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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Still The White Man's Burden...What A Shame!

This makes me sick to my stomach.

Something happened in Nairobi on Friday that made me cringe with shame. I watched with dismay as our President and Prime Minister took a tongue lashing from the donors, led by Lidner and Renneberger, over the corrupt tendencies brazenly creeping up in government departments. But what stunned me more than anything was the temerity of the President to ask for aid within the same week that The Daily Nation listed six mega scandals involving the swindling of billions of shillings. Imagine what the donors must have been thinking of our leaders. And did you see the flashy cars they came in to beg? Sometimes it shames me to be led by such idiots.

About a year ago I lamented, right here on Kumekucha, the fact that we Africans have chosen to remain at a very elemental level when it comes to administering ourselves and conducting our affairs with posterity in mind. How can it be that so many years after independence we still can't feed a population of less than fifty million? What's gonna happen when we are seventy or one hundred million? How long do we intend to go down on our knees to Westerners after mismanaging our resources? To be blunt, how long will we remain the white man's burden?

I have been vociferously opposed to the constant watchman role played by the foreigners in my country. I've always seen what they do as a way of telling us that we are not equal to the task of governing ourselves. Today I have to swallow my pride and say that as long as we are led by this group of fossils, we need the donors and the foreign governments with leverage to plant a foot firmly on the neck of the Kibaki-Raila administration. These two men are leading the most corrupt government in history of Kenya.

I'm well aware of the fact that this week will be dominated by the Obama events in Washington D.C., where our corrupt government has sent Wetangula and others. It would have been nice if they had gone there to honor a man whose ideals inspire what's going on in Kenya. The shame is that everything Obama stands for, our government sneers upon. It wold have been better if Wetangula had led this delegation to the inauguration of Hugo Chavez.

The good news is that we will stop being the white man's burden by 2012. The way to do it is to elect a man of integrity, one who has mingled with white thinking and knows the psychology behind action, one who knows how to get things done, and who will make the nation's people proud to be called Kenyan again.

We can elect such a man.

We must elect him in 2012 or forever hold our...


Anonymous said...

What do you expect from a Mzungu arse-licking nation. We heard here from Phil the biggest idiot and most stupid person in this blog suggesting Kenya would be better off as a colony.
Mzungu to many kenyans are gods and untouchable.
Phil you need rehabilation


Phil's Mistress

Anonymous said...

Well!! News for you!!
Start by knowing That the President elect Barak Obama is a white mans Puppet!!
what a pity and what a shame- as usual blacks are duped - blind sheep.

Anonymous said...

President elect Obama the Phony! look at the man he calls his best adviser?? shocking. Americans and the world have been duped as usual.

Anonymous said...

More on Obama best friend and adviser

Sam Okello said...


Barack stands for ideals that are worth emulating the world over. If you understand the American society, you'd appreciate the fact that Barack has to work with his efllow coubtrymen be they white, black, brown and evrything in between. It would be great if we can traslate that into a Kenya that works for all its citizens.

That said, I hope that our leaders in Kenya can come to their senses and start having self-respect. To brazenly beg for help at a time they've allowed their officials to loot is to be damn in the extreme.

Let them be suprevised on our behalf by the foreigners until we can take over and lead Kenya in a different direction.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing Sam Okello is where is this alternative leadership we seek. As for now all the major parties are in government breweing in the same pot (PNU, ODM, ODM-K, KANU, Ford K and the rest) Even if we went to elections to day, whom would you elect? That is the big questions.

Anonymous said...

come across this Malik shabbazz calling a news reporter a whore:):)

chola said...

Samo kelle what do you expect ,in a country shrouded by tribal smegma, no ethos, where our leaders have plate full of ugali and nyama choma while a 3 year child is starving 100 meters away, at best ugali na chumvi. There is no Kenyan idles no Kenyan spirit, if any it’s to rape, loot and hack you neighbor. Just go to kiganjo police training camp, this where our young women and men being grill for Utumishi kwa wote, their N or F word is raya, usikaya kama raya, kurut wewe muchinga kama raya. This just gives an incite of how our gover and its machinery demines its citizen .Those lavish cars it just show our donors how well money is spent.

M-Pesa said...

We Kenyans are the biggest hypocrites in the entire world. We elect people we very well know are conmen, fraudsters, thieves, liars, crooks, womanizers and cheats, yet expect miracles from the same people who behave as gently as hyenas.

We very well know scumbags like Mwau, Ruto, Ephrahim Maina, etc are as corrupt as they come yet we let these guys through. Others like Mwakwere the laziest cabinet ministers ever and Mwangi Kiunjuri of the Koinange street fame will as sure as the sun rises be re-elected. Just how do you guys think Maina will recoup his Ksh 60M which he spent on his campaign?

