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Monday, December 14, 2009

I knew this day was coming.

I came back to Kenya about eight months ago intent on laying groundwork for a political run. With a couple of friends, I went to Rarieda and surveyed the landscape. For my run, things looked pretty good and my friends abroad urged me to go for it. I thought I would until this past Sunday.

On Sunday, after deep introspection, I decided to go in an entirely different direction. Since my first love has always been books, it was easy for me to decide to work for my church as a book man in a territory that will comprise the nations in East and Central Africa.

This will mark my last posting on this authoritative blog. I thank Chris, Phil, Sayra, Taabu and all the friends who have put up with me over the period I've been here. Indeed, I thank Chris for graciously inviting me to be one of the contributors. I have enjoyed every moment of it. I will read Kumekucha everyday and know that every Kenyan who wants to know what is going on around will too.

For those who may have been offended by anything I said while here, I ask your forgiveness. We are all human and prone to mistakes. But I ask that together we pray for our nation. I'm encouraged by the unity that seems to have taken root and hope this will sustain deep into the future. What we have to avoid like a plague is those politicians who still want our top consideration for electing them to be some crude tribal arithmetic that meshes into a formula called KKK. Men of that ilk have nothing to offer this nation other than doom.

And though my good friend Chris believes Raila will fade before 2012, I want to predict today that Mr. Odinga will be this nation's next President and he will be the best President this nation will have ever had. Just like Chris asked us to hold him to his words, I say hold me to mine.

It pains me to say good bye, folks, but that it has to be.

I love you all and God bless Kenya!

Sam Okello
Sahel Publishing
South Bend, London, Nairobi


Anonymous said...

I disagreed with you alot but i will miss you, okello.


Anonymous said...

so long, sam

Anonymous said...

Go in peace and make sure Raila is the President

Anonymous said...

My grandmother would scribble something better.

Anonymous said...

You look handsome sam on that website photo. However that said, let me remind you that you made it clear a while ago that Raila was not the future of Kenya.
I am also aware that you got the current job after assuring some quarters that Raila will receive favourable comments and coverage.
No wonder you have changed your tune so so fast.
As the President of Sahel, am afraid your corruption, hatred for Kikuyu's evident in previous posts
and your hypocricy will drive that house down.
Its a matter of time and Sahel owners should not say they were never warned.

Anonymous said...

john orwa
Mr Okello you are a good riddance to the blog. i dont think any one should ever miss you.

Anonymous said...

Blessings all the way, sir.

Janet Ongera, ODM

Anonymous said...

It is good for Kenya that you have abandoned your political goals because, based on what you wrote here, I deeply believe that you would have been another mjumbe bila msimamo. Some times you would tell us of how Raila cries for Kenya, other times you would talk of how unfit he is for presidency. One day, you write about Kikuyus being the evils of Kenya, then the following day you call them dear brothers and sisters. What never changed was the high level of articulation and clarity of what you thought and wrote any given moment. Also, you sounded to be in a hurry to achieve a short term personal objective such as being recognised (noticed) by some quarters, hence the inconsistency. If only you had a consistent longtterm uplifting national message, you would have been a great asset for the country.

As for Raila being the next and best president of Kenya, it is neither here nor there. You should be asking us to pray that God give us a president who doesn't divide us into "kabila adui" and "kabila rafiki" groupings. For when tribes fight people get hurt regardless of which tribal overlord they worship.

That said, I wish I got to know you over a cold tusker. You sound sunny and, unlike Taabu, you do not take criticism to heart. I have no doubt you will succeed in your next pursuit for you have the temperament and the energy.

God bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...


READ MY LIPS: Raila WILL NEVER be the president of Kenya!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't like Luo people!! and they should never be allowed anywhere near power. They are just plain thick!!!!!

Miguna Miguna ODM said...

We will miss u Sam. So long

Anonymous said...

The only reason Sam took the job is because his title will be President and of pampering his ego..

The owner of Sahel must be Wahindi who know how to dish titles.

BTW; whats are the job descriptions of President and the CEO?...he he heee you gessed it right!!! same thing

Anonymous said...

you are one great guy sam; lucky are they you will edit for.

Anonymous said...


Prayer accomplishes nothing but you are of course a christard. Massie Blomfield (or whatever her name is) has always been right. Africans were not well prepared to run a modern government. You cant just pick people from the bush, give them some little education and then tell them they are in charge of tax money and aid ie the treasury. But then again I think the mzungu knew exactly what would happen and wanted it that way.

Anonymous said...

Guy is hot!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes Sam

At long last, you have come to realise what many of us saw a long time ago.
We can change little in Kenya- Kibaki's tenure has shown us that.He has not respected anything he ever promised to Diasporians. Quote one.
But we must understand the man.So long as you dont step on his toe (read Lucy and family), he cares less. This is how you should read GEMA's visit to Raila-They have realised that they are opharns of this Kibaki's character!

Bur give the man credit. Kenya has changed.It is open for expression.People have therefore become more apolitical.This alone is the force on the ground we are talking about.
Unlike other politicians,Raila is using this force very well. eg.Buta's speech.It was a hit with the masses.
Any politician who is able to show care for the masses in the whole country is a winner.
Todays papers that "Moi etc are the next in the next phase to leave MAU- it is an advancement of this "win the masses" strategy.

The real change force are the Kenyans on the ground IN KENYA.

Unless Raila messes up, he is the people's man.
Even in central provice!

Ruto was coming up very well until this MAU and KKK came up.
But a day is so many years in politics. All we can do is wait and see. But at the moment, Raila is the man of the moment

What do you call Kibakis outright support of him last saturday? What do you read in GEMA's intruiges of last week?
For those who care to listen, we are back to 2005-referendum.
A new constitution will be possible,only if Raila decides so!

kumekucha said...

My Dear brother Sam,

You know I like being blunt.

Politically we did not agree most of the time, still don't... but you are one hell of a writer. There is no doubt that Kumekucha will be poorer in talent without you.

I will tell you something else you may not know. Controversy sells and your presence here always used to kick up a storm and with it massive hits.

In Kenyan politics those you do not agree with are your enemies but you and I are great friends and yet we hardly agree. That was a great thing for majority of Kumekucha contributors to see because they still don't get it and I fear that they never will.

All the best in your future endevours, my brother. We will miss you.


P.S. Is there any way that you can continue to write for us occasionally, even under some kind of pen name?

Anonymous said...

God's work, that is where you belong, Mr. Okello. I am happy for you.

Sam Okello said...

Hi Chris,

Touched me deeply to read such kind words from you. We've been though a lot together and I know that the journey ahead will be smoother only when we continue to forcefully project the competing visions our fellow countrymen face on a daily basis.

With great and artculate writers like Taabu, Sayra, Phil and of course you, I know that KK will continue to lead the way.

Blessings for now, buddy, we will talk soon.

Sam Okello

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello,

I am a kk regular for 2 years. I have always assumed that you are a UON boy due to many silly/ immature comments you have made here. I have now seen from the website that you are actually a very grown man; i can now put words and face together, thanks for that.
Nway i have forgiven you and wish you the very best in your life. However a word of advise: please watch your words. In James 3:6, the Bible says that the tongue is "a fire, a world of iniquity", and James 3:8 calls the tongue a "deadly poison". Many lives have been lost in kenya because of loose talk

KK regular

Anonymous said...

hey wait a minute that's not Sam Okello in the pictures thats me..yaani Sam you copy pasted mpaka ma photo...all the best dude!

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