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Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Kenya We Never Wanted, Don't Need

The talking shop is busting at the seams with scoundrels waxing philosophical with cheap advice they never practiced. Listening to the former president acting a sage with all prescription for ailing Kenya amounted to insulting the intelligence of all Kenyans.

First give credit to Lucifer for never disappointing. The present spate of mega corruption makes Uncle Dan look like a saint. And Boy the old man from Sacho was in good company. He must have been smiling from ear to ear seeing his political students almost outdoing him in re-inventing a wheel that is not even round in shape.

Moi’s analogy of the presidency being a bus driver having a plethora of pick pockets aboard is symptomatic of how simplistic our leadership view weighty matters of governance. And please save your breath in justify the same mediocrity with such platitudes as effective communication. This was a conference at KICC and not another barasa in Rongai.

The Kenya we want conference may have been convened with all the good intention but has unfortunately degenerated to the predictable talk shop Kenyans are unrivalled about. We are not kissing the bottom of political and economical pit because of lack of glossy and buzzword-filled white papers. We have them in plenty populating dusty government offices all over.

Until such a time we collectively and individually free ourselves from living the NATIONAL LIE of charades packaged as blue prints, we will enjoy the beauty of every floor on our way down oblivious of the hard pavement waiting to kiss our skull at the base. With no moral ground to point a finger at anybody the chief executive has no choice but to preside over the EXECUTIVE FRAUD in almost every ministry.

Coloured charade
The thinly-veiled cover of security in numbers has been met and it is crunch time for ministers to feather their nests with every fabric leaving Kenyans smarting and dying from famine. Fearful of the radically different next political dispensation, the fathers of corruption and Kenyan gate keepers are looting anything within our borders.

The Kenya we want conference is just another of those gimmicks designed to create impression of motion with no actual movement. We are stuck in a rut and at the mercy of the scavengers as they cycle carcass Kenya.

Failure and refusal to break from our ruinous past makes the likes of Moi chest-thumb while feeling prophetic and relevant with all solutions to problems they shamelessly created while in office. Looking for any cow still standing to milk, it will come as no surprise if the KICC conference won’t turn into another cash cow. If Balala, Ruto and Kiraitu did it successfully in their dockets why not spread the wealth around?


Mama said...


The Kenya we want conference is just about money. I hear they pay those delegates more than 15 million a day to just sit there doing nothing.

I don't know why we need a conference to tell 'leaders' what we want kwani they don't know?

People want water, food security, people want to see the rate of inflation go down, people want their taxes to be seen to be working for them by excellent provision of services and good infrastructure, people want corruption to be a thing of the past, si those are the basics? And it didn't cost anyone 15 million did it?

Let them guarantee those first before they start including things they can't deliver. After these are accessible to every Kenyan, they can start a conference on the Kenya we want, without much criticism from me!

Anonymous said...

Amen mama
Umemaliza yote nilio kuwa nayo kusema.Thank you

Anonymous said...

The Whinners that never fail to Dissapoint;

Dear Taabu,

Reading the well spiced regurgitated puke makes one wonder when the 'intellects' in our midst will stop 'saying the obvious' and point us into the RIGHT DIRECTION. It adds no value to replay the same tape over and over again since the message will always remain the same. Its about tyme the Kenyans like TAABU stopped telling us how the FART SMELLS. Keep away from the bottoms and tell us what the CHILD KENYA needs to be fed on to avoid further gasses.

However, it seems Taabu has perfected the art of WHINNING and cannot miss any opportunity to tell us how bad our mother looks like. Any sensible child who is grown beyond the AGE OF NUPKINS knows that its more prudent to improve the status of your mother than to call a KAMUKUNJI and invite neighbours to display your mothers dirt.

However, maybe some people are born to ALWAYS SMELL THE FART so keep it up Taabu and beware the SHIT will soil your face.

Concerned Kenyan

Anonymous said...

I was 10 yrs old when I saw a govt parastatal manager drop by every month for his 10% of our family business sales.....

Anonymous said...

compulsory peace corp/military type service for 1 yr when one reaches age 18 may save the next generation

Anonymous said...

whatever happened to African socialism.......

Vikii said...

I will not "cast aspersions" (aint that fashionable now?) on the intent of the meeting. I choose the the path of optimism. I want to be sanguine this time round, a time when Kenya desperately needs to begin anew, that we will get it right. I sincerely hope yesterday's was not just another beautiful day in the sun for our leaders.

President Moi made two somewhat sensible assertions. At least they sounded pretty sensible to him. The problem was that they contradicted each other.

