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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hague Express Watch: The Guilty Very Afraid

Ex-Naivasha MP Jayne Kihara has registered herself at the Hague reception. So who is next? Just what Annan ordered, PANIC galore. In its wake panic leaves the guilty crawling out of the woodwork without prompting. The last few days have seen politicians make U-turns from brinkmanship to evangelistic commiseration.

But make no mistake, Kibaki is in full control and will never allow his legacy to be tarnished as the president who auctioned Kenya to ICC, never. Kibaki is not naive to tighten the noose around the neck of his trusted lieutenants. Ocampo will have to wait for a very long time after clearing numerous smokescreens conveniently erected to distract him.

Justice Waki maybe no saint but at least he clinically diagnosed our deceptive modus operandi and cleverly disabused us of its twin vices both dolled in FRAUD. Imagine if Waki undertook the ritual just like numerous commissions before him and handed over his findings and dreaded THE ENVELOPE to the appointing authority.

The contents would have been trashed and the scoundrels would have engage super gear in looting Kenya secure in the knowledge that the coast is clear. As for now all the hitherto escape routes are firmly sealed and the music is far from being pleasant.

Ocampo’s raging fire and brimstone may just be the dreaded sword of domacles that will whip us into shape. Alternatively our legendary scoundrels may as well give both Moreno and Annan the open cheque to write history with Kenya as a case study. The blood from Naivasha and Kiamba are crying for revenge from 6ft under.

We owe Waki plenty. Mark you were he not for fighting for his own integrity, this is one Justice Ringera had condemned to judicial oblivion during his platitudinous radical surgery. At least we have the envelope to thank Waki for, what about the dragon slayer Aaron?

One thing is clear and predictable. The murderers won’t go down alone and not in silence. Solomonic wisdom will come in handy at the theatre of political guillotine – I DID IT FOR THE BOSS.

We haven’t seen anything yet, the heat is one, the temperatures are suffocating and the chopping block is smartly laid. NA BADO.


Mwambu said...

So here we have one down and ten more to go.

I would expect Uhuru or Ruto to magnanimously volunteer their names as they belatedly emulate Ms.Kihara.

Bon chance.

Anonymous said...

Taabu is very quick to suffocate us with stories incriminating kikuyus.

what about his tribesman Ruto who has been sending mixed signals about hague, why is taabu keeping silent?
what about raila and 33 million renovations of his PRIVATE residence on the pretext of receiving state visitors?

these are among the recent news that Taabu as usual cannot mention. shows how a moron never changes even when he approaches 50's. some people are just born stupid.


Anonymous said...

Jane,jane!Stop getting worked up,these guys are no better than our politicians,they too see things in very narrow prisms and as it was noted way back by our earlier wise men, are like baboons which gleefully point and laugh at how ugly the bottoms of another baboon are,forgeting that theirs aint any better or to cut a long story short,'Nyani haoni kundule'!

Anonymous said...

Hague Hague kitu gani. Do you people ever listen to President Kagame of Rwanda. He should know better than Taabu after what his country went through. Hague only serves as jailhouse for African suspects and dont tell me about Milosevic etc. How many of the Abu Ghraib guards are there. How many of detainee abusers from Guantanamo are there.

Anonymous said...

Hey we take our thugs to the hague because our justice systems are corrupt and inept. Its almost 2 years since the elections violence and nobody has been charged leave alone arrested for the killings. Is this something you can cling on.Not me!

JR Alila Writing Blog said...

The Greatest Peril for those whose names are in the WAKI ENVELOP is not landing in the HAGUE eventually, but living with the stigma of being associated with an event that soaked Kenya in blood.
Overnight, most friend will the 'mentioned' like a plague.

Anonymous said...

What happens to those that did not commit "crimes against humanity"? Like the ones who (eg in Dandora and other places) went and took over other people's property? Will Ocampo deal with those ones as well?
Also, Ruto is speaking a lot of sense right now.....truth and reconciliation should not be thrown out of the window just because Moreno is getting rock hard (pardon me, language fails me at times)over the real possibility of prosecuting Kenyans.

Anonymous said...

It boils down to a choice between on one hand keeping Kenya's national pride and sovereignty which ensures impunity and corruption goes on indefinitely or, on the other hand losing some sense of sovereignty and national pride and having the evil octopus of oppression, impunity and corruption challenged.

Anonymous said...


haven't you heard yet? whispers on the ground in Naivasha and Nakuru are Jane Kihara say she was called directly by Emilio Kibaki to make sure the lorries and vans of mungiki gangs being ferried had a place to organize their business before unleashing terror and murder on innocent kenyans ... yup the guilty are already singing directly to the HAGUE NA MAMBO BADO!!


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

I guess this Hague thing is finally making Kenyans sensible.Well,its been two days and I havent heard any tribal venom being spewed about the PS and PC's appointments by Ubaku,or the arrest and arraingment in court of former Kemri boss Davy Koech.I havent heard anyone say those events mean this or that for whatever tribe.Are we finally getting somewhere?Can we even start thanking Ocampo?

M-Pesa said...

He he he, mimi nacheka tu!

Waki pulled a fast one by handing the famous bahasha to Annan otherwise had he handed it to Kibaki, prezzo would still be sitting on it just like Ndung'u land report and Arturs report. Even Raila has caught this habit and he's now still sitting on Mau report, hoping everyone will forget.

