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Friday, August 01, 2008

Coming Soon: Major Cabinet Reshuffle to Name New VP…., Snap Elections Next?

Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Trade Uhuru Kenyatta answers journalists' questions during a press conference during the fifth day of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) ministerial summit on trade liberalisation talks, at the WTO headquarters, in Geneva, Switzerland, Friday, July 25, 2008.

For this country Kenya, the dreaded month of August has historically meant a national disaster or major calamity of some sort. For many Nairobi residents, today’s miserable weather in which the city witnessed unusual persistent showers and low temperatures could not have come at a worse day which also happens to be the first day of the jinxed month of August.

Sadly, information reaching this blogger will not make it better for any of you Kumekuchans. Sources inform this blogger that major political realignments are already underway even as anxiety grips the political class. Not only are cabinet ministers and MPs avoiding unpredictable Wilson airport flights, they remain acutely aware of unforeseen career-ending events that are beyond their individual control within the political arena .

Information leaking out of the corridors of power have got observers asking themselves how deeply indebted is this country to the so called first families? This follows revelations that the Kibaki succession is now about to precipitate a major cabinet re-shuffle aimed at elevating Uhuru Kenyatta to Vice President and in the process put him in pole position to be named the country’s next President?

Another shocker is that both government intelligence and other independent pollsters are already rating the Justice minister and fast rising Martha Karua as the most popular presidential candidate in Central Province at a whopping 65%. This is a marginal reduction from the surveys done early this year where she was rated much higher. Do the math of the number of registered voters in GEMA zones and you will have answered yourself as to why Steadman last week cleverly limited the survey to Raila and Kibaki and then went ahead and called it “highest approval ratings in performance” as opposed to “highest popularity rankings” of the already known presidential candidates as they have done in the past? Even more interesting, Steadman are still insisting on ranking President Kibaki whom every Kenyan knows is serving his last term and is no longer relevant to the future of this country. This is just but one of the reasons that the Justice & Constitutional Affairs minister will be a victim of the forthcoming cabinet reshuffle. Another obvious reason is to move Karua as far away as possible from the explosive and highly incriminating commissions of inquiry reports that have been gathering dust in government shelves.

According to impeccable sources, the current president is being bogged down by ill-health and his advance age. The fact that he will automatically be ineligible to seek re-election having served the constitutional maximum two terms is a major factor is forcing him to throw in the towel and open public speculation of an impending snap election. Matters are not made any better considering the well being of the first lady has been subject of intense rumour mongering since the botched December 2007 elections! The immediate first family is said to be deeply concerned about the welfare of the duo and are probably behind the fast-tracking of succession arrangements.

Insider strategists opine that the only way to safely leapfrog the Annan resolutions without being accused of sabotage is to call a snap general election that shall usher in a newly mandated government without any extra baggage obliging them to honour any post 2007 election deals. More importantly, it will ensure continuity of the old order under the preferred current constitution.

Folks, it is not a question of IF, but WHEN Martha Karua is inducted into the powerful ODM pentagon. The expanded pentagon is expected to be representative of the face of Kenya. Uhuru’s camp assume that Raila Odinga and his ODM gang will have their fate sealed as soon as the NARA accord collapses. The president appears to have decided that he will leave it to Vice President (read- Project II) Uhuru Kenyatta to decide how to handle Raila and Karua whom are expected to accept their official opposition role since Kenya remains a multiparty democracy.

Kalonzo's fate in the post Kibaki alignments remains unclear but what is clear is that he has out-lived his political usefulness in the current set-up. Uhuru's appointment, unlike Musalia's in 2002, is being aimed at giving him an upperhand in the succession battlefront. It is being left to Uhuru to determine whom he will form an alliance with.

Kumekuchans you can take the information you read on this post/blog to the bank. In other words, you should expect to vote again much earlier than 2012.


Anonymous said...

Whether we vote much ealier than 2012 it will make no difference. Raila IS NOT going to be the next president. he can have Karua on his side but GEMA will never vote for Raila. Just mark those words.

Mama Njeri

Anonymous said...

Taabu said...

Which birds are coming home to roost? I fear they may not have feathers na ole wao in the August Kenyan winter. I am not disputing any of your takes but how far have your stretched these arguments by DISCOUNTING Steve? Spare the humble man of God some flack, wil you?

