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Monday, July 14, 2008

Secret Succession Deal: Has Kibaki Endorsed Raila for 2012?

President Mwai Kibaki, accompanied by Nyeri Town MP Hon. Esther Mathenge is escorted by jubilant wananchi after he unveiled the new Gikuyu Bible at Kamukunji Stadium, Nyeri.

While it is debatable that the president asked politicians to desist campaigning for 2012, me thinks he is the least qualified person to instruct other ambitious politicians to avoid campaigning.

After the tragic events of December 2007, Kibaki should, in my opinion, be looking to engage in nationalistic matters that will rebuild his shattered image and help him in creating a lasting legacy since he will not be candidate himself for presidency ever again.

In so far as political instability or bickering is concerned, only two naive politicians, both of them aligned to Kibaki’s PNU wing of government, have publicly shown interest and started early campaigns for the presidency. They are Martha Karua and Kalonzo Musyoka.

But then it appears Kibaki's Nyeri trip was not just about unveiling a Gikuyu bible. A political bombshell was dropped while some very thorny barbs were thrown at some unnamed but well known individual(s) within Kibaki’s own PNU coalition. His off the cuff remarks were like an open declaration that Raila is not just his second in command but also his choice for president come 2012. These were his words; "There is no power vacuum and the current leadership arrangement in the country is well defined with a president and Raila as principal assistant." Note that the president did not say prime minister but principal assistant. These remarks were, as expected, largely ignored by Kenya’s highly compromised mainstream media but anyone who watched prime time TV news on Saturday night could not have missed it. If I were Kalonzo Musyoka, I would seriously think about putting a water-tight plan B in place.

It seems the president has secretly made a succession deal with Raila for 2012 and has been dropping hints for anyone who cares to listen. Government officials, led by one Francis Muthaura, are quick at publishing pecking order clarifications, but on the other hand the president is actually naming “musaidizi wake anaitwa Raila” at a public function in his own Nyeri backyard and also categorically stating that even tomorrow’s leadership is already prebooked!

Kibaki also has harsh words for his Agikuyu community: "For how long shall Kenyan people continue to fight? Have you people from this region decided to abandon animosity? Kenyans must decide to abandon this retrogressive behavior."

He went on to castigate (well known unnamed) “political leaders for preaching disunity" and urged "those harbouring ambitions to lead the nation to await their ripe moment rather than distract wananchi from nation building. The president asked: “Do not think you will get the chance tomorrow because there are others on the leadership? Wait a little while so that we can see how you will get there. If you start campaigns now, we will be against you and say that we cannot trust you anymore." Further note the president appears to be suggesting that there is no chance for 2012 (tomorrow), while warning those who are campaigning now that they will not be trusted.

Kibaki’s controversial remarks over the weekend can be interpreted differently but the message is fairly straight forward. When one considers that plans for Raila’s controversial inauguration as an Agikuyu elder are also at an advanced stage, what would an open and unequivocal Kibaki endorsement mean to the possibility of Raila being (re)elected as president with landslide in the next general elections?


Anonymous said...

"…After the tragic events of December 2007, Kibaki should, in my opinion, be looking to engage in nationalistic matters that will rebuild his shattered image and help him in creating a lasting legacy since he will not be candidate himself for presidency ever again…."

So you are now Kibaki spokesperson, telling him what and what not to say. You idiot!
You wish, Raila will not be elected by GEMA community, is that clear. GEMA are rallying behind Kalonzo Musyoka so get lost.

Vikii said...

First of all, Kibaki is not the type to endorse anyone, not even his VP not even UK. They will have to fight their battles and fight them smart.

Second, even if President Kibaki were to actually endorse anyone, so what? It's just like Vikii endorsing Bifwoli Wakoli for prime minister. It happened with UK before. His opinions may have some significance but at the end of the day it is the wearer of the shoe who knows where it pinches. It is the people of Kenya who will decide who can best lead them. That decision will not be made in a bar.

If he actually talked of his "principle Assistant", it seems to me that he doesn't even know who his Principle Assistant is and that just goes to betray any trust you may have in the rightness of his ideas.

As for 2012, that time will come and the Presidential race will play itself out very interestingly.

Anonymous said...

8:08 am

rallying behind whom? who will rally them to ka-judas?

is it uhuru
is it kimunya
is it kiraitu
is it saitoti
is it karua
is it kiunjuri
is it githunguri

whom? central province politics is going back to the 3-region split.

nyeri, muranga, kiambu and diaspora.

whomever wants to inherit the gema vote has to be on the ballot.

saitoti for all intents is going to be there. uhuru and karua will be there on the ballot. so will kalonzo.

tell us mzee- whom will rally them?


Anonymous said...