We go further and shun good guys like Wangari Maathai, PLO Lumumba, Tuju etc coz apparently they belong to the "wrong parties!" It's only when we elect individuals rather than parties that we shall have shed the caveman's mentality.

Come 2012 and you can bet on this, we shall still elect the same mongrels being embroiled in all these scandals yet expect to walk on streets paved with gold. Dudes, you only reap what you sow! period!

Anonymous said...

1:40 AM


what? Wangari Mathai who when kenyans in diaspora ask her to come to speak in their functions - I hear she wants to be paid upfront $75,000 and this does not even include hotels and her group of personal assistants..

What exactly do you call that?? when she has already made so much money( remember she was fronting the Mungiki's who went out killing many innocent kenyans, you must be crazy to think she is a good leader just because she plants tree's go get your facts on who Wangari Mathai really is..

As for Tuju no such fat chance,, this is the guy who is involved in the Kenya telecoms- go look closesly who got all the contracts since 2002 and some of the companies are in Partership with Tuju's advertising and telcom company..
all this people have huge skeletons in thier closets just follow the companies they are directors or involved with -

The best thing for kenya is to have all fresh minds - remove all the old guards or else Kenya is finished

anyway why waste your time?? Kenya is controlled by outside powers -even the clasehes where planned.. if 9/11 could be planned by bush?? why not the clashes in Kenya?


Anonymous said...

Sam, you said.

"what stunned me more than anything was the temerity of Kibaki to ask for aid within the same week that The Daily Nation listed six mega scandals involving the swindling of billions of shillings. Imagine what the donors must have been thinking of our leaders. And did you see the flashy cars Kibaki and Co came in to beg?

Well said Sam. There's one thing that I have to stress because people seem to be missing the biggest cause of this current nonsense: Kibaki is sleeping on the Job. He is supposed to LEAD, MANAGE and provide DIRECTION in this government. Unfortunately, he has FAILED and is still FAILING spectacularly. As things stand right now, he has "delegated" everything - LEADERSHIP INCLUDED!

Forget this lie about this being a Kibaki-Raila led goverment. In paper that might be so but in reality it is not. Kibaki STOLE the elections and, later on, the bulk of the real executive power - what do you think all these mischevious Muthaura antics are all about? While Kibaki DECEPTIVELY pretends to display gentlemanly behavior toward Raila in public, in private he (Kibaki) is the "dirty hand" controlling and directing Muthaura's constant mischevious attempts at underming Raila. Among many things Kibaki and Muthaura share is the ridiculous objective of making sure that Raila does not "shine" or even appear to "shine" in any way. This irrational fear is so big in them - they will obviously not admit it but it is real.

That said, under the current pumbavu circumstances THE BUCK STOPS WITH KIBAKI (the thief) and because he is sleeping on the job, Kenya is going further and further astray by the day.

Anonymous said...

yeah yeah still a whitemans burden they rule the stupid black who still sit on their asses and all the do is kill each other. what fools black people are

Joe the choma man said...

I respectfully disagree with you-it is not that we are not the white man's burdern its that we are a burden period

no one wants to bear us, with the weight of our self-made problems, not even we ourselves are strong enough to carry the weight of repeating dumb stupidity

no one else is in a better position to help us when we mess things up (which we do constantly) than the "white man" is...soon, it won't just be the "white man" helping us, but also the "china man", the "russian man" and everyone else EXCEPT ourselves (and any other "black man"

we have only ourselves to blame-i bet you come 2012 we shall hear the same names being proposed-Raila tosha, Saitoti tena, Kibaki abaki etc
lets just wait for 2030 at least then we'll be middle income and "2 bob politics" won't matter as you smoke your cuban cigar in your debt bought house

PKW said...

Sam O., where are you writing from? Remittances from you guys in white man's country have fallen in the wake of the current financial crisis, see why we need more aid from the white man?

Anonymous said...

Gsa man!
Kenya will forever remain the white mans burden till we shed our cavemen mentality of tribe and ethnicity! the politicians we elect are mirrors of how the average Kenyan thinks it's hypocritical of highest order to expect fraudsters and tribal warlords to bring development to Kenya!

Anonymous said...

Mpesa, anon 1.54am, you have all nailed it.
My question is, what is the way forward? how do we educate the masses? will you be 'allowed' to inform the masses for they do not know the power they have in their hands? If nothing is done now, then we shall have the same clowns in 2012 followed by intellectual analysis on Kumekucha (not forgetting the tribal drivel posted in the comments)...

Ken Thumbi

M-Pesa said...

anon 1.40

what? Wangari Mathai who when kenyans in diaspora ask her to come to speak in their functions - """"...I hear....""" she wants to be paid upfront $75,000....

I hear??
I hear??
I hear??
I hear??

It's called hearsay. Table your evidence otherwise that caveman's mentality will take you nowhere!

eddlove said...

