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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Could The Hague Be God's Answer To The Cry Of Kenyans?

I've been thinking about the Hague lately.

I'm one of those folks who my friend Mutahi Ngunyi has berated as hiding behind sovereignty when the nation is under the scrutinizing spotlight of the international community. Of course I've always resented the hypocritical stance of foreign institutions that have one set of riles for Africa and another for the West. As it were, nobody can tell me to date why Ocampo has not gone after the murderous neo-cons in the States while coming after our own murderers. Such double standards are why I support Africa's drive to hold the ICC accountable for how it does business. Indeed, if it can't handle its affairs impartially, Africa might as well walk away from it. We won't miss it.

That said, I hope that the ICC can get its act together and start coming after all world leaders who commit atrocities against their people. Starting with Bush and Rumsfeld, Mugabe and henchmen and on to our own folks here, it would send a powerful message if the world's only court of this importance is seen to act decisively against powerful individuals around the globe.

Coming to Kenya, it seems to me that the Hague may well turn out to be God's answer to the cry of Kenyans. For years Kenyans have been burdened by the unending rule of a few families. Indeed, the Kenyattas, Mois, Kibakis and a few others have made sure that only those who agree with their brand of politics can ever make it in this country. Land and property is owned by those who are in their with them on just about everything. This is wrong.

So how is the Hague God's answer?

You will ask me how I know this, but that I won't answer now. What I'll tell you for sure is that I know Uhuru, Saitoti, Ruto, Ali and a few other folks have their names in the Waki list. I also know for a fact that if this thing was pursued to its logical conclusion, it would romp in Kibaki and Raila. What I'm not clear about is to what extent the ICC is willing to gamble of Kenya's security by coming after the big two. Time will tell.

So my point is simple. By charging and successfully prosecuting Uhuru, Saitoti, Ali and then coming after the big two, God will have used the Hague to cleanse this land. He'll have given us a chance to begin afresh.

But do we believe in Him?


Anonymous said...

Sam dont you think your line should have read...Indeed the Kenyattas,Mois,Kibakis,Odingas blah,blah,blah.Why have you always insisted on sanitizing one family?

Mama said...


I believe justice can only come through the Hague. You have seen how our politicians behave. You saw them celebrating the postponement of the matter....with so much glee like they have gotten away with it.

The other day Musa Sirma told us that the reason the coalition was formed is because "wamesameheana". T

Tell that to someone whose husband, father, breadwinner was killed because of that nonsense.....ati wamesameheana...wamesameheana na nani?

Personally, "me" "myself" "I" have not forgiven people for trashing my vote, have not forgiven police for killing peaceful protesters and to be honest cannot wait for Hague Express to arrive.

Tena know if Hague doesn't come quickly, we shall be here again in 2012 crying again over stolen elections and post election violence. We need to solve this thing now.

And Sam, America is not a signatory to the ICC so Bush and Co may well get away with their crimes. However, since us guys are.....let the ICC law apply to us as it should.

Anonymous said...

who believes what this clown called sam okello writes.
bure kabisa!

Phil said...


You need your memory refreshed. The direction which the whole saga is taking was suggested by us just a week after the ELECTION FRAUD. Please read this and refresh you memories.

ICC: After Charles Taylor, Mwai Kibaki Next?

As you can see, we said these issues that Mutahi Ngunyi is recycling now way back in January 2008, when Kibaki was killing innocent and unarmed civilians (including children). We also published pictures from our morgues in Kisumu and Nairobi to back-up our claims. Michuki was the then Internal Security minister and Kibaki was and still is the CiC.

Moreno Ocampo only needs to look at Kumekucha archieves and he will nail the real culprits behind the massacre of innocent civilians. No need for expensive investigations, especially if relying on Kenya police.
I can only laugh at the suggestion that Raila Odinga could also end up in the ICC. I suggest you read the statutes again. They are very clear as how suspects get indicted.

Raila Odinga not only won the elections on 2007 hand down, ODM supporters like myself were denied the right to demonstrate peacefully, while some of our colleagues were rapped, killed and assaulted by police officers answering to their commanders Kibaki, Michuki and Gen. Ali.

As far as I can see, this is an open and shut case, the highly implicating Waki report notwithstanding.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Land question again. Not surprised. First, what we believe in:

(a) Taxing land, not labour and capital.
(b) Taxing waste, not labour and capital.

The idea of absolute private land ownership MUST end in Kenya. Many will wonder whether we are of sound mind. Yes, we are of very sound mind. We are of such sound mind that, we can venture to say that, those who will wonder whether are okay upstairs, are nothing but TRAINED SLAVES.

