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Friday, September 18, 2009

Ringera: MPs Claim an Inch, Crave a Mile

Kibaki is in REAL foul mood. And he rarely acquires that stench of a mood unless the picky Kenyan press dares upset Lucy. Now the MPs have left all the hair strands at the back of Kibaki's neck standing and stiffly so. Woe unto the next head his axe will land on.

MPs will live to rue the day they subjected Kenya's CEO to ridicule. As they adjourned, the loudmouthed lot were all glee in embarrassing the President oblivious of his last sweetest and longest laugh.

Ringera is not going anywhere, WATA DO? Time heals all wounds and Kibaki knows it better than any voluble Kenyan politician. Come next parliamentary session in November and the warthogs shall have forgotten everything including their unpleasant faces.

What's more, the myriad political alliances shall have mutated into all the rainbow colours hence promptly relegating the present heat to political archives. Surely, there are no permanent friends nor foes in politics. Instead the permanent selfish interest of trading Mau for Ringera is a profitable and bankable deal. NA BADO.


Anonymous said...

While Taabu is busy tailoring his version of thruth, its sad that yesterday saw CORRUPTION WIN.
MP's like Ngilu, Kajwang and others who were under Ringera's investigation were the most convincing talking of 'voting with a conscience' that the gullible amongst us like Taabu stuck in the old record of PNU versus ODM considered gospel truth.

While Kajwang, who stole clients money, Ngilu who swiddled HIV funds and a battery of other thieves are celebrating their victory, sane Kenyans are mourning. The circus has just began and the politicians now dining with the safe knowledge that their criminal cases are a thing of the past can sleep soundly.

Kumekucha Prefect said...

Here, me say you are wrong. I think KUMEKUCHA should have noted history as it has been made in Kenya. To wit:

1. That parliament has demonstrated that it is its own entity.

2. The detribilization of and the first non partisan voting occured today in parliament.

3. That the begining of deslaminization of the worlds largest slam whose political representative is one Raila Odinaga, Prime Minister commenced today.

4. For the very rare occation in Kenya, a politician who happens to be a non executive Prime minister has delivered directly to his people - The poor of the poorest.

This is history that I thought KUMEKUCHA can brag about regardless of political leaning.

But alas, he profesies falsely, ati NA BADO. Haya wewe chelewa, itakuta mwana si wako!

Joram Ragem
wuod Ndinya, wuod Onam, wuod Amolo, wuod Owuoth, wuod Oganyo, wuod Mumbe, wuod Odongo, wuod Olwande, wuod Adhaya, wuod Ojuodhi, wuod Ragem! (Are you my relative?)

Anonymous said...

seems someone smoked Mwarangethe out his hole of hypocricy and the sorry dude is yet to come to terms on how his political hypocricy was exposed.

seems your molasses deity has had you excited. i hope he returns the molasses plant he stole from Luo's, the Malindi resettlement land he stole from the poor of the poor and that he confesses that his son illegally sold maize to Sudam leading to starvation and death.

Still clapping at your deity??

Anonymous said...

Taabu wewe ni mbuzi and I dont have a guitar to strum for you.This is a mbuzi post not worthy of comment.

Anonymous said...

Ati non partisan/tribal voting! Luo mps voted for the motion because rao had not been consulted. We have this on the authority of jakoyo midiwo. BTW if this was an issue to do with rao, no luo mp would have gone against rao and we all know it. The merus on the other hand of course voted for their man. Even mithika linturi would not want his name to be included in the list voting against ringera. For the rest, principle was the last thing they were voting for.

Karua and orengo claimed that a gazette notice is subsdidairy legislation. Of course it is not. You dont even have to quote any laws as mutula did. Just look at the back of the Kenya Gazette and see what it says about Gazette Notices. There is a big difference between a gazette notice and a Legal Notice (which constitutes delegated/subsidiary legislation). So mps, led by big lawyers like orengo and karua, believe they annulled a piece of subsiadiary legisalation!

Having said that, I think the mps' decision was good. It will deter ministers from interfering with the running of state corporations. Now how come neither the nation nor the standard has reported about a big office interfering with kebs as alleged in parliament?

M-Pesa said...

Anything that humiliates (even for one second) the all powerful imperial Kibaki is highly welcome. The sound of the big no from majority of Kenyans and Parliament must be ringing in Kibaki's ears as he prepares for his usual afternoon siesta. It's also a big blow to the faceless Mt Kenya Mafia who call the shots from their dark dungeons. Sycophants like Mutula, Kiraitu, Kalooser and Raila must be eating humble pie served cold by their colleagues. And anything that makes Kenyans cheerful-even for one second- is also highly welcome!

Anonymous said...

Yes Mpesa but kibs may, like the emperors of ancient times, have been creating entertaiment for the common townspeople and peasants.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Simu ya Kifo! There is going be a funeral or two before the next parliamentary session in November. I just hope Ringera expiry date is due without the option of renewal.

Anonymous said...

all this harping is nothing but bullshit and gibberish

Anonymous said...

wewe Taabu,
wacha,kwanini hutaki Aaron a fry 222 big fish in a small pond with the oil of the constitution of Kenya?

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