in Tower Hamlets, east London.

He had been stopped by customs at Heathrow in 2000 when lecture notes were seized.

But it was only after one of his tapes was found by police post-11 September that he was arrested.

In February 2004, al-Faisal lost his appeal against conviction. However, the Court of Appeal reduced his sentence from nine years to seven years.

He was released on parole after serving half of his sentence for soliciting murder and inciting racial hatred.

Al-Faisal, left the UK from Gatwick at midday on 25 May 2007, accompanied by two police escorts and an immigration officer, having lost his appeal against deportation.

The home secretary said he was pleased Al-Faisal been removed and excluded from the UK.

Anonymous said...


Damn good and an excellent article.

Well the picture is even bigger.

There are reasons to believe that we are goin to see numerous political assination in Africa and even Coups that will be supported by the Americans and the Obama adminstration. The question ia why ?

The answer is : Africas resources and China´s huge presence in Africa. And thw weapon is terror and and of course the Son of Africa Mr Obama.

Well 2010 is goin to be an interestin year....
@ Chris shutting down Eastleigh is not the solution. The solutions is better and tighter security at our borders and better screening.

Anonymous said...

the new lad policy is been implimented and a local mp with the dc are sellecting members of the district land board. In the process selecting members of clan to influence issues of land. This could cause chaos when Mps control wealth through land.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
the new lad policy is been implimented and a local mp with the dc are sellecting members of the district land board. In the process selecting members of clan to influence issues of land. This could cause chaos when Mps control wealth through land.

1/16/10 11:48 AM


Well, this is not land reforms. This is business as usual and will eventually destroy Kenya.

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