Lets offer solutions to these problems instead og generating replies that fule more problems. We should look within ourselves as Kenyans and loo at the issues before us and ask ourselves are we heading in the right direction. Kibaki and Raila share power meaning if one is true to Kenyans as we try and put it they should hold a press conference and name all those responsible for graft. LET THE PUBLIC KNOW WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE TAKING US FOR A RIDE. but they wont coz they support the practices themselves

Anonymous said...

This thing of mingling with white thinking people, all the goons currently in power, Uhuru, Raila, Kibaki are all abroad educated and just like you, have mingled with white thinking people. PLO, correct me if am wrong is Kenyan educated and he has better ideas for Kenya than those goons. If you are greedy, you are greedy whether you go abroad or not. After all your parents may have funded your trips abroad, through God knows what, making you have some serious inferiority complex to muzungus, as clearly indicated in this post.

Anonymous said...

All the bloggers agree with sam there is a problem, what is the solution? what are we going to do to stop the madness in kenya?

Sam Okello said...

Seems to me there's consensus on this matter. We all agree that as of right now we are a burden. We also agree that our being a burden stems from the fact that we have bad leadership. One of the proposals we've advanced to change this sorry picture is a slate of new leaders in 2012. As most of you have pointed out, this is not going to be easy. But I also hope you all agree that we must do all we can to make this a reality.

On this week that we honor the incredible journey of a man who started at the point where all said he couldn't do it...yet he did, it would be nice if we went form saying it can't be done to "We will do it."

Yes we can!

Anonymous said...


we are waiting to take our maching orders from you.

MB said...

Sam Okello before you think of yourself as a national leader, we would like to know that YOU are scandal free.
How did you solve that little messy issue with Marianne Briner? Did you treat her fairly? Did you steal her books? Did you steal her money?
Were you arrested in chicago?
Answer these questions and Kenyans will decide whether they want you to lead them or not.
This is not the time or place to talk ill of white people.!

Yes, look at yourself first.

Anonymous said...

just a thought,since this blog is famous,i think we as bloggers can come up together and give suggestions of who we want to be our next president,we can now, the current circus of politicians is sickening. I would suggest PLO,lets build a list

Kwale said...

Kenyans should stop Mzungu worshipping at once! It is embarrassing to say the least how Kenyans see Mzungus as some kind of god. Do you know these Mzungus you worship are the people who do all those dirty jobs for many Kenyans in Diaspora especially in Europe? –the person who comes to collect our rubbish is a Mzungu, our child minders are Mzungu, the person who come to do the plumbing job is a Mzungu, house cleaners are Mzungus, when your washing machine or dishwasher breaks down the person who come to fix it is a mzungu. And they do these jobs for black Africans! and here you are worshipping and in your inferiority complex you treat them with outmost respect. THIS IS SAD!!!

I remember when the Queen of England visited Uganda in 2007 many Ugandans who are no better than Kenyans; woke up so early in the morning lining up from Entebbe airport to Kampala to welcome the queen. This by contrast the reception the she received when she visited India. In India she was greeted by people with placards reading "killer Queen go home" and many hostile crowds turned out to protest against British colonial past.

I also remember when the wife of former British Prime Minister, Cherie Blair visited Kenya for AIDS awareness tour; she was treated in a manner she would later ridicule in a London newspapers.
Very recently a British Mp visited Kenya and according to Kenyan media he became a hero because he helped a young boy out of a ditch. These are the sort of stories you read and make you fidgety and hate to have come from Kenya!
Kenyan society sucks!!!

Taabu said...

Watch your tongue lest HM may revoke the 2nd PP. And what isthe difference when a flight from Msa lands at JKIA and the traditional dancers ala Moi era Tawala Kenya Tawala? Talk is cheap for we practice the very things we admonish. We harangue the white while housed within their borders and living off their....HYPOCRACY=living the lie

Sam Okello said...


It's long since I heard you be so tough. But I understand where you are coming from. It's a shame to see the leaders of a an African nation beg for food many years after independence. What these leaders don't understand is that the begging they do makes a statement. It says...Folks, we are defeated. We can't run our own affairs, come rescue us again. Like Isaid before, those Westerners love playing little gods and chesrish the image of the most two of the most powerful men in Kenya begging. They tell themsleves this..."And they think they control their destiny!"

This is what sucks, Kwale. I wish our leaders and all Kenyans would wake up to the shame we subject ourselves to by behaving like our brains are an accident of nature.

May the idiocy stop!

Anonymous said...

sam did you have an affair with marinee briner

Anonymous said...

We Black Africans hate ourselves (self hatred) intensely. We lack self respect, self esteem and self confidence. Our Values? Oh my God! FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT are at the core of all of our demented "values."