Karua may be kissing cabinet goodbye all together but I am sure she is not politically NAIVE either. Your takee on Jomo Jnr is very interesting yet strange. After the DEBACLE with Steve Shakur on Hard Talk. But again property Kenya is on auction and only the monied in good books to the SHARE HOLDERS can guarantee effective sale.

But one thing is for sure, Kenyan politics has changed a great deal and you only ignore the voters at your eternal PERIL.

@Mama Njeri,
What is your rant about? You may have a point but please unwrap it from emotions and lay it bare, will you mum? Hope I am not asking for too much not that it would matter if you don't, but try please.

Phil said...


Thanks but I have no apologies in discounting Steve. The people he rushed to 'save' in January have discounted him. He has been ready to go as far as dissolving ODM-K for PNU. Politics is not for weaklings. The only hope Steve has is to continue playing Simba Makoni or swallow his pride (like Musalia, Orengo, Ngilu and Nyongo) and board the ODM train that was derailed in 2008 but is now on course to stop at State House sometime before 2012.

Martha Karua has indicated she is ready to be sacked for her beliefs and democratic rights. As the pollsters reveal, she is not a person any future government of this country wants to ignore.

Steadman also told us what the voters think about political parties. It is upon PNU to amalgamate and become one ....if they can that is!

Meanwhile RAO is running government.

Anonymous said...

Mama Njeri

8:31 AM

Go cook your Githeri in Othaya and remain there, Riala won hands down in 2007 without the kikuyu vote! the rest of kenya voted him in and red my Big Lips again!

the central province succession is child's play and it will remain in central province as the rest of kenya continues to stabilize the country after those central thieving thugs destroyed kenya.

get moving go cook your Getheri in Othaya - who the f,,,k needs your filthy votes from central?? nada no one.

kalamari said...

I agree. As long as the sun shines, it will continue to illuminate Kalonzo's irrelevance in the current set-up. And when it sets, the moon will follow suit. This is what I say; if anybody wants to succeed in politics, they must do the exact opposite of what Kalonzo does. This man has dug his own grave from betraying us in January all the way to almost single handedly supporting Kimunya (i.e. supporting GR theft). He needs much guidance.

From where I'm at, I think Martha is gunning for premiership under ODM. Not a bad proposition for Raila. He needs to secure some percentage of the GEMA vote (at least from progressives).

My only fear is this; if Raila goes for the presidency, will we ever get that new constitution that waters down the powers of the presidency? Atakubaki kweli?

kalamari said...

And this is funny. Do you see how clueless UK looks in that picture? It appears as though the man is counting goats at the WTO meeting.

Anonymous said...

Who and what?? I thought cabinet reshufles depends on Each party?

ODM 50% of the seats PNU 50% of the seats?

Is Kibaki reshuffling his PNU Ministers and assistant ministers??

He would be a fool to do so-seeing that they have barely warmed their seats to start the hard work in each ministry they head.




Anonymous said...

If the person I saw on HARDTALK is the one touted to be the next big thing not only in central but in kenya, then am in the race.

Kenyan politics gets interesting everyday. This is off topic, but is that the same Marende ODM supported to get his 1 million a month job?
Iko kitu, Kimunyu did not jus ropoka from nowhere. Sure the fool suffers bouts of verbal diarrhoea, but what he says is the stuff that we are not supposed to know.
Marende has not inspired confidence in me and I think he is too busy trying to please the MKM in the guise of showing impartiality.
Why did he have to wait until jakoyo brought up the issue in parliament, only to foolishly 'reprimand' mumunya as an afterthought.

Back to the post...a snap election with all the PNU stooges still at ECK would be a tricky affair. However, we are ready for them so, BRING IT ON!

UrXlnc said...


deep thoughts

cabinet reshuffle is most likely inevitable.

elections, think there is too much to lose, the power brokers will massage and prop up incumbent until they can get an assured lead/headstart in the race at this point its still too uncertain and not much has changed since 2007 a few realignments but basically the same compositions. but you could be right. (snap/fresh) elections are long overdue anyway.

Phil said...

@Kalamari said......
From where I'm at, I think Martha is gunning for premiership under ODM. Not a bad proposition for Raila. He needs to secure some percentage of the GEMA vote (at least from progressives).

You quite right and I can assure you it goes further than that...people are talking about Kibaki succession and forgetting that ODM has still to contend with a RAILA SUCCESSION. It starts in Nyanza (Magara, Orengo, Nyongo & Dalmas), then on to the pentagon.
Can you see Ruto/Ngilu/Balala/Karua agreeing to serve diligently under a soft spoken Musalia - who has taken so much time in shredding Uhuru to pieces in the face of the councillors fiasco?

