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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Starving While Seated Atop Sh 5 Billion Gold

The blind Ngoli Lomorukai of Turkana Central may be staring death in the face thanks to ravaging famine and starvation. But not for ENTERPRISING Kenyans who have dutifully taken ownership of a controversial consignment of blood Gold from Congo belonging to Zimbabwe's Vice-President Joyce Mujuru. She may be among the 200 banned elites profiting from Mugabe’s draconian regime, but she surely knew Kenyans’ prowess to OVERCOME any difficulty where REAL MONEY is concerned.

Our own blue chip lawyer (almost ECK chair) Cecil Miller came in handy using the right connections to AUTHENTICATE the gold consignment as originating from Kenya so that the Swiss company would not associate it with blood gold. This is big business for the boys and gatekeepers and woe unto you Kenyans depleting wild berries for lunch and dinner.

Cecil Miller
Mrs Mujuru’s daughter who is married to a Spaniard is a typical child of African big families. Even after being smoked out as trafficking blood gold from DRC, she still shamelessly offered to use the right contacts and like-minded scoundrels to change origin of the cargo. Reminds you of our own Goldenberg scam where gullible government paid for exported air as gold.

We are really a working nation in permanent slumber. With one lip we admire Obama with his blistering daily hands-on and with the other bigoted lip we entertain leadership by cronies with sharpened claws drawing blood from every vein running through Kenya.

So poor Ngoli may blind and suffering painful hunger pangs. But who cares when REAL BUSINESS beckons in REAL GOLD? Some things can only happen in Kenya and be viewed normal.


Anonymous said...

i wish kisii withcraft had takend own the mungiki theif in chief plane after he was 10-mins airborn.

Anonymous said...


do you think that if we contribute cash for the starving Kenyan, it would reach them? Can we make it a try?

Phil said...

Ndugu Taabu

The gold is worth Sh 5b not 5m.

Cecil Miller is an interesting angle in this saga. Electoral theft is expensive and one wonders whether this was a financing scheme aimed at placating future commissioners.

God should help this country because today it also emerged that ODM-K had absolutely no intentions of winning the presidency and had apparently entered into a pre-election deal with PNU in which the vice presidency and a couple of cabinet positions would be reserved for ODM-K. Kalonzo Musyoka is an absolute waste of a human being.

Recalling the humanity that thronged Uhuru Park (rent-a-crowd) for ODM-K rallies, and the broken record that was christened MIRACLE plus a misused Julia Ojiambo, we all have to sympathise with ardent ODM-K supporters like VIKII who thought they were casting their votes for a cause and having pathetically failed to see that they were being used to enrich Kalonzo and his surrogates. As we speak, hunger and death is stalking Ukambani and yet the same shameless Kalonzo is on the same tired path purporting to build alliances with anything that moves and other so called like minded parties.

Brother VIKII, I am not saying you defect to ODM, but when will you and your ILK see the light and put your ballot paper into good use? Of course this applies to Chris and others like kimi-whatever!

Pigeni kura mujisaidie.

One Wife Man(formerly joe the choma man) said...

Ati Taabu alihama theatre of DREAMS akatembea PEKE YAKE dakika chache tuu

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:24,

I loathe the sloth just like the MAJORITY of kenyans do, but i'd rather not wish him an unnatural death. As it is the kenyan ship is sailing aimlessly with the captain fast asleep. Having 'empty suit' kalonzo act for 90 days is too painful to contemplate - the ship will definitely capsize.

Phil, do not hold your breadth waiting for Vikii's spin. As usual he'll either resort to raila this, mollases that, dismiss and call you a fool/idiot or just go MIA.

Vikii, What options do you think 'empty suit' has. Try to be open minded and realistic and ask yourself whether a 'big river ever joins a small river'.

Vikii said...

Phil, it's good that you make it clear you are not asking me to defect to the ODM because you know very well that WILL NEVER happen. I am smart enough not to jump from the frying pan to the fire. This post has the picture of a lady called Lomurukai who is not from Ukambani. There are more than 10 million Kenyans facing death by starvation yet there are only less than four million Kambas (a few of whom are starving). Famine and starvation are not caused by a vote for Kalonzo whom you have every right to get obsessed with. Famine is caused by lack of strategic planning by those charged with food security. It is caused by Agriculture ministers, party activists and sons of Prime-Ministers who have such dismal ethics record that to them the Lomurakais of this world are the kind of 'trivia' that should not come between them and the illegal sale of maize. Just to borrow a vocabulary from your side of the world, we have BLOOD MAIZE business in Kenya!