It now looks like Kibaki's plans for Uhuru project 2012 is in disarray since Jomo Jnr is definitely listed on Waki's infamous list. That's why the old man is busy recruiting youthful Jimmy, creating new districts hocus-pocusly and yesterday replaced five PCs. What a visionary who never saw his own downfall! He he he..

It's obvious Kibaki and Raila will definitely be implicated by those on Waki list, wapende wasipende. So far, most MPs appear to favour Hague option although money has not yet been 'poured' to buy their shaky loyalty. If they change the tune, we shall know underhand deals have been done just like on Ruto's no confidence vote.

The tide is high and the principals will be swept sooner or later. Kibaki and Raila's noses are barely above the water as they clutch slippery straws. The chickens are coming home to roost. Moi and Kalonzo must be watching the unfolding scenario in glee as if saying.. "I told you so!"

Meanwhile, confused Ruto continues to contradict himself by making jiggery-pokery statements meant to hoodwink gullible masses. I saw him the other day on telly and boy didn't he look like a deer caught in the headlights.

He constantly cleared his throat, reached for a glass of water shakingly, fumbled about with his papers while mumbling mumbo-jumbo. The guy is clearly cornered after a careless political life since YK92 thuggery. Guilt is written all over his face.

Kenyans have wisened up and hiding behind ethnic territories will not fool the world. Innocent Kenyans lost their lives and someone gotta pay this time.

Hehe he he, na mimi nacheka tu!

Philip said...

I've been a pessimist when it comes to resolution of this PEV issues. However part of my cynicism has gone because I realised that the government has two options, either to form local tribunal or go to HAGUE.

In the case of formation of a local tribunal the government has been given a deadline, which if it fails to meet, the issue will be dealt by the HAGUE automatically. Concurrently, the government has been told that the local tribunal should be set up in such a manner that it meets international standards. In other words we don't expect the likes of Justice Gicheru heading it together with some Kenyan lawyers who lost parliamentary seats because they were not liked by the people, or the president being given immunity from, live alone prosecution, but also appearing in the court.

You and I know that in all previous commissions, including Anglo leasing, Goldenberg and Ndung'u, the main suspects never appeared to face the commission, instead they sent their lawyers, who we know their track records in corruption etc. to represent them.

You and I also know that the government has never been serious when it comes to issues that they know some of their bigwigs will be sacrificed, not even their bodies,but only their power, and that's why you and I know that we will never get a new constitution. NEVER. You need to remember the 100 days promise these lousy leaders gave us back in 2002.

So they are now in catch 22 situation, they either delay the formation of a local tribunal and this time it won't be business as usual the way it has happened between them and us in constitution review and amendment, or they form a local tribunal that should meet international standards and that will neither be business as usual like giving us a "Wako tribunal" or "Kilonzo tribunal".


Let's wait and see if all my pessimism is going to be wiped completely with these issues of resolution of PEV. I hope that the names in the list were chosen objectively and that we "common wananchis" will support either that local tribunal that meets international standards or HAGUE, and not start fights in the name of protecting these lousy leaders.

Anonymous said...

Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki, wakati wako wa kuanza KUNYAMBA moto umefika.

You STEAL elections and think you can get away with it? PUMBAFF! MAVI YA KUKU wewe!!

Anonymous said...

And as we sing about Hague and Ocampo, Raila is busy raiding our treasury and turning his private residences into palaces. When is the coronation at Uhuru Park? I am ready with my orange kitenge; and don't say the joke is on me!!

Mwambu said...

Kalonzo is a career opportunist, and Moi, his consiglieri.

I am not sure how this current contretemps, at least as seen from the perspective of Kibaki's PNU and Raila's ODM, works in Kalonzo or Moi's favor. It might actually turn out to be a pyrrhic victory for the two, especially if it appears that they- Moi and Kalonzo-are revelling in the travails currently afflicting Kibaki and his PNU and Raila and his ODM.

So maybe Gideon his prepping his rump KANU party for a liaison with Kalonzo's ODM-K?

Realignments in the offing, folks.

Anonymous said...

M-Pesa & Philip,

Hehe he he he! I am not laughing with you, I am laughing at you, na si kwa ubaya.

Moreno Ocampo will never come to town unless it is to spend his Euros witnessing the world wonder of animal migrations at Masai Mara.

Suppose the political honchos continue to haggle and finally beat the deadline of June 2010 with a Local Tribunal. Assume it will not take less than six months to set it up and to start investigations. Further, assume it takes six months to conduct credible investigations and June 2011 will be upon us.

Then, from June 2011 political realignments begin in earnest with eyes on 2012 presidential prize. As usual, as an election year 2012 will be a year of scratch my back and I will scratch yours. Even the firebreathing Moreno will not want to enter our mad-house that year; not even the US marines would attempt.

Please, continue to remember that the targets of the prosecutions will mainly come from the votes-rich RV and Central Province. Not even a politically idiotic presidential candidate will want to antagonize these regions. The presidential winner will come to office in January 2013 with a baggage of MOUs almost all dealing with how to wind up the Tribunal "successfully" in Kenyan style. In short, the winner will be the one who will credibly balance the interests of the Kalenjin and Kikuyu warlords and their supporters. If the Kikuyus and Kalenjins are satisfied with the results of 2012 elections the violence of 2008 will be history and the world will conveniently move on to other crises.