Oh my god such a stupid post and why pray may I ask why Raila needs Kibaki's endorsement for 2012??
a dying horse to endorse Raila??

ha!!ha!!ha!! you are a joker- get serious and stop showing your stupidity? why would
1. Nyanza
2. Western
3. coast province
4. Rift Valley
5. North Eastern

Citizen of this Region wait for Kibaki to endorse their leader when thy already voted Raila in -in 2007 and he won and they will do it again just to confirm that he won with a big margin the last time

Kibaki who?? go to central and post your propaganda there- I'm laughing what a joke place Kumekucha has become peddling stupid ideas:)

Taabu said...

The adage still stands OPINIONS ARE FREE, FACTS ARE SACRED. Elementary stats course will introduce you to inference which can be either wrong or right. I think history and reality will disabuse you of your inference. I have been wrong before but not this time.

You know you can read very interesting message from a vacuum. the analgy of readinh malice from an angel's script. You have right to your take but please bare reality in your mind all the impressions of change notwithstanding.

The stake are so high so much so that your take would be far fetched. You can do better than this, can't you?

Vikii said...

8.29, and you really hate stupid ideas, don't you?

Anonymous said...

hey Mazee if you have nothing to post here- do not bore us- 2012? why does Raila who is more electable and has been than kibaki need Kibaki to endorse him?



Anonymous said...

Raila should not rely on Kibaki.

Kibaki is a devil worshipper, who let Kenyans kill one another, while he was wining and dining in the State House (House built by and financed by poor Kenyans)

Raila won with 50%, Kibaki 40% and Kalonzo 10% of the votes. While he knew this fact, he let himself be crowned in darkness like a devil.

Kibaki supports corruption (Kirauti is free, Saitoti is free, Mwirara is free, etc), murder, robbery among other evils.

He has bad friends: Gaddafi, China, Mugabe, Iran, Ascherbachan (origin of Artur brothers). Kibaki is driving Kenya to communism. We should all take care.

Raila is the only respected Principal, there is no any other.

Anonymous said...

"Secret Succession Deal: Has Kibaki Endorsed Raila for 2012?"
How can Kibaki a dying horse at the end of his time endorse a NDUME like Raila??

Please do not compare Raila to Uhuru who always needs Endorsement first Moi and now licking kibaki's ass to get one-

Shame on you - the only endorsement Raila will get is from his voters
like someone else has posted here those are from Nyanza, Western, coast, Rift Valley and North Estern and those are the only people able and proud to endorse Raila- not Kibaki the theiving lame duck

We all know Kibaki has Endorsed Marth Karua from very Railable sources

So I can see the Mischief from this individual if not Kumekucha(Chris) trying to confuse issues-

most kenyans I know and have talked to already are well informed on Kibaki's endorsement of Martha Karua at a private meeting:)
Give up Central lesotho we can see through your plots

Anonymous said...

So now the plot thickens




Anonymous said...

Why should Kibaki endorse a useless thug like Raila. Someone with dripping blood of innocent Kenyans in his hand? Raila go to hell you kihii!

Anon 8.37 FYI the spellings is Azerbaijan

Anonymous said...

what inside information?

Anonymous said...

when one is privy to information of facts on kibaki endorsing Martha Karua? then one has to wonder what the writers of this post is upto- i even can name some of the big wigs that paid homage to Martha Karua promising to start raising funds and the list is who is who of kibaki golf partners and the muthaiga elite kibaki buddies plus some

So I will assume they didn't expect their plot or marth karua endorsement to be leaked out that fast because the plan was to use Uhuru and Kalonzo Musyoka as fronts.

and when I see ati someone here trying to bring in Raila for Kibaki endorsement then i look at it as mischief and trying to cover up what is now known on ground in kenya:) seems a foolish try or just i guess someone who has no idea on facts :) yes i dislike stupidity or people being used to post propaganda and lies without them doing their own homework or they are party to the lies too.

Anonymous said...

This post has no direction.PHIL YOU CAN DO BETTER

many of you bloggers are just spewing tribal hatred..Anon 8:47 ,8:34 i wonder when kenyans are going to mature politically.


Anonymous said...

anon 8:47 AM
you mean Raila can never accept to be endorsed by a thieving, murderer thug like Emilio kibaki??
mmmm lets us see where can i begin??

1. Mungiki youth executions early 2006-2008
he uses them to slaughter behead and commit genocide, assassination and then sends in the police to kill them before they spill the beans

2. he in broad daylight send in Police to shoot and kill innocent kenyans during the 2007 election period through January and continued with the army in mt. Elgon to slaughter and torture innocent kenyans

3. Assassination of MP were, Too

Kibaki drips blood of innocent kenyan from all the pores on his body and now the dead are demanding justice- Hague soon for kibaki

Raila can never accept for Kibaki to endorse him- and why should Raila - he does not need a single vote from kibaki and his cronies:)

Anonymous said...

Raila and Kibaki are supposed to be equal partners. Kibaki is just reminding Raila that he is not an equal partner thats why he calls him an assistant. U dumb asses !!

Anonymous said...


we all know the truth and facts hurt- so now you call it tribal hatred?? you are a sorry fool
keep coming we are here to post the truth while you peddle propaganda and lies....

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.57 and why does he accept to share the government with Kibaki?