As for what Kalonzo did or did not do, first of all, he has the democratic right to run for President, back whomever he pleases or REFUSE to back those you feel he should have backed. But more importantly, it is only a fool who really thinks Kalonzo's candidature helped kibaki. I am absolutely convinced that had he shelved his ambitions (regardless of which candidate he backed), Mwai Kibaki would have won the election with a 1 million vote difference. You can say whatever you want, but Raila Odinga should be happy that Kalonzo did not back him and that he instead held onto what would otherwise have been Kibaki's votes in lower Eastern.

Moving on to the more important issue of starvation, it is criminal for ANY government to call itself a government when its citizens are dying of hunger. We have a case of Kenyans eating wild roots while the government spends half a billion shillings running state lodges for a President who never leaves State House even for a little sunshine on the lawns. We are spending close to a billion shillings buying absolutely unnecessary office blocks for a Prime Minister constantly on the road holding political rallies. We have to get our priorities right.

Kenya does not need any form of foreign aid to feed its people. All we need to do is to fund those programs we need (starting with buying adequate food for our fellow starving citizens) and scrap those we dont need. Today we have 43 government ministers most of whom are not only corrupt, but idle as well. Instead of issuing sack threats in front of villagers, this President has a duty to dissolve the cabinet, merge these departments that ministers today head into not more than 20 ministries. That will not only release the much needed monies we use to pay these additional ministers and their staff, it will also increase efficiency in government and lay to rest the jurisdictional conflicts we have been treated to over the last several months. Think about this;

Today we have an Arttoney General and a minister for Justice and constitutional affairs. These are two government ministers with basically one role in government. On top of these two, we have Prof. Kivutha Kibwana working in Harambee Hse as a special advisor to the President on constitutional matters (a second AG if you like). We also have a a Director of Public Prosecutions and another one heading the anti-corruption commission.
When you think about it, we should have one justice department headed by one person--the Artoney General!

We have a government with a Vice President, a Prime Minister and two deputy Prime ministers. Today, no one knows who the real minister for health is. We have two idlers each claiming to be the bona-fide minister for health, a Minister in charge of metroplitan development which should be a department in the ministry of Local Government and a planning "ministry" which should be a department in the ministry of Finace. We have a ministry of Internal Affairs in the Office of the Vice President and another one of Internal security and provincial Administration in the Office of the President.

Basically what I am saying is that we spend so much more financing this ridiculous duplicity in government than we need to comfortably feed our people. That is why it is important for the President to give Kenyans a new sustainable cabinet structure or deliberately move fast to establish an electoral body and immediately call for elections so that Kenyans can elect a confident government with a clear mandate to govern. President Moi was an illiterate tyrant, but there was at least some semblance of order in his government!

Anonymous said...


One day the hyena and the hare agreed to compete beating their wives. The winner was to be determines by the magnitude of wailing.
The hyena worked thorouhly on his wife until she wailed to the roof tops.
The sly hare decided to beat drums instead and asked the wife to pretend she is wailing.
Now Raila reminds me of the hyena that decided to beat the wife.
Raila looks helpless after supervising the SLAUGTER of 1500 maize producing kikuyus farmers for a PM post. Now RUTO STEALS MAIZE and dares Raila if he has balls between his legs to fire him. Ruto even organises a few RV mp's to declare that they will not support the Taabu's and Phil's demagogue in 2012. Raila RUNS PANICKING to RV to cool the tempers and pays HEFTY BRIBES to elders of imaginary clans. As Taabu here talks of tales, Ruto sits pretty knowing that he has Raila under his thumb like a flea. Now who can call raila a democrat, sijui revolutionist when he cannot even rescue mau forest, cannot control his rogue ministers???

na kweli Raila is ready to look the other way just as long as he gets to state house. meanwhile his foot soldiers aka Taabu are telling tales in KK so Kenyans forget that ODM is squarely responsible for the famine in Kenya.
Sisi sio wajinga..

Taabu's mistress

Anonymous said...

Seriousy Taabu, we know Ruto is responsible for the worst ever famine in Kenya where more than half of the population is starving. We know Ruto is ODM hence under Raila's wings or vice versa. ODM promised change....i sang mapambano and haki yetu until i got a sore throat. Taabu, what happened??
Phil what happened???

Anonymous said...

Chris brother,

As long as you allow Taabu to post his stale out of context tales, your target of 100 comments per post will not be achieved.


Anonymous said...

What is with phil and his preoccupation with kalonzo. Luos seem to mistakenly think kalonzo cost rao the presidency. If kalonzo was not standing, kambas were going to vote for kibs. It has nothing to do with hatred of luos because i dont think kambas hate anybody. It is the same reason maragolis would vote for rao and not kibs. It is why there was a western alliance championed by none other than rao. Phil this the simplest i can reduce this matter. I know you are a follower of rao and any one not with him is an enemy but your hatred for kalonzo is misplaced. I guess am saying the same thing as vikii.

Anonymous said...

It is always "difficut" to understand taabu's posts. That's why people immediately digress.

