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Friday, January 23, 2009

Convenient Leakages From The Cabinet

Will even a Tana River crocodile swallow the latest move by Kibaki to hoodwink donors?

The Kenyan cabinet traditionally meets on Thursdays. Yesterday there was a well publicized meeting of the bloated 43-ministers-grand-coalition cabinet.

Now the deliberations in these meetings are confidential and what is supposed to happen is that anything that the president wants the people to know that was discussed in the meeting will usually be told to the public via a government statement of some sort.

But that is NOT what happened yesterday. Instead some cabinet minister violated the official secrets act and spilled all the beans on what was discussed at the session. Or did they?

Actually keen observers should have noticed by now that the government usually releases some “convenient leakages” of their deliberations to the media when it suits their purposes. Can you guess their media of choice for these so-called leakages? Well let me tell you and you can just go and do your own research to verify. It is always the Daily Nation.

Read the Nation story for yourself.

It seems that the government or rather the president wants us to know that he told off his ministers. Slapped their wrists, so to speak. You know when you mother is making chapatis and you cannot wait for them to be ready and you sneak your hand into the pan and cut off a piece? She slaps your wrist while laughing and lets you get away with the piece of chapati that you have stolen.

So in this case the president is slapping wrists instead of firing ministers and arraigning them in court for the criminal offences they have committed (some of which have directly led to the death of many Kenyans—like the maize scandal).

My deep suspicion is that yesterday’s "convenient leakage" was for the benefit of the donors. You see the Kenyan government is very broke. And this is the worst of times for the government to admit that with all the mega-scandals involving the cabinet that have been hitting the headlines. And yet the same government need to address the famine situation urgently and this is where donors come in. Kibaki and Raila have been doing lots of begging recently for food aid. Yesterday “leakage” was designed to show donors that the president is doing something to address the corruption in his cabinet.

Hehehehehehehehehehe. Very funny. Sorry. Not even a hungry Tana River crocodile can swallow that one.

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Anonymous said...

I had similar thoughts when I read the Nation this morning. Nation CEO is Kibaki’s Nyeri homeboy and maybe State House are using him to present Kibaki in a fresh good light. It won’t work. Is this the Kibaki we all know or one we don’t know? When did Kibaki make a simple decision, even one that concerns his family and his lunatic wife?

Ati Kibaki read the riots act? Please tell us another lie. Since when did Kibaki stand up as his own man? Whom has Kibaki ever sacked? Kibaki will never make a decision and that is why Narc died under his watch, corruption thrives under his very eyes etc. Kenya badly needs visionary leadership but not the political and economic dinosaurs of Kibaki’s ilk.

A good leader or manager does not threaten to sack when his junior/employee makes a serious error. He sacks without offering any explanation. Moi, despite his serious political and economic mistakes, took decisive action – whether wrong or good. We needs to see serious sackings, prosecutions and jailing for us to believe a word in the Daily Nation. The country has gone to the dogs under Kibaki’s watch. In fact, the guy appears senile and I highly doubt he remembers anything he uttered yesterday.

Screamer said...

Kibaki told off Wekesa! That was a shocker to me, especially because it was in favour of Raila. This man Kibaki is hard to follow, even Mutahi Ngunyi can't predict his next move.

At the same time it's alarming to these guys so close and tight. Who can keep the duo in check now? They can do whatever with our money with no questions asked.

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy theories aside, nobody said Kibaki chastised ministers for the scandals. He chastised them for bickering in public and embarassing GNC. (Points gained with donors - Nil).

I think you are giving our chaps too much credit to say they are so concerned about the situation to resort to such methods. They don't care enough to take the trouble.

Poor Daily Nation. Their poor reporting skills make them be accused of being the Baks' stooges.

Anonymous said...

During the presidency of Mwai Kibaki, Kenya has been transformed into a glittering multi-storey shopping mall of corruption. Depending on the person manning a given shop, you can steal anything in this mall and walk away scot-free. In this mall the shopper doesn’t pay for what he takes and doesn’t face any sanctions. He usually steals with the help of the shop attendant.

