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Friday, December 12, 2008

Mugabe Lies through his Teeth: A Typical African Leader

There is no other thing I can call it. It is and was a lie. Period. In fact, it is a statement that exemplifies a life lived in utter denial. A sorry state of life.

Published just a few hours ago: Jamuhuri day Chaos

And because of his (Mugabe’s) headstrong stands and statements, millions of people in Zimbabwe live in utter penury and their lives seem to be chapters in a book titled “The Incorrigible Testament: Shattered lives; Blighted hopes.

With the current cholera crisis in Zimbabwe (among other murkier crises), and with 800 plus people dead and more that 16000 people suffering from it, Mr. Mugabe had (and still HAS it under his skin for it is his magic wand) the nerve to say that there is no cholera in Zimbabwe. OMG!

He said in a nationwide televised speech yesterday:
“There is no cholera in Zimbabwe. I am happy to say our doctors have been assisted by others and the WHO [World Health Organisation]. So now there is no cholera.”

He said that western powers were using the disease as an excuse for intervening in the country.

“There is no cause for war anymore…The cholera cause does not exist anymore,” he said.

He says this against a backdrop of utter suffering by the Zimbabwean citizenry. What with a collapsed health care system as most of the country’s hospitals and clinics are not operating. The situation is compounded by the current food crisis in the country as there is no food in the shops. There is also a lack of clean water. A really pathetic situation.

Mugabe says there is no cholera in Zimbabwe but the situation on the ground is dire and one that needs to be tackled “haraka sana”. A leader with the people’s interests at heart would have said something different and backed his statements with action to remedy the situation.

He says “THER IS NO CHOLERA!” while South African officials have declared a stretch of the border area with Zimbabwe to be a disaster zone because of the increase in cholera cases.
Who’s fooling who? Tell me!

My Two Cents to Mr. Mugabe:
Excuse me sir, give me your attention for a minute before you go out to make another “earth-shattering statement” that will leave the likes of me shuddering and shaking my head in utter unbelief.

Please remember, desperate situations need desperate solutions. Desperate situations cannot be remedied by administering denial. Zimbabwe does not need your vacillation at this time, sir. It needs concrete action. Only action will remedy that country, “your country”.

The problem with you, sir (forgive my “impudence”) is that your eyes are looking towards an outside threat to “your country”. You call “your threats” by name; you mention Messrs Sarkozy, Bush and Brown among a host of others you say are a threat to “your” country’s sovereignty. This is so because they have recently called for you to step down.

Do you realise that your country is simmering and on the brink of “shutting down”? Do you really know what is going on in your country (or maybe you just don’t care)?

What have the Zimbabwean people done to you to warrant such an uncaring attitude?

What do you have to say about what U.S. ambassador to Harare, James McGee, had to say when you said there was no cholera in Zimbabwe. He said that the cholera problem is getting worse and that your statement shows just how out of touch you are with reality. He says, too, that the situation is truly grim and that you, Robert Mugabe, and your cronies are holding Zimbabwe hostage.

You are holding your people hostage, umh. And what’s the price, Bob? The lives of innocent men, women and children…is that not it? Phewt!

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Taabu said...

Mugabe is a hero to many and his BLOODY HANDS whitewashes cholera. Hism amin problem just like all other African leaders is to equate himself with his country. He even had the cheek to say that is cholera justifies intervention then UK needs one out of mad cow. Speak of playing Russian Roullette with people's lives. But again Zims are CIVILIZED and Morgan Tsavingari is discovering too late what monster he is dealing with. Plastic sovereignity and patriotism are the cheapest goods in the world of governance.

Anonymous said...

There’s nothing to envy about an MP’s life and the job is thankless

Updated 1 hr(s) 55 min(s) ago
Kilemi Mwiria

Members of Parliament have become popular bashing targets by many Kenyans. Contrary to popular opinion, an MP’s life is far from comfortable. Many have no private life for a seemingly thankless job. Constituents will visit their homes and phone them any day of the week, time of day and night. If you put off your phone when in a meeting, Parliament or taking a rest, you are classified as proud and inaccessible.

Some MPs hardly use their rural houses; some go home as late as 3am and sneak out by 5am. Yet to serve effectively they also need some privacy and rest. If you complain, you are reminded of the sacrifices made to make you an MP and one who is highly paid. Mark you, the MP’s interview panel comprises of thousands of voters who never sit down to compare notes.

There are few jobs that cause more friction with supporters, friends, relatives and family than that of an MP. Many MPs lose the support of members of their families because they have little time for spouses and cannot provide enough emotional or educational support to their young families. Others are misunderstood by their spouses due to the responsibilities of their jobs. MPs will lose supporters because of doing a person who was in the opposite camp a favour. Few constituents appreciate that one is the MP for supporters and opponents alike.

By choosing to be MP, you have decided to be a professional beggar. You shamelessly beg from government ministers and bureaucrats, NGO representatives and individuals. Sometimes you are ridiculed, insulted and openly shunned as a potential thief. If you have much pride in yourself, you will get little for your constituents. In the process of begging for opportunities, you could easily lose self confidence.