Phil, what was kalonzo to do? If he did not run his people would have voted for kibs and in odm he would only have been of "sentimental value", just like uhuru (according to rao). After kibs was aworn in what would kalonzo have gained by siding with rao. Kalonzo knew that rao was eventually going to negotiate with kibs on power sharing. The most rao would have offered kalonzo would have been some ministry, perhaps of children affairs. My point is that whether kalonzo gets or does not get kikuyu support, he still made the best move under the circumstances. And let's not talk about it as if it is something new: didnt rao run in 1997 and end up with the votes of only his tribe which he later used to do a deal with moi? How do we even know that the rao-moi deal had not been struck before the elections? Phil, will you never let this go and move on?

Anonymous said...

.....and this is the dude people wanted to head the E.C.K.........!!Kenyans are just corrupt to the core!!

Anonymous said...

I just wonder when we had Kipruto Kirwa were kenyans starving to death?

Phil's Mistress

Anonymous said...

Lawyers should not be appointed to the ECK because often always lawyers are politically affiliated and engaged in corrupt deals.

Anonymous said...

You moron! You are sick! How dare you come here to tout that evil ODM?!
You don't get it, do you? This blog is always better without your output!

Anonymous said...


Stop being silly! What has Kalonzo got to do with the famine? The person who heads the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Food Security is Molasses Raila, the chief thug in ODM. The person who heads the Ministry of Agriculture is the Butcher-of-Eldoret Ruto, the deputy chief thug in ODM. Every death by starvation in Kenya can be traced directly to these two heartless individuals. Since you have access to them and you are like-minded, for once do the right thing and tell them to stop visiting death upon helpless citizens.

Anonymous said...

We are really a "working" nation, led by a sleeping illegitimate president - Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki - in permanent slumber.

With one lip we admire Obama with his blistering daily hands-on leadership style and with the other bigoted lip we entertain leadership by cronies - Panua & ODM-K mongrels a.k.a election thieves - with sharpened claws drawing blood from every vein running through Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys prepare money molasses shares soon 2 b floated at the fish market(NSE).frm inside sources!!

Anonymous said...

Kenya and Kenyans really needs prayers. While other countries are taking people to the moon, some losers here are talking about cheap politicks that will take you nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Does Phil have a job, or is he on ODM domo domo payroll?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:47 AM,


Kibaki should now tell his Nyumba ya Mumbi members stop being very "industrious", "enterprising" and "hardworking" in the area of THEFT, DECEPTION and FRAUD.

If he does this and the house of mumbi follows suit, I can guarantee you that there will be a very large and marked reduction on the incidences of THEFT and FRAUD in Kenya.

We will all live a bit more secure that our properties are safe from the STEALING house of Mumbi. We will all benefit.

Anonymous said...

Lakeside Mafia--we know who they are....THIEVES.

Anonymous said...

We Kenyans shall not move forward unless we take a very hard raw and very honest look and examination of ourselves.

We need to accept that we have a big problem and that problem can be summed up in one word: IMPUNITY.

This disease of IMPUNITY is one that has stalked Kenya since 1963 and led us down the road of regression and under developement. Along the way we have avoided facing and tackling this problem head on, this has led us to our current quagmire.

This is evidenced in the the events that led up to and followed the STOLEN elections of December 2007.

We keep on talking about the Post election violence as if it was the greatest act of impunity, No! My friends THE STEALING OF THE ELECTIONS WAS THE GREATEST ACT OF IMPUNITY that has happened in Kenya.

If we fail to recognize that, we will never solve the problem of IMPUNITY in Kenya.

The PEV, however regretable, was triggered by this greatest act of IMPUNITY ever commited in Kenya in broad daylight - the STEALING OF THE ELECTIONS OF DEC 2007 by Kibaki and those Mt Kenya fellows who John Githongo called the people who believed that it was "their time to eat." These are the real SULTANS of IMPUNITY.

Anonymous said...

Vikii, you sound like a reasonable young man who can change the world. Why don't you rise above these losers and leave cheap politics behind. The shakers and movers of this world were born ordinary people but they chose to believe in themselves. You my brother, you can become an extraordinary individual. Kenya is in a serious need of not just political change but culture, social, scientific and intellectuals.
Vikii, if you hang out with losers you will become a loser. Don't waste your God-given intellect with these losers! Majority of them will die without discovering who they are or what they can achieve in life.

Anonymous said...

hehe this story was out two weeks ago. Wow, Cecil Miller is an idiot, how do you endorse something like that then apply to be in the selection panel of a tribunal? shamelessness

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:19 AM,

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha........

You must be very crazy! You call Vikii "a reasonable young man who can change the world.... an extraordinary individual" This must be one of the greatest jokes of the 21st century.