Unless a new devolved constitution is enacted, the Raila succession will definitely be more vicious than the Kibaki or even Moi succession. ODM is a campaign machine that any smart politician wants to inherit and Martha has her eyes on that for 2022. Did you hear her remind us that many pro-Matiba supporters labelled Kibaki a spoiler in 1992, only for Kibaki to be elected president 10 years later in 2002? She may as well be referring to herself and Uhuru.

One correction for you though Kalamari; if there is anyone in the current set-up who can deliver a new constitution, it is RAO. Look at his history, his vision and the manifestos of NDP, LDP, ODM... the answers are all there. We in ODM know where we are headed.

How about the Kalonzo succession, Vikii?

@Anonymous 9.52AM, yes of course the major reshuffle will only touch on existing PNU wing of the coalition. The VP belongs to the PNU wing and YES he can be sacked via the 1pm news bulletin. Our vacant ODM portfolios are awaiting the by-elections or the snap elections, whichever comes first!

Vikii said...

Hahaha. This is hilarious. Absolutely fictional!

Phil, there is no way UK can be Mwai Kibaki's Veep. That is not advanced mathematics. For heavens sake they come from the same tribe and with all the flack they have been getting for imaginary tribalism, that is a direction none of the two would want to take. It would be foolhardy for Uhuru to even entertain such thoughts. He can be VP after the next elections though.

Another thing, Phil; did you not tell us that Kibaki had entered into a political deal with Raila Odinga? Is he looking for two Presidents? One in Lavington and another in Kibera? This is a little confusing, friend.

"Politics is not for weaklings".
That is what you said. I will tell you something; Kalonzo Musyoka is not a weakling. The ODM godfathers themselves know this all too well. You do not fight your way to the top echelons of Kenyan politics easily especially if your father was not president, VP, government minister or without engaging in big money fraud. You really have to be good at what you do. Kalonzo is that schemer. He may, like so many other people, never become President, but the last thing you want to do is to write him off. Kibaki was also a weakling in many people's minds.

Swallowing his pride like Musalia, Orengo, Ngilu and Nyong'o? Swallowing his pride for who? That is pretty imaginative, brother. And who are these fellows again?

There is no snap election. The country is just not ready for that.
And kalonzo Musyoka will be your Vice President UNTIL the next government is formed.

Why would Martha Karua be sacked? This is a baseless possibility that has been advanced by 'The Standard'. About fighting for her democratic rights and beliefs, she has always done that. She will continue doing just that many many years after this storm in a tea cup.

But like Gitobu Imanyara said, Martha should be transfered to another ministrty. So far she is the only person who has not just declared her candidacy but one who is also seemingly vigorously campaigning. One of the biggest reasons for the constitutional debacle of 2005 was the disagreement on who should be the country's CEO (President or Prime Minister) and how much power they should have. Now you do not want an interested party spearheading the constitional review process. That's a very glaring conflict of interest right there.

Phil said...

@ Vikii Said......

Hahaha. This is hilarious. Absolutely fictional!

Phil, there is no way UK can be Mwai Kibaki's Veep. That is not advanced mathematics. For heavens sake they come from the same tribe and with all the flack they have been getting for imaginary tribalism,

Vikii - lets talk facts, not theory. The constitution of Kenya gives the president powers to appoint the VeeP from Members of Parliament. In reality, the constitution DOES NOT specify that the president and his principal assistant shall come from different ethnicities! Come on guy!

Another thing, Uhuru's propping stems from the fact that GEMA communities feel they will be orphaned as soon as Kibaki steps aside. That is at the local political arena. The national stage is a different ballgame all together.

Politics is dynamic Vikii, and I dont think it is wise to refer to posts I did three months ago so as to discredit this one. I am not overuling Kibaki making a deal with Raila after having made a deal with Mama Ngina (on behalf of Uhuru) in 2007 and also with Kalonzo in January 2008. It can only mean two of those partners will be played. Your guess is as good as mine who it will be.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone see the contradiction in this paragraph?

....Phil, there is no way UK can be Mwai Kibaki's Veep. That is not advanced mathematics. For heavens sake they come from the same tribe and with all the flack they have been getting for imaginary tribalism, that is a direction none of the two would want to take. It would be foolhardy for Uhuru to even entertain such thoughts. He can be VP after the next elections though.

