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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Annan Cracks the Whip, Starts Hague Express

Finally Annan has handed the sealed envelope to ICC for action. And with that single stroke of action the painful journey to address Kenya’s impunity starts. As Bob Marley aptly said you can fool some people some time but not all the people all the time.

Moreno Ocampo may not be everybody’s hero but trust the Argentinean to come with blind double edged sword that will not spare any prince or tout. True, it may take time but it will surely leave no room for local manipulation that singularly define our national incompetence.

Hague Express
Annan’s statement from Geneva welcomed Kenya's efforts to establish a special tribunal, but added that "any judicial mechanism adopted to bring the perpetrators of the post-election violence to justice must meet international legal standards and be broadly debated with all sectors of the Kenyan society in order to bring credibility to the process".

Capping it up, Annan reminded the scoundrels of the adage that justice delayed is justice denied. So let the political posturing begin. Meanwhile the noose is slowly and surely tightening around the neck of impunists. Thank God for small mercies.


Anonymous said...

Haiya Makanjo: )

Anonymous said...

we'll see how far this takes us-

Anonymous said...

Kibaki, Raila, Ruto and all those who caused innocent Kenyans to be butchered or did the actual killing should now know the days of impunity are gone.

No matter how long it takes, they will face justice. They are used to our courts where they are either untouchable or manupulate judgements.

Ruto's land grabbing case has never been heard since he was charged in 2003. Had it been a common man, he would be cooling off his heels at Kamiti.

Mutula is now pretending to be a reformer. During the years he was Moi's lawyer, he corrupted the judiciary and he is largely to blame in the mess in our court system today.

Mutula got judgements that suited his clients and the corrupt and barbaric Moi regime and his cronies. Why is he vegorously advocating for a local tribunal? To currupt judges and influence judgements again?

Pole Mututa, Kibaki, Raila, Ruto and your gang. The stage the envelope is is irreversable and you will not have any slightest chance to manipulate ICC!

ICC move faster and get rid of these idiots who have ruined generations to come due to greed for raw power. There are many other able Kenyans who can lead us.

Anonymous said...

It appears we may be headed to The Hague contrary to the wishes of Raila Amolo Odinga. Raila is rabidly opposed to The Hague. He favours a local "thingmajig" where they can fix their political opponents and clean themselves up in readiness for 2012.

As you say, Taabu, thank God for small mercies; we might be spared a local theater of the absurd, after all.

Philip said...

I will not start celebrating until I see end to tribalism and corruption.

When Maina Njenga was jailed did it led to Mungiki's death? It didn't. Why?

I think because the root cause of their rise and growth was not addressed.

I would rather see that issues of land, poverty, equitable distribution of resources, corruption e.t.c. are given more emphasis than "Hague"; issues such as tribalism have the answer within all of us collectively.

I and you know that arrest of the scoundrels who led to ethno-political violence is tantamount to intimidation that we are not aware of it's effectiveness in Kenya, we also don't know the effectiveness of our security people to arrest any other perpetrator of ethno-political violence. So how sure are we that no leader will arise and incite people the same way those who will go to "Hague" did?

If some of the comments I have lately seen in Kumekucha are serious then what shows these people masked under "anonymouses" will not incite others or be incited to start another violence?

If ICC in Hague was going the Al Shabaab way maybe it could have had an effective intimidation to many people and leaders. Just joking.

The only solution I see is a good leader who will bring reform fast and make sure this has followed, a tough leader like Kagame who will not joke even with friends.

That's what we need.

Anonymous said...

Kenya has been shamed twice, one by Obama coming to Africa and intentionally skipping his fatherland and two, Annan (who, by coincidence, comes from the Ghana Obama is visiting) giving up on us and giving the envelop to OCampo. In a way I am happy that things are taking this course. Our leaders in Kenya are so obstinate and averse to constructive criticism that they cannot hear anything they are told by their fellow Kenyans. They think once they are up there they are gods who know everything. Now they are being told that they don't know everything, that they are not as all-powerful as they think they are. Now they have to be named and shamed by foreigners. Look at Mutula. He comes back from the Hague and tells us things that are at variance with what actually was. Annan says enough is enough. Ruto has been shouting at every opportunity that Hague is the way. But I am sure he is now feeling hot and hollow in the stomach. Something tells me that Raila also preferred the Hague, but with the way Annan and Ocampo have handled things, he knows things are bad. For us Kenyans, we say, OCampo, get on with it. As you answered them well, nobody can say you are interfering with internal matters of a country because they themselves signed the Rome statutes and gave up their sovereignty. ICC is legally part of the Kenyan legal system and its judgments are binding in law. Go OCampo GO.

Anonymous said...

Raila is for hgue

Those who see things blindly. Open your eyes and see who is pushing the Hague agenda.
It is Amolo. and I salute him for that.
The devil is in the house on the hill. And it seems that its days of reckoning are neigh.
The smaller devil is in South Africa!
some small mercies around the corner for Kenya.

Mwarang'ethe said...

...So they build their world in great confusion

To force on us the devil's illusion...

And it's the fire (fire), it's the fire (fire)

That's burning down everything:

Feel that fire (fire), the fire (fire);

Only the birds have their wings, yeah!

No time to be deceived.

Oh, brothers, you should know and not believe:
Jah say this judgement - it could never be with water,
No water could put out this fire (fire):
This fire (fire), this fire (fire),
This fire (fire), a yaga y'all! Ride, Natty, ride!
Go deh, Dready, go deh,
'Cause now the fire is out of control,
Panic in the city, wicked weeping for their gold!
Everywhere this fiyah is burning,
Destroying and melting their gold,
Destroying and waisting their souls.

Tell you what: now the people gather on the beach
And the leader try to make a speech,
But the Dreadies understandin' that it's too late:
Fire is burning;
Man, pull your own weight!
Fiyah is burning;
Man, pull your own weight!

Bob was not only right but prophetic.

Anonymous said...