Vikii's ideal presidential candidate is Kalonzo "Msaliti" Musyoka. That alone tells you that his Judgment abilities are not upto scratch. If your judgment is poor, you can never be "a reasonable young man who can change the world.... an extraordinary individual"

Anon Anon 5:19 AM, in praising Vikii you exhibit the same poor judgment abilities. You need to refine them. Once you've refined them, you can then teach Vikii how to refine his.

Anonymous said...

Mujuru's daughter told the gold firm, that she can change the origin of the gold if they want to Kenya. Why has it taken 3 weeks for the govt or newspapers to pick up on it? Clearly these things have been happening for awhile/

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:35 AM,

My friend, I don't judge people by their race, tribe, profession or where they come from, but I judge them according their abilities. And I can tell Vikii is an EXTRAORDINARY individual who is capable of changing the world.

You remember Kwale? While he was blogging here you mocked him coz you thought he was a loser like many of you. Well, I have known him for more than a decade, he does not come from any of the 'big tribes' infact is from one of the stereotyped ethnic groups in Kenya, but the guy is outstanding! A real dreamer.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:41 AM,

You said:

"Mujuru's daughter told the gold firm, that she can change the origin of the gold if they want to Kenya."

Then you asked:

"Why has it taken 3 weeks for the govt or newspapers to pick up on it? Clearly these things have been happening for a while."

Well, anon 5:41 AM, This is a government that is headed by a thief - Mwai "Pumbavu" Kibaki. It would be naive to expect any action to be taken against Mujuru and her daughter because they and Mwai "Pumbavu" Kibaki are birds of the same feather: THIEVES.

b-carotene said...

Poverty and witch killing: Are economic conditions the driving force behind the murders of elderly women?

E. Miguel
Economics Department, University of California, Berkeley, 2005

There are twice as many "witch" murders in years of extreme rainfall, in certain parts of Tanzania, than in other years. The victims are nearly all elderly women, typically killed by relatives.

Witchcraft beliefs are widely held throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, serve a variety of social purposes, and have not shown a tendency to lose salience. Extreme rainfall - resulting in drought or floods - is associated with poor harvests and near-famine conditions in the region, and a large increase in the murder of so-called “witches”.

This report provides evidence on the role of income shocks in causing violent crime, and religious violence in particular, in a rural Tanzanian district. It also looks at the history and the geographical spread of belief in Witchcraft.

What could (or should) public policy do to eliminate witch killings in Tanzania?

the most immediate solution would be to target police apprehension efforts in the areas where most such crimes occur and more aggressively prosecute witch killers in the courts. However, this is likely to be strongly resisted, as past attempts have been, by residents of the region, most of whom believe that killing witches ultimately promotes community welfare. Many politicians are also reluctant to move against those who murder witches, since doing so may open them up personally to witchcraft accusations
a more attractive approach, to the extent that negative income shocks play a key role. One possibility is improving the system of formal insurance against extreme rainfall shocks, to provide households with better means of smoothing their consumption across years of good and bad rainfall. The existing African Famine Early Warning System (FEWS) could provide detailed and reliable quantitative local weather measures for such a large-scale formal insurance scheme in Tanzania or elsewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa
another potential policy option is to provide elderly women in the study area with regular pensions, which would transform them from a net household economic liability into an asset, and could help households smooth their consumption. The South African case quoted in the paper provides suggestive evidence that this could have a substantial impact. Unfortunately, Tanzania is too poor to afford a pension scheme as ambitious as the South African programme without considerable external donor assistance

The results of this paper suggest that violence against “witches” is likely to continue in rural Tanzania as long as most households live in grinding poverty and are unable to insure themselves against large income shocks.

Anonymous said...



Panic gripped the disputed Migingo Island on Lake Victoria on Sunday following the arrival of members of the Uganda People’s Defence Force to replace the marine police who left the area last week.

Related Stories

* Migingo dispute to be resolved next week

The armed team arrived from Bugiri District aboard a Fisheries Department boat.

This appears to be in defiance of the recent Kampala meeting between Kenya and Uganda that resolved that the security forces be withdrawn until surveyors determine the exact location of the island in two months.

The 13 plainclothes UPDF soldiers toured the island, apparently to familiarise themselves with fishing operations going on.

“We are worried that somebody within the government does not seem to be interested in the implementation of the Kampala resolutions. Instead of withdrawing their people, Uganda is simply tightening its grip,” said Mr Paul Odhiambo, a fisherman.

“The soldiers told me they have come here to stay and guard the island. Our government should not think this Migingo issue can be wished away because it will determine the continued relations between these two East African nations,” said Mr Juma Ombori, the Migingo beach management unit vice-chairman.

“It is not clear why this additional group has come to Migingo at a time they are expected to clear from the island,” he said.