Some shops are manned by individuals higher than ministers. Quite a number are manned by ministers. Then there are those manned by permanent secretaries. Assistant ministers and parastatal chiefs too have their own glamorous shops in the mall. In this mall, Kenya is literally up for sale and to the highest bidder.

Three men provide security and protection to this mall. One is Mr Amos Wako. Another is Justice Aaron Ringera, the director of the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (Kacc). The third is Kibaki.

Together these three gentlemen have collectively decreed that nobody who steals from the mall faces any criminal sanction. These three powerful citizens of Kenya have ensured that grand shopping in the mall is not a criminal offence.

The damage they are doing to the fabrics of this country is beyond belief, and they know it. It is high time that each one of them is interrogated on oath on why they are waging war against the country.

Wako provides the first line of defence against any effort to shutdown the mall. He is on record as having forcibly submitted that the shop owners in the mall are in law protected tenants. He is a known and notorious obstacle in the fight against corruption.

His legal opinions on big scams like Goldenberg and Anglo-leasing are souvenirs proudly hanged with golden frames on the walls of some shops in the mall. His security of tenure doesn’t emanate from the constitution. Rather, it is the convergence of interest as it relates to theft in the mall that ensures successive regimes simply find him indispensable.

Justice Ringera strikes a tragic Shakespearian tragedy. His qualification for the job has never been questioned. His character and integrity cannot be impeached. But his tenure as director of Kacc has been a shameful failure.

This is because he simply doesn’t have the spine to stand up to the Executive arm of Government. This explains why he has not achieved any tangible gains in the fight against graft, despite the enormous resource at his disposal.

Ringera doesn’t run a shop in the mall, but has an excellent overview of the wares sold in various shops. Occasionally, he barks loud especially when he wants to inform shop owners of his impending ceremonial visit to the mall. When he sees the shops manned by ministers, individuals higher than ministers, permanent secretaries or powerful civil servants, he smiles sheepishly, walks away briskly, pretends there was no eye contact, and with closed eyes bows in deference, at times comically touching the ground with his forehead.

This country faces a national crisis called corruption. Only something close to a declaration of a state of emergency can address the cancerous growth of corruption. It would be very surprising if the state security agents have not repeatedly pleaded with Kibaki that the greatest threat to national security is grand corruption. Kenyans are no longer surprised when a new corruption case explodes in their faces. What surprise them are the country’s rich reservoirs.

A pertinent question Kenyans have lately raised is which regime, between Moi’s 25 years and Kibaki’s six years, is more corrupt? Kibaki's. Moi’s regime was brazen and unsophisticated. Looting was well spread and was both vertical and horizontal. Kibaki’s regime, when it comes to corruption, is more sophisticated. Corruption at present is thinly vertical and highly centralized.

At the end of the day only the ordinary Kenyans can stop graft by taking a stand. Kibaki has the powers but not the political will. He lacks both the conviction and nerve to mount a credible campaign against corruption.

We, ordinary Kenyans, have the strongest card in our hands. Will we use it well? Can we use it well? time will tell.

joe the choma man said...

i thought you should be cheering?Kibaki is lethargic to an insanely zombie like degree and the best he can ever afford to do is slap anyone on the wrists-remember in life fence sitters are generally people pleasers and don't want to offend anyone, even at the expense of life

his gentlemanly mien is his undoing that is leading to his ultimate downfall, because he approaches everything as a hands off politician whereas both his predecessors knew when to crack the whip and he needs to know as well when action needs taking

if only this man would stop trying to please everyone(starting with those holding him hostage in presidency) he would ride out his final term in a slightly better way

Anonymous said...

Noah Wekessa was right to ask PM Molasses to explain the food shortage in the country. Since the formation of the coalition govt, Molasses Raila chairs the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Food Security.