The first one was that although his regime was the third most corrupt in the whole wide world (they say only Pakistan and Nigeria beat us during those days), blame should not be heaped on the President, but on the individual ministers and other officials who played. Some sense there especially in a society where the corrupt outnumber the 'opposite of the corrupt'. According to Mr. Moi, the President has absolutely nothing to do with the corruption that is associated with his ministers even though he is the one who appoints them and who has the constitutional power to fire them.

The second thing that Moi said as he lectured kenyans on good governance is that one of the ailments of our time is weak leadership and I agree entirely with him (Kibaki's tragically flawed attempt at a Presidency is a case in point). What he failed to acknowledge is that if, as President, your gorvernment adopts corruption as the cornerstone of its very existence, and you do nothing about it, then that is the height of weak leadership. At least if we cannot accuse you of being a pertaker of that corruption, we should be allowed to accuse you of weak leadership. You can't duck both, can you?

My personal opinion is that due to the questionable conduct of our politics, we will always have corrupt elements in government. Those corrupt elements should carry their individual crosses. There is, however, no way the President or whoever the appointing authority is can go scotfree. Mwai Kibaki cannot tell me not to consider him an agent of corruption when he has appointed Prof. Saitoti to the cabinet three times and when he still places "full confidence" in him. I mean, come on, after all those scandals? Those damn scandals? You can't tell me you are opposed to corruption when all you can do to Hon Kiraitu after his ministry is linked to shoddy gasoline business is to threaten him with a sack.

Raila Odinga, the man to whom some of you have the kind of loyalty that borders on actual psychosis, is the last person I can listen to about corruption. He has personally been linked to corruption, but let us not even go there because it descends to a back-and-forth that is simply unintelligent. But if anybody believes that a man who considers William Ntimama, Fred Gumo, Henry Kosgey and William Ruto worthy of ministerial appointments can genuinely have a strong opinion against corruption, then such a person can do with some psychiatric help. A man who at this stage is still convinced that when millions of Kenyans face death by starvation with every passing day bringing forth new evidence that the maize shortage is not just related to the incompetence of the man he entrusted with food availability, but is as a direct result of unscruplous business by this very minister? How about faggot Balala and the shenanigans in his docket?

Let those who want to dream continue doing so. But keep in mind Nicollo Machiavelli's words that "the choice of a prince's ministers is a matter of no little importance. The first impression that one gets of a ruler and of his brains is from seeing the men he has about him".
Those are not my words.

But may be it is a new dawn. May be a new day has really come. May be what we saw yesterday was not just another bunch of bureaucrats talking bureaucrap. Let's wait and see.

Anonymous said...


thats the most intelligent post i have read in Kumekucha for a long tyme. we need guys with your kind of inspirations and openness.

kudos Vicki..

b-carotene said...

The question of good governance in Kenya is extremely tricky. If a corrupt individual is fired, his stupid 'community' views that as an affront and a direct attack on that community. Good governance is not only about leadership, but also about those who go to the ballot to pick their so-called leaders. Let's apportion the blame fairly.

Anonymous said...

Listening to the Moi the master looter/Kleptocrat (and Kibaki's most ardent cheerleader, supporter and defender) acting a sage with all prescription for ailing Kenya amounted to insulting the intelligence of all right thinking Kenyans.

His analogy of the presidency being a bus driver having a plethora of pick pockets aboard is symptomatic of how simplistic our leadership view weighty matters of governance. He himself just like Kibaki was sleeping at the steering wheel of the bus while "allowing" the pickpockets he's talking about to comfortably do their thing without fear of answering for their crimes.

As Taabu always likes saying, WE ARE LIVING A NATIONAL LIE.

Anonymous said...

We have proven that we are the greatest idiots anywhere in the wolrd........WTF is this all about?
We have a political set up in place last I checked politics is leadership meaning the existing political structures should enable people to express what they want at ward level, or local mp....if thats not working as in fact its not alternatives should be sought......the problems in turkan are not the same as the problems in nyeri so.....the kenya we want is a sum of the solutions to all those problems......having a talkshop on its is just rediculous.
Somebody with a lot of time in their hands and can be given the task to collate all the regional issues and document them but really these things should be sorted out at local level.....
This is the stupidest, crap we have done in ages and we even invite irrelavant clowns like MO1 surely....I mean really...this is upumbavu

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Aint we forgeting the fella who suggested ubako should stop the Bus and kick the pickpockets out. Whats ya take on dis.

Anonymous said...

show me someone who says he has not abused (financially and otherwise) his position (civil servant/govt officer/employee in a private company) and I will show you a liar!

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