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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kibaki’s Pain of Pleasing a Nation in Foul Mood

Kibaki only invites foul mood unto himself when he has to. And now all the Hague talk just makes the reknown economist go mad. But by going for FISH lunch in Bondo, the hitherto don is leading by example and from infront. The MPs and ministers will be left no choice but to either shape up or ship out. Well, your guess is as good as mine on their choice when it comes to what matters most to their pockets.

The Bondo lunch may just be the magic wand Kibaki needs to wave and abracadabra, NO HAGUE. You know fish is not only a nutritious source of white meat, but it has plenty of zinc that makes you wax academic leaving you oozing wisdom. LSE-educated Kibaki knows when to go back to the basics in re-inventing himself.

Image is everything and more so in politics. Kibaki’s laid back trademark has served him right through the years. Only airheads blame him for not frequently engaging the pair of flaps separating his chin from the nose. He knows when to talk and when he does, all and sundry stop to listen. Come Saturday evening and you will see change of heart where the whole cabinet will be singing in praise of Emilio’s infinite wisdom.

The Hague monster may be the prophetic crisis Kenya needed to unite against a common threat. And the time-tested President Kibaki is the person to help us comprehensively fight against that common enemy from beyond our borders. He has done on a wheelchair and will do it again to the chagrin of his detractors.

Delicious fish lunch
Kibaki must not be tied to nonentities. Those morons blaming him for not reprimanding Museveni over Migingo conveniently forget the fact that he has even left Mungiki and the vigilantes in his own backyard to sort their own bloody mess without his interference. His modus operandi amounts to dispensing blind justice that favours nobody including own blood relations.

The MPs may continue their juvenile rants by throwing out the Special Tribunal Bill oblivious of the high cost of auctioning our national sovereignty. The truth is that they are only increasing the decibels while their eyes remain singularly trained on upping their prices.

The MPs’ true beef is with Kibaki being stripped of immunity and authority to dish out clemency to the right people. Only Michuki and Wetangula seem to know better than the whole herd about true patriotism and sovereignty. We need a President with sharp teeth to bite when called upon.

Nobody understands Kenya better than Kibaki himself. He singularly drove us to our present location and only him can take us out of it. All else is pretense packaged in costly ignorance of the true owners of Kenya. Saturday's lunch of fish may mark the reset switch button.


Anonymous said...

Kenya went to the dogs in 2002. Untill it dies nothing not even lunch of kamongo nor fuani nor ngege can salvage kenya. We need a fresh start and that means starting on a solid foundation that we missed right from independence. This however is no small task as it does not only involve the polititians, but the common MWANAINCHI alike.

Anonymous said...

Molasses Raila is at it again striking deals with Mau illegal settlers. Seems that you can easily get rich by occupying any forest in Kenya, drumming the already tested tribal support and demanding the government to resettle and pay you for the trouble. Way to go bwana PM.
As usual you are setting the precedence for the wrong things.

Taabu of course this story is way too sensitive for you to touch so you stick to the usual Kibaki this Kibaki that shenanigans.

Anonymous said...


UrXlnc said...

hehehe time to visit the people called kubaff and possibly tell them .....

Wangu Wa Makeri said...

This is what impunity is all about.

Someone spends the whole of 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 calling people pumbavu and mavi ya kuku, and then visits them.

Of course those people are pumbavu. What else can they possibly be?

Too much heat and no substance, ati he cant step out of state house, he is president of central, he cant step in RV, he cant step in Nyanza.

Well the proof is there for all to see, nyinyi ni pumbavu na muta do?

Wata piga kelele kelele alafu wachoke.

wata tupa tupa mawe alafu wachoke

hawo ni wapumabu tu.

Anonymous said...


Some people gave Kibaki's govt a couple of weeks to fall. Now, they are falling ove themselves inviting him for lunch and photo ops. That is when you know who is the president of Kenya.

But, lets look on the bright side: if these people remain well behaved till 2012 they might as well inherit the motorcade. Are they not already in-laws?

If you are not invited for the samaki lunch, remember your sell-by date passed the moment you cast your vote. As far as they are concerned you are in the maziwa lala section of the freezer untill 2012. Upende usipende.

Work it out with your neighbour, man; the big boys you fought for are doing lunch. Hehe heeeee!!!

Anonymous said...