This is for Sam,

You said:

"It's a shame to see the leaders of a an African nation beg for food many years after independence. What these leaders don't understand is that the begging they do makes a statement. It says...Folks, we are defeated. We can't run our own affairs, come rescue us again."

In your comment you said that What these leaders don't understand is that the begging they do makes a statement. It says...Folks, we are defeated. Well said because When Kibaki WAS BEGGING (he may have even been thinking that this begging is being ENTERPRISING, INDUSTRIOUS and, God forbid, HARDWORKING!) he was not ashamed at all. On the contrary, he may have thought that all those diplomats and whites he was begging from were WAPUMBAVU and MAVI YA KUKU...

Sam Okello said...

Some folks want to allege here that I don't like white people. That's not true. I work with white folks even now in my publishing firm. They are some of my best friends. What i can't stand is the tendency by our leaders to run things down then start pleading for help.

By the way, Taabu, let me wish you a Happy New Year before I asl you this question. What would you want those in the Diaspora to do? You want them to shut up because they live in the West?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kwale tribal smegma in to imeja Kwa akili ya mwafrica
If we stop Mzungu worshipping , we will turn to wahenga worship .Give us an African god maybe well turne to accept our self,at moment we been brought up to worshipe people who do not look like us ,in a language that is not ours

Anonymous said...

PLO look good, but he fail to win a constituency in nairobi. back at home i'm told he cannot run because the vilagers know he was born out of wed lock. i stil like okelo more beter.

Anonymous said...

The root problem: You must not forget most of what Africa is going through today is of the doing of the White Man in the first place. If you remember your Std 6 history "The scramble for Africa", "The Partition of Africa". The sole purpose was to divide and rule. Keep the africans so confused that it will take them a ages before they can realize what is happening....This is my 30,000 ft view of the situation and unless we recognized that what is happening now is not by choice, but rather by design, we would never figure a way out.

Solution: we are very lucky today because of the way information travels faster. We need to EDUCATE, EDUCATE, all means our citizens from the bottom up by exposing them to reality.

The big hurdle: The government that is supposed to be at the forefront in educating the populace is acutely aware of what this would mean. Do I still need to tell you why the media has been stiffled by all means?

Kumekucha, you now see where you come in...This blog is a prime example of what we can do if we share ideas...

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

People are starving in Kenya. Last night I watched KTN. It was horrible pictures. People eating cactus!

Anonymous said...

kibaki has said marshall all available resources! how when you are sending a delegation to obama's inauguaration and they are not invited,how when you are operating on a 40+ member cabinet and more assistants that claim to not have work, how when you tolerate corruption(we have seen devani in pictures with very high political leaders). give kenyans a break. all our leaders have failed. we need someone new who will come through and rise up meteorically to the presidency just as obama did. one not influenced by these old school people

UrXlnc said...

Anon 7:47

concur with you.

reducing the current cabinet size from 40 to 25 will significantly reduce the operational expenses and hopefully channel the resources towards famine relief.

the MPs themselves numbering 220+ can also take a hit from their paychecks.

sealing the holes where corruption is siphoning out billions, which amazingly includes famine relief efforts

not to mention the countless and useless commissions and committees

and other totally unnecessary expenses such as that uninvited trip to the inauguration by Wetangula and co.

Surely its not too much to ask the one asking for assistance what they have done themselves towards alleviating the problem.

Reminds me when the US auto industry CEOs went begging the senate for bailout funds and arrived in class/style aboard private jets, and were severely reprimanded.

Eunuch said...

Hot air only succeeds in heating one's head. Outside the circumference it will we freezing cold. Poleni sana.

pearls said...

>>PLO look good, but he fail to >>win a constituency in nairobi. >>back at home i'm told he cannot >>run because the vilagers know he >>was born out of wed lock. i stil >>like okelo more beter.

Please educate me on who Okello is,its good to know the kenyans who can make for presidency.about PLO, should anyone be segregated becoz of their family standings/birth...??

Anonymous said...


clemo said...

UrXinc you are spot on.Kibaki is the General in this war.He is the CIC.He should simply emulate Lee Iacocca who brought Chrysler from the brink by first reducing his own salary from $1m to $1 a year!Leadership is all about setting examples.people follow your every move.with that kind of attitude his people will go into the pits with him.He can then walk into any donor's office,look them straight in the eye and say,look, my people are dying.The donors will be more than willing to listen to such a guy but what do we have instead.the amount of money these guys spend can make bill gates look like he's on welfare.a councillor's monthly expenditure expenditure is enough to make Michael Joseph look like a beggar!pitiful

Anonymous said...

I have to support SAM OKELLO for president 2012..He can do about Kenyans show the world that Yes we can too...and elect SAM OKELLO...2012

Anonymous said...


you promised a report on jan 25...please don't come here and tell us NO I CAN'T!

Anonymous said...

the first step towards a non racist society is not to refer to generalized stereotypical characterization of one race;

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