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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Ringera to Remain KACC Boss, MTA DO?

The so-called national outrage over President Kibaki’s decision to UNILATERALLY re-appoint Justice Aaron Ringera as KACC boss is both misplaced and mischievous. Kibaki acted within the law and the dreamers are better reminded that there is only one centre of power occupied exclusively by President Kibaki.

ODM has been wrong footed once more. Just like when they continued with protests on December 30, 2007 and Kibaki was taking his oath of office. While ODM was drowning in celebrating their inconsequential by-election victories, Kibaki pulled the plug once again to show them who the real boss is.

Meanwhile ODM's serial activists are busy disowning collective responsibility in their petty effort to play to the excited gallery. Well, Kibaki knows REALPOLIK and he has both his eyes and hands on the trophy.

That mob in parliament cannot be taken seriously either with their obsession to turn Kenya into a parliamentary dictatorship. Kibaki was legally sworn in by the Chief Justice to uphold the law and that he is simply practicing what he is constitutionally mandated to do. Kibaki never co-held the Bible with anybody and therefore needs nobody’s approval to re-appoint the eloquent and unrivalled dragon slayer.

Ringera is the best KACC Kenya will ever have. He knows what to protect and Kibaki knows better than appointing a hot head who will disturb business flow with nosy investigations. We are a working nation and with a vision to eradicate darkness and famine by 2030.

Saintly VP
The so-called KACC advisory board must be condemned for being disrespectful to the head of state. Basic logic would inform them that the word advisory simply implies answerable to a higher authority who can chose to make decision with no reference to them. It is foolish for the hecklers to attempt biting the very hand feeding them.

All pretenders criticizing Kibaki on hollow legal grounds better listen to the Justice Minister who knows what it means to defend a president. These loudmouthed even shamelessly ignore the wise counsel of the brilliant, untainted and saintly VP.

Kibaki is right to reappoint Ringera. Aaron has no equal in slaying dragons and waxing Shakespearian. Only him could author and execute the radical judicial surgery. What is more, his ingenuity saw him discover divine intervention to fight graft without firing a short or spending any of our scarce resources. Speak of a genius.

All the noise on Ringera’s re-appointment will only succeed in vindicating Kibaki’s contempt for Kenyans’ pettiness.


Anonymous said...

The president MUST be left alone to execute his mandate without interference from DOMO DOMO busybodies. Another election is coming in 2012 when they can attempt again to elect their messiah as president. Until then they should know their place in the power matrix.

Anonymous said...

There two types of dogs in a village - those that specialize in barking and those specialize in biting. Which one would like you take with you for a hunt or to guard you when you sleep?

drummer said...

...operating in an atmosphere of constant high-blood pressure is no good...and I wonder for what...? Just to draw a reaction...? will Kibaki run for president in the next elections...?
Anon at 3:46, you really think Raila will run for president...

Anonymous said...

Whoever came up with the quote 'raising political storm in a tea cup' must have had Kenyan people in mind. All of a sudden, the reappointment of Ringera is a matter of life and death and all the idlers read LSK, ODM, Taabu and the ever petty press are making this issue as sensational as possible.
I wonder why ODM with majority in parliament have never seen the need to repeal the law that the president used. These are fools used to reacting to issues for political gain. Like a dog drawn to the aroma of frying meat, Taabu at 50's cannot resist excitedly jotting this recycled piece of history in Kumekucha.
Tomorrow when the noise makers are tired, another issue will come up and this one will be quickly buried and the idlers will again call press conferences and talk tough.
What happened to a new constitution or rather what is ODM doing to fulfil their promise to ordinary mwananchi? or is Kibaki holding a gun on their heads?
people should look at the bigger picture not looking at issues from the lense of Kenyan press.

Frustrated Kenyan.

Anonymous said...

ati ... wise counsel of the brilliant, untainted and saintly.... what so saintly about kenyan politics in general?

my village neighbours never cease to amaze in 2009. keep up with the work of brilliant praises and you may end up being rewarding after 2012.

sycophancy at best.