P/S The balance in 2012 will not include sending the villains of the PEV to Kamiti or Hague or entertaining Ocampo and his underlings kumangamanga hapa nchini yetu. So ndugu yangu hide your teeth and remember the one who laughs last laughs loudest and longest. The proponents of KK political alliance know what they are talking about and that is why the Luo-wing of ODM is furious.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.04
You wrote; What happens to those that did not commit "crimes against humanity"? Like the ones who (eg in Dandora and other places) went and took over other people's property? Will Ocampo deal with those ones as well?

Taking over other people's property for reasons known as 'conventions reasons' is crime against humanity or a form of persecution.

The 1952 Geneva convention reasons constitutes political, racial, national, ethnic, cultural, religious and gender

Act persecution includes, for example, a threat to life or liberty, significant physical harassment or ill-treatment, or significant economic hardship or denial of access to basic services or denial of capacity to earn a livelihood, where such hardship or denial threatens the victim capacity to subsist

Since taking over other peoples property was done for political/ethnic reasons, I believe it falls in the category of crimes against humanity

Anonymous said...

You keep talking of Kalonzo as an opportunist as if being an opportunist in politics is a bad thing. Opportunism and politics are twin brothers. In 1960s and 1970s when Luos and Kikuyus were busy fighting each other Moi alipitia kati kati mpaka ikulu. Luos called Moi a village illiterate and Kikuyus called him a passsing cloud and a cattle herder but he ruled us for 24 years. There is no better gift you can give Kalonzo than to keep mocking him and underestimating him.

Apart from politics, any person who does not seek and exploit opportunities has no business being alive. It is that simple.

M-Pesa said...


"Concurrently, the government has been told that the local tribunal should be set up in such a manner that it meets international standards."

Yeah, that's spot on, "INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS." That's a tall order and crux of the matter! There's no way this government as we know it will agree on anything like that. Chances are very slim indeed and even if they did, it would be akin to signing their own death certificates.

Even if they did, there's still another big obstacle, THE PARLIAMENT! The govt is used to shortcuts, deception and manipulation when setting up commissions and anything acceptable to Ocampo will still be a self made political noose. As far as I can tell, Hague seems to be the only option! If only they knew Waki would SCREW them....

Anon 1.33

Hehe he he, even if 2012 comes while we dither about with The Hague, the new president will be elected if he/she assures Kenyans justice will be delivered. Most Kenyans want justice and Hague option. No presidential candidate will dare swim against that powerful tide! An election will isolate the wheat from the chaff.

Ocampo has already promised to end impunity so that "violence in next elections (2012) can be avoided." So we assume he knows what he's talking about. He may most likely pull a fast one just like Annan and not honour the deadlines when he realises just like everyone else our leaders are a bunch of jokers and clowns.


He he mimi BADO nacheka tu!

Mwambu said...

@1:50 AM, au contraire, pal.

The reason you do not want an opportunist as a leader- an oxymoron - is because these types, be it a Moi, Kalonzo, or Jomo Kenyatta, tend to put self over public interest, hence their opportunism.

As a rule of thumb, career opportunist in the mode of Kalonzo, Kenyatta (Jomo), or Moi, have consistently failed to stand up for those values that enhance and create better societies. Instead these opportunists are renowned for being unethical, immoral, reckless and totally lacking in integrity. Leaders they are not.

As for your next point, heck, feel free to be as opportunistic as you want to be, pal, because that is your personal choice and preference but, as long as you are not my leader.

Oh, and add Kibaki to my list of opportunists.

Anonymous said...

anon 1.33 and others,

The minute Koffi Annan jetted into Kenya to stop our self inflicted madness, the whole issue stopped being local and became an international matter. There's no way ICC, Ocampo or International community will allow deception and manipulation when it comes to justice for those killed in Kenya during electoral violence.

Shall we move on?

Anonymous said...


You say that the "... election will isolate the wheat from the chaff." I wish I can have that type of blind faith in our electorate, but my naivety is long gone.

Our 2002 Wheat Kibaki turned out to be what he is today ... Our 2007 Wheat Raila is busy turning his private residences into palaces as we speak using your tax money. And Kajuang', the guy who used to lead us in singing 'mapambano,' is busy selling our national IDs and passports. So which wheat and chaff are you talking about.

I wish I could join you in the delusional laughter while we wait for Ocampo to bring us "foreign" justice, but I am busy repairing the fence that separates me from my neighbour.

Anonymous said...

Just a quip, if the EU is ready to help arrest those in the Waki envelope, could they start by sending the children studying in their universities and leaving in their countries back home to enjoy the hardship with the rest of us?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:44 AM,

"Shall we move on?"

No, we can't move on until you bring Ocampo and the International Community to show us the way. Hehe hehe he he ...!

Anonymous said...


I can't wait to tell Ocampo the historical injustice that drove my tribesmen to kill our "foreign" neighbour in Mogotio. This neighbour came from Central province and talked in Kikuyu all the time forgetting he was not in his ancestral land. Worse, he wanted to be our councillor, and that was the mother of all injustices. I am ready, like Ms Kihara, to go to Hague and tell the truth about the people who invaded our lands like sangari.

Anonymous said...

