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Monday, September 14, 2009

Ringera: Kibaki, VP Right, MPs Disrespectful

The loudmouthed MPs must have chewed more than they can swallow. After disrespecting the President and subjecting him to ridicule on Ringera, the MPs are now destined to meet they collective Waterloo.

Speaker Marende has opened a Pandora box and all the demons are fighting to snuff life out of Kenya. As the VP succinctly put it, Marende is not only watering the seeds of constitutional impasse but he is shamelessly undermining the president who remains the singular head of state and government.

No more parliamentary dictatorship. Uhuru’s REALPOLITIK will carry the day. The ungrateful nominated MP Amina Abdalla who chairs Parliament’s Delegated Legislation Committee will be taught the lesson to never bite the political hands feeding her.

The last laugh is surely the longest and sweetest. Kibaki has been there and seen it all. Ringera is going nowhere and the voluble MPs are better advised to prepare their stomachs for constipation from humble pie. Kenya has its owners and the MPs must not pretend otherwise.


Anonymous said...

from where we are sitting outside Kenya.....'it's our turn to eat' showed Ringera is not the best man for KACC....the US does not seem happy with his appt....Kibaki is in power from fraudelent elections.....

Anonymous said...

Kibaki and a cable of tribal appointments he makes runs and owns Kenya. Your day with destiny will come - more painfully than what you have subjected the majority of us.

Mwarang'ethe said...

When you see an elephant rubbing itself against a sapling and thereby break it into two, it is not out of malice. It is only that an elephant must behave like an elephant beyond any moral issues.

In the same manner, power must exert itself in its own self - visualised interests. But, who are the powerful? They are the very rich. And, what kind of people are these?

In describing the very rich, F. SCOTT FITZGERALD noted that:

"Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me. They possess and enjoy early, and it does something to them, makes them soft where we are hard, and cynical where we are trustful, in a way that, unless you were born rich, it is difficult to understand. They think, deep in their hearts, that they are better than we are because we bad to discover the compensations and refuges of life for ourselves. Even when they enter deep into our world or sink below us, they still think that they are better than we are. They are different."

Simply, Kibaki and his friends are different.

Anonymous said...

Mwarangethe has become a chorus boy for Kumekucha trash posters. When you find someone agreeing with everything Chris, Taabu and Okello have to say every day, someone trying hard not to contradict them even when they are spreading raw tribal spews, then it clearly illustrates that the fellow is a learned moron.

i am dissapointed in Mwarangethe.

Anonymous said...

when Raila pushed for appointment of his Sister as a US consular, Kumekucha heard no evil and saw no evil.
The issue was hushed up!!

When Raila's Son Fidel and Raila's PA were involved in the maize scandal, Kumekucha frequesnt posters went on holiday.

This is a biased website that has choosen to side with devils who speak their language. Mwarangethe has equally joined the group. Look at his final comment;
Simply, Kibaki and his friends are different...

does it mean Raila, Ruto, Mudavadi are the hero's that Kenya needs???

KW said...

"Disrespectful". Within the context of Kenyan politics there is no word I despise more.

I hate the fact that anytime a politician in power faces criticism, he will hide behind "respect".

How will we ever do right if we cannot point out/make noise when wrong has been done?

How will presidents/ministers etc ever be accountable to us if they are beyond questioning?

A big part of the problem we have in Kenya (& Africa) is the fact that we cannot even debate the actions of those who purport to lead us. We cannot question them about their words, deeds, actions and intentions..because anytime we do, we are labeled 'disrespectful'.

Why has Kibaki never sat down in an interview to explain some of his actions? Why does he feel no need to ever explain himself? have a two way interaction with those who elected him? That is a massive part of the problem we face. Kibaki acts in isolation with no regard/reference to those who made him president.

Anonymous said...

Just asking: is there such a thing as honest politics? or honourable politics? how is the president his 'EXCELlency' and how are the MPs 'honourable?'