We are right because, private ownership of land is the greatest crime ever committed against humanity and cause of poverty. In due course, we shall illustrate this further. For today, we shall only say that, on our side, stand some of the greatest minds that, this world has seen. But, who are these great minds?

In Leviticus XXV, it is written that:

“The land shall not be sold forever; for the land is Mine; for ye are strangers and sojourners with Me.” In other words, God said land is His, and must not be divided as we have done today.

John Locke said that:

“God gave the world in common to all mankind. When the "sacredness" of property is talked of, it should be remembered that any such sacredness does not belong in the same degree to landed property.” Simply, there is exists no basis whatsoever for private land ownership.

Thomas Jefferson said that:

“The earth is given as a common stock for men to labor and live on.”

Mark Twain said that:

“The earth belongs to the people. I believe in the gospel of the Single Tax.”

Adam Smith, who many TRAINED SLAVES talk about said:

“Ground rents are a species of revenue which the owner, in many cases, enjoys without any care or attention of his own. Ground rents are, therefore, perhaps a species of revenue which can best bear to have a peculiar tax imposed upon them.”

Tom Paine said that:

“Men did not make the earth.... It is the value of the improvement only, and not the earth itself, that is individual property.... Every proprietor owes to the community a ground rent for the land which he holds.”

Leo Tolstoy said that:

“Solving the land question means the solving of all social questions... possession of land by people who do not use it is immoral - just like the possession of slaves.”

Winston Churchill said that:

“Land, which is a necessity of human existence, which is the original source of all wealth, which is strictly limited in extent, which is fixed geographical position –- land, I say, differs from all other forms of property in these primary and fundamental conditions.”

Sun Yat – Sen, said that:

“The land tax as the only means of supporting the government is an infinitely just, reasonable, and equitably distributed tax, and on it we will found our new system. The centuries of heavy and irregular taxation for the benefit of the Manchus have shown China the injustice of any other system of taxation.”

Aristotle said that:

“The whole of the land was in the hands of a few, and if the cultivators did not pay their rents, they became subject to bondage...”

Herbert Spenser said that:

-Equity, therefore, does not permit private property in land, since that would involve the right of some to deny to others the use of land.

-Private property in land, as at present existing, can show no original title valid in justice, and such validity cannot be gained either by sale or bequest, or by peaceable possession during any length of time.

-It is not necessary that the state should manage land: it is only necessary that rent, instead of going, as now, to individuals, should be taken by society for common purposes.

- There may be difficulty in justly liquidating the claims of existing landowners, but men having got themselves into a dilemma must get out of it as well as they can. The landed class are not alone to be considered. So long as the treatment of land as private property continues, the masses suffer from an injustice only inferior in wickedness to depriving them of life or personal liberty.

Anonymous said...


Don't throw dust in the air to confuse issues as to who raped who. ODM supporters raped and murdered PNU supporters for voting "the wrong way." They had been worked up to the murderous tempo by Raila's "adui kabila" song and Ruto's "madoadoa" and "sangari" songs.

Phil, pray that Ocampo doesn't indict Ruto because Ruto will go down with Raila. Ruto has all the goods on Raila under the raps of lawyers.

I partly agree with you that some PNU mandarins ought to answer for their actions towards some of the demonstrators. But don't forget that most of the "civilian-on-civilian" genocidal acts were committed by ODM supporters at the instigation of the top leadership through a well oiled command structure. That is one of the command structures the Rome Statute talks about. And remember Raila's name was originally in the Human Rights Commission report.

Personally, I would like Raila and Kibaki to head the bee-line to Hague. These two have been a curse to our body politic since 2003.

Anonymous said...


The Kenyattas and Odingas have been with us since independence. Who will take these two families out of our lives? Kenyans should unite and permanently retire these people politically. I am even ready to give Ruto a chance if he is the one to get these monkeys off our backs.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to PEV, Kalonzo is the only top politician without bloody hands.
Let us unite under Kalonzo in 2012.

Anonymous said...

This African dependency syndrome on foreigners must come to an end at some time. Now everybody in Kenya is talking about Ocampo like a new found god. The truth is, those who are sitting and waiting for Ocampo to come clean our political stables will wait together with their children until their butts flatten. I am sorry for them, but that is their lot.

Anonymous said...


Are you afraid of calling Raila by name because you are running for Rarieda?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:29 AM,

You said:

"Kalonzo is the only top politician without bloody hands. Let us unite under Kalonzo in 2012."

Anon 12:29 AM, you must be out of your mind!

Kalonzo "msaliti" Musyoka is a dyed in wool supporter of the current pumbavu status quo. He has been licking the asses of whoever calls the shots in the current pumbavu status quo - Daniel "Kleptocrat" arap Moi and Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki.