Mr Ombori said some of the UPDF soldiers were in the first team that came to the island early this year. The soldiers are armed with sophisticated weapons, he added.

Fresh tension

As fresh tension gripped the island, a marine police boat belonging to the neighbours capsized mysteriously. Uganda’s national flag and one belonging to the marine continued to fly on top of makeshift structures throughout the weekend.

But Gwasii MP John Mbadi said the Ugandans should leave the island immediately as was agreed in the Kampala meeting to pave way for work by a joint team of surveyors.

The MP was optimistic that the dispute would be resolved by the experts picked by both countries

Anonymous said...

anon9:59 AM

What??is this true then kibaki and raila must resign this is toooooo much to handle Museveni is a killer and a thug just like kibaki

you are right former president Moi would not have allowed this nonsense
where is Moi by the way i think he should be put back in statehouse while we kenyans work on the constitution at least he won't allow museveni to take our island

Anonymous said...

Kenyans wake up

Uganda is taking over kenya while the coalition parties fight among themselves- what fools

I agree with one post here Moi should be retained and the coalition removed - or a new team should be put in place by ordinary kenyans

this is serious if we allow Museveni to start using army forces to take over our country next the whole country will go into flames -kenyans wake up and speak up

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Uganda, museveni the thug trying to take over kenya? and why are Kenyans quiet?

why is our government quiet.

kenyans should be scared since no one even the president or prime minister is commenting on Uganda aggressive stand-(war in kenya)

Yes I hear that is what Museveni is aiming for to destabilize kenya remember Museveni always wanted to be King of east Africa and now he found a loop hole

shame on the coalition for being asleep . shame on kibaki for allowing Museveni to take over Kenya island - I believe Kibaki is old and has signed an agreement with Museveni so that he can reduce the western and Nyanza Province

Kibaki can sell his own mother why not the Migingo Island?? it is not in central province

Raila is a fool to allow it where is he to comment and stop Museveni??

Raila is a coward mavi sana

Anonymous said...

anon9:59 AM

Let it be known we have a coward Prime Minister called Raila Odinga he can't even face Museveni of Uganda to safe his own back yard.

Raila should resign he is useless if he can't stop Museveni taking over Migingo Island and allowing him to bring in Uganda army -shows kenyans Raila is useless.

Raila should resign immediately why is he being paid a salary when he is failing in his job??

Migingo Island is owned by kenya and not Uganda- Raila should face off museveni or step down this is not a joke any more

We all know Museveni is a murderer and a thug- he helped Kibaki slaughter many Luo's by sending hi army embedded in the Kenya army in the 2007 clashes when the regular Kenya army men refused to shoot and kill innocent kenyans now there is a whistle blower claiming that they had Uganda army within their kenyans army! who allowed this and why?

Raila if you can't face off with Museveni then get out of office we all know kibaki is pro museveni he may have already sold off Migingo Island.

Anonymous said...

Chris(Kumekucha) this is urgent!!!!!!

why are you quiet on Migingo Island??
have you been bought too? just curios seem to be a very serious situation or are you being paid by kibaki and president Museveni of Uganda to keep quiet on this Migingo Island issue??

Who does Migingo Island belong to?
and when did Uganda Museveni start having a claim to it?



someone posted on here maybe the island has already been sold by Kibaki and cronies?? can you check this out??

this is a very worried kenyans with relatives on Migingo Island.

Anonymous said...



The conflict between Kenya and Uganda over the controversial Migingo Island in Lake Victoria is scheduled to be resolved on next week on Thursday, the minister for Defence Mohammed Yusuf Haji has said.

Haji said there was no serious conflict between the two countries over the island and termed the stand off as an administrative matter.

“There is no serious conflict over the island. The question of the island is an administrative issue. The two countries will solve the issue on 12th this month when the issue will be resolved. Then we will know who owns the island,” the minister for Defence said.

The Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) deputy commander, Lt Gen Evan Koreta said that as far as his country was concerned, the issue had been resolved. He however, said that he was not sure about who owns the island but dismissed that it can be an issue.

“As far as I am concerned the issue has been resolved. Uganda and Kenya have taken up the issue. It can’t be an issue now. I am not sure about the ownership of the island though,” Lt Gen Koreta told journalist in Nairobi where he was attending an East African Chiefs of Defence Staff meeting.

Lt Gen Koreta said this as it was established that Uganda was deploying more police officers on the island to collect revenue from fishermen who are being accused of exploiting fish resources on the Ugandan side of the lake.

Hundreds of fishermen and their families have fled the island after Uganda began deploying more security agents in anticipation of a showdown between them and their Kenyan counterparts.

Twelve security officers who were deployed to the island on instructions of the Internal security department were disarmed and held before being released after negotiations.