"In the Kenyan case, the criminal responsibility for extra judicial executions falls on the President of the Republic of Kenya, His Excellency Mwai Kibaki, his minister in his office in charge of internal security and especially the honourable John Michuki, who was minister in 2006 when this policy of extermination was put in place, the Police Commissioner, director of intelligence and the commanders of this extra judicial execution squad."

papa plus said...

A lot of drama but alas I think nothing will come of it. The truth is that no one but Kenyans really care about Kenya. The World community has its own problems to deal with and African problems are the last thing they want to even touch. As long as it's quiet in Africa then everyone is happy. By the time this Hague express takes off, everyone will be charmy and there will be nothing to prosecute.

Anonymous said... a laugh?

Lately, we are seeing some funny things.
Mister-seed is a CHARITY, financed by the british Government, but the "owners" are daily telling us how much they have raised for the wedding of their son's wedding through PRE-WEDDINGS.

Little do people know that:
-Mr seeds family are not as we see them-they live on benefits in Uk-all housed in East london and Nottingham
-Mr seed and Mabel Mark conned Kenyans-Woken investment which is under investigation
-Mabel Mark, she of the Mabel Airlines is in serious trouble for defrauding the Home office. Serious criminal case ahead. Deya is a shadow
-Misterseed has foresaken Mabel-blood partners parting when the going gets tough.

It may look small and personal, but these parasites have played on Kenyans in Uk. Are chicken coming home for a roasting.

I have written this for mister-seed to know that we know what his circles are made of and that display of "importance" for a son who doesn't know the dirty lines of the father is being skinned alive.
The wedding thing is so fake that a stupid person can see what is being hidden under the carpet.
Mister seed is a Devil to Kenyans. So is Mabel. This will shortly come out.It is factual

Anonymous said...

Who the heck is Mr.Seed or whatever? Can you shed light for those of us who are not Londoners or who have never heard of him/her?

Anonymous said...

Deserve to be at the jails of the ICC at The Hague:

Maj.Gen. Ali
George Thuo
Kabando wa Kabando
Njenga Karume
Arap Cheruiyot
Kones (died)

Anonymous said...


ayi ayii ayiii


Annan has called the bluff on suspects against local trials

The irony is that from the other side of the national divide, a central Kenya bloc seen to be led by Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta was also against the Special Tribunal and preferred the Hague option.

While Mr Ruto was undisputed leader of the Kalenjin grouping at the elections, Mr Kenyatta had merely assumed more prominence than other Central Province leaders as President Kibaki retreated to State House at the height of the post-election violence and the Kikuyu looked for a champion to rally the troops in the face of widespread evictions in the Rift Valley.

Mr Ruto and Mr Kenyatta therefore came to be seen as the leaders of the key antagonists in the Rift Valley theatre.

While Mr Kenyatta has not been as open and vocal as Mr Ruto in dismissing the Special Tribunal, some of his statements, and unequivocal pronouncements by key allies and aides, left no doubt what he preferred.


Anonymous said...

ANON 7/9/09 2:15 PM

damn right !! Daily nation newspaper we all know is compromised!!

shame on the journalists who are paid by people like Uhuru to write filthy propaganda and nonsense!!!

By MACHARIA GAITHO Posted Thursday, July 9 2009 at 20:24

look at who wrote the article! I know him very well the bastard no wonder he is always showing of his riches... paid for by blood money from the king of the mungiki mafia murderers.

Uhuru will face the Hague.. he paid his army of killers called the mungiki to slaughter innocent Kenyans...





who are the real power behind the hiring of our youth during the clashes? by the way this was planned way before the elections - the truth will come out at the HAGUE.

Anonymous said...

hey we all know that the daily nation prints lies,

check who owns daily nation- we all learned this during the elections and clashes of 2007 when they used their delivery vans to ferry weapons and mungiki murderers

but god is great now kenyans can get together and stand firm for all the people involved to be prosecuted

1. Kibaki
2. Uhuru
3. Michuki
4. Karume
6. Saitoti
7. G. Muhoho(kenya airway
8. Kiereni

just the names of the people who were at the said Statehouse meeting and 2 meeting at the Kibaki residence when Money exchanged hands between the mungiki and them

oops at least the mungiki can now go to the Hague and tell all the truth but nothing but the truth so help them lord

or else

this Mt Kenya mafia will continue executing them like someone mentioned on here!

deroo said...

Anon @12:14

You forgot some of the most famous names. KABILA ADUI (Raila); Madoadoa (Raila Odinga); Peter Anyang Nyongo (Mungiki related businesses); Najob Balala (Lesotho); Ruto (the chief architect of the massacre/genocide/cleansing); Bill Ole Ntimama (the one caught on TV bragging about their handiwork).

Many others will also be in the list. We are still collating he names.

In the meantime, Odinga Diminishing Movement (ODM); Oninga Dying Mobocracy (ODM) Opposition Daima Milele is soon coming to its end.

Soon, it will be...Once upon a time, there was a political party...and then things changed.

While you ponder whats next, Mau water catchment is still on the agenda. In a wider spectrum, there is a diplomat in USA, one in Nigeria, another in France, the joint Chief Whip, assistant minister of finance, a councillor in Bondo and Kisumu, all connected by blood and acenstry.

I wonder what could have happened had Mwai KIbaki's wife's uncle's grandson had been appointed to work in the ministry of planning. It could have been pandemonium.

Lala salama!


Anonymous said...

Good riddance. I can't wait to see these killers quiver in their pants. How I wish I was close to Uk, Saitoti, Ali,General Kefake, Arap Ruto to mention just a few.

I believe they are shaking like a leaf.

Watch the space.

Good very good riddance to impunity.

Man deroo, are you always dreaming of Raira. Can't you get a better line man. You r=keep reating this one liner of Raira this and that with the hope that it will become truth?! How pathetic can a man be?

Pole sana. I look forward to reading your post here once Maj UK is rotting at the Hague.