I believe Ocampo majored in drama at the university and not law. The guy is a drama king. Why the funfare about opening the envelope and re-sealing it if he is not telling us the names. Bure kabisa! Asindwe!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@1:36 am.
Fair enough.
Perhaps I can reframe the point I was trying to make as follows: Sending people to the Hague is necessary but not sufficient. Some of the crimes committed fall directly under the penal code. Without the will to reform, strengthen and implement our local institutions of enforcement, it is unlikely that the Hague will wipe out impunity off the psyche of Kenyans.

On another related note, there is a fundamental moral vacuum among Kenyans. Law is created to deal with those fringe actors in society who refuse to do the right thing. Paradoxically, a large proportion of Kenyans behave as fringe actors that law attempts to constrain. What a mess!

Wangu wa Makeri said...

Kenyans why are you putting to much faith in the Hague?

I dare imagine how many of you will be disappointed with this Hague.
Not much will come out of Hague, mark my words.
Hague is known to be a very bureaucratic institiution that is very slow in doing things. It normally take forever to bring the perpetrators of crime after arrest warrants are issued. If you don't believe me, Ali Bashiar, the president of sudan is still walking free after almost a year since he was indicicted with crimes in Darfur.

To avoid your heart being broken, don't celebrate too early my fellow Kenyans, there is a lot you don't know about ICC. Trust me on this one.

Philip said...

What do people mean when they say "institutional reform"? Even Raila talks about it.

If the institution is reformed do you think it will change anything as long as some people believe even if they violate the law you will do nothing.

When I think of this then I believe this Ocampo/Annan thing is very important to Kenya.

I tend to see that impunity is the root cause of most of our problems, such that before we start thinking of 'institutional reform' we need to fight this vice first.

Ama sivyo.

Philip said...

anon 5.47

Yes we know that Hague has it's own weakness especially with delay and bureaucracy, that's why Local Tribunal that meets international standards becomes a good substitute. But don't you think these are more important than trying to resolve the problem ourselves?

Ndungu commission and Bosire commission came and went away but it did not stop further land grabbing and anglo leasing, and we Kenyans could not do anything about it. Maybe they could have been effected if we had revolted, which could have become bloody and also it's solution could have been the same Hague or if not then our leaders could have sent their police to kill all those who revolt.

Anonymous said...

ODM as a national party is gone for ever. It was founded by people whose glue was hatred of "Kabila adui." A major constituency joined believing that they would be able to ethnically cleanse their "ancestral" lands. It didn't work and they lost a lot of their youth in that futile exercise. They ended with a nusu mkate which is being swallowed by their partners in hatred. They feel bitter, betrayed and confused. The center can no longer hold. Things are falling apart right infront of our eyes. As we head to 2012 (Hague or not) some communities are wiser and will never allow themselves to be emotionalized and their votes highjacked by thungs clothed as liberators.

Anonymous said...

Eichhh, what is this thinh I hear that Karucy did inside a kenya airforce jet that left Kibz and others collecting items all over the floor- at 2100 ft ASL!!!.

Kweli wakenya muna mambo, no wonder you all act like 'fringe charcaters' morally bankrupts, know all. 'He is so rich' is the most common statement in Nairobi's bar - to describe drug peddlers and other societal black spots!

Anonymous said...

Increased insecurity in Kenya

Too much in towns, Northern Kenya and everywhere.
Kenyans have not seen it.
This HAUE train will cost many lives.
The leadership in Kenya is warning the international community and Kenyans at large that What we are seeing is a shadow of what is to come if HAGUE is effected.
Na Bando.

The message is that Only one man can safe Kenya as he did in 2007. Kifaki.
Otherwise, Kenya will be an extension of Somalia.

How would you explain the non effectiveness of the security agents in Kenya?

The only saviour for Kenya is God-to uproot the leadership status quo. Is Muthaura back?

Mwambu said...

Kabila adui this kabila adui that ad nauseam.

Kikuyus used the term kabila adui in reference to other tribes and vice versa, so enough of your pathetic victimology syndrome.

I am going to tell it like it is; you killed them and they killed you in revenge. Now you all better listen really well and then shut up:

To Kikuyus, the Luos, Kalenjin, Luhyas, etc, were the kabila adui during our hate filled last general elections.

To Kalenjins and other ODM orientated ethnics, the Kikuyus and other PNU supporting tribes were the kabila adui, so stop your pathetic whining about 'kabila adui' this and that.

If you really feel that strongly about your tribal and polarised country, I suggest that you start building a truly Kenyan nation, founded on shared common values, where equality of all citizens reigns paramount and is the rule and the norm.

Fave said...

The Hague train will never leave the station. This is Kenya, nothing good comes out this God-forsaken artificial construct called a nation anymore.

Anonymous said...

anon7/17/09 5:28 PM

Ha!!ha!! pal only if Bush was still the president of United States then your wish might have become a reality - si Bush congratulated Kibaki while Kibaki was busy ordering the police and his other security forces called MUNGIKI MURDERERS to kill and slaughter, behead innocent kenyans..

I bet you the phone conversation between KIBAKI and BUSH went like this:

Bush: congratulation for slaughtering and finishing your enemies!! How many have you slaughtered? take a lesson from me.. look at what I did in Iraq and other parts of the world... human beings are just flesh and blood.. nothing there to lose sleep on...