This Taabu fellow really loves the first family,just look at his most recent posts and its Kibaki,Jimmy,Kibaki,Jimmy.I guess the guy even gets a hard on when he sees karoocy!

Anonymous said...

all of this is trash Kenyans need to get rid of these guys come what may

Anonymous said...

Of course this Taabu fool is paid to write this bullshit...Kibaki ,though one of usis a thief who should not be holding office...As a result of his greed for power..we Kikuyus will suffer greatly in the hands of fellow kenyans..look at how ther tribes hate sad for the future generations

Anonymous said...

Then tell them to go and catch Kibaki. What are you scared of, you stupid idiot? They will not love you until you're on the ground, face down sunk in mud and dust. And even then, they will not love you. Still. Chin up and move on, but be alert. ALWAYS. Do not be taken by surprise EVER again.

On a related note. Let those murderous idiots that went against their neighbors be brought to book. Let there be consequences to such barbarism.

Anonymous said...

They say Kibaki is laid back. He just completed one of the most radical and monumental tasks since independence without cutting a sweat. He just redrew the political map of Kenya into 22 provinces without uttering a single word. Others open a cattle dip and talk about it for weeks. Talk about men and boys.

It is amazing. Nyayo used to scare multi-party advocate with the threat of introducing majimbo. From2005 to 2007 ODM turned majimbo into a national anthem and got votes from the gullible. Rais Kibaki just does it, and everybody goes quiet like they are under some aenesthesia receiving the male cut.

The usual suspects who think the RV is "their ancestral land" (whatever that means) wananugunikia huko choo-ni. Let those who don't want their province return it. The Nandis have theirs with Eldoret as the center, and the one for the Kipsigsi is centered in Kericho. But whose province is centered in Nakuru? There is no prize for guessing it right! Hehe hehe heee!

Kazi iendelee

Ps I think the Akamba deserve two provinces like the Luos.

Ole Soonoin said...


Thats exactly how a born thief works, sneaks behind everyone and takes what he can.

And his tribesman applaud the knife in the back as a stroke of genius.

Thats why they look for alliances with other tribes but can only get the thieves.

Anonymous said...

"Thats exactly how a born thief works, sneaks behind everyone and takes what he can."

And who might that be? Ole Ntimama when he was chair of the narok council? Or Ole Ntimama as a national politician?

Anonymous said...

Taabu has lived his prime age whining about Kikuyus. The 50 something boy is still harping about Kibaki and Kikuyu's. One wonders when he will look at the big picture and realise that Kenya is bigger than one tribe. They say any form of publicity is still publicity so i guess Taabu is doing a good job for one Kibaki.

Meanwhile, his political hero Raila got his balls on the vice.The last time i checked he has promised resettlements and monetary compensation to the illegal squatters in Mau forest after a scare from the rift valley MP's. Seems the short Ruto has managed to tame Raila by stroking his 2012 votes greed. Raila behaved like a dog with its eyes trained on the bone. The laid back PM even said that he will get donors to support this all important project.

One wonders why the PM has not had half that enthusiasm to improve the living conditions of his constituents in the sprawling Kibera slums who have sent him to parliament for over a decade.

Jane Ogwen

Anonymous said...

Jane Ogwen can you please wake up or are you too another sleepwalking Raila worshiper?It pays a lot for Raila to keep his constituents in slums and grinding poverty coz when they are there they are always dreaming of a better life and thus he's always guaranteed their votes by promising to improve their lives once elected and which of course he has never done in 16 plus years of being their MP and isnt about to start doing.Ever wondered what happened to the slum upgrading project?Talk of pumbavu constituents!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:47

Don't rub it in. I said that come 2012, Majimbo will be settled and neutered as a vote-getting shenanigan. ODM proposed majimbo and Kibaki implemented it as he understood it; and Raila provided the rubberstamp provided the Luos got two pronvinces. Talk of division of labour.

Well done Raila, if you can't beat them join them and live to fight another day.

Anonymous said...

Raila is acting like the PM position came to him naturally. He is forgetting that without the Kalenjin youth and blood, he would today be warming the opposition benches. He must treat Ruto with a lot of respect. The moment the Kalenjin withdraw their support, he will be left with only his Luo people.

Anonymous said...