By the way, Deroo, are you resorting to your former self? Do you remember your insulting and inciting posts on the moruband wesite

The past always catches up with people. Yours will soon catch up with you!

Anonymous said...


anon7/9/09 3:05 PM

I guess you are those who look at your leader Kibaki with through rosy lenses:)

1.who gave the police and army under his command to shot and kill kenyans during the 2007-2008 clashes

2. who held meeting at statehouse and his Muthiaga residence with the mungiki murderous gang and paid them to go slaughter other tribes all over the country especially in Naivasha and Nakuru??
and up to date all the other tribes that at the time of the clashes where still in CENTRAL PROVINCE and were never seen again by their relatives up to date??



3. who ordered the execution of mungiki youth after they did his dirty jobs of beheading and slaughtering innocent kenyans?


4. Who ordered and approved for the army to go to Mt. Elgon and slaughter/murder youths in pretense of hunting for SLDF- POKOTS??


Now Derek if you want to label Kibaki's cronies who helped to plan and slaughter innocent Kenyans -you are welcome to do so.. but picking at other people in kenya for the sake enabling yourself to get some sleep won't pan out!!


Anonymous said...

Candid talk with ICC prosecutor Ocampo

The International Criminal Court Chief Prosecutor Louis Moreno-Ocampo has his eyes trained on Kenya following the handing over of the envelope containing the names of suspects by Chief Mediator Kofi Annan.

KTN’s Beatrice Marshall interviewed Ocampo last week. Here are excerpts of the interview.

Question: You met members of the Kenyan delegation recently and reached an agreement on certain issues. Could you clarify?

Answer: Yes I met three Kenyan Government officials and they were briefing me on plans to prosecute those who committed violence during post-election upheavals. They informed me they have to go to Parliament to make a decision. However, they also expressed commitment that should they fail to pass a law, they will refer the case to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Q: Following the meeting, there are details emerging in Kenya to the effect that the deadline has been extended to July 2010. Could you confirm this?

A: As a prosecutor I respect genuine national proceedings. Kenya has already conducted national inquiries including the work done by the (Justice Philip) Waki Commission. At the moment Kenya is not doing anything and that is why it was important to have the meeting. Since they have informed us they are doing something, I would like to respect this. In the meantime, I asked them to provide me with certain information, which they committed to do as soon as possible.
I am collecting information and building my case and should they fail then I will step in immediately.

Q: Is there a timeline provided?

A: Kenya is a sovereign country my duty is not to give timelines or guidelines. The Kenyan Government promised during the meeting that they would have a detailed plan presented to us in September. They further indicated they suspect the process of investigation would take one year, which I presume is from September once they hand over the plan on how they intend to implement the investigations.

Anonymous said...


Q: There has been concern in Kenya that if the case were referred to the ICC proceedings would take long. How much of a priority is Kenya to ICC and if you intervene how fast will the process be?

A: In the Darfur case, the government was against the process, so the case took 20 months. In the case of Lord’s Resistance Army, the Ugandan government co-operated and provided information and the case took nine months. Kenya is providing information that is already being consolidated. If they do not start genuine proceedings, by next year I will be ready to start the case.

Q: After your talks with the Kenyan delegation, do you think the Kenyan political leadership is unwilling or unable to set up a Special Tribunal because the deadline keeps shifting?

A: I cannot make that judgement and have to be objective and look at the national proceedings and establish if the process is genuine.

Q: Has ICC started investigations into the Kenyan situation?

A: I am already collecting information and preparing my case to establish whether crimes against humanity were committed. In the next one month, in September, the Kenyan delegation promised to be back with a detailed plan.For now, let us wait and see. However, it is better a country establishes national proceedings. Colombia has done it and they are doing quite well

Q: Does the Kenyan situation warrant ICC intervention?

A: Serious crimes against humanity are systematic attacks against civilian population, and from what happened the crimes were probably crimes against humanity.

Q: It has been acknowledged the violence may have been as a result of the stiff competition between President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga. Based on the African Union position on the warrant of arrest for President Bashir of Sudan, is there hope for Kenyan people?

A: We have to differentiate between political responsibility and criminal responsibility. We are not doing a political analysis of the situation but rather want to prosecute those who did the crimes. No one is immune, no one is above the law and that is a promise to Kenyan people there will be no impunity. Depending on how it ends, it may end up being a classic model on how to handle conflict.

Mwambu said...

Folks, I have said it on these threads many a time that the real planning of the Mungiki massacres were planned in Naivasha and headed by a prominent businesswoman.

Yes, a Kikuyu businesswoman woman known to me by association here and there. The meeting at State House, Nairobi, was subsequent to the Naivasha rendezvous and it is in Nairobi were the deep pocketed financial types opened their wallets (and purses) to fund Mungiki beheadings and arsons in Naivasha, Nakuru, Londiani, etc.

Now as I have said severally, Karua's friend, a voluble female politician from her NARC-K party, who lost her seat in the Rift Valley, attended the Naivasha meeting and apprised Karua of the going ons there.

So, sorry dudes, Karua is NOT on the list.

Anonymous said...

From the above arguments and counter arguments and glee that those perceived to be opponents get nailed,it clearly shows that a local tribunal would find working in Kenya an uphill task.And yes its you guys who are always whining loudest about things not working out in Kenya who are the greatest supporters of impunity ........!By supporting politicians blindly!What makes you think your favourite politician yes you reading this and about to post garbage,is cleaner than that other one you hate???

Anonymous said...

Breaking News!!!!!!!

Three Important Thugs (TIT) on The Hague Express:

Number One - Raila on charges of Planning, Encouraging, and Funding PEV.

Number Two - Ruto on charges of Planning, Funding and Commanding PEV.

Number Three - Uhuru on charges of Planning and Funding PEV.

Can you believe that there is a cabinet minister charged with Active Direct Participation????