Vikii, why not be clear in your head before posting comments.
You talk of IMAGINARY tribalism and in the same breadth dismiss a uhuru veep possibilty because Kibz and Uhuru are from the same tribe.

Anonymous said...

Vikii Kalonzo musyoka is a malaya and like we know malaya's can get anywhere by selling and peddling thier goods

so don't give us ati Kalonzo political mastery ask Dr. Jullia Odhaimbo to answer you that she was raped dry by Kalonzo Musyoka,

Vikii said...

You just made that post two weeks ago. I think you are losing your sense of time.

The constitution also mandates the president to appoint ministers from among members of Parliament. Why has he not appointed all ministers from one community? It is definitely not unconstitutional, but it is dumb. Appointing a VP from his own community would be equally dumb. that's all I am saying.

And let us not lose our focus here, phil. It is not the President who will choose his successor, both at the party and the national levels. It is members of his party and the kenyan voters respectively. Kibaki is not the type to force leaders down people's throats and even if he attempted to do that, that would sertainly backfire.

10.44 and 10.48, I am not here to teach.

Vikii said...

Certainly. Thats what I meant. Kikamba imekuwa mingi

Anonymous said...

Snap elections is Kibaki's dream and to control PNU and who gets into statehouse to protect him and Moi for the looting they did between them ama??

Si Uhuru is the best choice after his father Kenyatta stole large parcels of land from Kenyans-

Vikii I urge you to watch Uhuru the mafia in this interviews - he is still threatening back door on land??:) we as kenyans will deal with him thorougly- that kenyan is gone- this is a new kenya.... wacha tuu ata ona jinga kabisa uhuru

Uhuru Kenyatta Interview 1/3

Uhuru Kenyatta Interview 2/3

Uhuru Kenyatta Interview 3/3

kalamari said...

I agree. Karua the campaigner must be removed to another (maybe lesser) ministry.

But Vikii, how is Kalonzo not a weakling? This is a man who has a history of hiding in toilets and escaping embarrassment behind curtains. He can be told to move over from his very own official seat at any time. This is someone who was so frightened of fighting for democracy that he quickly followed orders to become Kibaki's VP at a time when Kenya needed him most. As a lawyer, he's been known to steal land from hapless villagers; he's unscrupulous. Plus he's known for conning women only (Ojiambo). And why did he support Kimunya? Is it because he was terrified (or wasn’t sure..schemer) of Kibaki's' next move.

In what areas of his life do you find an everlasting inspiration of brevity. I can understand you believing he's a good man, but what does he do or say that fall under the courageous category. Please enlighten us without comparing him to anyone else.

One thing I know for sure, Kalonzo did not play rugby or any contact sport (read fear). In fact, he was in the school choir.

Anonymous said...

anon10:50 AM

Vikii what

Hilarious I'm genuinely tickled this time?
"""Kibaki is not the type to force leaders down people's throats"""


""and even if he attempted to do that, that would certainly backfire."""


let me remind you that it is a fact Kibaki signed an MOU with Uhuru with a promise of uhuru as kibaki's successor ( that is the agreement that was put in place for Uhuru not to compaign for presidency in 2007 presidential elections- it become a kikuyu thing)

by then that was a brilliant idea- but now- Karua in their faces happened...

Vikii if you are lacking in facts and still sticking your head in the sand - go ahead but do not post your nonsense or should i call it dribble on here:) kenyans are highly educated and very connected to what went on in kenya during and after the elections to now...

Anonymous said...

mama njeri

fortunately kikuyu ni 22% of kenya tu.

next time you rig again, we double the kikuyu-IDP population.

ota tu. cheka tu. mbut kikuyu imekandwa kama siagi.

MTA DO!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...


You said...10.44 and 10.48, I am not here to teach.

On the contrary, you behave like a traditional teacher - it's my way or... the highway:

Rule # 1 : Vikii is always right.
Rule # 2 : If s/he is wrong, refer to rule # 1.

Vikii said...

11.04, I don't respond to hecklers. I don't read comments written in caps. Whatever you said about me or whatever you asked me (Coz I have seen the word Vikii in your comment), you will have to retype it.

