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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Kibaki Fires Police Boss, Rewards Major Ali

By firing Major Ali, President Kibaki has called Kumekucha's April 1 post bluff. Well, it is not foolish to play the game and score five months later.

What a political genius President Kibaki is? With the musical chair rewarding Major Ali with Posta CEO job while pretending to have fired him as police boss, he has taken the wind off the sail of furore over Ringera's reappointment.

Give it to one Mzee Muthaura. The government was tottering in brink of collapse for the few weeks he was hospitalized. But thank God for his recovery. Now the heat is back and the octogenarian diplomat is destined to fix things in no time.

Where is the loudmouthed Prof. Alston? The UN activist wanted Ali, Wako and Ringera removed. Now with the typical Kenyan token gesture, Ali has been cleverly sacrificed to create an impression of action with no actual movement. He can eat his heart out. As for Kenyans, they can as well resign to being tenants to the real landlords. MTA DO?

All the noise about police reforms have been nipped in the bud. Kibaki's former security commandant Iteere is the new police boss. Under him are flower assistants charged with reforms, chapter closed.

Nobody understands Kenyans better than Kibaki. Aware of our short memory, he has fired and rewarded Major Ali. And with that singular stroke of genius Ringera is securely fenced from attacks as we gleefully jump to the next hot issue before us. OLE WETU.


M-Pesa said...

Kibaki did not disappoint. Another fellow Gema appointed as the new police commissioner. Looks like all "sensitive" dockets must be held by "andu a nyumba" just look at KRA, Central Bank, Trade, NSIS, Treasury, PPU, Civil Service...I could go on until morning, all this madness when we have over 42 tribes in good old Kenya. This appointments are meant to deflect the attention away from another embattled Gema Operative who heads KACC, work of genius. Quick question, what does a failed cop who is bloodied by extra-judicial killings know about the postal system? And why is our pathetic PM Raila Odinga so silent about this corrupt and unilateral actions by the Head of State? I hope he has not eaten ugali in any night meetings at state house.

Anonymous said...

Though Kibaki's new choice of police chiefs stinks and exposes the impunity and tribalism Kibaki and Raila have been cooking, I'm delighted Ali has been shown the door. The blood of the innocent Kenyans he dispatched to the grave will haunt him and Kibaki for ever.

New police chief Iteere is a Meru (Kibaki is in love with Merus, CID boss Gatiba Karanja (Kikuyu)was retained while Iteere's deputy Francis Okonya is a Luo.

Kibaki rewarded his kinsmen and threw a small bone to Raila to shut up. Raila went to bed with Kibaki and he now sees no evil done by Kibaki.

The faster Kenyans revolt and kick out Kibaki and Raila the better. A coup or a revolution is welcome to restore order and rule of law in Kenya.

Richard said...

We should all be afraid!!! Afraid that nothing will ever work for any Kenyan who cares to say anything.... Kikuyus rule we follow...Any out there who knows how to play chase will tell you that "check mate" Kibs has done it! let us all pray

lost parcel! said...

It might be for the best... I don't know how many times I have wished that someone could shoot the people that nick post!

Philip said...

I hereby pass my congratulations to Honourable Emilio Mwai Kibaki for showing us what true leadership is.

Kibaki has shown us Kenyans the true leadership we have always yearned for.

He has displayed wisdom better than that of King Solomon by appointing a CEO in Posta. For those who don't know, Ali, like Bill Gates, is a genius in IT.

Ali is IT savvy and his wit helped the police department to open up a facebook and twitter page that updates people on the happenings within police force such as "a policeman along Tom Mboya street has managed to collect Kshs 7,000 in a day from matatu drivers".

He has also made a very good move of appointing Iteeri as Police Commissioner. We know what GSU can do, and with the former GSU commandant as current Police Commisioner we know there will be no demonstration of so called civil rights activists over re-appointment of Ringeera, another good and wise move by Kibaki Mwai Emilio.

I would like all of you to join me in supporting Kibaki Mwai Emilio a.k.a "Baba Jimmy" in these appointments. If Museveni appointed her wife as minister I don't see anything wrong with Kibaki going ahead to appoint Mrs Lucy Kibaki "Mama Jimmy" as Minister (or call Ministress) of Foreign Affairs.

This is the Kenya we have all wanted. Najivunia kuwa mkenya "kamili".

Posted from Muthaiga Golf Club after 12 bottles of Tusker Kubwa. Kibaki was here a while ago, he'll be coming for more treat tomorrow before he makes another appointment- this time I wish he'll appoint Lucy as Ministress of Foreign Affairs.

Anonymous said...

Anon You said

Though Kibaki's new choice of police chiefs stinks

Educate us, does he stink because he is Iteere or what in his capacity as a GSU commandant has he failed in? Whats the mandate of GSU and what havent he done as a commandant?

Phillip, You said

Ali is IT savvy ...

As matter of fact, he is actually quite good. You dont attend Sandhurst, become fighter jet and helicopter pilot without being a tech savvy, so leta ingine

Anonymous said...

And where is molasses in all this?Or has he become so contented since getting a motorcade,7 storey shell/bp house office,red carpet,executive toilets and military choppers at his disposal,that he has joined the ranks of 'eat to your fill and see and hear no evil' and let stupid and naive activists continue screaming their heads off about ethics and good governance while personal fortunes keep swelling.Guys?

Anonymous said...

For those who are asking where Raila is, look around town, I saw his chase cars around Nyayo Stadium. Ako towni lakini tumbo imajaa. With his brother at Treasury and sister as Consul General in Los Angeles who else does the man want?

