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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Evil should never be allowed to Triumph

Our country has come (and gone) through a lot of shakeups in recent times. And in all these circumstances we have realized that we are our own worst enemies. Yes, we are enemies to our very own existence.

Well, and the ruling elite has been doing very little to steer us clear off the path of self-destruction. In fact, our leaders have been out to aggravate matters. Some of the people we let sail into Kenya’s cockpit, the driving seat, have completely forgotten what the electorate mandated them to do.

Some of them have forgotten that the common man (the mwananchi) is their employer – at least we pay their salary by being faithful to paying our taxes!

They forgot their employer (and what the employer wanted done) the minute they stepped into the “job”. The job mesmerized them. They were inundated with all manner of “pressures” that saw them forgetting that their employer wants results and not just mere babble.

When in the House, they forget that they are discussing the future of their employer, you and me. They twist issues and pass bills to save their own skins (from the flip-side of their avarice!). They fight to continue living while subjecting their employers to a life of utter doom and heartache.

This is not right!

They do not want to pay taxes like the rest of us. They don’t want a dime of their fat cheques touched in the name of paying tax. This is a case of an employee being better than the employer in the employer’s office! Quite an incongruous state of affairs.

They forget that we cried foul when they were awarding themselves “plump” pay packets sometime back. They got their way then. It pained us. And now they do not want to pay taxes. This is too much!

Are they not Kenyans? Are they not supposed to pay taxes like the rest of us? Or are they trying to say that they are better than the people who pay their salaries? Are they better than the people they represent? Are they “more equal” than us?

Oh, my head is going round and round in circles.

They forget that people in this country have not fully healed from the effects of the post-election violence that characterized the start of this year. People who lost their loved ones, property, homes, livelihoods and …hope are yet to get a respite from the physical, emotional and psychological devastation that was “visited on them”.

But our employees, our leaders, pretend that everything is okay and that, because the violence is no more, then, everything is all right.

Everything is not okay.

There are so many people who are yet to be resettled but our leaders are not doing enough to alleviate the plight of the IDPs by presenting workable solutions. The very people who are supposed to come to the rescue of the mwanachi are closing their ears to our cries and pleas. A very sorry state indeed!

And the other day these same people, the voices (nay, “noises!”) in the House, passed a bill aimed at gagging the vehicles of information in Kenya. They want to make sure that their employer does not get to know what kind of people they (our leaders) are.

How will you and I get to know them well if they strangulate the editorial process? How will you and I get glimpses of “the behind-the-scenes” if (and when) they completely gag the media? If (and when) this happens, are we going to claim to be a democratic nation? Are the members of the ruling elite waiting for 2012 to start listening to us?

This can never be allowed to continue happening. We must stand up to decry their “tyranny”. Yes, and it should be done with the needed vehemence. I like what Edmund Burke says: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
If we continue resting on our laurels and do nothing about anything, then, we could be in the same position even 100 years from today. Nothing will have changed.

You know if we continue doing things the way we have always done and then expect different results, then, if someone calls us crazy, we should take the punch humbly. It is preposterous to expect different results if we continue employing the same methods to achieve a certain goal.

The kind of people this country needs (both the employer and employee)

A time like this demands: strong minds, great heights, true faith and ready hands;
Men whom the lust of office does not kill;
Men whom the spoils of office cannot buy;
Men who possess opinions and a will;
Men who have honour; Men who will not lie;
Men who can stand before a demagogue;
And damn their treacherous flatteries without winking;

Kenyans, we have a long way to go. A long way to true freedom and truth.

So, vaa hiyo nguo ya kazi (put on your apron) for you should never wear your best trousers when you go out to fight for freedom and truth. It is murky business…

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Taabu said...

What an apt and marvelous EULOGY. But I smell GENDER bias, ama?

E-CHANGE said...

IF evil should never be allowed to triumph AND IF we are own worst enemies THEN we are "evil"!
now what?

PKW said...

Ritch, on taxes: At least they, the govt, said you can import maize at zero duty (for companies and the rich of course!). Now, guys hebu devise ways to get around taxes by the rest.

Sayra said...

Were it not for the history of bad politics and a continuation of bad politics we would be singing a different song. The people who look like angels are almost always wolves in sheep clothing ... who have a way of blinding us with their sweet looking fur.