If there is such a man disillusioned by 'leadership' and all the titles that go along with it, from the kenyan experience, then it is I!

But then, leaders are products of the there goes...are we such a bad people?

Anonymous said...

Can Kibaki do this???????????????:

ZUMA handles the anti-corruption hotline

Shocked SA caller speaks to Zuma

Jacob Zuma urged call centre staff to show "empathy"
A South African woman phoned up a new anti-corruption hotline and was shocked to find herself talking to President Jacob Zuma.
The woman phoned to complain that she had been ill-treated at a local magistrates' court while trying to access her late husband's pension.
She was in tears as she told Mr Zuma that she had been visiting the office since 2006 to no avail.
The pair spoke for 10 minutes before she was told who she was talking to.
Mr Zuma assured her that the matter would be investigated and dealt with speedily.
The free hotline was launched on Monday and in its first three hours received some 7,300 complaints from frustrated citizens, the presidency's Vusi Mona told the BBC.
The number is 17737 from within South Africa.
True test
Mr Mona said Mr Zuma was "moved" by the woman's call and told the consultants at the Pretoria call centre to "always show empathy when dealing with people".
Mr Zuma also took a call from a man from Benoni, east of Johannesburg, who highlighted his disappointment that his area has been experiencing sewerage leakages for months without the municipality resolving the matter.

There were protests in July by people demanding better public services
The call centre was set up in response to concerns in the country about corruption and lack of accountability in public offices, poor service delivery and government's inaccessibility to ordinary citizens.
Mr Zuma answered one of the first calls himself and spoke to a woman from Mount Frere, a remote town in the Eastern Cape Province.
She did not recognise the president's voice.
"She asked who she was speaking to before ending the conversation and she was shocked to learn that her complaint had gone through to the president himself," Mr Mona told the BBC.
Her husband died in 2006 and she has been trying to access her husband's pension since then but has been sent away a number of times and told to return at a later date.
Mr Zuma first mentioned the hotline during his election campaign, saying it would help make the government more accessible to the public.
The opposition Democratic Alliance has welcomed Mr Zuma's initiative, saying it is the first step in ensuring that public servants are held accountable for their actions.
DA MP Athol Trollip said a true test of the effectiveness of this service will be what actions are taken against those reported.
Mr Zuma has himself been accused of corruption, which he has always denied.
The charges were dropped in April after prosecutors said there had been political interference in the case under the previous administration.
In July, there were widespread protests by township residents demanding better public services, such as electricity, water and housing.
Mr Mona said the high call volumes at the centre showed that South Africans were desperate to make their grievances heard.
It is reported that setting up the hotline cost around 4m rand ($541,000; £325,000).
Call centres have been established across the country, including a 21-member team operating from the Union Buildings in Pretoria.
The team is believed to have close to 100 trained public liaison officers who will be the public's link to Mr Zuma's office.

Anonymous said...

Annonymous said;

Mwarangethe has become a chorus boy for Kumekucha trash posters. When you find someone agreeing with everything Chris, Taabu and Okello have to say every day, someone trying hard not to contradict them even when they are spreading raw tribal spews, then it clearly illustrates that the fellow is a learned moron.

i am dissapointed in Mwarangethe.

I must say that this Anon sounds like a Kibaki chorus boy to me. Mwarangethe's comment have always been very thought provoking and fascinating for me to read and I have seen him disagree with Chris a few times, the most recent example being the Tom Mboya post. Mwarangethe's position is that Mboya is hardly a hero and is repsonsible for the current constitution mess.

So check your facts Kibaki chorus boy. Or shall I say Gichangi chorus boy?

Mama said...

Ringera must go! Parliament has nullified his re-appointment. Let him go and feel 'absorutery derighted' elsewhere.

Taabu said...

Pole lakini Ringera is NGOING no where, utado?

Anonymous said...

all we write on this blogspot is utter gibberish and at best huumanshit

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