By the way, the Kikuyu haters should be told that Iteere is a Meru and an in-law to Orengo. Don't also forget that Raila is busy wooing the Meru vote basket in readiness for 2012, just in case the Kales refuse to play ball. That is why he has been so quiet on the Ringera (meru) saga. So with these appointments, Raila scores double: he gets his Luo guy as No.2 and tells Meru that he helped Iteere get No.1. And I dare say that Karanja, the CID boss, is a distant uncle of Raila's daughter in-law (Castro's wife). So you worshippers out there who have choosen to remain blind can keep crying for Raila to speak. If he ever speaks he will tell you just what you want to hear but will never do it.

Before you step on the toes of someone in this town of Nairobi, first check who he goes to bed with (literally) and then his business partner. Everything else you see is illusion.

Anonymous said...

Someone wake me up when its time to turn off the lights on the country called Kenya.

luke said...

Wewe Taabu,
what do you have against POSTA?wacha tupate ARMED MAIL in peace please

munyanta said...

look at these useless Kenyans whining here about kibaki this, Raila that, etc. why are you guys appearing sooooo shocked? You make the same mistake every five years of voting in complete morons and somehow expect miracles to happen!!!!

these are the bitter fruits of not voting with your brains! kuleni matunda ama mutengeneze juice alafu mwishowe mnyamazishe midomo........

Anonymous said...

It seems the Okonya guy jumped several ranks to be #2 at Vigilance House. I dont want to talk about kibs, but couldnt rao find some one from the other tribes that voted odm for promotion?

Anonymous said...


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Injeraz said...

Kenyans..always whining about this or that. Waiting for the govt to solve their problems. Next we will be whining about El Nino floods. whine,whine,complain..bal,bla,bla

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with kenya? Real issues are not being discussed. Who is talking about new consititution, IDPs, PEV etc. Parliament is just a dog chasing its tail. The executive in its current structure is just too powerful. Parliament only won the leader of Government business contest because the LBG was required to be recognised by parliament. In the KACC contest, Parliament is remaining with only one weapon in its arsenal: denying KACC money. But I suspect as the war goes on, this weapon will somehow (scratch my back I scratch yours) be rendered useless, and there will be a total defeat for parliament. Why move inexonerably to your own defeat? If parliament wants to save us from an imperial presidency, let them do a new constitution.

Anonymous said...

My dear Kenyans, Don't you get it?Like some one recently quoted the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, the former President of Tanzania: "Kuna tofauti kubwa kati ya Mjinga na Pumbavu. Ukajaribu kujieleza kwa Mjinga, anaweza akakusikiza, na wakati mwingine, labda hata mwishowe atakuelewa, ukijaribu sana. Lakini Pumbabavu, hata ukajaribu kujieleze namna gani: Hatakusikiza, wala hatakuelewa!!"

Loolsely translated: "There is a big difference between a fool and an idiot. If you try to explain yourself to a fool, sometimes he might in the end understand and get what you are trying to tell him - that is, if you try hard enough. But as for an idiot, no matter how much, or how hard you try to explain yourself, you are simply wasting your time. An idiot will just never get it!"

Now, Kibaki, has been trying very hard for the last seven years or so to explain himself to Kenyans (actually, since January 2003), how much contempt he holds for Kenyans. He has done this in many ways and many times, both through his acts of commission and ommission. He has even on many an ocassion, spelt it out explictly to us.(Recall his favourite epithet to Kenyans? - "Pumbavu, mavi ya kuku!!) But my poor country men and women still have never gotten it. Looks like we are all idiots, aren't we?!!

Anonymous said...

Kibaki has decided that roundi hii si mchezo.

Anonymous said...

i can't wait for the day when kenyans who are not from the kikuyu, luo, luhya, kamba, kalenjin, meru, embu, kisii or that other "ukabila-wa-makabila" tribe, are appointed to senior leadership positions in the country.

kenya is no longer a nation that is limited to some certain ethnic majority but a country for all people who consider themselves to be bonafide citizens.

as for kibaki, he is been forgiven for all he has done - while in office - since 2002. who knows! a stroke will do him justice before he leaves office in 2012.

while raila is just another rotten
politician waiting for a chance to pounce onto stinking pots of kenyan politics. his father was more of politician with a national appeal as opposed to raila the opportunistic fish from the other side of kenya.

lol! will history repeat itself this time around?

will iteere end up in the same stew as was the case with ben gethi?

gsu men have always been known to be real curses (dark horses) when appointed to lead the national police force.

lol! let the curse begin to roll out its shadows at the police hdqtrs.

what are the chances of there being a real coup in kenya, one that will put so many of the current corrupt politicians, civil servants, religious leaders, businessmen and women to the sword in brutal and bruising encounters, unlike what happened in august 1982?

what are the chances of cleaning out the political slate, once and for all, so that the sickening kanu mentality never ever gets the chance to reinffect the nations and its people again?

what are the chances? will we end up settling for a state funeral instead? or will coup take care of business, let's say in 2010 or 2012?

where is the shadow of death when its needed to glide upon some of the most corrupt political reptilians that are still crawling on the naked face of kenyan soil?

papa plus said...

I love the sarcasm in some posts. That's more like it. Ati armed mail...that is funny.

Anonymous said...

mimi siwezi rudi Kenya

wamugwerus said...

As akenyan you should always be ready for a life full of news that you don wonna hear.

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