As Kimi said in the previous post there is more to the Bondo visit than meets the eye. Am not kikuyu but i can see it makes perfect sense for the kikuyu to support raila for the presidency. Supporting raila will neutralise the kalenjin as they cannot go around blackmailing him and asking him to implement their stupid agendas. There are other migrant tribes in rv (including luos) and raila will have to protect all of them. Raila also wants to look good with the international community ( his cousin is us prezo).So yes I can see kikuyus handing him the presidency. And it is ok for peace.

Anonymous said...

Bwa hahaha

Ati Kikuyus handing Raila the presidency.

You saperes are just too stupid. Its game short for you, so keep clutching at straws

Mwambu said...

@10:47 PM and other retarded morons who always want to see Kenya through the prism of which tribe gets what or who is on top, it's about time you all got a brain, troglodytes.

And as for this so-called Luo-Kikuyu alliance or Kikuyu-Luo alliance, or however this position is reversed, can only mean that we are not fully evolved in terms of our politics. In the event, what issues do these two tribes and their chieftains define as their prescriptions for the myriad problems of escalating poverty, poor infrastructure, environmental degradation, etc.

Put your god Kibaki's dumb idea of expanded provinces and sub-provinces and those inevitable leeches it will inevitably employ: PC; sub-PC; Senior DC; DC1; DC; Senior DO; DO, and so ad infinitum. Meanwhile poor wananchi continue paying for their upkeep through ever higher taxes.

Like you, your ideas deserve to be consigned in the dustbin where they rightfully belong. Turds.

Anonymous said...

A NARC II arrangement has to be put into place, with raila at the top. The Western world will see to this. The chaos of 2007 cannot be permittted. Kikuyus have no option but to support raila. They want to continue doing business (stealing) and for their people in rv to be safe. For there to be peace in kenya the next president has to come from the western part of the country. Wamalwa would have fitted the bill well but he is dead and mudavadi is just not viable. That leaves only raila.

Anonymous said...

the Kikuyus are not grateful people. after Luos helping them escape un hurt, they start to kill Luos. after luos giving thme presidency in 1963 and 2002 they start to kill Luos and sideline devt. And now Kisii has 18 districts fro two and luo Nyanza...
kubaff, a time to arrest and kill this man in kISUMU. SACRIFICE! SUICIDE BOMBERS!

Anonymous said...

"For there to be peace in kenya the next president has to come from the western part of the country. "

What if it doesnt happen, which is a really good possibility? What will you do? Uproot railways, throw stones and all the primitve things you're known to do when you lose? Just look at where no raila no peace got you.

Anonymous said...

Mr Ruto and the entire Kalenjin community should know that it is an upbeat task to unite kalenjins with kikuyus, for obvious reasons like the PEV AND shairing a common land and border.

Mwambu said...

Next I hope that Kibaki will be able to address those masquarading as IDPs, in order to benefit from donor largesse, that it is immoral and unethical to lie.

Oh, and please Mr.Kibaki, address them in the aterere language because the genuine Gikuyu IDPs are getting bad name on account of these pretenders.

Anonymous said...

Where are those useless internet tough talking jaruos who said kibaki cannot not dare go othumo.

He is coming, and you will make mololongo cheering him up, and you will sing for him, and your Raila will be there praising him.

Na mtabaki hivyo hivyo while your president enjoys his country.

Anonymous said...

On behalf of all and especially our Jaruo brothers we welcome our President, CIC of all forces to nyanza. Hope he has a good stay and enjoy the good atmosphere of brotherhood that he has worked so hard to create with our Jaruo brothers.

To our brothers from the lake, congrates for having the head of state visit and be among your people, may the trip bear fruits to your region.

Atleast you didnt have president obama visit you but now you have a real president who is loving and caring, long live president Emilio Mwai Kibaki.

Anonymous said...

If Luos come out and cheer Kibaki as instructed by Raila, I will never repect them again. Kibaki's govt shot them in the streets of Kisumu while demonstrating in response to pleas from Raila. Now, he tells them to come out and clap for the guy who killed their youth. If they come out, then they have no sense of self-respect.

How can a whole community of millions of people trust their fate, reason, judgment, and sense of feeling to one man? How? This is terrible, this is beyond normal. How can a community behave like a cult? Didn't we see him a few months ago tell them to get circumcised, and they did? And now he tells them to come out to welcome the guy who stole their votes and killed them, and they will come out?