But the idiot from Othaya was concerned by who asked the question and how it was asked rather than the contents of the question. In the meantime, Kenyans die of hunger while PM Molasses trots the globe, his son crashes govt Mercedes, and his fat wife bursting from over-eating.

What is more, PM Molasses is holding a conference and inviting foreigners to come and tell him about the "Kenya We Want." Above all these foreigners are supposed to tell the jerk that Kiberans want toilets and Luo Nyanza want anti-AIDS medicine.

Wekessa should have stared down the jerk and the idiot instead of apologizing!

Anonymous said...


you are a hard one to please...when kibaki says nothing, you are here spilling all sorts of unprintable words...when he cracks the whip again you read all sorts of meanings...

you are just a whinner and very idle SOB. when will it dawn in your magma brain that the government is bigger than your small evil mind and not everything the president does is meant to make your life difficult? are u still running from your shaddow like Taabu...

ama it pains you that Molasses was told off by one brave Wekesa about his maize deals...

your cousins are dying of hunger silly, say something that can save them

Screamer said...

Anon, don't you mean DO something that will save them? We've heard enough from these folks. And just so I know, who has done anything?

Anonymous said...

Ati Uhuru, minister for finance?

Anonymous said...

Kimunya the mumunya is back in cabinet as trade minister!!!!!!!! kweli hii sarakasi ya kibaki has gone too far, eti uhuru ni finance minister!

kweli kenya ina wenyewe!

Anonymous said...

No surprises in the apppointment of an okuyu as finane minister, but was uhuru the best out of the pathetic lot??

Anonymous said...

YOur convenient leakages from the cabinet are absolutely wrong. And Kibaki is not interested in hoodwinking donors, if that was your assumption. If he were, in as much as Kimunya may be innocent, he would have been concerned about a cabinet that is beyond reproach and rather than return the fellow to the cabinet, we would have seen more heads roll. I mean the likes of Ruto and Murungi. If you can't manage and pre-empt theft in your ministry, whether you are the thief or not, you are damn incompetent. This great nation of ours, I am afraid, is heading nowhere. Neither Kibaki nor Molasses has the interest of this nation at his heart. I remember molasses in 2007 saying of how to turn this nation into two digit economic growth and laugh. He cannot even achieve half of that whether as PM or President. I mean, he could have at least acted on the corrupt ODM cabinet ministers to get the trust. He would have at least demanded taxation on his pay, or said the PM office complex is wastage of money. He is worse than old Kibaki.

Anonymous said...

During this Kibaki 'error' the Ministry of Finance has become a preserve of the GEMA community! Keep it up Emilio!

Anonymous said...

STEADMAN REPORT:60% KENYANS don't want the coalition government they find it very corrupt and it is not working for the Kenyans people


Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...


Kenyans must stop this nonsense- i can't believe that this two stooges Kibaki and Raila think they can hoodwink Kenyans in broad day light.

my questions to all Kenyans who can see this open corruption?

why are you standing by seeing a few greedy group of kenyans get rich when your children are suffering??

let us stand up in arms to stop this this corruption. Like someone has pointed here the COALITION GOVERNMENT is not working for the interests of kenyans

we must stand up to them us Kenyans now or our country will be another Zimbabwe in a year, by then kIBAKI, RAILA AND MOST OF THE MINISTERS WILL BE VERY RICH AND WILL BE ABLE TO SPONSOR MORE GANGS TO KILL OUT FELLOW KENYANS - IN ORDER TO STAY YET AGAIN IN POWER

it is dangerous when enemies get together to rob a country dry!!!

Anonymous said...

Kenyans must remove the coalition government from power they are all crooks na nimesema

Anonymous said...

the country is only broke because of ojinga and ODM.... these fools burnt the country.... stole maize...sole the oil. kibaki is an honest man a BOSS, CEO... this petty ojinga is only intrested in what people think of him.... he is not intrested in policy or country building... he is not man enough..and his plans will fail, by the kimunya is back in cabinet. shindwe ojinga


Anonymous said...