Kalamari, if you think it is so easy to be a member of Parliament, an assistant minister, a deputy speaker, a Presidential candidate voted for by 0.8 million voters on the FIRST attempt and a vice President, then I have nothing to say to you. You are telling me the people of Mwingi North (and Kitui North)are such fools that they have voted for him six times. President Moi was such a fool he made him an assistant minister and a minister, Parliament is such a lunatic institution they elected him their deputy speaker, the 800000 that voted for him (including me)are in mental institutions and the president of kenya, Mwai Kibaki is so out of touch he appointed him Vice President. Is that what you are telling me? We all want to be members of Parliament, dont we?Show me any other MP today aged 54 who has been in Parliament for 23 years. In fact only Mwai Kibaki and Ole Ntimama,who have a combined age of 150, are more experienced Mps than Kalonzo.

About people hiding in toilets, I will ignore you just like I ignored the philosopher you so much like to quote from, Kalembe Ndile. I dont get it; Was the said vote about a constitution the government was planning to shove down the throats of kenyans? Did Kalonzo Musyoka lead the campaign for the rejection of the draft? Did he not campaign publicly for the rejection of that draft? What then is he accused of hiding from?

About the inspiration I get from Kalonzo. I will tell you this; He is not my ideal kind of politician/leader. But there is one thing I value; honesty and straight forwardneness.

" become Kibaki's VP at a time when Kenya needed him most."
You are obviously confusing the party called ODM and the country called kenya. These are two completely different entities. Kalonzo does not have an obligation to sooth that party but he certainly has one to save kenya.

Anonymous said...

ati kalonzo to save kenya> from what? from what? since when did mukambas save kenya. anytime there has been a problem in kenya, mukamba has been at the centre of igniting flames, secretely promoting it, secretly sustaining it and betraying all others.

do these names remind you of anything?


- Mulinge (saved MOI and allowed 24 years of plunder)
- Mulinge, Mwendwa, Makau (voted with MOI for 24 years of plunder)
- Mwau (MOI's economic and political Mr. Fixit and secret drug baron)
- Ngei, Ndetei, Munyao, etc ( betrayed Kibaki's DP and defected to MOI's KANU within 12 months after 1992/97 elections)
- Kivuitu (presided over rigged and flawed elections that led to PEV).
- Kianga (headed the Army which proved toothless during the PEV)
- Kalonzo (abetted the 2007 rigged elections and futile initial junta Govt)
- Kilonzo (was MOI's lawyer for 15 years and protected his loot from Kenyan courts)
- Ngei (broke off from KANU and went to KADU with APP and delayed Kenya's independence)
- Mutua Alfred and Mutua Ezekiel (futile attempt to muzzle and cajole the Media in Kenya)
- Kibwana (abandoned previous NCEC stellar role and became a vanguard for incompetency at Lands)
- Kalembe Ndile (standard for some in Eastern. Success Story is: Juvenile, Joker, Jujuman, etc)
- Mutava Musyimi (pretentious "clothed" democrat)
- Benjamin Nzimbi (sheer ineptitude at ACK and silent during tribal elections of 2007 and crisis)
- Ndingi Mwana Nzeki (what a shame of a mzee and Catholic Bishop. Not able to resolve 2007 crisis)
- "Prof." Makau Mutua (partisan writer and for lack of appropriate words to describe, no comment)

Vikii said...

11.47, I choose to pass. I honestly do not have as much knowledge as you in some of these matters.

Anonymous said...

Kenya is not and will never be a "monarchy". The presidency is not a right to certain families. Just because his father was president does not entitle UK to the presidency.

Phil you can take this to the bank, IT WILL BE EONS BEFORE A KIKUYU RULES KENYA AGAIN. This time around, guys have wisened up. NO MORE ELECTORAL THEFT, NO MORE IMPUNITY and NO MORE EXTRAJUDICIAL KILLINGS. If you thought that Jan-Feb 2008 was bad, it will be worse this time around if they try pulling the same old tricks they did in Dec 07. The worst thing, folks are prepared this time around.

Anonymous said...

ati kikuyu aognoze kenya tena?

pole bwana. it will be another 25 years.

next time, kila mtu yuko prepared.

kikuyu takuwa nakimbilia central.

papa plus said...

Ha ha ha...huh Kumekucha, leo umechemsha! I almost sprayed my lunch on the laptop laughing so hard while reading this story..nay rumor.

True there may be a reshuffle. This is vintage Moi. Let out some infomation and watch as MPs fall over themselves and then simply use a reshuffle to weed out whomever you perceive as being too powerful or master minding things to your detriment.