If the Luos obey Raila this time, then I will know they have deserved the treatment they have received from consequtive govts since independence. An alternative voice must emerge and break this cultic circle of human worship!

Anonymous said...

What a pity that people who shouted all those obsceneties, trash and lies about Kibaki are now lining up to welcome him in a grand style never seen before.

Dear oh dear. THis man is so powerful that the Luo will line up the roads from Ahero to Bondo, Ugenya dn Siaya to salute the legitimate president of Kenya.

This is power at its best and what a way to show it to people who thought they can do without Kibaki. Kweli, ya Mungu ni Mengi.

Now, this is the Commander in Chief, the Centre of Power and the only president we have in Kenya. If the Kikuyu (also known as Madoadoa, Kabila Adui or Sangiri) can shout their voices hoarse at this stance, then there is a power in Kenya.

To those who called on the sad thing of lynching the Kabila Adui, boycotting PNU-linked businesses, or even wiping out the community, let them live with it that they will be cheering their president in Nyanza.

And he will be given a CARPET MZIMA, TOILET and STAND.

Next week, the LUO-ODM wing will start another campaign of 'KIbaki agreed to leave power to Raila'. It happened during the Moi time, happened in 2007 Election campaign and alas, it is bound to happen.

Lakini, tumejanjaruka. What will happen to the Kaleos, USED and DUMPED.

Leta ingine.

-Derek- (The real one. No APOLOGIES)

Anonymous said...

Any MOU Kibaki might sign about power in 2012 is between him and Raila and doesn't bind any Kikuyu. Kikuyus don't operate like that, their culture is very individualistic and they do not answer to a single voice. They are self-interested people and ever politcian should know that by now. In short, they answer to an interest, not a human voice.

Anonymous said...

The biggest problem in Kenya today is not about the Hague,its not Raila, nor is it Ruto,no,no,no!!its all about this senile man called Kibaki!!,you take care of him and i can assure you that you would have solved Kenyan's problems!!

Anonymous said...

Anon1.51am, am not a luo but i can see the kikuyu elite asking their people to vote for raila. Kimi put it well in the previous post and I have also heard it being mentioned. If kikuyus support either kalonzo or uhuru, the country will be split into two and Kalenjins will demand that raila allows them to drink kikuyu blood in exchange for their votes. Kikuyu support for raila will kill so many birds, main ones being to return a favour and to neutralise kalenjins. It is not kibs who will lead this effort. Uhuru will, backed by all the big kikuyu businessmen and politicians. The turn out may not be very high, but the kikuyu masses will definitely follow. From some of the comments here i think kaleos have started sensing danger. But they should know raila cannot meet their demands and look civilised to the rest of the world. And cousin Sam is watching.

Wangu wa Makeri said...

I just want Kenyans to get along. It's so sad to see and hear these stupid tribal allancies in 21st century Kenya.

Can't we all get along? Sisi wote watoto wa mungu.
Chris can't you kick-start this message of peace and harmony here in Kumekucha?

Wangu wa Makeri (the real one). This one above is a clone.

Anonymous said...

Raila Odinga is the master of tribal politics. He does not think nationally.

The reason being, his only claim to power is through the use of his strong tribal backing as a bargain chip and thus the frequent, Luhya will get this, Merus and Embus will cry, Kikuyu ni Kabila Adui, Maasai cattle will be insured, and many more things that he does following a tribal line or lines.

Now, they have changed the tune further, that they will isolate the Kalenjin tribe, isolate the Kamba tribe and work with the Kikuyu tribe.

That is further reason why he wanted to be a Kikuyu tribe eleder, he was made a Kalenjin tribe elder and chose to have his tribe circumcised to be accepted by the Kikuyu tribe.

Sad one though.

Anonymous said...

Emelio Mwai Kibaki is sickman and senile. He will not know the names of his children or Cabinet ministers. shame on him.

ABC said...

The usual suspects who think the RV is "their ancestral land" (whatever that means) wananugunikia huko choo-ni. Let those who don't want their province return it. The Nandis have theirs with Eldoret as the center, and the one for the Kipsigsi is centered in Kericho. But whose province is centered in Nakuru? There is no prize for guessing it right! Hehe hehe heee!

Kazi iendelee

Ps I think the Akamba deserve two provinces like the Luos.