Despite these sensational charges, word around town is that The Hague Express will not be allowed to fire on all four cylinders, at least not with the participation of the Republic of Kenya as currently constituted.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:57 PM,

That is PUMBAVU "breaking news." Figments of fantasy. Your imagination is running a bit wild.

Wait for the Real truth to come out. It will shock you out of your skin when you see your gods and Idols there!

Anonymous said...

As someone has said kenya's problems are not a big issue internationally.

This is my take on what is happening. The kenya delagation, Annan and Ocampo are applying pressure on the leaders (ruto and uhuru) of the biggest factions in parliament to pass the law on a local tribunal. Remember nobody wants to go to the Hague. People were only saying they preferred Hague because they thought the process would never take off. If they see Hague is for real, they will opt for a local tribunal. Chris remeber to credit me with predicting that everyone will fall in line and vote for a local tribunal.

Anonymous said...

We are placing too much emphasis on the envelope.

To get down to the real causes and punish the real culprits (and to slay IMPUNITY for good) we must ask ourselves this very important question:

* What caused the violence that occurred after the botched (STOLEN, is the more appropriate word) elections of December 2007?

If we are really honest with ourselves, the main causes of the violence were two things.

1) Historical injustices, that have been building up and have never been dealt with in a proper and just manner. These Historical injustices had just been left to fester.

2) Now, specificaly, about the violence that occurred after the election, the major TRIGGER and CAUSE was the blantant STEALING of the elections by Mwai Kibaki and his Mt Kenya cohorts assisted by Kalonzo and Mutula Kilonzo who exerted heavy pressure on Samuel Kivuitu (It is on record. Kiviutu himself has said so) to release the FRAUDULENT presidential results despite them being very aware that the figures had some very large anomalies.

We will never end IMPUNITY in Kenya unless the people who stole the elections of December 2007 are brought to book, justice applied and punishment meted out.

The issue of forgiveness can only come in if they are remorseful enough, confess their misdeeds in public and ask for forgiveness in public. Nothing short of this will do.

If we do not do this, then the real lords of IMPUNITY will have gotten away with their crimes. Or what do you guys think?

deroo said...


I cannot and will never contribute in ABUNUWASI. If you, like the brigade that has always labelled me NSIS here thought it wise to use my name, POLE SANA.

NEVER and NEVER will I contribute to ABUNUWASI. NEVER shall it be. I would rather stay with ODM's KUMEKUCHA for as long as I CARE than to stoop to ABUNUWASI. What does it stand for?

You are so NEW in this BLOG that you dont know that in the run-up to the elections, someone used to post LURID and PUTRID PORN with my name associated to it.

For your information, I SUPPORT MWAI KIBAKI, now UHURU KENYATTA, and this will remain so until a new candidate is found, most probably the UHURU/KALONZO/RUTO tag-team.

To pen off, RAILA ODINGA will NEVER be president. Like FATHER like Son.

Tell me something about MIKE NJERU and the MAIZE SCANDAL. Please stay put. I will talk to you after the morning lecture.


Anonymous said...

Mwarangethe @ 7/9/09 9:34 AM

For a grown up like you, we expect maturity such that when you have NOTHING to say you just SHUT up! Its not a must to post something, jeeezzzz!!

Anonymous said...

anon 2.34 said
"but god is great now kenyans can get together and stand firm for all the people involved to be prosecuted"

You are smart to say 'god' not God coz i think with the former you mean Raila the nepotic-tribalist cum killer-theif whom you represent and conspicously left out in your many repeated trash in the form of comments here. hehehehehe
Hever its worrying to see how one kenyan repeating trash doesnt have anything productive to do

M-Pesa said...

The following are finished politically, wapende wasipende.

Kibaki- Commission or omission- Ignored warnings of mass murder from NSIS. Militia counter attack meetings held at state house according to Waki report.

Raila- Kabila adui fame, did too little too late. Will be deeply implicated by Ruto.

Ruto- His nickname "The General" is obvious.

Uhuru- Misused his big wallet.

Gen Ali- Shoot to kill orders came from him. Hundreds on unarmed and innocent Luo demonstrators shot dead.

Maina Njenga- Is claimed to have Directed Mungiki thugs on revenge mission in Naivasha and Nakuru.

Jackson Kibor- This ODM politician was arrested a few months ago with claims that Kalenjin warriors were trained in his huge Eldoret farm.

Njenga Karume- Misused his deep pockets.

Francis Thuo- Misused his Citi Hoppas.

Franklin Bett- His war cries are still echoing in our ears.

William Ntimama- Seen bragging on TV about elections wars while demanding a cabinet post.

Anyang Nyong'o- Consistently urged supporters to riot, refused court option and used "mass akson" as a code word for mapambano.

Anonymous said...

One Raila prostitute out on the loose here. Can you honestly deny that Railas involvement in PEV, Kibaki notwithstanding?

Anonymous said...

Mpesa, i concur.

Anonymous said...


Just listen to yourself:

"RAILA ODINGA will NEVER be president. Like FATHER like Son.

For your information, I SUPPORT MWAI KIBAKI, now UHURU KENYATTA, and this will remain so until a new candidate is found, most probably the UHURU/KALONZO/RUTO tag-team."

derro, it is the myopic reasoning, shallow thinking and blatant hatred of people by guys like you that is destroying Kenya and preventing it from realizing its full potential.

Such kind of blantant hatred and contempt, instead of destroying the one to whom it is directed to, usually ends up messing up the bearer of the hatred and contempt.

Just look and what is happening in central province, Kyuks, in a mad and bizarre rush, have been going after their fellow Kikuyus necks and beheading one another as if it is some kind of beheading festival.

Another example, Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki. This guy has been splashing contempt all over the place for quite a long time. Look at what has been happening to him. a month can hardly pass by without him embarrassing himself in public - latest being the silly attempt to "return the cars......"

Hate and contempt do not pay. They usually end up back firing on you with devastating and embarrassing consequences.

Anonymous said...