Anonymous said...

anon10:28 AM10:28 AM

Hey you seem to be having the same information on ground like i have

whispers everywhere in some government offices even PNU party that it is too late- the deal KIBAKI made with Museveni was Migingo Island in exchange for surpport during the December 2007 election. Kibaki new that he would win and by staying in Power he would have released the island to Museveni without anyone raising a finger.

and my Museveni has come to claim his deal so Kibaki will not fight for Migingo Island it is already owned by Museveni of Uganda sources confirm

kenyans are being fooled with all the meetings taking place the island was sold in 2007 to Museveni by Kibaki period

Anonymous said...

The Migingo Island, was sold in 2007 by Kibaki

Tuesday, 11th November, 2008
The House met at 2.30 p.m.
[Mr. Deputy Speaker in the Chair]
Mr. Mbadi: Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I beg to ask the Minister of State for Provincial
Administration and Internal Security the following Question by Private Notice.
(a) Could the Minister confirm that the Ugandan security forces have continuously been
harassing Kenyan fishermen near Migingo Island, the latest being a few weeks ago, and state what
immediate steps he has taken?
(b) Why do Kenyan security forces not have a base on the island, while Uganda has one?
(c) Could the Government also consider establishing a new Kenya Navy base in Lake
Victoria to protect the country's territorial waters?
(d) What concrete steps is the Government taking to ensure that Kenyan fishermen are
protected from arbitrary arrest and continuous harassment by the Ugandan security team around
Migingo Island?
The Assistant Minister, Ministry of State for Provincial Administration and Internal
Security (Mr. Ojode):
Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I beg to reply.
(a) Yes, I am aware that Uganda's security forces have, on a number of occasions, arrested
Kenyans in Lake Victoria. The latest incident being on 26th October, 2008, when 15 Kenyan
fishermen were arrested and taken to Bugiri District of Uganda.
In response, the Government dispatched a high level delegation to Kampala led by the
Minister for Fisheries Development who was accompanied by the PC, Nyanza, among other senior
Government officials to discuss the matter among other issues of mutual benefit to the two sister
states. It is hoped that a lasting solution will be found once the meeting is over.
(b) The Government is concerned about the presence of Ugandan security forces in
Migingo Island and is handling the matter through diplomatic channels.
(c) Currently, the Government does not have plans to establish a navy base in Lake Victoria
because all amicable mechanisms of solving the problem have not been exhausted.
(d) The Government has taken concrete steps to protect the Kenyan fishermen. Some of
these steps include the following:-
1. Beach management committees have been set up. The committees regulate fishing
activities in both Kenya and Uganda hence promoting peaceful co-existence.
2. Administration and security officials hold regular meetings with their counterparts from
Uganda to thrash out emerging security issues.
3. Every year, officials from both countries hold joint border commissioners' meetings to
sort out cross-border issues. This year, the meeting was held at Mbale in Uganda on 2nd and 3rd
April, 2008.
4. Plans are underway to survey and fix beacons along the common border between the
two countries. This year, the Office of the President has allocated Kshs20 million for the exercise
which will be carried out jointly with Ugandan authorities. A high powered delegation led by the
Minister for Fisheries Development, accompanied by the PC, Nyanza, are discussing this security
issue in Kampala.
Mr. Mbadi: Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, while I thank the Assistant Minister for giving a
detailed and elaborate answer to this Question, Migingo Island is very visible whether it is in Kenya
or Uganda. If Migingo Island is in Kenya how come, for all these years, we have had the presence
of Ugandan forces on our land and yet the primary responsibility of the Government is to protect its
soil? Why has the Kenyan Government allowed Ugandan forces to be present on Migingo Island
for all these years and to harass our fishermen?
Mr. Ojode: Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I have said that we are following the diplomatic
channels and the Ugandan forces will not be at Migingo Island. We will finalise the meeting which
will start this month. The Ministries in charge of internal security, in both Kenya and Uganda, will
meet in Mombasa to chart the way forward. The hon. Member should not worry about the
Ugandan forces because they will leave Migingo Island. I want to assure the hon. Member that the
fishermen will never be harassed again.
Eng. Gumbo: Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, the Assistant Minister alludes to the fact that the
establishment of the beach management units has improved security along the beaches. The truth of
the matter is that, since the establishment of the Beach Management Units (BMUs), there is a lot
more confusion at the beaches. Is the Assistant Minister aware that some of the BMU committees
are actually behaving as a quasi-police unit, arresting people arbitrarily?
Mr. Ojode: Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, it can be true. Migingo Island alone has a population
of about 400 people and that is a big number. Anything can happen when they are fishing. I am also
aware that the Ugandan authorities had imposed some heavy fines on the fishermen on the Kenyan
side. They asked them to pay about Kshs40,000 per year. All this will not happen once we sort out
the issue with the Ugandan authorities this month in Mombasa. All those foreigners who are
occupying islands in this country will not be accepted unless they follow the required channels.
They must have travel documents in order to come to Kenya.
Mr. Mbadi: Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, on the Assistant Minister's own admission, the
Ugandan security team has been imposing heavy fines on the Kenyan fishermen. Now that this
matter will be resolved between the two countries, could the Assistant Minister give an undertaking
that the Kenyan fishermen who have been charged Kshs50,000 per year, will be compensated by
the Ugandan Government for this money which was taken illegally from them?
Mr. Ojode: Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, it will be very difficult and hard on our part to know
who has paid what. We will compensate the fishermen by removing the Ugandan forces from that

Anonymous said...