You are day dreaming my friend...KAMATUSA will not recognize those artificial borders put on their land. It will make no difference. It will infact worsen future Kikuyu-Kalenjin conflict. One things you must know is that Kikuyu are Unwanted anywhere in Kenya by other tribes NOT KAMATUSA alone. Untill Majimbo is implememted, Kikuyu in RV or elsewhere will NOT have peace.Kibaki is simply whipping up emotions by dividing RV and adding more police. The people to suffer will be the Kikuyus.

Mwambu said...

@3:53 AM, you are one of the troglodytes that I have been talking about, too dim to know what you are writing about.

So someone put a keyboard in front of you and like the troglodyte that you are you started flailing wildly. Am sure that your gibberish makes sense to your type.

Let me now address your numerous whinings and sniffling:

1. There is a madoadoa, yes, there is- they are rabid hyenas

2. There is a power in Kenya- go back to grade school and learn how to express yourself clearly.

3.Ati 'kabila adui'- take this stupid myth and urban regend (legend) out of your dense, grub filled brain underdeveloped troglodyte cranium. Who referred to you as 'kabila adui'?; support your demented imaginations with facts, e.g., internet link, You Tube download, newspapers, etc.

Sleep well and make sure you have an answer for me by tomorrow pronto, OK?

P.s.: Give me an answer supported with facts by 6/23/09. If not, I will unreash the dreanded Mungiki upon your a*#s.

Taabu said...

Please stop your e-threats, won't you? Ati unleashing Mungiki on others, kwani uko na shares and do Mungikis hang online?

Anonymous said...

Ignorance eating away young fresh and handsome minds of this country.why do you even hate the kikuyus??? if all the other communities work as competitively,hard and smart as they do,where do you think kenya would be? Kenyans need to learn to think beyond borders and realise the world is a global village.You elect leaders you like to listen talking all day but not leaders who would lead you to greater heights and you forget the politicians are a reflection of its citizens to the world.Now you spend millions of dollars advertise tourism and the lakes are drying out,what are you gonna tell the tourists when they come and find the lakes dry with no animals? the kikuyus grabbed the waters( siasa za pumbaff)...

Anonymous said...

Mwambu, you sound so intelligent calling other people trog,... trogo awww. cant even pronounce it. You must be a very brainy chap to have mustered such tough sounding words. I am so proud to have a fellow kenyan as sharp as you are. keep it up. jinga type.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing intelligent about a person who's quick to hurl crude insults in lieu of sound arguments.

Kamatusa said...

om some of the comments here i think kaleos have started sensing danger. But they should know raila cannot meet their demands and look civilised to the rest of the world. And cousin Sam is watching.

you have no idea of the econo-political scene of this country. Even Kenyatta recognized that pushing the Kales to a tight corner is a dangerous gamble.He has the statistics on his table.Rift valley is a self sustaining economic region that can exist independently.So, complete and deliberate isolation can destabilize the country and politics can take a dangerous turn. So, dont talk gleefully about "Fixing" KAMATUSA.

Mwambu said...

@6:00PM, far from it pal. I have no connection whatsoever with those paragons of backward Gikuyu culture called Mungiki.

I was just trying to let the Mungiki loving supporters on these threads realise that I, Mwambu, will call them out on their lies every time they resort to spinning their lie about the 'kabila adui' urban legend yarn.

I have issued a direct challenge to the supposedly aggrieved 7-8 million members of this Gikuyu tribe to give us just one internet link, newspaper reference, You Tube download, whatever, on the 'kabila adui' slur, but to no avail. Why? Because it just freakin' does not exist.

I did not e-threaten anyone. Yikes.

Mwambu said...

@9:35 PM, thanks for the compliments. Am smarter than your whole family, nay, village put together.

Mwambu said...

@12:34 AM, I tend to agree with you on this one.

Frankly speaking, there is no group in Kenya that is as humble and more accomodating to outsiders than the KAMATUSA group. Other groups, however, have tended to exploit their humility, hospitality that often borders on charity as a sign that they are weak, backward, or not ambitious enough.

Folks, that is Kenya for you. But when pushed into a corner, KAMATUSAs can strike back. And strike back really well.

Mwambu said...

Folks, am off on vacation until end of August.

So to all my nemesi, see you when you see me.
a toute a l'heure

Anonymous said...

Mwambu, dont come back. May you be recieved by your MAKER. I think he should spare us the curse of having you amongst us. Bye. Till we meet Heaven that is

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