KBAKI: ahhh- don't worry I was a good student - I watched you closes and yes I have ordered the slaughter and executions of many and thank god this is Africa.. nobody is watching closely thanks to the protection from you.. my police elite force which I hand picked and trained for just this problem are doing a fantastic job -then laughter "ha!!ha!!ha!! my friend Mr. Bush please watch BBC closely.. my guys are outside shooting anyone in sight and my local mafia army headed by my warlord tribesman Uhuru are handling the rest of the country.. trust me once I finish with these mpumbavu's nobody will dare touch me.. my friend keep backing me up and I will reduce the Kenya population for you!!

Bush: good Job my friend and now I'm going to announce and congratulated you for winning the elections and I have ordered my staff not to release the pre-election report that is showing that goon winning.- Keep up the good work and continue the Iraq style of combat remember they are all irrelevant -we are in control!

but but.. Bush left in disgrace and now the new American President has advised countries that want to do any partnership and Business with USA to stop impunity..

this means Kibaki and the Bushes of last year have no business in the future of Kenya.


Anonymous said...


Don't throw dust into the air and think you can lump people together and hide the guilty one in that confusion. To say everybody called everybody else "kabila adui" is a shameless attempt to provide cover to the key architect of that despicable term.

Since independence only one national politician has ever gone that far and labeled members of an ethnic group as "adui." Not even Kenyatta in his most arrogant days or Moi in his most tyranical days ever found it fit to call a whole community "adui" on account of their opposition to his political agenda. The only person who ever crossed that line is RAILA AMOLO ODINGA and he did it repeatedly in 2007 in an attempt to have other communities vote for him based on their hatred for the Kikuyus. I challenge you to name any other presidential candidate in the history of our Republic who ever used "kabila adui" as a tool of hatred for mobilising votes. And while you are it, stop bringing the ordinary Luos, Kalenjins, Kikuyus and what nots into this in order to cover Raila Odinga.

Civilized presidential candidates use the term "opponents" instead of "enemies" and even then they limit themselves to other political candidates not whole communities. It was shameful for him to have done that and a terrible disservice to inter-ethnic relations, and it will always remain a big blot on his name.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.52
You responded well to the confused Mwambu guy. He is tying to twist issues by saying the opposite of what actually happened. He said the Kikuyus attacked the other tribes first and consequently they carried revenge attacks. He sounds like a guy running out of medication

Mwambu said...

@7:52 PM, You and many other Kikuyus are too emotive for your own good, rationality of course being foreign to most of your ilk. And please please stop whining.

Please try and emulate the more mature, sensible, sober, rational and thoughtful Kyuks like Kiai, Githongo, etc, who have always had the capacity to think through issues in a mature forward looking manner. Most of you are very vengeful minded which equates to backwardness, in my opinion.

Look carefully within your communinty and you will find that ethical and moral people are abhorred in your milieu while immorals are worshipped. Is it any wonder that a Githongo or a Kiai were roundly condemned and vilified whereas Kenyatta, a known Mungiki kingpin, is being touted as the "Next Gikuyu Hope". Hmmm....a very interesting culture, if you ask me.

As for your comment about kabila adui, could you please share with us a/the link where Raila was quoted as calling Kikuyus thus.

Mwambu said...

You little weasel @10:24 PM, of course, Kikuyus and their PNU supported parties started the violence in the run-up to election 2007.

1. Your Mungikis Storm Troopers were already gukora-ing non PNU supporting Kenyans in the run-up to the elections. As if they haven't killed enough Kenyans, now they are gukora-ing their own Gikuyu tribesmen!

2. In September or October 2007, a couple of months to the general elections, William Ruto, Omingo Magara and others, from the ODM, were almost lynched in Kisii by Nyachae's PNU mob braying for their blood and were lucky to escape death by a whisker (check out

3. A few weeks later, roughly in late September or early October 2007, ODM politicians, including Raila, Nyaga, etc, were almost lynched by a PNU mob in Meru.

4. Lastly, as I see it, Ocampo will do his homework well and his dragnet will catch many of your Mungiki heroes and others (Nyachae), that Waki's shoddy research left out.

I hope you and your irrational bloodthirsty types don't Gukora me simply because I spoke the truth.

Anonymous said...

The blogger who said you are running out medication might be right. We thought we were engaging someone with a rational mind which has benefitted from years of schooling. We were wrong. If you cannot put you point across without descending into the usual cesspool of ethnic name-calling and generalization, you don't deserve an answer from any rational minded person. Until you come to terms with the fact that you might not be feeling well, it is better for strangers to keep away from you. In the meantime, those who love you should keep an eye on you just in case you become a danger to yourself. I wish you well.

Anonymous said...

On 7/17/09 3:44 PM you wrote
"Kikuyus used the term kabila adui in reference to other tribes and vice versa, so enough of your pathetic victimology syndrome

I am going to tell it like it is; you killed them and they killed you in revenge. Now you all better listen really well and then shut up"

At7/18/09 12:52 AM You have brought up campaign violence when Ruto and Magara went to disrupt Nyachae's meetiing in Kisii and Raila incident in Meru

All this crap does not support you earlier allegation that Kikuyu first killed members of other tribes and they consequently killed Kikuyus in revenge

In Kisii no one was killed and the Kikuyus were not involved. The fact is the post election violence started in ODM strongholds and targeted tribes that did not vote for your Messiah.