Lets not even talk of ODM or PNU here. they are all very corrupt. look at the individuals who are ODM and who are PNU. What has ODM or PNU done for us the past 1yr? if ODM know that they can not bring about change in this grand corruption government, let them quit instead of just sitting there and eating salaries... hopeless useless fools! go singing ODM and PNU elsewhere but not in Kenya. bure kabisa!

Anonymous said...

Are we talking of an island size of 1 acre (actual size of Migingo) when we say this.

....Hundreds of fishermen and their families have fled the island after Uganda began deploying more security agents in anticipation of a showdown between them and their Kenyan counterparts.

If so then, there can never be sustainable exploitation of fish resources with that number of people occupying such an island. Having said that Kenya should aggresively puruse this issue. We are signatory to a number of treaties including Convention on Biodiversity Conservation and that alone should be used to say kenyan have sued the island sustainably without being charged Kshs. 50,000 by Ugandans.

For an area of land size of an acre, there is such a noise while the Grand Coalition thieves continue to steal 100 Migingos. the same vigour we are using on Migingo should be used on other islands in kenya not being claimed by Uganda like Kisumu Molasses Plant Island, Kenya Pipeline Ltd Island, Triton Island, and Anglo-maizing Island.

Anonymous said...

PILI PILI usiyo ila yakuwashia nini? , this Gold did not originate from Kenya so what is your problem?, either way that Gold will be sold to a willing buyer somewhere do you honestly belive that the swiss do not know the origin of that gold? they are just covering their tracks thats all ,a good geologist can run tests and have an idea where the gold originated from FYI.

Anonymous said...


The Party of National Unity has proposed a seminar for coalition government members to streamline operations.

Related Stories

* Why Kibaki called off Cabinet talks

The seminar would ensure proper consultations are followed, and that ministers are educated about their roles, the party’s representatives in the 12-member Permanent Committee on the Management of the Grand Coalition said on Monday.

The group resolved not to give into demands from coalition partners ODM for the renegotiation of the National Accord. ODM leaders last month called for the renegotiation of the accord, saying they were shortchanged.

But the PNU wing argued that calls for renegotiation were a ploy by ODM to “illegally remove government officers and replace them with their own”.


The PNU members said they were willing to discuss working modalities such as terms of reference and how the coalition can work harmoniously.

Instead, of engaging in politics, they asked their partners to help in ensuring issues such as land reforms, constitutional review, fighting corruption and forming a local tribunal to try post-poll violence suspects was achieved.

Members of the party in the management committee include Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, who is also Finance minister and cabinet colleagues Moses Wetang’ula, Mutula Kilonzo and Chirau Mwakwere.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:04 (KWALE!!)

No need to sneak back snd post anonymous comments. Be man enough and come back as yourself or just stay away, we already have enough PNU baggage on KK.

b-carotene said...

I posted stuff that the clowns (i.e. moderators) deleted. I didn’t think I disrupted and/or endangered others, only just exposed the bumpkin’s failures…..which aren’t few (heh-heh!), and is the truth.

Well, if you have rules, let them be known. Importantly, no need to abuse your very limited powers, you pathetic goons. Bure kabisa!

Anonymous said...

Moi was a true nationalist leader

cicero said...


Your views are very welcome here:

The Speaker's Corner.

By the way, I appreciate that you took the time to glance at the blog.

b-carotene said...

Why, thank you Cicero.
Guess I bid KK (and all that human waste) farewell.

Anonymous said...

6:59 cicero

can you add a link of the news media to your blog? so that we bloggers and read the news or newspapers and be able to discuss or comment directly/immediately??

I also think you should invite more new generation of kenyans who sincerely and truly believe that the coalition has failed us.. and want to work on how to bring about the issue of the new constitution.-
I also believe on the ground kenyans need a new voice or voices in order for the coalition and its MP's to become irrelevant we need a strong voice or voices on ground and with the support of people like you in the diaspora..
Most blogs have become useless - no ideas or plans on how to save Kenya.. but rumors and personal abuses.some are being used just like the Kenya media to lie to Kenyans- I'm very proud of kenyans because this time they are not agreeing to be taken for a ride..