For those believing Railas, and others, bluff that he/ they are ready for the hague, i have this story for you:

In July 2000, Slobodan Milosevic claimed to be ready to face his accusers anywhere in the world including the Hague. He had allegedly commandeered the murders of thousands of people and the displacement of more than 1 million others during conflicts in the Balkans in the 1990s

Later, after his arrest, in July 2001 on Thursday afternoon the warden of Belgrade's Central Prison came to his cell. This is what transpired:

Warden: "Get ready, you're going."

Milosevic: Where?

Warden: "To The Hague, Mr. Milosevic."

Milosevic: "Come on, am I REALLY going to The Hague?"

Warden: "You bet"

Milosevic: "Can i have a cigarette" (looking worried and depressed,He is given one. He puffs for a while thinking deeply)

Milosevic: "Can i call my wife?"

Warden: "No"

Prison guards drove him to the helipad behind Belgrade's old secret-police headquarters. There they turned him over to three representatives of the U.N. International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia......

Mwambu said...

Folks, let us take a step back and reflect here.

That Uhuru's and Ruto's names are on the list is a given, but is that the end of the story. Heck no, because Ocampo will still have to conduct an independent and impartial investigation to bring the suspects to face justice. What does this really mean?

Ocampo could after conducting his 'independent and impartial investigations' conclude that, say, Ruto, had nothing to do with the post-election violence or vice versa. That is very plausible. Did anyone see him fund the violence or rally the Kalenjin troops?

Uhuru, on the other hand, admitted in a Jan-Feb 2008 interview to a British TV Channel to "raising funds to help people in trouble [or] who were suffering", or words to that effect.

Kibaki, on the other hand, could easily end up an indictee. If Ocampo investigates independently and impartially, he could, for example, unearth the truth from one Kivuitu who might then spill the beans on the who, the how, and what of the fraud that Kibaki orchestrated to steal the elections. So Kibaki does run a real risk of being indicted.

Mutula Kilonzo could also end up being indicted. Really. At the height of the post-election conundrum it is said that the one person who pressured Kivuitu to announce the results in favor of Kibaki was one Mutula Kilonzo.

Folks, whom do we punish here?

1. The guy who blatantly stole the election thus leading angry wananchi to pick on innocent Kikuyu peasants; Or

2. The guy who believes he stole an election fair and square thereby pissing off the wananchi, who then did [1] above; Or

3. Uhuru Kenyatta who was the financier of the Mungikis; Or

4. The Justice guy (ODM-K) who leaned heavily on Kivuitu to announce the results pronto while communicating in their native Kikamba patois; Or

5. A guy who is rumored to have funded and organised Kalenjin warriors but whom not one person saw either funding or organising the aforesaid warriors?

Ocampo, it's yours, buddy.

p.s. Too many Mungiki witnesses with valuable evidence against someone are being killed at an alarmingly fast rate. Hmmm...wonder who it is...

Anonymous said...

A Raila zealot claimed:
"For your information, I SUPPORT MWAI KIBAKI, now UHURU KENYATTA, and this will remain so until a new candidate is found, most probably the UHURU/KALONZO/RUTO tag-team."

Must you claim to support a kikuyu to legitimise your thinly veiled attack on them? Do you really think we are that stupid? Wacha ujinga, just go straight to your idiocy without resorting to obvious silly games

Anonymous said...

Mwambu, you are smarter than this, saying "Uhuru, on the other hand, admitted in a Jan-Feb 2008 interview to a British TV Channel to "raising funds to help people in trouble [or] who were suffering", or words to that effect."

I mean, where in the world would you take this and indict someone? Yes, he may have helped people the same way we are helping IDPs, transporting stranded people etc. Am sure you also sent some airtime to a stranded relative, duh????
You would have to work extremely hard to indict anyone based on the waki report. As much as we know for sure that Kibaki, Ruto, Uhuru and yes Raila were involved in PEV, there is NO tangible direct evidence sufficient to indict. Unfortunatley, the Waki Report, like Aliston Report relied on KNHRC report which is scanty and focuses on "substance over form" and hence legally unsustainable
Waki was smart, thats why he came up with a list of 10 and recommended "investigations" conducted on them hence passing the burden to someone else. Lets wait and see what success this someone will have!

Anonymous said...


Good points. Honest and intelligent. I agree with you entirely.

If you ask me, this is my take:

Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki, by his BLATANT and BROAD DAYLIGHT THEFT of the elections, is the PRINCIPLE PERPETRATOR of the Post elections violence and thus bears the greatest responsibility and blame.

His supporting cast includes the likes of Kalonzo "Msaliti" Musyoka and Mutula Kilonzo - Samuel Kivuitu said as much.

M-Pesa said...

I'm really scared for this country. From today, prepare for high level kidnappings and assassinations to eliminate or as they say in Mafia movies, "take out" potential high profile witnesses!

No witnesses, no credible cases. The Artur brothers may as well be sneaked back on a deadly mission. Already architests of post election violence are having night meetings to "strategize" their next moves.

One such meeting was held recently in a restaurant not far from Wilson Airport and another will be held in Naivasha over the weekend. It's called going down fighting! The warlords will hit back hard even if it means Kenya ceasing to exist as we know it!

It's not over, until it's all over.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:53 AM,

You said:

"A Raila zealot claimed:
"For your information, I SUPPORT MWAI KIBAKI, now UHURU KENYATTA, and this will remain so until a new candidate is found, most probably the UHURU/KALONZO/RUTO tag-team."

Must you claim to support a kikuyu to legitimise your thinly veiled attack on them? Do you really think we are that stupid? Wacha ujinga, just go straight to your idiocy without resorting to obvious silly games"

Wewe ni pumbavu sana! I can never support clowns such as Kibaki, Uhuru and Kalonzo. I was quoting deroo. Read my comment @ 1:38 AM again.

Just to help your panua infested mind a bit, it starts something like this - take note of where the quotation marks begin and end:


Just listen to yourself:

"RAILA ODINGA will NEVER be president. Like FATHER like Son.