Hata kama Kibaki and Lucy are bed ridden, they will not relinquish power. Kwani wachekwe! This is Africa where anything can be done off line as long as umewacha koti kitini, then everyone will know that you are in the vicinity. Presidents have been known not to appear in public for years yet they still rule. So my friends, you can forget about that angle. After people had to be killed and zeros added at KICC, who in their right minds would turn around and relinquish power?

Funny story though.

Taabu said...

Folks why are you refusing to listen to Vikii? You know well as I do that Vikii rarely comes out pandering to a political name and here you alecs imagine you are smkoing him out. You twisted objective is to get to brother Steve through Vikii or worse still INCITE my bro, stop it please.

Steve is one humble politician whose schemes cannot hurt a fly. He has his ambitions and has shown he is no PUSH OVER. Don't for a second mistake a rained on lion for cat. Steve is calculatively bidding his time and when it arrives you may not believe what hit you.

Otherwise Vikii is right to brand Kibaki dumb in advance if he was to make Jomo Jnr his VP. The tribal tensions are still TOO RAW. But again IMPUNITY is shapeless and comes in TORRENTS and not droplets.

Kalamari what do you mean by asking Vikii to enlighten you on Kalonzo without comparing him to anyone else? Stop being CHEEKY, won't you?

Anonymous said...

....Show me any other MP today aged 54 who has been in Parliament for 23 years.

does the maendeleo in his home area match all those years singing mtukufu..?

Kalonzo na kibz are birds of a feather. kalonzo hoped to ride on raila's back to statehouse. Now, he is waiting to ride on gema votes to state house. Useless idiot!

'Dr Kalonzo' is one hell of a con man ; invoking God's name at every oportunuity while the rot in him stinks to high heavens.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo faces new rebellion according to nation.

'why should he ask us to disband ODM-K when he never consulted us to join PNU ask Ukambani councillors.

I thought all kambas were safely in the MKM bag?

Anonymous said...

Let Kalonzo go to the MKM kichinjio alone. Else, join karua in the ring, can't wait for the battle royale.
Go MARTHA, thump him proper.

Vikii said...

Taabu, I think you got something wrong. When you say these friends are "smoking me out", you are obviously mistaken. I have nothing to hide, I have said here a hundred and one times that I am a loyal member of the ODMK who supports Kalonzo. I voted for him in 2007 and i will vote for him again if he decides to run in 2012. I even went ahead, as early as April last year to tell you that of all those who wanted to be President, only Kalonzo and uhuru made sense to me. I still love them today in that exact order.

The reason, I dont come singing their praises in every post is, if they are trully good for kenya, why keep blogging on verything they do. Why keep trying to convince people to vote for them?You do not expect me to write articles about Kalonzo's or uhuru's visits to the UK (someone calls these kinds of visits 'state visits'--funny huh!) every time. It is not only grandiose, it is queer. And again elections are four years away. We will certainly talk politics when we get there. There is so much we dont know now.

Anonymous said...


ati loyal member for a long time of ODM-K.

do you know odm-kamba is about 9 months old?

do you also know that ODM is less than 3 years old.

so "ulikuwa chama ghani" all that long time loyalty?

i know. usijibu. ulikuwa kwa chama ya kabila.

wherever kalonzo goes, you go.

about uhuru the mungiki sniffer. pole. another kikuyu has a better shot at getting votes than kenyatta.

next election, he wont even be in a party. si ameogopa karua. he hides behind skati ya kibaki.

Anonymous said...

this doest not hold water u 4get one thing the constitution was changed 2 create the office of prime minister 4 a start! this wont just go away! also its couterproductive cos it will realign kalonzo with odm and thats unbeatable

jas said...

hi all we need to have the politics of Manyara and Muite. These are some of the few people who are consistent in their ideologies, Nyong,would also fit here save for his present political life as i see to be more on luo politics. ON THE NEW CONSITUTION WE SIMPLY NEED THE BOMAS DRAFT we do not need ana refurundum.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo and his over-blown ego and sense of self importance, said he will not play second fiddle.
He wants to be the main guy wherever he goes and that is why he tried to rock the ODM boat. Now, his hope is that the GEMA block will offer their backs so that he does what he does best.
So, anon 1: 28, let kalonzo the baggage stick with his MKM and whatever promises he was given.
On a separate note, I know we all have our preferences, but how in the world does uhuru seem attractive to some people as a kenyan leader. forget about mp because we have seen worse cases, how does one imagine him as the president/veep/pm? Am i missing something?