Oh my god Uhuru the finance Minister!! I was in college with this crook. Uhuru is not qualified to be a finance minister
Aki now this coalition is joking- they are all not qualified.

60% of kenyans as it has been stated do not support the coalition anymore. that means it does not have a majority support in the country.

it is time for the coalition to be removed. Today if there were elections neither Raila, Kibaki or Kalonzo Musyoka would win any elections

They have shown Kenyans that they are all crooks and tinted -

we want new elections now now now!
we as Kenyans demand new elections.We did not vote for a coalition corrupt government.

Anonymous said...

Out with the Coalition Government

Time for Kenyans to take charge of their own destiny.

Anonymous said...

anon7:18 AM

wewe Jinga sana keep wiping kibaki's ass.
Kibaki will face the Hague alone. sorry the kenya tribunal will not work inside sources have confirmed. wait and see when Kibaki killed Kenyans he was laughing in statehouse now he will be facing the law or go 6ft under.

Anonymous said...

enough is enough
we can't have a corrupt coalition for a government.

the coalition must be removed from power kenyans are tired of this open corruption.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans listen: ODM, PNU are all corrupt

what is wrong with kenyans?? why just do domo domo and no reactions??
go take back your country- look at countries like Thailand- they had a non violence protest and won,
clashes are paid for by the same politicians - you as kenyans are giving then time to loot and get rich then they will use the same money to kill your fellow citizens
I'm a Tanzanian and even though our government is not pure - at least they do not steal as openly as your kenyans government and abuse the system.

Kenya is doomed. I hope you don't turn out like Zimbabwe with all the hunger and dirty water your country will soon have cholera while you let your politicians go on with corruption.

Anonymous said...

Down with the Kenya coalition government -

down with the corrupt coalition government - kenyans must stand up to this crooks

down with the corrupt coalition government - kenyans must stand up to this crooks

down with the corrupt coalition government - kenyans must stand up to this crooks

down with the corrupt coalition government - kenyans must stand up to this crooks
down with the corrupt coalition government - kenyans must stand up to this crooks

down with the corrupt coalition government - kenyans must stand up to this crooks

down with the corrupt coalition government - kenyans must stand up to this crooks

down with the corrupt coalition government - kenyans must stand up to this crooks


Anonymous said...


Do us a favor. Keep the corruption topic going on this blog.

can you write a letter to the coalition government and inform them Kenyans want them gone??

Anonymous said...

Mtapiga kelele mkichoka basi mtanyamaza!! By the way blogs n youtubes can only bring a revolution in a developd country where say like 90% of the population has internet.wat abt our country whr abt only 15% of internet penetration? Acheni kelele na mfanye kazi!! Stupid

papa plus said...

where does Our fearless leader Hon. Kibaki get off by reading the riot act to his ministers? Surely no one will take him seriously. Does he have the moral authority to influence anyone?

Anonymous said...

We need a REVOLUTION. A silent one. We should all stay at home and keep off work. The police or army will not come into our homes to throw tear gas at us. We should not go out into the street to protest as this will only result in arrests and possible death. We have learned that it doesn't help. How can Raila say that now that he is in government he cannot point a finger or say anything about shady deals amounting to collossal amounts of tax payers money? We have almost reached a dead end and our only hope is the press and the civil society. Teachers are at their wits end, the IDPs are languishing in the miserable camps where as the government misappropriates the funds it had collected for their resettlement, hunger bites almost one third of our population with more under threat... This coalition government stands guilty and should be forced out of office. How shameful it is to be Kenyan at this point in time!

Anonymous said...


Waache wale wanataka kupigana waende wakapigane.

The Mau Mau fought, the Homeguards ate the fruits.

Matiba fought Moi, Kibaki became the president.

In January 2008 the Luo youth were maimed and killed, now Raila Junior is driving govt Mercedes and screwing Kikuyu beauties.

Let the fools go fight.

As for me and my little sons we will wait and join the winners at the dining table.

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