For your information, I SUPPORT MWAI KIBAKI, now UHURU KENYATTA, and this will remain so until a new candidate is found, most probably the UHURU/KALONZO/RUTO tag-team."

derro, it is the myopic reasoning, shallow thinking and blatant hatred of people .....

I shall repeat again, wewe ni pumbavu sana. You are the one who is trying to play silly games.

Anonymous said...


The high school you attended must be ashamed of you. You never learnt anything from introduction to deductive reasoning in that school. But all is not lost, you can take adult classes!!

Anonymous said...


I agree, it is not over until the ODM hyaenas dance on someone's grave. But they should be reminded that this is not January 2008 when they roamed the country raping and murdering others for voting the "wrong way." Today, it is a different ballgame, and everybody is ready for their genocidal ways.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo anaendelea kupita katikati. A day is coming when he will take us to the promised land where Kibaki and Raila shall be past tenses.

Anonymous said...


Ignore Anon 3:07 AM. To him/her one is not using deductive reasoning unless you use lots of FRAUD and DECEPTION.

Anon 3:07, it is the likes of you who need the whole mix of your pumbavu attitudes and mindsets thoroughly cleaned.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:19 AM,

Mambo ya Kalonzo "msaliti" Musyoka Kupita kati kati - via elections theft and or Akamba african remote control, IMEKWISHA! "Baraka" Kutoka shetani wake zimeisha.

Anonymous said...

Unlike Raila, Kalonzo never urged the communities to fight. Consequently, Kalonzo's supporters never raped or murdered anyone. The same cannot be said about ODMites who raped and murdered fellow citizens claiming ati ni haki yao to so.

Anonymous said...

Unlike Raila, Kalonzo never urged the communities to fight. Consequently, Kalonzo's supporters never raped or murdered anyone. The same cannot be said about ODMites who raped and murdered fellow citizens claiming ati ni haki yao to do so.

Anonymous said...

Msaliti Raila has betrayed the people of Kenya by allowing his son steal people's maize and appointing relatives to plum jobs.

Anonymous said...

As the mighty Tana River flows to the Indian Ocean so is Kalonzo's destination State House. Raila's political career is dying up like the rivers that originate from Mau Forest headed to Lake Victoria.

Anonymous said...

Until Raila sincerely apologizes for the "kabila adui yetu" remark he should never ever dream of state house under any circumstances. Since the inception of the Republic of Kenya no national political figure has ever called another community "enemy." This remark was the genesis of the PEV and Raila must one day come to terms with the recklessness with which he uttered that genocidal remark.

Mwambu said...

@2:07 AM, the problem for Uhuru is not only that he made this statement, but that he stated quite clearly that he sent money to Kikuyus who were allegedly being victimised in the Naivasha-Nakuru areas at the time when Mungikis were raping, killing, perpetrating arson, etc. A Mungiki cadre who was privy to Uhuru's role in these shenannigans and linked UK to the financing, and who was subsequently interviewed by the BBC, was murdered shortly thereafter.

BTW, if you read my post @5:12 PM, I specifically state the facts as they are by way of primary info involving a prominent Kikuyu businesswoman who was UK's intermediary in these despicable activities. Also, let us not forget that Karua had a staunch supporter at this meeting in Naivasha, who kept her apprised of what Uhuru & Co. were cooking up. Of course Karua knew what Uhuru was up to, hence her persistent advocacy for The Hague route.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo is patiently waiting for an opportune time to strike. He sees himself as the third force, far cleaner than tarnished Kibaki/Raila axis.

Mwambu said...

Folks, I do fear for Martha Karua's life and so should you.

Trust me this woman knows where the bodies are buried, and the skeletons in the closet. Were she to start singing many, many people would go down. Did I mention Kibaki?

Folks, Karua needs some serious protection from here on out.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo Musyoka WILL BE the next president of Kenya like it or not

Mwambu said...

@4:13 AM, Kalonzo Musyoka is a career opportunist, no more, no less.

Here is a guy who is even more of "Baba" Moi's project than is/was Uhuru Kenyatta. If you want Moi as your president then go with Kalonzo.

Anonymous said...

Mwambu said:
"but that he (uhuru) stated quite clearly that he sent money to Kikuyus who were allegedly being victimised in the Naivasha-Nakuru areas at the time when Mungikis were raping, killing, perpetrating arson, etc."

Mwambu, you need to understand the law. So what if you sent money to victims? Many people people sent money and equivalents like airtime to their friends and relatives. What you have to do is put a link between the money and the violence.
First you have to prove the money was sent. Now money was distributed in form of cash, so how can you prove this? did you have cameras? any witnesses who saw Uhuru distribute cash for violence?
Secondly, if he did distribute cash, was the SAME cash used for funding violence?
This is what you need to understand, it has to be "beyond reasonable doubt"

Anonymous said...

So Mwambu, say you send money to a trouble spot to help a person. You got to prove that this guy carried out the violence and that he USED the money for that purpose;
then you make the mungiki claims, but how do you prove that a person is Mungiki? Ever wondered why Hague have thousands of cases that have remained unsolved for many many years

Mwambu said...

@4:47 AM, there are indeed witnesses who can swear under oath that Uhuru paid did pay money specifically for use in the Mungiki killings in Naivasha.

Put differently, there are breathing human beings that Uhuru has not yet ordered killed who will swear under oath that he funded their Mungiki activities against other tribes, also known as kill 'others' in Naivasha and Nakuru.

Mwambu said...

@4:53 AM, the same way that Uhuru and his comrades cleared the shelves of machetes in Nairobi and loaded minivans and buses packed with Mungikis and headed to Naivasha and Nakuru to gukora the enemy. Of the so-called big names none is in as precarious position as Uhuru.