Anonymous said...

It is callous to be gleeful on a matter like this. We are a country mired in executive decadence. Power is not legitimate simply because we can exercise it. The president, a product of a fraudulent vote outcome, is demonstrating to the world that he is autocratic, that democracy is a hollow cliche. When the political game is against such, ODM can be excused for being theatrical. In advanced democracies, there are genuine checks and remedies on the powers and actions of a president: judicial, political, even advocacy and, in other parts of Africa, the ultimate!

Anonymous said...

I admire the leardership of Kalonzo Musyoka. He is a God-fearing , peaceful, development-oriented leader. I am tired of waiting for 2012 to vote him president. I hope he will continue from where Kibaki stops.

Mama said...

Why am I not surprised Muthaura is back in office and things start changing? Things were going well without his evil we hear he is well then the president goes about breaking laws....there must be some relation between the two!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Two days ago we expressed the following opinion:

We hear that the KACC Board and the LSK may seek to quash this appointment in the Court. Well, it seems to us from a CASUAL glance of the facts and the law that, such an attempt will fail. Why?

S. 8 (3) of the Economic Crimes Act, provides that:

"The Director and Ass. Director shall be persons recommended by the Advisory Board and approved by the National Assembly ..."

s.8 (4) Once approval of a person by the NA under ss. (3) the President shall appoint the person concerned to the office in respect of which approval was given.

The question is, did the Advisory Board and the NA approve of Ringera's appointment in the first instance? Yes.

So, does the Act require the Advisory Board and the NA to reapprove if the President seeks "only to renew" the appointment of persons who had been approved in the first instance and the board has not complained of? Or, is reapproval only required in case of new directors?

And, since Schedule 8 2 (1) provides that:

"If the office of the Director or an Assistant Director BECOMES VACANT, the Advisory Board shall, within three months, recommend a person to be appointed to fill the vacancy", were the relevant posts vacant at the time of renewal to require approval by the Board and the NA?

It seems to us that Kibaki might have the last laugh in this tussle if the matter goes to the Courts. It will be interesting to watch this drama.

9/1/09 6:00 AM


As a matter of law, it seems that, Kibaki is home and dry. We would expect LSK and the Advisory Board to know better.

Having said that, let us not deceive ourselves that removing Ringera will solve our corruption problem. The problems we face stem from flawed philosophical foundations of the modern state.
Thus, all we are doing now is improving a pervesion.

M-Pesa said...

Why is everyone pretending to be surprised by Kibaki's unilateral actions that blatantly break the law and? I mean, this dude stole the elections, was hurriedly sworn in at night and that resulted in deaths of thousands and destruction of property.

Under Kibaki's reign, The Standard was raided by Artur Brothers while Lucy stormed Nation Media slapping about the lesser earthlings. Immediately Kibaki dishonoured his MOU with Raila, it's then that the seeds of impunity were planted.

Kibaki's reign will forever be defined by bloodshed of innocent Kenyans. Over 400 innocent and unarmed Luos butchered for peacefully demonstrating stolen elections (ask Waki) while 5,000 innocent Gema young men are labelled Mungiki and finished in extra-judicial Killings (ask Prof Alston).

I mean the dude reinstated Mwiraria, Kimunya and Kiraitu AKA "ngo slow" even after their actions had bordered on insanity. Demi god Raila can invite old Kibaki for Omena lunch at his Bondo home but some things just never change.

Ask good old Martha who knows the dark forces (Mt Kenya Mafiosi) that call the shots like the bank of her hand! No wonder the likes of Mutahi Ngunyi keeps yearning for the Moi days. Like it or not, Kibaki cares less what any pumbavu wananchi think and will continue spitting on the face of "stupid" Kenyans. Meanwhile, Ringera laughs all the way to the bank for his monthly bribe of 2.5M not to fry the "mbig" fish. Kwani una jela yako yakumfunga? Seriously speaking, it looks like this country has it's owners!

Anonymous said...

