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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kimunya Shames Lynch Mob, Bounces Back Big

True to his vow Hon Kimunya never died and has ashamed the lynch mob. Forget what the Cockar report says about CBK Governor Prof Ndung’u and Kimunya that the two were economical with the truth in disposing off the Grand Regency Hotel to Libyans without regard to due process. Leaves you wondering why the truth should be generously served to a constipating country.

Justice Cockar and his commission their work and earned their pecks. But the commission must be ashamed of going outside their mandate in disparaging Prof. Ndung’u as dishonest and lacking in good faith, credibility and transparency. The really industrious only learn those in school and must be shun them like a plague in pursuit of prosperity.

Kenyans must learn to MOVE on and accept the fact that Kibaki only did what the law prescribed. All the talk about court of public opinion is nothing but hot air that only succeeds in warming the inner circumference of what burden your shoulders while the outer body is left freezing in acute impunity.

The Finance ministry is no child's play to be entrusted to minions. Hon Uhuru has all it takes to steer the portfolio to GREAT HEIGHTS in accomplishing the good work left unfinished by his predecessor and successor at Trade ministry. You don’t get power to please adversaries but to show might and rule. That is exactly what Kibaki as exercised. Our rogue parliament must be ignored for crying foul about Kimunya's reappointment to the cabinet.

The immoral fountain of corruption erected by Kanu leadership is receiving generous dose of water from experienced hands. The handy Asian connection only need smart Kimunya as Trade Minister and together with DPM Uhuru holding the purse strings, even MV Faina holding GOSS arms will soon be released by the pirates and Kenya will be left smiling with her fat commission.

Master stroke of genius
With Jomo Junior's able hands, Kibaki can practice his economic genius of yore that earned him a second undergraduate degree (first class honours) at the prestigious London School of Economics. Kibaki’s policy to adopt siege mentality in the face of corruption charges was a master stroke. Security in numbers is the best policy to spread wealth among cronies as the masses scavenge wild roots for dinner. Denial is best lived in safe numbers by joining yourself at the hip.

Well, history has a way of repeating itself albeit brutally to those who refuse to learn from it. Kenya is being run by gate keepers who perfected the art during Kenyatta’s sunset years as a senile president. The present government is run by safe clique of trusted and tested scoundrels who know just too well what is at stake. And we will be all the merrier with episodes of impunity mutating into all their known and unknown variants.


Anonymous said...

Kwani is this surprising Taabu? Didn't we all know the worst the illegitimate sloth would do is bring Kimunya back and post him to another ministry.

Marende 'sold sealed and delivered' will make sure kina khalwale get nowhere with there planned moves. Kwani you think the honor/award he got yesterday from the sloth was in vain? Ati recognition award, what has he done that deserves recognition?

Kimunya is back, meanwhile, they will find another 'bone'to throw at stupid kenyans to keep us all busy as the boys settle in there new roles.


Vikii said...

I do not get it. We are so obsessed with political shenanigans that have no basis in truth that we lose focus of what a true fight against corruption and nepotism should be about.

Minister Kimunya was not a victim of his own impropriety, but a victim of myopic 'gotcha' politics. If the sale of the Grand Regency hotel was effected in an improper fashion, and if we trully believe that Parliament's censure of the minister was not about dangerous presidential politics, why was Prof. Ndung'u, the man rightly in the thick of things not censured? I mean, you do not have to be smart to question why Ndung'u was not a target of the lynch boys. The answer is simple, the focus is not on fighting corruption but on tearing down potential political opponents. There can only be doom ahead when we play political football with such noble ideas like an all-out war on corruption.

But let Mr. Kimunya's subject lie there. He is the latest subject to babycry about before we predictably find yet another "injustice" before the year ends. We are victims, aren't we?

About this nonsense of the Teasury being run by Kikuyus which irks some of you fellows so much, what really is wrong with that? I now ask what makes some of you characters consider yourself more Kenyan than the Kikuyus.

Is it wrong for President Kibaki to appoint UK, a tribesman of his, to the Finance ministry and perfectly OK for Raila Odinga to nominate for appointment Oburu Oginga, his own blood brother, to the same ministry? Are we fools or something? The media in their warped analysis and pedictions were telling us that even though Hon Nderitu Muriithi was a brilliant young kenyan who is thoroughly qualified to hold any ministerial office, he was unfit for appointment by the President just because he is the President's nephew. The same media didn't find Raila's nomination of his own brother improper nor did it find the appointment of Prof. Jacqueline Oduol, a close relative of Raila's as PS inappropriate. You cannot be a crusader against tribalism when the few appointments you get to make are all of cousins, brothers and girlfriends. This is even worse than tribalism. It is much more chronic that tribalism.

When you choose to approach everything with partisan rancour, when you allow yourself to be consumed by fear to the extent that you see an apppointee's tribe first before ever caring about meritocracy, then there are serious questions you need to ask yourself. One of them would be when this insecurity that has engulfed you will leave.

Anonymous said...

another one from Taabu, as usual utter gutter material sugar coated with his infamous words DECEPTION, FRAUD..
Taabu, why not mention the maize scandal engineered by the engineer himself by tha name molasses with the help of killer Ruto? or is that too hot an issue to discuss since you will cut the hands that feeds you? or better put your deity of a PM...what about the small issue where with a national disaster of hunger in place..molasses is busy soliciting funds and support for his plum 800 million office...??? no no no, to moron Taabu, thats nothing compared to what KIKUYUS are doing so he better makes selective noise...

okey, where are the chorus boys aka phil, sam okello, chris and ivy?
or are they still busy editing some sugar coated support to your shenanigans?

Taabu, wewe ni bure kabisa..umesoma lakini Lo!!! hamna kitu kwa hiyo kichwa yako..

its a shame!!

Sayra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sayra said...

Political suprimacy is abt winning the game at all cost ... nothing to do with what is the right thing to do.
In Kenyan that is.

Anonymous said...
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Godfrey said...

Was Uhuru appointed because of his tribe or because of his family? Was Kimunya re-appointed into cabinet because of his being Kikuyu or because he is a darling of the powers-that-be? If it was simply about appointing a Kikuyu, I am sure Kibaki has plenty of candidates to choose from.

When we look at these things using tribal lens, then we are missing the bigger picture of a corrupt ruling elite milking the country dry.

Anonymous said...

seems someone is busy deleting posts with different opinion!!!

why not convert this blog into a molasses worship blog??

Anonymous said...

When you finally realize that the problem in Kenya is not the Kikuyus but a blood sucking political class, then the years you spent in school will not have been in vain.
When you finally discard these Kikuyu phobias of yours, then you will begin to live a free and productive life.

Otherwise, as you are today, you are a slave of insecurities and a generator of maziwa lala posts.

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