As for the Mungiki, heck, they will rat out Uhuru if they are given asylum, say, in Britain or the US. They have all the info on the guy who gave them orders to gukora using machetes, arson, etc.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
Mwambu said:
"but that he (uhuru) stated quite clearly that he sent money to Kikuyus who were allegedly being victimised in the Naivasha-Nakuru areas at the time when Mungikis were raping, killing, perpetrating arson, etc."

Mwambu, you need to understand the law. So what if you sent money to victims? Many people people sent money and equivalents like airtime to their friends and relatives.

Our response:

Mr Anonymous, we think that, your questions are irrelevant. How does someone who is in Murang'a or Kiambu become a victim of violence in RV?

Anonymous said...

Mwangarethe, you are such an idiot! Go to hell!!

Anonymous said...

To odmers: pnu are to blame. To Pnu: odm are to blame. Let's leave it to ocampo. Although his name starts with "o", we can all agree he will not favour any side. What is beibg said here are things we have heard since PEV. Wacha igae.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:25 AM,

It appears that the truth that Mwarengethe has told you has touched a raw (PANUA) nerve within you ..... and that's why, since you had nothing sensible to say to him, you resorted to insults. SHAME ON YOU and your kind who believe in lies and living a lie. Fraud, deception and theft are your modus operandi. Those are very pumbavu "values" to live by.

Big up Mwarang'ethe. Your level of thinking, reasoning and writing is among the best over here at Kumekucha. You are the kind of people who help to maintain some measure of sanity over here despite the comments section being crowded by pro status quo neanderthal mongrels who believe in spewing and FARTING blatant untruths over here.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:21 AM,

You said:

"Kalonzo Musyoka WILL BE the next president of Kenya like it or not"

Keep dreaming. Keep fantasizing.

Kalonzo ""Msaliti" Musyoka can only become president of Kenya if he STEALS the elections just like Mwai "pumbavu" did with the December 2007 ones.

In a FREE and FAIR election, Kalonzo will never win. Ata endelea Kuvuta Mkia while searching for the next person that he can lick (his/her) ass.

Anonymous said...

Meetings of PEV from pnu were held in Naivasha and state house Nairobi.....that is a known fact. where pray tell did Raila and Ruto meet and organise PEV. Who financed it? How come thus far not even a rumor about the place has surfaced? kwasababu ni uwongo mtupu and wishfull thinking. nobody killed under the name of Raila, he just happened to be the other opponent who actually won. the protest was about stealing, ROA or No RAO people would have protested the stealing kenyans do not need a RAO to tell them someone is not telling the truth, they do not need RAO to tell them to fight for their land......there is a tenous and imaginary link between, RAO and PEV. Street protest are the norm world wide and its foolishness to claim that was unti kikuyu, it was simply unti-theft. the kalegins fought a brief war with the kikuyu over known issues that i will not even dwell on, the election theft was just a trigger, it had nothing to do with RAO and it was not in his place to stop it....thats the job of the GOV.
Few facts though:
1.Kibaki tribalised kenya.
2.Kibaki and co stole form public coffers
3.kibaki and co rigged the eections.
4.Kibaki did nothing to stop festering issues in rift valley allowing a volatile situation to exist.
5.Kibaki did not stop the mess in time to have kenyans generally and his kikuyu ppl from PEV.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Mwambu said
"Kalonzo Musyoka is a career opportunist, no more, no less.
Here is a guy who is even more of "Baba" Moi's project than is/was Uhuru Kenyatta. If you want Moi as your president then go with Kalonzo"

Am impressed if this is all you, and others, can say about Kalonzo, lack of evidence notwithstanding. For others like Raila, the list can be very long with alot of evidence:

1. A tribalist eg appointing 50% of ODM cabinet with this his tribe, speaking in dholuo in a public rally in Nairobi attended by all tribes;

2. Actively nepotic eg appointing his sister, chemistry mwalimu, akinyi consulate without papers, water pouring Oburu;

3. Selfish eg spending 1 billion to have an unnessesary whole building in town as his office, buying a fleet of guzzlers last year for his escort;

4 Greedy eg demanding a salary of 3 million per month to earn like the president and more than the VP;

5. Corrupt eg The maize scam;

6. A Liar eg claimed to fight tribalism and corruption to the contrary as per 1 and 5 above;

7. Insensitive eg complaining public about trivial/ childish things like toilets before hunger stricken suffering kenyans;

8. A dictator eg Look at what he did to Ababu and now Ruto;

9. Power hungry eg he appointed and 'proclaimed' himself LGB;

10. Occupied with pettiness e.g. who should be last to speak before the President, who should walk and sit where in public functions (i.e. protocol);

11. War monger e.g. Comments on Uganda and Somalia without considering implications;

12. A thief e.g. Also stole votes during the 2007 election according to Kregler commission

13. A violent blood thirsty man e.g His actions in 82 attempted coup and PEV (look at comments on BBC hardtalk supporting killings in Jan 2008)

Need i say more.......

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.34, wow 13 DEADLY SINS by The child killer. I remmember in last years hard talk the 'Commander in Chief' defending actions of his militia in the Eldoret massacre

I DARE ODMorons to produce the same on Kalonzo

Anonymous said...

On Kalonzo, they wont even produce ONE supported claim

Hehehe, anon you have made my weekend. Cheers

Anonymous said...

A energy wasting idiot said
"In a FREE and FAIR election, Kalonzo will never win. Ata endelea Kuvuta Mkia while searching for the next person that he can lick (his/her) ass."

Yada yada yada. The good thing is that in all the barking, ODM zealots have nothing on Kalonzo that can be backed by evidence!!!

Anonymous said...

Sir Alex,

Anonymous said...

With all these killers going to Hague, seems it will Mr Clean without contenders

Anonymous said...

Mwarangethe said
"Mr Anonymous, we think that, your questions are irrelevant. How does someone who is in Murang'a or Kiambu become a victim of violence in RV?"
Mwarengethe, I thought we agreed that if you have nothing to say, you should just shut up and save yourself the embarassment by exposing your ignorance. If you are from Nairobi and travel to Nyeri for whatever reason, from business to holiday, you cant become a victim of violence there? Are "visitors" immune to local violence? Wacha upumbavu, jeeezz!!