Taabu said...

I hear you loud and clear bro. I was only measuring to my responsibility lest some smart alec thinks they can inicte or provoke you, dare them not. Otherwise as always I will protect your right to any opinion. About son of Jomo, I guess you would really struggle to fill a paragram writing about his UK visit after Stephen Shakur (Hard Talk) turned him inside out. But again we have eyes and ears but see and hear differently, ama?

On Dr. Steve I guess it amounts to envy that makes him a magnet of many flacks. The humble man has a bright future if only the light won't dim -pray for him.

Anonymous said...

Taabu yawa,

You didn't really mean this? what is it that would make one envy 'dr steve'?

....On Dr. Steve I guess it amounts to envy that makes him a magnet of many flacks. The humble man has a bright future if only the light won't dim -

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

balsam or whatever,

we shall not tire to remind you thaat Raila won minus the gema votes.You might want to give your votes to kalonzo, uhuru, karua or even the mungiki guy. Frankly, no one cares.

Anonymous said...

ts amaizing how powerful we are 99% of this blogs are about gema. wakimalizana na uhuru its kibaki then karua and conclude with mungiki. its a shame that you think of us with such negative minds and i just love it and understand why. Anyway who has equity bank shares coz this year we will get some lovely dividends. Oh! what have i written ati shares! Haaaaaaaaaa! i know this is not a common think ground we share. About our idps, its logic enough that the jew were displaced for over 60yrs and they have in the days we are leaving emerged as the leading think tanks. Lets wait and see what will happen in 20yrs from now. God grants us that life. But incase we dont make it this is how things will be. Raila's son who married a kikuyu gal will have kids called kamau and njoroge and as per kawa, the besha factor will be with us. just like wambui otieno. then orengo's mali just like railas and so many other odm personalities whom their wealth will end up exactly where it belong. So lets hope 2012 finds us coz Kalonzo picture will hung in each gov office, business, calendars and minds of kenyans for 10yrs to 2022. This is a reality. About Martha karua she is our daughter and abit of Prostitution yani umalaya is okay. Then by 2012 we will tame her. Have a lovely gema day

we feed, dress, transport, build, fuck, preach and own kenya then preserve and protect. God be with you all.

Anonymous said...

anone4:24 PM

""we feed, dress, transport, build, fuck, preach and own kenya then preserve and protect. God be with you all.""

I guess you feed Mavi to kikuyu's and dress them up to be prostitutes t spread HIV/AIDS to other tribes and fuck priest like Martha Karua does without shame, Preach Looting and thuggery is the way to go for kikuyu central, and own Kibaki's ass only that reads "CENTRAL LESOTHO". Preserve the Mungiki thugs and murderers to keep committing genocide and protect of course all those who have looted kenyans Billions from Kamlesh Pattni and Muraguri (Goldenberg) to Anglo leasing thugs and Charter house, Transcentury, Equity Bank(Rift Valley Railways) and Grand Regency -Kimunya thugs and and ........ the kikuyu central thieves and thugs can fill a whole book as large as the world dictionary.

and finally the truth of the matter is kenyans have known all along that KIBAKI IS A THIEF, THUG AND MURDERER WORSE THEN IDD AMIN OR BOKASSA ADD HIS CRONIES WAKINA UHURU, SAITOTI, MARTHA KARUA, MICHUKI THIS ARE HIGH CLASS ASSASSINS OWNERS- ALL THEY DO IS PICK UP THE PHONE AND UNDER THE DEATH OF INNOCENT KENYANS IN COLD BLOOD WITH A SMILE ON THIER FACES(source is one of thier own who was in the room when they ordered the Mungiki murderous gang to go to naivasha and nakuru to commit "GENOCIDE"


Anonymous said...

Molasses Hon. Raila admits Kisumu takes HIV AIDs trophy and advices his fellow luos;

He said the recently released HIV and Aids prevalence report had put Nyanza on top. He appealed to the residents to take necessary precautions to reduce infections. Among the recommendations he made was male circumcision (he he he he) (

so kina viki, chris, taabu, kalamali...endeni mkatwe like ua god has commanded you.

Anonymous said...

Aii, from which cave did this balham creature emerge from?