Anonymous said...


It is waste of time arguing with these dim witted panua mongrels. They only believe in FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT.

They do not have the capacity to understand anything outside the domain of FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT.

About this foolish "Kabila adui" propaganda of theirs that they always unsuccessfully try to dump on Raila, you challenged them and I shall join you in challenging them thus: ...About kabila adui, could you please share with us a/the link where Raila was quoted as calling Kikuyus thus.

Mwambu, these Kikuyus just REEK of FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT. That is their way of life to the point where CHOPPING their fellow tribesmens heads off is not such a big deal to them.... These people are LUNATICS, FRAUDS, DECEIVERS and and fuckin' born THIEVES.

Mwambu said...

@1:20 AM, I sympathise with you too but do understand wwhere you are coming from: you were able to see the futility of your weak arguments and rightly threw in the towel.

Next time come a little bit better prepared; I will debate you on real facts and issues.

Until then, take some remedial classes because I find it unfair taking advantage of your ignorance and shallowness.

Good luck.

Mwambu said...

@1:37 AM, Kikuyus commit more heinous crimes including murders than all the other 41 Kenyan tribes put together. Put it this way: Kikuyus commit more murders by a factor of ten relative to all other Kenyan tribes put together. Is that not evidence enough?

Maheni, I am trying to civilise you guys, so bear with me here. That Mungikis were busy killing and intimidating non PNU supporting Kenyans in the run up to the general elections is a barely concealed secret. And now that their PNU sponsors have reneged on earlier promises, the Mungiki hunter is now the hunted (Ocampo will have no witnesses who can welch on your heroes, Uhuru, et al). Even a dimwit like you knows that this is fact.

* As for my other simple question: do share with the hundreds of thousands of Kumekucha readers when Raila is alleged to have referred to Kikuyus as 'kabila adui' ( please post links, Youtube, etc).

If you can't to respond to this simple question then you ought to stop your pathetic whining ati 'kabila adui' blah blah blah!

Anonymous said...

I am responding as Anon 1.37
In my comment I did not claim that Raila called Kikuyu Kabila adui. I challenged you on inconsistency in your comments.

You have even gone further at 7/18/09 2:28 AM and said that Kikuyus commit more murders than other 41 tribes combined and claimed that to be enough evidence. That is ridiculous sir!

With due respect ‘Mr Civilisation teacher’ that did not provide any evidence to support your allegation that Kikuyus initially killed other tribes and they consequently killed Kikuyus in revenge. You may also need to provide you source or link as you are asking others to provide.

All the murders committed on different circumstances in Kenya cannot be used as evidence to support you assertion on post election violence.

Anonymous said...

Every market place has its madman and Kumekucha has finally got a trully mad resident, Mwambu. Among his many claims, he claims to be the Author and Defender of Human Civilisation. Even Idi Amin didn't go that far!!!

Anonymous said...

Guys, relax!
Coffee Annan did not give the envelope to ICC. it's just a fluke to scare chickens.

Anonymous said...

Mwambu, go ahead and civilise these dimwits. You are the greatest thing that ever happened since the birth of Raila. If these Kikuyu dimwits doubt you, remind them you know for a fact; after all, are you not the Keeper of all Facts!?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:24 AM,

Ati Mwambu a madman? I think you have a very major problem with your ability and capacity to PERCEIVE.

When Mwambu confronts you with the simple plain truth you loose all your marbles, go mad and start calling Mwambu mad when it is you who is mad. You sick people have a pathological aversion to the truth.

Earlier on I made a comment about you people - Kikuyus, and it went something like this:

"You only believe in FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT. You fuckin' born theives do not have the capacity to understand anything outside the domain of FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT." You people continue proving me right.

I and, I am sure, Mwambu still stand by our challenge to you:

...About this "kabila adui" nonsense that you keep on spewing and FARTING over here at Kumekucha, could you please share with us a/the link where Raila was quoted as calling Kikuyus thus..... or FOREVER SHUT UP with the false accusations.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

There is a time for every purpose. Ease up on Mwambu, what he needs right now is a refil of his medication, not hectoring.

Anonymous said...

Another one has joined Mwambu. Kumekucha is becoming crowded with the types who need medication. Someone call for the doctor, it is no longer funny!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Hon. Dr. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka. The next president of Kenya. Poor Jaruos. Woiiye!

Anonymous said...

There seems to be some to truth to what Mseveni said about some of these guys. Their heads labour under a terrible weight of madness possibly from cerebral malaria.

Anonymous said...

Those asking for links are too lazy to do their own research. As usual, they want free stuff including free housing in Nairobi. Raila is building himself palaces with public money and appointing relatives to govt positions while these idlers are still waiting to be delivered to the Promised Land. I love the way they have been used by the Odinga family like a huge roll of toilet paper. Fidel is on the way with his Kikuyu wife to sit on them. Wajinga kabisa.

Mwambu said...

@3:08 AM, I stand by what I said. preceding the 2007 elections, Kikuyus in the Naivasha and Laikipia areas were killing many pastoralists on the account that the latter were encroaching on Kikuyu farmlands. Check.