Just imagine that a District Commissioner can totally ignore your views with regard to recruitment of staff such as chiefs or administration police. Likewise, a roads engineer will ignore you when awarding construction jobs, even to your underperforming opponents who grease their palms while your supporters get very angry for being overlooked.

Lack of efficient governance structures often means MPs spend too much time on mundane tasks rather than on legislation. They are marriage counselors, education advisors and intermediaries in location and family conflicts. They are ATM machines that have to cough out money for school fees, hospital bills, funeral expenses, land cases, fertiliser and capital for individual businesses. Some MPs carry no less than Sh200,000 to use with the public any weekend they head home in addition to what they spend in Nairobi.

In some constituencies, an MP who shows up in a local pub has to pay bills for all customers, including those who can afford to pay for themselves. Nor can an MP hope to have time and privacy for a meal in a public place in the constituency.

Nationally, MPs have to contend with terribly compromised decisions regarding appointments and nominations for political office. You either toe the line of your party chief or you are gone. Outside politics you have to please hundreds of diverse interest groups. You would be stupid to openly ignore any opinion as every one of your constituents has valuable advice for you! You also have to contend with too many liars.

Even more tragic are MPs’ frustration at their inability to accomplish even a tenth of what is expected of them. Poverty remains endemic with not enough food, water, youth unemployment, poor educational standards, limited training opportunities for youth and insecurity.

On Election Day, many voters rarely take into account your development record especially if they personally got nothing from you. I wonder how many of you out there are prepared to go through trying abusive campaigns to be an MP, and to make the sacrifices needed to serve the public. For notwithstanding the pain MPs go through and however good your performance, some people will still blame you for "failures" you are not responsible for.

Anonymous said...

Ritch I bet you've noticed by now that your attempt to GAG the previous post with this one BACKFIRED!!!
Ama you thought it's not obvious that this post is meant to divert discussion on the previous post. Pole sana by the way...for wasting precious time!!!

kenyaone said...


To be polite. Your post is nonesense. You chose to be an MP nobody forced you. All Mp's suffer from the big man syndrome including yourself. Its not just about the money its the gratification that comes with a position of authority or recognition from the underpriveledged which is basically 90% of the country. To reinforce your position on how selfless you and other mps are Pay your taxes and better yet....resign since the position is so thankless. Do you really think anyone on earth will believe you. Get a life. Kenyan MPs are the most absolutely useless corrupt and self serving humans that have existed in the history of man and that is an unchangeable and inescapable truth. It is about the money and nothing else. (the rule rather than the exeption) That is why Kenya is at a crossroads today with a dearth of leadership. Not one person in parliament today can move this country an inch forward including yourself. It is a shame to be a kenyan because of the substandard leadership we have foisted on ourselves. As it is kenya has no option but revolution. Against you and your class to save themselves and the future of this country that your shameless political class have given to the dogs...nay vultures.

As for mugabe (I wont even bother spell his name with caps) the less said the better. Perhaps the only remaining vindication for Kenyan MP's is to take up arms themselves as politicians and we drop them in Zimbabwe so they can overthrow the bastard and hopefully get themselves all killed in the process. maybe then they would finally have done a service to mankind.

M-Pesa said...

I won't dwell as much on Mugabe the vile dictator. To say he's a mad man would be an understatement. On the issue of whether old Kibaki will sign the Kenya Communication (Amendment) Bill 2008 into law, well don't hold your breath old son. Lucy will definately FORCE him to sign it as her hatred of the media is open secret. You can't take that to the bank! First they reign in the media and guess who will be next? Don't look further but just down south in Zimbabwe, Africa's basket case. And we thought Mugabe was the only dictator in town....

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm you forget to mention our other dictator--Raila Amolo Odinga, who, having clobbered out (literally) all/any opposition in his backyard, reigns supreme.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is a crap post otherwise how is it Ritch can see Mugabe's shortcomings and not see it closely mirrors our own situations what with unsetlled IDP's,high food prices,high fuel prices and highly paid MP's who wont pay tax.Throw into the mix the media bill,an icreasingly dis-insensitive parliament and angry hungry Kenyans and then Zimbwabweans and their problems are the least of our concerns at the moment!

Taabu said...

Couldn't agree more. Hon Mwiria is simply fooling himself. Who put a gun to his head to vie as an MP one may ask? Why vomit on the same plate he is feeding from? His rants amounts to hair spiliting and empty academic engagement.

If he thinks being an MP is such a burden, simple RESIGN. And just like tele-evengelist he warns us of hell he has been to whish not ready to let us show him that was paradise he never appreciated. The problem with Kenya is lack of leadership and Mwiria and his ilk have refused to fill the void, SHAME ON THEM. True leaders would give us a new katiba that vests power of institutions and not personality to demystify RAW POWER and we are home and dry.

Leave Mugabe alone please. We have our hands full. FYI Cholera was rthe epidemic that NEVER WAS, get it?

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