Caveman, you might want to crawl back to wherever you came from.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous! Itina ria mwana. Tuku mwatha njinya muguruke!

Vikii said...

Anon 5.27, man tuliza.

Mimi nimekatwa, najivunia kukatwa,yaani najivunia kuwa 'mkate'. Feb 16 1988 is a day I remember very vividly.

Mimi said...

The abuse of words in Kenya is now becoming a matter of concern. When I went to school they taught me a pentagon is a five-sided object, in Kenya even when you are 20 I guess u can still call your self a pentagon outfit because words here have no meaning!

I would like to ask, who the heck is Uhuru Kenyatta? Everything is UK this, UK that! No wonder we Kenyans are doomed, if our political destiny lies in the hands of thieves and their bhang and cocaine taking children. Those people have interests to protect and have nothing good in store for Kenya and that is the only reason they jostle for politcal seats!

What kind of outfit is UK supposed to come up with? Now that he is supposed to 'choose the alliance' he is supposed to work with? Will he be supporting someone ama he will want to go for the prezzo's seat? Anyway it doesnt matter, anything with that guy in it is doomed to fail so why even bother? Kenya is not a monarchy and that man will never be president!

Anonymous said...

dont you people have better things to do with your lives than sit here and peddle cheap gossip? how many things have we been told here are 'facts' and then turned out to be mere nonsense? the latest I remmber was ati Kibaki was seriously ill ati on the verge of death. Alafu all manner of kubaffs write almost 100 posts ati the way their 'sources' in statehouse are confirming Kibaki is ill. Then jioni I see the man, laughung and making jokes in Nyeri in a public address.

Kubaffu tu. jameni si mfanye kazi atleast watoto wapate pesa ka kununua viatu? You think raila will feed your kids for you you useless men?

Knoppix!® said...


For once i agree with you that respect for format should be observed or seen to be observed at all times,hence no material written in caps should be read.

That said i still wish you could do a post fully like say Phil's or Oscars and enlighten us about the honourable member of mwingi north.You seem to have scratched beyond the surface and found out some info that seems not to be in the public domain.

Secondly,if what Phil as posted here comes to pass i hope you will be the first to own up and hey am not saying am buying it either.Am saying so because you have,under a veil dismissed it almost wholesale.

Thirdly Phil,however belated my comment could be,i agree with Vikii,you are misleading this house.Hardly a forthnight ago,you gave a very condescending post about RAO having Kibaki's blessings on succession.Albeit i doubt RAO is such a fool to imagine Kibaki can keep his promise coz he is not known to keep them to anyone anyway if the Libyans are any premise to look from.My contention is,and yes i agree a week in siasa is a long period of time and so much is bound to change bila notice,i thought ODM never commits to issues,persons and ideas that dont wash?As a presumed insider of the ongoings in the political Arena you should be able to give a more balanced and certainly dwelling position coz i wont be suprised if next week you post here something to the effect that Kalonzo is the heir apparent.

Finally, according to me UK represents us drunks both in the Floor of the House and the cabinet period.The lesser said of him here the better.

BTW is the cohesion in the pentagon still as intact as it was before GCG?Am concerned as am a diehard supporter of ODM!Fill me in Phil.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

The moment Karua enters the so called Pentagon, she becomes unwashed matumbo of two weeks ago, unlike the tenderloin steak she is now. Do you think she is stupid enough to end up like the colourless Joseph Nyaga, an unwashed matumbo if ever there was one? She will look like the grotesque multi-coloured celtel re-branding called Zain. And what will she be bringing to the ODM table? GEMA votes? Please wake up from your nightmares.

b-carotene said...

Vikki. Am with you on Kalonzo. He's the only one with calmness of mind and spirit, and an equally sober following, to heal Kenya, leading us on to peace and prosperity.
The rest (Molasses raila, UK, butcher of eldi, ole etc), rack and ruin they all portend. Washindwe!

Anonymous said...

Why would Karua join ODM? You have a fertile imagination.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Kalonzo for President in 2012, Uhuru for PM, Taib for VP.

Ivy said...

How does one become a VP na hata MP ili mshinda? Dont you think he should be a kanjora first...Some comments are just laughable

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo is a pussy-cat and a sell-out and he can never be our CEO. Kambas are "weak and scared" people and they will sacrifice one in a second to save their butts. Kalonzo betrayed his followers and he will pay for it dearly in the long run.

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