Amazing Stuff .... and natuarally leaked when Anti-Corruption takes a front seat..... The HOME GUARDS at National Security and thier friends at the Administaration police - no love lost with Ali really wants to shot two birds with one stone. What they are " saying " is Ringera - one of thier own - is not the one we should be looking at the " HOUSE " cannot crumble. Its Ali who is corrupt and should go.

My question is how can suveillance systems worth 800M used to guard police property and important records be fake. AND WHY IS THE INFO COMING OUT NOW - there were no doors broken its people on the know who walked in and out with the Cargo.

This is a big one - classic INFORMATION DISINFORMATION.

Anonymous said...

M-Pesa, Raila stole the vote and dudder heads like you shudder when this is mentioned. Just check votes cast in Luo Nyanza and see how rotten the ODMorons are. Heck we even had 150% election turnout that would have naturally raised a red flag but not with ODM bent on winning. Kibaki won fair and square and you can take it or jump into river chania. When ODM goons paid killers, looters and rapist to create disorder, it was a sign that these fellows were ready to go at any length to get a shot at power. Even Balala who has gone suddenly quite talked of subdividng the country into regions manned by thugs.

thats ODM for you twit!!!

Anonymous said...

Assessment of corruption and corruption-related issues is PERCEPTION. Leave alone the political din that greeted the renewal of the Dragon Slayer's tenure, the general feeling is that he is a failure. But the real POWER knows better. They have been served with distinction and that's why the statutory provisions relating to the renewal of the term of Lord Aaron must be read with the ultimate objective in mind.
And you say Emilio is not in control?

Anonymous said...

Some dim-wits are so obssessed with "storren errections" you think that's what they eat and sleep. Why is Kibaki gava killing thousands of young men in Mt.Kenya region under the guise of controlling the Mungiki menace? Why is it that all the IDPs including those in Uganda are Kikuyus? Because Kibaki won the elections? We know where you come from.

Anonymous said...

On legalities mwarangethe and mutula are right. A reappointment does not require re-vetting by the Board and Parliament.

Anonymous said...


Shocked said...



Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder whether we have morons for MPs. They enact laws that aren't watertight then cry foul when those loopholes are used to bypass them! They gave it to Kibaki and the man is f****** us all !!! He doesn't give a hoot about anything. Would anyone be surprised if his name appears in the ballot paper come 2012!!

papa plus said...

mta do? you ask?

Nada. We will bend over and spread them. Don't even bother with the lube...we know how to play our position.

kim said...

Kibaki is never moved by what we on the grassroots think. In fact, everybody in kenya is now beginning to appreciate this. I am tired of seeing a case where he breaks the law with sheer arrogance.The only question to ask is; where is Raila? On a serious note where is the PM. Everyone has now turned to you for leadership after Kibaki became insensitive, arrogant and cold blood killer. Mr PM we know your powers are limited but your defacto powers are limitless and furthermore, more than 30 million kenyans look up to you for guidance.

Anonymous said...


You make me laugh when you ask where the PM is as if you don't know the game being played in town. Raila's eyes are focussed on the 2012 elections and not on what you feel or don't feel. Now that the Kalenjins are in revolt, Raila is busy woing the Meru (Ringera's community) as a replacement vote basket. The Merus led by Kiraitu are playing hard to catch; Kiraitu is unhappy with the Deputy-PM he is being promised in a Raila administration.

If you want to know what Raila thinks listen to his mouthpieces, Orengo and Nyong'o. They must be careful just in case the Merus start inquiring who the puppeteer is behind the mouthpieces.

In the meantime, the RV boys are saying that they have burried their hatchets since Raila apologized to them. They are just trying to stop Raila looking for other suitors untill they are sufficiently ready to divorce him in a dramatic style.

The dance continues and the party has not started yet. Don't hold your breath waiting for Raila, he is busy looking for tribal beauties to dance with. Are you a beauty? If you are not, tafadhali jisaidie!

Anonymous said...

