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Monday, July 06, 2009

The Hague Express: One More Year of Impunity

ICC prosecutor Moreno Ocampo would faint from massive bear hugs from our politicians were he to visit Nairobi. Now that he has given them 12 months to politically exhale, they will engage top gear in plotting to defeat the same justice ICC has instructed them to institute. Welcome to coloured impunity made and practiced in Kenya.

The mayhem and near-Armageddon of last year sounds so far removed that the predictable apocalypse awaiting us in 2012 will make it look like a walk in the park. Make no mistake, a new constitution as shouted by all and sundry is no panacea to our bandit politics. Just drop any saint into the soup of Kenyan politics and s/he will emerge evil than Lucifer.

Our problem is not archaic laws but IMPUNITY from our rulers. To them Kenya has been and continues to be their estate and we owe them rent. They will rape and milk her till the last drop of blood. We are led by zombies who hide under delegation to as a disguise to give free hand to tribal looters.

All the cheap rants of hiding behind hollow sovereignty only succeeds in giving the rulers free pass to score all forms of fraudulent goals at our collective expense. We deride ICC as synonymous to neo-colonialism demanding equal treatment from US who are not signatories to Rome convention. At least they have working institutions and even the POTUS’ actions are limited to senate’s approval unlike our personalized RULERSHIP.

Chopping block
The bottom line is that we are paying the ultimate prize of democracy bastardized. The international community saved us from the last gunshots by the scoundrels. Only the ICC can guarantee objective blind application the law no matter how long it takes. Otherwise the 2007 rehearsal will produce unrivalled quality theatre of bloodbath come 2012.

Only in Kenya do we entertain fallacies of opposition rigging election. To us the shamelessness of security in deceptive numbers is superlative logic. We are victims of greed and the chronic lack of political is the beast waiting to consume us all. To the political hyenas, Kenyans are simply the collective collateral their carnivorous lifestyle.

Ocampo must better advised to prepare for massive disappointment. The kings of impunity will not foolishly place their heads on the chopping block. The faster the 12 months run out the better. Hague Express must leave the station soonest filled with the deserved passengers.


Anonymous said...

Please read the minutes of the meeting between Ocampo and GCG. You can find it at jukwaa. Perhaps then you will understand that no such thing as 12 months reprieve was given

Anonymous said...

This African dependency syndrome on foreigners must come to an end at some time. Now everybody in Kenya is talking about Ocampo like a new found god. The truth is, those who are sitting and waiting for Ocampo to come clean our political stables will wait along with their children until their butts and tails flatten like chapati. I am sorry for them, but from Kisumu to Nyeri they have chosen their lot and they deserve to it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is one more year for the lord of impunity, Raila Odinga, to continue to appoint his siblings to top govt positions while practising how to sing version two of "kabila adui" song come 2012. But this time their will be no takers of his shenanigans.

Anonymous said...

For their to be justice, there must be a Kenyatta and an Odinga on Hague Express. These two families have caused most of Kenya's woes since independence.

UrXlnc said...


you are right, our mediocre political "leadership" is boringly predictable. come september, with no movement no gain, another scramble to geneva perhaps if not for more time, just for the heck of it

Anonymous said...


Be afraid, very afraid, when you see those who perpetrated the crimes killing the local option and opting for The Hague. Unless they are very stupid, there is something that they know which we don't.

PKW said...

We should be able to develop our own courts, or at least something continent-wide. Maybe we should try something like the Arusha one where they try the genocide guys (though the judges are 'outsourced')

Anonymous said...

The culture of impunity as you aptly put it is the genesis of all evils in Kenya. Some so called leaders have this notion that they can do anything and nothing will befall them.Its time we put a break to this mentality. Hague express seems to be the answer since a local tribunal will be run down by these lords of impunity.

chola said...

Its almost 18 months since PEV if Kenyan can wait this long then why not another 12, 20 50, 100 or 1000 months or for ever
Kenyans true justice is home justice, Hague and ocampo will bring no true justice, only soot same egos

Mwambu said...

Kibaki should be the first person on Ocampo's list.

Had this dastardly coward Kibaki not so brazenly and blatantly stolen the election no Kenyan would have been killed in the PEV.

I say Kibaki to The Hague.

Anonymous said...

Mwambu, I am in total agreement with you. You said:

"Kibaki should be the first person on Ocampo's list.

Had this dastardly coward Kibaki not so brazenly and blatantly stolen the election no Kenyan would have been killed in the PEV."

,Mwai "Pumbavu" Kibaki is the principle perpetrator of the post - after he STOLE the - elections violence.,

Had Mwai "Pumbavu" Kibaki not STOLEN the elections, the post election violence would have not occurred.

M-Pesa said...

Just why do we keep blaming our crooked leaders instead of stupid and gullible Kenyans? I mean, when the violence erupted and ordinary citizens started the killing, raping (even kids) and looting, waheshimiwas were just teeing off at Muthaiga and Karen golf clubs.

Just why do we entertain political dynasties of Kenyatta, Moi, Odinga, Mudavadi, Onyonka and even Jimmy Kibaki who despite being nearly 50 years old has just discovered the youth in him! (Please don't laugh)

The Mungikis of this country have discovered that crime pays big time. Why should they not steal and rob while political leaders do exactly the same to our taxes, maize and oil with mind boggling impunity? Why should they not rape while PEV rapists and their sponsors walk free?

Kenyans just love rich, lazy, greedy and scumbag people to be their leaders. Decent people like Wangari Maathai, PLO Lumumba, Raphael Tuju, Wanyiri Kihoro, etc are quickly shown the door. And who do we elect? Step forward war monger Ntimama, YK92 Ruto, Grand Regency Kimunya, Tribal Sambili, Kabila Adui Raila, Sleep loving Kibaki, Msaliti Kaloozer......

It's nearly 10 years now when Moi uttered the magical words, "..Nyinyi Wakenya mtazungushwa milele..!" and for once I concur with that merciless and vile thug.

Come 2012 and Kenyans shall still elect the same thieves, crooks, liars, hooligans and cheats even those implicated in major scams and electoral violence. Who wonna bet?

Hague will not happen (maybe in your dreams) and politicians will just glue together for the sake of self preservation as they do when they go for pay hike. Only something local they can manipulate will be acceptable.

In the meantime, stop disturbing the Waheshimiwas since they are busy eating with their snouts deep in the gravy trough. Grunt! Grunt! Mmmmm,,, finger lickin' good!

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree with you Taabu. Kenyans are seeing this matter in a very clouded way.

At the end of the day, whether these guys are tried at the Hague or not, the fact remains we have a bad justice system, that continuously denies Kenyans rights.

I still cannot see how everyone is so comfortable with the ICC when the whole point is to reform our systems so we can actually get justice for all those people who suffered during teh post election violence.

Everyone is going off on a tangent talking about taking these guys to book, failing to understand the complexities of international law.

Yes ICC is not neo-colonialist, but there are other remedies to deal with the pepetrators of the violence, such as a special tribunal ran in conjuction with the UN and the ICC. We can have community courts, which will have international observers, and have impartial judges brought from the Africa Union, UN and other organisations, in addition to Kenyans.

Ocampo giving them 12 months to sort themselves out just goes to show you that the ICC is a last resort, when all other legal remedies have failed. Its just interesting the way we always run to get help, yet we are the most capable of changing things, even in your home, if there is a dispute, you can have an arbitrator from outside, but ultimately the agreement lies between the members of the home.

Anonymous said...

Raila should stop trying to "fix" Uhuru and Ruto through this local tribunal. If he is man enough (wich I doubt) he should compete with them openly instead of tryinh to use he tribunal.

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