I and other Kenyans are tired of listening to your whinings and lies that someone called you 'kabila adui'; an allegation that is completely unfounded and that not one Kikuyu has been able to prove. I know many Kikuyus and not one agrees with your lie that Raila called Kyuks 'kabila adui'. Not one of them. Check.

As far as my other statements, heck yeah, you bet you that I am a man on a civilising mission very intent to bring Kikuyus up to standards suitable for existence in a modern society. Check.

Thanks for the compliments.

Mwambu said...

@3:24 AM, thank you for being a member of my fan club.

Now that I can confirm that you are reading the facts that I put out every now and then, maybe some of it will sink into your trogodlyte skull.

Mwambu said...

Now you understand why Kenya is a backward society as some lightweight make futile attempts to take on the Great Mwambu, the elite class are busy trying to bargain their way out of the PEV lacunae or creating new unecessary ditricts and provinces. Poor Kenyans.

Get them all Mr.Ocampo. No deals. period.

Anonymous said...

The problem of "encroachment" in Laikipia and Naivasha was effectively a struggle between the Maasai and large scale ranchers/landowners over grazing in those areas. CHECK your facts. There's a lot of information on this, from newspapers, thru gray literature (eg KWS reporting) to scientific pubs.

Is there a remedy for a high ego to substance ratio???!!!! Arrggghh.

Anonymous said...

I suppose you have heard of BFLPE syndrome?
See: ""
for a superificial description.

Anonymous said...

7/18/09 5:44 PM
mpumbavu wewe go post your nonsense if you can't debate facts on mashada kikuyu express, here on Kumekucha kenyans and others alike debate facts!!

now answer me! did Kibaki order the police to shoot and kill innocent Kenyans?

Did Kibaki hold a meeting in statehouse with Mungiki gang leaders and gave them funds to go especially to Naivasha an Nakuru to exterminate and slaughter innocent Kenyans?
Jane Kihara seems to confirm so - she says she was ordered to give them lounging and transportation that is what she will be singing at the Hague..

Every criminal! murderer will carry their own cross to Hague

mpumbavu sana !

Anonymous said...

anon7/18/09 5:30 PM

Get your facts right? since when did Kikuyu own ranches in Laikipia? including the likes of GG Karuiki?

Isn't when the colonialist left- paid Kenyatta and his government money to resettle back those whose land had been taken namely the Masai but Kenyatta decided to give it to his cronies and family members?
get some education aaaaarrrrgh!!!!!!
Why do you think J.M Karuiki was killed by Kenyatta? wasn't the same land issues?

get a life or go and educated yourself on the past misdeeds of the Kenyatta presidency or else shut up!

Anonymous said...

I will elaborate for you because your little blinkered brain seems capable only of straight-jacket thinking. The large-scale ranches in Laikipia and Naivasha are owned by whites. There have been a series of clashes between the white ranchers and Maasai herders. I suppose that's what you referred to when you mentioned "encroachment"? You pride yourself in facts. Look that one up and revise your story. Feel free to turn the white ranchers into Kikuyus. You can obtain Kikuyu names and their meanings from this site:

Finally. Dont you think its uncivilized to call people names just because they advance a position different than yours? Or is that another strategy born out of your famous weakness and insecurity? So, while your genes may be in the way, train yourself to stay calm and less emotional. It's handy. Virtual stone-throwing and railway uprooting is unnecessary.

Mwambu said...

@5:30 PM, you and your whining, sniffling friends have yet to respond to my request that you furnish this Kumekucha forum with info and ANY link(s) to this wild allegation that has been circulating among your Gikuyu community stating that Raila called one tribe 'kabila adui'.

Are you and your ilk implying or trying to prove that Gikuyus:

1. Are a neurotic bunch who suffer from collective neurosis as a tribe

2. Are pathological liars who will tell ANY lie as long as they can get away with it

3. Are professional conmen who want to con a nation of 36 million Kenyans in believing that Kikuyus were "the victims" of PEV

4. Can't separate fact from fiction

Remember that you can fool some of the people all the time and those are the ones you want to concentrate on.

Most Kenyans are easily gullible, but not this guy called the Great Mwambu who caught you on the lie peddling the myth that Kikuyus were the so-called 'kabila adui'.

Day 1 waiting.....

Anonymous said...

Neither have you provided the evidence in support of the mythical "FACT" below:

"I stand by what I said. preceding the 2007 elections, Kikuyus in the Naivasha and Laikipia areas were killing many pastoralists on the account that the latter were encroaching on Kikuyu farmlands."

In short, you must be held to the same standards that you demand of others. Do you not understand that simple doctrine? Or does your delusional greatness exempt you?

Anonymous said...

And then in a "mature forward-looking manner" (like Githongo) move on to link the so-called Kikuyu attacks on pastoralists in Laikipia and Naivasha to the PEV, including where it is known to have occurred in its most egregious form. Yours is an intriguing proposition that should not be left by the wayside. We want to be sure that "Mr. Ocampo gets them all. Period. No deals."


Anonymous said...

If anyone knows how the ICC works, they have to exhaust existing local remedies, international law is founded on the principles, of respecting state sovereignty.

That is why, the local tribunal is being advocated for, at the end of the day, we may get the main organisers and financiers of the violence to ICC, but fundamentally, the executioners of that violence need to face the law as well, the special tribunal would help with that, prosecuting the middlemen and those supervisors of violence.