Looks like this fool has finally lost it completely with mbeca only in his mind and kuoya kuoya

Even Jesus took the whip and caned and chased merchants from the church

What an idiot

The Church has been called to partner with the government in speeding up commercial and industrial development of the country.

President Mwai Kibaki, while challenging the Church to take an active role in meeting both spiritual; and material needs of their faithful, expressed the government’s commitment to a just Kenya.

“All religious organisations are now invited to step up their provision of technical and business training or help establish Church-based small and medium enterprises to create employment for our youth,” President Kibaki said on Sunday.

Anonymous said...



Mwambu said...

Ringera "Mr.Clean" is a scumbag whose job it is to act as the Kibaki family consigliere as Mwai "I brazenly stole an election", Mama Rucy, and Jimmy continue fleecing the country in the myriad deals they have concocted as their expiration date of 2012 draws ever so near.

Anonymous said...

Parliament want to kill KACC and move its operation to the police force.

The dreamer of dreamers move fast- if people hate Ringera, his brother will take over. Not at KACC but as the commissioner of police!.

a zero game

what a joke

Anonymous said...

Parliament want to kill KACC and move its operation to the police force.

The dreamer of dreamers move fast- if people hate Ringera, his brother will take over. Not at KACC but as the commissioner of police!.

a zero game

what a joke

Anonymous said...

Brig Ali Got His Just Desserts
Ali was a victim of an unproductive leadership attempt to redress the fundamental dysfunctions of an antiquated colonial law-and-order police force. These efforts are neither developed on the strength of leaders’ professional competence on institutional change nor are they the product of a well-defined commitment on anybody’s part to reform and restructure national security as an institution. For policy and institutional reforms to have a genuine chance of success, they have to be based on a protracted and thoroughgoing analysis of the status quo and the best possible options for change. The conditions that must prevail for this analytical endeavor include: space for broad based dialogue and joint fact-finding; intellectual leadership by security sector professionals; institutional mechanisms for coordination; meaningful engagement with stakeholders; and a strong evidence base.
In the recent actions that might be associated with efforts to restructure national security institutions, there is, in my view, a lot more tokenism and very little chance for meaningful change. Therefore, merry-go-round commissions of inquiry, musical chairs at the helm of security forces, ad hoc special issue squads, anti-riot successes, competition between erstwhile versions of security forces, army generals for police commissioners, are not likely to give Kenya a revitalized/restructured police force.
Policy and institutional reforms require well pitched policy analytical research carried out by researchers with expertise that goes beyond understanding policy as simply any document authored by bureaucrats. Until the fundamental composite relationships between security regulation, the law, the institutions and manpower capacity are examined and brought into harmony, until attempts are made to change the monolithic structures that weigh down institutional dynamism and until stakeholders are empowered and provided with formal mechanisms to develop/present ideas, Kenyans will continue, bemused, to crave institutional revitalization.
Ali’s case is but an iota of an example of a failed institutional system, a decrepit one, lacking its own or an external capacity/means to extricate itself from a debilitating past and present into a viable dynamic future. Ali’s case is like Moi’s dream team (Leakey and others brought in to salvage decadent bureaucratic institutions at the urging of international institutions), an armed forces general transplanted to remake the police force. The convoluted argument would be that a trained army officer stands a greater chance of reining in police indiscipline. If indiscipline is acknowledged, does it not stand to reason that the cancer is institutional and the indiscipline just an instance of it?
Like the dream team, Ali’s and the police force’s fate, are examples of a growing body of evidence that Kenya’s institutional order is moribund, and that it is preposterous for Kenyans to expect elected leaders to spearhead broad institutional changes for better service delivery and for a more equitable political economy. These leaders lack the capacity, the commitment and accountability and the sense of urgency to commit to broad changes.
It needs emphasizing that the rot in Kenya’s institutions will not be changed by politicians because it is hardly in their interest to do so nor does political expediency favor such commitment. My conclusion: Ali joined a dysfunctional political order, played to the gallery and got his just desserts.

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