Now we know better ... evilness comes in all forms and shades.

Sam Okello said...


The sleeves are rolled up. We're taking on a monolithic structure that comprises men and women who've sat in place since independence. We must liberate Kenya by sending them packing. Do I sense a more strident voice in Ritch? I guess we are all pissed big time.

Time to strategise!

Mwandishi said...

Sam Okello for President!

It's not too late to get into the race now and that's why Sam Okello should be getting in. But I want to announce that in the 2012 elections, he needs to run for the presidency of Kenya. I believe that Kenya is at a point where she needs fresh ideas and a dose of fearlessness in the pursuit of freedom, justice and happiness.
So this is my pledge, my fellow countrymen, that should Sam Okello get serious about this, we will work with like-minded Kenyans--both at home and abroad--to usher in a new wave of thought and virgin democracy. It's about time Kenya led the way in the practice of true democracy and the projection of African pride. I invite both my admirers and haters to start thinking about the posibilty of an Okello presidency and what it will mean for Kenya.



Anonymous said...


if the example of Okello on here is what determines his presidency! then I rest my case.. give us another potential candidate please!


and the name is.....

Vikii said...

Brilliant! Nobody can question all these grievances.

But what precisely do you suggest we do? What does "rolling the sleeves" mean?

Is Mr. okello running for President? Sam, are you?

Taabu said...

The filed is getting CROWDED and I am getting jittery on your behalf. Do something for you can still count on my word-THE IS STILL ON. C'mon lil bro throw that kofia, will you please?

E-CHANGE said...

The way i see it we should all run for president then we can all form the next government and finally start to take back our country
personally i've been eyeing that AG position for a while now...and a cousin of mine seeks the Harambee Stars coach position

Taabu said...

E-change/(L?) for e-president. Leave the real deal to Vikii-that is patented and you must not spoil the party please. And if you support Vikii I will rig you to displace the ever-smilling Amos.

Vikii said...

Taabu, they have a draconian constitutional requirement that I be at least 35 years of age if I want to be President. They love old people running the show. That is why I am interested in knowing what Sam thinks of 'this thing'. sam is someone we can all trust to appoint E-Change and his cousin Attorney General and Harambee Stars coach respectively AND LEAVE Phil permanently in the cold. Now that would be good for democracy.

E-CHANGE said...

i can smile just as much as Amos but hey come on!! are we now back to "some people are unelectable" days? sorry that tag is already taken and reserved for mwenyewe na sisi sote tunamjua

i'll have you know we're all as electable as Vikii, Sam (Obama), our very own (Big) Phil, and that is with or without any KK primary nominations

unfortunately I know women will vote 100% for Vikii he is miraculously handsome while about 90% of men would vote Sam to a man the other 10% would be a 200kg gorilla DIASPORA-thats what happens when you eat only McDonalds

Taabu said...

Yes we can. That draconian rule was tailor made to stop TJ if you can recall. Real reforms must start with it-NO VIKII no siasa.

But again I can referee for you and attest to the fact that YOU LIVE AHEAD OF YOUR TIME. So mentally you are above 35 alebit younger biologically. But stop REGGGING in advance please. Why are you rigging Big Phil out even before we appoint Kivuitu's replacement?

You name reminds me of permutation and that CHAMELIONIC in character. May the real e-cop/change/L? please stand up and stop smilling SHEEPISHLY exposing his post molars to outdo Wako.

Change is one simple word that has been more abused than used lately. Others have acquired its rudemnts lately oblivious of the FATENNING GOAT syndrome that is promptly slaughtered before it can bleat. Indulge folks.

Vikii said...

Taabu, they also have that requirement in the American constitution. Do they have some little TJ's to block there as well?

Taabu said...

Now you are becoming CHEEKY. Stop bringing in sideshows and let us dirty hands and have you in first. We can do the acedmic comparison with Amerry-Ccan later. Time is not on our side lil bro and before they unearth your nasty (untrue) past. The field is getting crowded with ........, come on, are you ready?

Vikii said...

Let us talk some soccer now . It's been a while you know! Do you think you guys can beat Liverpool for second place? And some bad news, I have a feeling you are meeting Inter Milan for the second round of UCL. How does that sound?

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Sam Okello is running for president of kenya? Sam Okello, are you?