Anonymous said...

Anon, what else do you expect from Mwarangethe? This is a kid who just voted last year for the first time, bado angali mtoto

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous wrote that:

If you are from Nairobi and travel to Nyeri for whatever reason, from business to holiday, you cant become a victim of violence there? Are "visitors" immune to local violence? Wacha upumbavu, jeeezz!!

Our response:

Now now, u seem to live in Kusadikika.

We know that:

- those people who committed atrocities in Naivasha were not from that place.

- these people were transported to Naivasha.

- these people were waived by the police officers who were manning the road blocks on Nairobi - Naivasha road.

With all these facts in the publlic domain, all you can tell us is that, buying telephone credit is not organising violence.

How daft are you not to see that, what you are writing about has no relevance with the real issues?

Anonymous wrote that:

Anonymous said...

Anon, what else do you expect from Mwarangethe? This is a kid who just voted last year for the first time, bado angali mtoto

Our reponse:

It seems to you that, the more you vote, the wiser you become. There was a time when white hair was considered a sign of wisdom. However, as Shaaban Robert tells us, those days are long gone.

If you read history properly, you will see that, the world has been changed by young men, more than by old men like you, although there may be a few exceptions.

Anonymous said...


ANON 7/10/09 12:57 AM

why does Kenya have blood letting fools like you?
I guess you also supported Kibaki giving the Police orders to shoot and kill innocent pregnant women and youth in broad daylight?

shenzi wewe sana..

your senile mpumbavu kibaki will be heading to 'HAGUE'

Kibaki is worse than IDD Amin and he will face the wrath of GOD.. Kibaki shenzi sana..
you can vote for your Uhuru while he is in the HAGUE JAIL:):) good luck

Anonymous said...

To all you Pro Kalonzo "Msaliti" Musyokaphiles.

To assert that Kalonzo "Msaliti" is "clean" is like claiming that people like Daniel "kleptocrat" arap Moi, George "goldenberg" Saitoti and Nicholas "murderer" Biwott are "clean." Huo ni UPUMBAVU wa kunukia sana!

I could Reveal the real truth about Mr Msaliti but I shall end up writing what amounts to a book - it would be too long. And besides, Mr Msaliti is not one person who warrants me wasting my time writing so many fullscaps about. This is a boy with DELUSIONS OF GRANDUER and out of touch with reality.

However, that said, which ones of you Kalonzo ass lickers can deny that fact that Mr Msaliti Kalonzo played a very big role in the STEALING of the elections of December 2007 by exerting a lot of UNDUE PRESSURE on Mr Samuel Kivuitu to release the fraudulent and "PNU cooked" presidential results despite the fact that he, as a "saved" and self proclaimed christian and man of God - one wonders which god, most likely Satan, knew had very many serious anomalies. There is hard evidence of this from Kivuitu himself. He repeated it several times after he was prevailed upon to announce the BOGUS figures that declared the looser (Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki) the winner while declaring the winner (Raila Odinga) the looser.

This Kalonzo boy is such a big fraudster and hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

anon7/10/09 1:23 AM

I feel sorry for the likes of you:) you can spin your propaganda all you want it won't pan
Raila has no blood on his hands

Kibaki is a murderer.. even the grade 3 school kids can tell you that right on!!

You can continue spinning lies for your master but it will not change the facts:)

Pole sana... the HAGUE MACHINE is grinding on.

1. Kibaki = HAGUE


let the HAGUE Machinary get rocking -impunity in Kenya is going to be history:)



Anonymous said...

ANON7/10/09 4:13 AM

Sorry to crush your dreams


the VP is the Angel of death - hiding behind religion will not save him from HAGUE

and be knowing he helped organize the naivasha and nakuru massacre by just being in that room with the murderers

Anonymous said...

7/10/09 6:40 AM

You dare us?? shenzi wewe
ask Kalonzo musyoka why he was in the meeting at statehouse with the Mt. kenya mafia and Mungiki??
he had already sold his soul and he was the VP in waiting.. that was the test he was given..

Ask the Mungiki leaders and wait for a full sworn statement which by the way is at the Hague now on the group that was at both meetings in statehouse and Kibaki residence..


Mungiki Adherent said...

Raila is to blame for all the killings that took place after Dec 2007! ICC should arrest him ASAP before he goes into hiding! We know he is planning to escape to Southern Sudan.

Anonymous said...

anon with a rotten brain(who has made many repetitive comments). Thanks for confirming what i said earlier, YOU HAVE NOTHING ON KALONZO. You say too much of nonesense, PANGANGA MINGI. wild allegations linking kalonzo with mungiki are laughable, you cant even convince yourself. You give yourself an escape excuse saying you cant respond to my 'dare' coz its not worth it yet you post 3 long irrelevant uninformative comments. Then as i expected, you drag in kibaki and others in a kalonzo response. no chance, thats a faint, childish response.

Anonymous said...

anon, stop wasting your time with idiots. On kalonzo i will say this: first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. From what i see here, Kalonzo is at the third stage. cheers kenyans!

Anonymous said...

You are all idiots. There will be no relief for you out of this discussion. The true reason there was violence this time on such a massive scale in Kenya is because there was a lot of incitement from the politicians. All of them are guilty. The fact is Kenya is now officially a failed state. I hope you feel like manly men hiding behind your computers and pointing fingers at the "others". Your pathetic and need to really look yourselves in the mirror and see that there will be no winners from this here. There will be only losers! Go kick rocks you pathetic bunch...

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo will win hands down in 2012. For those hateful odmorons, i sugestion s to polish up on the Kamba insults.

It seems its your fate in life to spend your lives sulking and insulting people from the shadows.

It will be a cold day in Hell when we get a president from Luo nyanza.

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