There are many things I could say about Kalonzo "Msaliti" to support my case but I would end up taking to long. This is a comments section; I am only supposed to make a comment and not write a book.

However, I shall say this: Kalonzo "Msaliti" is on record (ask Kivuitu, the former discredited chair of the now disbanded and discredited electoral commission) as having exerted a lot of pressure on Samuel Kivuitu to release the FRAUDULENT election "results" of December 2007 and this is despite the fact that Kalonzo knew that there were serious anomalies in the tallying of the numbers.

That THIEVING and FRAUDULENT act by Kalonzo "Msaliti" makes him one of the top accomplices in the THEFT of the elections of December 2007 and its aftermath, and as a consequence Kalonzo "Msaliti" has a lot of blood on his hands.

I shall repeat again, anon 12:29 AM, you must be out of your mind to think that Kalonzo "Msaliti" Musyoka can add any value to Kenya as a president. He will just maintain the current pumbavu status quo .... or even make things worse.

Kalonzo "Msaliti" Musyoka is not worthy of being the president of this great country of ours called Kenya.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:12 AM, I concur with you. Kalonzo ni Kumbaff!

Anonymous said...

I can understand why Kenyans want the ICC but that is not the answer to our problems.

We seem to forget that in order to build our institutions we must show each other that we can conduct civilised trials that can lead to prosecution of individuals.

We dont need to hold the tribunal with judges from Kenya, we can always have an arrangement like the special courts of Sierra Leone, and Rwanda.

We are still a sovereign state, and the fact of the matter is that once they issue warrants of arrest, there will be resistance which can lead to violence. Look at Bashir, they have issued a warrant and even the AU doesnt support ICC.

I think a local tribunal that is run independently and is monitored by the civil societies, NGO's and internationalgovernmental organisations, will be the best solution.

When you see MP's suggesting the Hague, Kenyans should stop and think why on earth they would be suggesting it in the first place. I support the ICC but in terms of getting justice by prosecuting everyone involved in the post election violence, it may not be the best option alone.

We still need to have a local tribunal as well. The ICC is doing a good job in pressing our politicians to take responsibility and actually do what they were elected to do, serving the people of Kenya. We should take note and start to rebuild our justice system, and a local tribunal would help that.

M-Pesa said...

In a straight face, Phil said,

"...Raila Odinga not only won the elections on 2007 hand down, ODM supporters like myself were denied the right to demonstrate peacefully.."

Hehehe, I had to check today was not April Fools day when I read that Sidney Sheldon fiction which as always was not supported by any evidence.

Good detective work Inspector Mwala.

Anonymous said...

Why do ODMers get so worked up at the mention of Kalonzo while did only once what Raila has perfected in his politcal career.Isnt that,what is called learning from the master?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:18 AM,

I am not getting worked up. I am just calling a spade a spade. When I see shit, I call it shit and not a big queen cake.

You can not compare Raila and that blob of human waste called Kalonzo "Msaliti" Musyoka. Raila belongs to the Premier league while Kalonzo "Msaliti" belongs to the 3rd division and yet still has these wild halucinations that he belongs to the premier league.

He only made it to vice president because the elections were STOLEN, otherwise he does not even merit the prosition of assistant minister. The most that he merits right now is being a mere MP, nothing else. He only managed to fraudulently get the vice presidency as a result of the STOLEN elections of December 2007

KenyaLuv said...

Check out the real story about Raila versus Kibaki, the Hague Option. They only have one really...

video courtesy of to video)

Anonymous said...

What you fail to mention Sam, in your post, is that the so-called "neo-cons" live in countries that have working instutions; the excutive, judiciary and leglislative arms that are autonomous and provide the needed checks and balances.

The U.S Prez does not go to war without a declaration and approval from Congress (read-Iraq). Although the intelligence as you well know it was either taylored or misguided.

You can hardly say the same for our good ol' Kenya and its instutions deeply mired in corruption, impunity, nepotism, chronism, tribalism, and any other -isms that can fit the fold.

This is the very reason that we need Ocampo to summmon some of the perpetrators to the Hague. To send a clear and concise message, that come 2012 or earlier, we do not and will not condone 2007/08.

Mwambu said...

How do you expect a Mungiki who had a meeting with Uhuru Kenyatta, say, in Githurai, sometime in January 2008, to show up and give evidence against Uhuru sponsor of PEV when Oscar King'ara et al, have been killed like dogs?

Why do you think they are slowly but very efficiently finishing off Mungikis in this so-called war with the vigilantes? By the time the Tribunal is operatonal most Mungikis with evidence to state against Uhuru will be either dead or too scared out of their wits to bear witness against this Kenyan genocidaire.

Take them to the Hague and give asylum to all the bona fide witnesses.

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