Taabu said...

On soccer you have no idea what you are talking about. Big Phil is only big in name and draws pride from his past NOTHING MORE. You can take the time-testyed Guca (SAF) to any Equity bank anytime.

EPL is not Samba dance. You don't play 5 winless home games against minnows like (?WH). Again Phil must know that for Kaka and Ronaldinho he has Malouda and Kalou.

BTW who is playing in the CLUB WORLD CUP final on Sunday in Japan? Don't tell cheat yourself that it is sentimental. And while at it who is players of the year in all fronts? Poor BRILLIANT Messi counld only score less than
1/2 of the wonder boy CR.

BTW Liverpool HAS NEVER WON the PL while at OT we have 10 slots. And Jose the special one remains an enigmatic general without soldiers, bring them on. Chelsea#3, just ask AW.

Vikii said...

I agree Big Phil has proven not adequate to the task. His stubborn decision to stick with the waste of space we call Ballack and Deco who is yet to make ONE successful pass is just hard to understand. I say play Lamps with Kalou/Joe Cole on the flanks right in front of John Obi and let them feed our two strikers. Anelka has done enough during the Drogs tribulations to warrant a place as a supporting striker. That is why we miss Jose coz he would have figured that out long time ago.

But with Drogba back to full fitness and if we gave Lapmpard some space by getting rid of that crowd there we can win everything and you know it.

Now I also agree that you guys may peep Liverpool for second place especially when you start getting those dubious penalties of yours. The only reason you guys are third is coz those penalties have curiously not been forthcoming. Those dubious decisions have been less prevalent this term. And just for the sake of statistics, do you know Chelsea has had less than a THIRD (1/3) the penalties the devils have had in the last five years?

Mwalimu Taabu, I will not argue with you that Christiano Ronaldo probably deserves the FIFA player of the year award. To me, he had a better season than Fernando Torres. Messi's season started and ended with a little too many injuries and he didn't do much (and barca subsequently didn't win anything). But if you are talking about quality, it is an insult to Messi when you suggest that Christiano comes anywhere close to him. Messi has more skill, is a fair and flare player, is not selfish, can score and provide goals and most importantly, he has class. He is a decent human being and that's the stuff great footballers are made of. They dont attempt to break opponents legs when they are humiliated on the pitch (Remember Ronaldo's antics against Da Silva last month when Portugal was hammered by Brazil?). Ronaldo, with all his talents is a disgrace, Taabu.

To me, Jose Mourinho is and will always remain the best football manager for a long tme to come. In only six years in management, Jose has won everything. Of course I know that at almost hundred and after being in management for a quarter century, Sir Alex has won TWO champions leagues. That's not too bad, but if you ask him the manager he would most hate to meet, he will say Jose. Inter Milan may not be playing brilliant football right now and "is without generals", but I can put my money on him winning the CL. This man is a genius.

Taabu said...

Love to read you plastic faith. That is loyalty and I give it to you. Messi no doubt is a brilliant player but that without commensurate goals (42 YES) is akin to mourning the good student in class turned manamba after flopping his exams. Infortunately there is no other measure of football success except goals. Invent another wheel please, will you?

On penalties, did you know that the CL trophy at OT has traces of Terry's tears after the missed penalty? Get one thing lil bro, MONEY DOESN'T BUY PEDIGREE. Look at the crowd at the bridge=max 45K. At OT it doesn't matter whether whether we play Derby of Arsenal it is always 75K+. And don't fal for the capital congestion of clubs-Greater manchester has 25% PL teams in Man City,Bolton, Wigan, Blackburn and the Champions of course.

You may wwish to learn the tribulations of spoilt brat from Man City almost getting RELEGATED with all the oil money.

Simply put, Chelsea is a bubble waiting to bust. Abrahamovich bought it wings and it flew close to the sun, ole wenu. There are clubs and only one INSTITUTION sorry.

b-carotene said...

O.K. then....Louis Otieno for president. He really GETS it!!

Taabu said...

Soory but Louis Otieno is still a BOY, ama the template has changed colour?

b-carotene said...

He doesnt ACT like one. Heh-heh-heh!
Sorry right back to you!!

ritch said...

Hey guys, please gives suggestions on how to redeem our country instead of ranting endlessly about football.

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