Kenya needs more brave young men like you and the country will set on a new course of action, keep up your good work on your blog I support it 100%

Vikii said...

b-carotene, welcome to the world of Kumekucha, bro. This is a blog that will treat u like a king even when there is nothing between your ears, as long as you sing songs of praise to the almighty agwambo. The moment u dont or do not show any signs of ever doing that, you will be treated ike an outcast. You will have your posts deleted and a hundred and one "anonymous" bloggers calling you names. I love all that, but I doubt you do. I doubt many people do. But that is life in the island of Kumekucha and if you don't believe me, ask derek.

What I swore to myself is that I will piss the fuck out of these morons. It is not even conceivable for me to sit, watch and do nothing when people are being misled into endorsing and embracing the devil's brother, a leader unto darkness and death, that is why I am here for the long hall. What's anybody gonna do?

b-carotene said...

Hey Vikii buddy-o! (At the risk of the clowns scratching this note as well). Well, you ARE cut out for success— with all that patience, preparation and persistence. Kudos!

Ever read “In hostile territory”? Will vindicate you.

Meanwhile, I hate having my posts deleted without reason (UNJUST). Hope you, Kimi and Kwale occasionally show up at Cicero’s, where I henceforth set up camp.
Or maybe I return to KK under a new handle—rembrandt or something??? Lol!


Anonymous said...

I think we should agree that there should be no further mention of kalooser on this blog if progress is what we want......that clown only represents mediocrity and the kenya we are trying to leave behind. he has nothing new except try to position himself for his ego and the egos of some of his tribesmen, he is just a surivalist politician thats all.
He has proved to be a light wieght ortherwise he would have overpowered RAO and taken over ODM....well he tried and crushed real hard, that should have been proof to him that he does not cut it.
As for the hunger that is facing kenyans, kalooser cannot start blaming the current sitting ministers, while he served with distinction for decades a gov that did nothing for food security and therefore he is to blame sqaurely especially as an mp coming from an area probe to drought.Lets not go around that.
There moron here busy appologising for him and yet claiming they want to see progress....How? Thats why kenya is going nowhere fast.....our tribal blinkers are holding us back.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Sir Alex,

I think we should agree that there should be no further mention of Thug Molasses Raila on this blog if progress is what we want......that bumpkin only represents thuggery and the Kenya we are trying to leave behind. He has nothing new except try to position himself for his ego and the egos of some of his tribal worshippers like Sir Alex; he is just a merchant of violence - thats all.

He has proved to be delusional, otherwise he would have overpowered VP Kalonzo and taken over ODM-K....well he tried and was stung and ran to puchase ODM; that should tell him that he can't win a straight-forward peaceful election.

As for the hunger that is facing Kenyans, Thug Molasses Raila cannot blame anybody else as he chairs the Inter-Ministrial Committee on Food Security, while an ODM minister heads the Ministry of Agriculture. Lets not go around that.

There are worshppers here busy appologising for him and yet claiming they want to see progress....How? Thats why Kenya is going nowhere fast.....our tribal blinkers are holding us back.

Anonymous said...

"Those who make peaceful change impossible, make violent change inevitable"

Anonymous said...

Is it not you in Mashada sometimes under the name "Waithera Cherono Akoth".
Folks, this is a real biatch in Mashada!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:33 AM,

It is actually your tribal blinkers and hatred that are holding you in the realm of intensive ignorance.

You want Raila not to feature here? Sorry to disappoint you, he will be back much sooner than you would like. The amusing thing is that it is your ilk who are filled with Raila hatred who will make him a subject on this blog.

Raila is going nowhere. He will remain right here. Meza Wembe!

Anonymous said...

ANON 3:23 AM,

It is actually your tribal blinkers and hatred that are holding you in the realm of intensive ignorance.

You want Kalonzo not to feature here? Sorry to disappoint you, he will be back much sooner than you would like. The amusing thing is that it is your ilk who are filled with Kalonzo hatred who will make him a subject on this blog.

Kalonzo is going nowhere. He will remain right here. Meza Wembe!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.33am and 3.222am. you are so funny. But one wonders if these people read posts first, what are their comprehension skills?

Sir alex, please respond to my apologetics of kalonzo point by point, especially the smilarity between what he did and what rao did in 1997. Am being civil, you know.

Anonymous said...

Haki Anon 3/24/09 2:33 AM, You are soo out of this world. Toa Blanket kwa macho na uanze kuona. Enyewe kalonzo ni Msaliti. Period. Na sasa, Ukilinganisha Kalooser na Simba wa ODM Si ni Kama kuambia Kibaki Aishi Mathare? Haiwezekani, na haitawahi kuwezekana. Be factual RAO ANA KASORO ZAKE LAKINI HE IS THE BEST WE HAVE GOT AT THE MOMENT. Si mambo mingi. Ni hiyo tu.

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