In Kenya, people only follow what the politicians say. Even an uneducated person has common sense, why would you listen to any politicians opinion without checking the other side of the argument?

I am for a local tribunal, the ICC should be a last resort, we have to stop relying on other systems to get justice, whilst its a good stance its only a short term solution.

Anonymous said...

@anon 7:52

Do you remember the day Raila was jerked out of an Hotel in Karatina. You remember how the woman talked about Raila and other tribes? Do you know who the woman is? You remember what Raila said 2 days after the incident?

Was that not the beginning of violence? And what of the Meru, Kisii incidents? The phrase "Kabila adui" was used for the first time by Kenyatta referring to Luos. Many Kikuyus used it several times during campaign 2007 and publicized in Nation Newspaper on the day before violence erupted.

It is time tribalists be named in public.

Anonymous said...

When violence erupted, there was only one man at the helm.

It is only this man who caused all these sufferings to innocent Kenyans. He accepted wrong results and installed himself within minutes.

This is the man who should be arrested and taken to the Hague without delay. Kibaki is the culprit. Kenyans agree on this.

There is no need of talking about Uhuru, Ruto, Kabando, Kihara, etc before convicting Kibaki.

Anonymous said...

If Raila "Kabila Adui" Odinga goes picking fights with Mama-Kiosk in Nyeri and Meru farmers, don't you think he has a problem? Don't you think this is a national thug who haven't abandoned his village ways? That is why he could so easily call a whole community "kabila adui." He thought he was still in Bondo picking a fight with local malnutrated boys over a rotting fish.

Anonymous said...

Swali ni jibu!

Mwambu said...

The Great Mwambu once again imparting his words of wisdom to his devoted, doting and adoring Kikuyu FAN CLUB. Welcome, boys!

Folks, I am telling all those whining, sniffling cry-babies who have been peddling the lie that someone (read Raila) referred to Kikuyus (sniff! sniff!) as 'kabila adui' and hurt their feelings (whine! whine!) in 2007 (please feel sorry for us!) and, therefore, that Kenyans owe them something. You sad folks, cry as much as you want, but Kenyans do not owe you JACK!!

On the other hand, am glad that you are turning out to be my eager and obedient students who will hold on to my sagacious words like gospel. Who knows, maybe by the time I am done with you you all can go back into your Gikuyu villages and hamlets and extend my wise teachings to your hitherto very backward, atavistic, and primitive Gikuyu tribesmen (most, not all of 'em).

Not ONE Gikuyu has been able to come up with one iota of evidence that Raila referred to Gikuyus as 'kabila adui'. Not ONE.

I, Mwambu, took it upon myself and challenged the entire Gikuyu tribe of what 7-8 million people to come up with even ONE newspaper quotation, internet link, You Tube download, where Raila called Gikuyus ati 'kabila adui'.

Day 2.....waiting for your evidence.

*p.s. You can fool some of the people all the time and those are the ones you want to concentrate on.

Anonymous said...

maskini....akili punguani. Mola akurehemu.

Mwambu said...

Where are all the Kikuyus who have been lying to Kenyans for the past 18 months that someone referred to them as 'kabila adui'?

I, the Great Mwambu, decided, a few days ago to call out any Kikuyu who could pose evidnce in the form of an internet link or address, a newspaper reference, You Tube dowload, etc, when this lie of a statement was allegedly made.

As I told you all, this so called statement attributed to Raila was perhaps the biggest lie perpetrated by a people accustomed to wild emotional swings, paroxysms of lying and who have a penchant for deceit.

Calling any Kikuyu to share info.

Day 3 waiting.....

Mwambu said...

How come suddenly 7-8 million Kikuyus have turned so quiet? I thought you guys could support yourselves with facts? Ama?

Or have you guys now stopped whining and grumbling about someone calling you ati 'kabila adui' as I had commanded you to?

I am glad that at least here on this forum, on Kumekucha, no idiotic sniffling liar is still claiming that someone called Kikuyus 'kabila adui' (sob! sob!).

The sooner you get it out of your schizophrenic heads that nobody anywhere in the Republic of Kenya has ever referred to Gikuyus as 'kabila adui', the sooner you will earn the respect of the other 41 tribes that make up Kenya.

Until then just chill.

Day 4 waiting.....

Anonymous said...


Good luck with that. I researched and asked that very question, several months back and got all manner of excuses.

It was a lie cleverly crafted and manufactured by some MKM heavyweights, and swallowed hook line and sinker.

If you are lucky some idiot will post the forged document supposed to be minutes of a meeting, but thats it.

Mwambu said...

@1:13 AM I totally see where you are coming from.

The reason why I had to take a stand is because I got sick and tired to the point of nauseation always reading about the lie ati 'kabila adui' this and that. I know they purposely invented this lie to appear that they were the victims of an election that their leader, Kibaki, stole in the first place!

On the other hand, I find it very hard to take people who peddle such obvious lies and distortions seriously. Then again we are looking at people who are still at a lower level of evolution, in my opinion; don't know right from wrong.

But your point is well taken, that the PNU wing is becoming quite adept at propaganda aka lies.

Mwambu said...

I guess the whining crybabies have decided that they were lying about the 'kabila adui' B*#ul$%t all along.

Day 5 waiting.....

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