Raila asidwe!! Upende ama usipende Raila ni toto ya sheitani. Evil Man!! I hate him nuts!!!

Anonymous said...

anon8:59 AM
The ass is you and kibaki and that is why he announced and used those words in othaya:)
and if he not 50% 50% with Raila why didn't he use is full powers to retain kimunya you fool!!you talk from your ass i can see no brainer!

Anonymous said...

Kibaki is trying to show kenyans that Raila has accepted him as a leader. He is also trying to show his people that kikuyu's are not hated and that he can bridge the gap between kikuyus and kenyans.

How come Kibaki, Kalonzo and the Mt kenya mafia have not visited Luo nyanza to re-assure the voters. Bore kabisa. Kalonzo is the frontman for PNU in 2012 as he has been endorsed by over 40 central MPs

Anonymous said...

anon9:02 AM

keep screaming waste of time- 2002 he said kibaki tosha- 2007 Raila won out right and kibaki decided to go on a killing spree-
Raila agreed to share to save kenyans from the senile evil murderer kibaki who was using the police force and army to shoot andf kill kenyans and funding his tribesmen MUngiki youth to commit genocide



Anonymous said...

Raila remains Kibaki's Assistant and Kibaki wants all u pumbavu's to understand that. There is to equal power sharing!!!

Kalonzo is prefered by most Central MP's for 2012. That speaks volumes !!!!

Pumbavu wewe, wacha ujinga !!

Anonymous said...

well said Anon 8.59

phil wrote:These were his words; "There is no power vacuum and the current leadership arrangement in the country is well defined with a president and Raila as principal assistant." Note that the president did not say prime minister but principal assistant.

These nouns denote a person(RAO)who holds a position auxiliary to another and assumes some of his (KIBS)responsibilites.

The president was undermining RAo and Phil is very happy...RAO doesnt need endorsment


Anonymous said...



KILONZO ALREADY HAS ACCEPTED THE SECOND SLOT- KARUA IS THE ONLY ONE ENDORSED BY KIBAKI- GO ASK KALONZO?? OR HIS CLOSE FRIENDS - HE IS JUST PLAYING THE SAME GAME HE PLAYED IN 2007:) for the sake of his kikuyu masters-WE all know that - ati kikuyu's endorsing him- do you really think kenyan are that foolish to believe that shiate??
grow up

Anonymous said...

anon9:08 AM
and the plot thickens= why are you screaming and ranting?? ati kalonzo has been accepted in central province?? ha!!HA Kalonzo himselve knows that this is a lie- so why are you screaming??


Anonymous said...

Anon 9:00 AM

I like peddling propagandas and lies (RAO WON THE ELECTIONS AND STILL THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE
hope we are on the same boat


Anonymous said...


vikii and taabu are quite right on this. first of, these guys need not speak in parables unless they are unsure of what to say and therefore leave it to the ever so fertile kenyan imagination. why not say it as it is, moi did, he was overwhelmingly proved wrong, but he didnt mask and cloth his intentions in ambiguities. like vikii alludes to, why not mention the principal assistant by title or name, we all know the protocol issue still remains unresolved to date. that is just in bad taste and is meant to have the two principal assistants or their minions go for each other, ... again ...

also have you seen kibaki go to anyone's defence, even mwiraria his bossom buddy was left to fend for himself

and lastly as bloggers have suggested, RAO does not need endorsement from kibaki, he has sufficient support that he can work with.


Deroo said...

Please be aware that when you are busy here one of your best friends is busy entertaining your wife. I was in a hotel somewhere and I saw them coming in in a very romantic manner, They proceed to book a room and went in. After about 2 hours I saw then walk away. This is just a tip of the iceberg. I'll keep yo posted and I have concrete evidence. You'll be shocked when you know who it is.


Taabu said...

Fake Derek,
Please stop it. I know it must be very hurting to have Chric ignore your STUPID accusations. Please stop impersonating Derek and more importantly spare us the trash. Not that I expect you to comply but you need a reality check. If you have nothing to say or something against Chris please respect readers here, won't? I guess that is not asking for too much from you pea-sized head. Numskull.

Anonymous said...


That is a nice try to convince the uninitiated. But remember even the Beduins of the Sahara know mirage is not water.

Kibaki did not endorse Raila and you know it deep in your wishful heart. Even if he were to endorse him it would mean absolutely nothing in Gemaland. Unlike the people of the lakeside, the people of this region do not subscribe to the politics of a kingpin (aka warlord, etc.); they are very individualistic and that is why they succeed in business. They don't answer to the call of a single leader, and they only come together when they face an existential threat.

Second, there was a rupture between the people of this region and Raila when last year Raila repeatedly (1) called them "kabila adui yetu," (2) advocated what was interpreted rightly or wrongly as majimbo ya ukabila, and (3) he appeared to endorsed their killing in the RV so openly. So, even if the people were to entertain Kibaki telling them for whom to vote, Kibaki would have to do a lot of explaining (and as you know he is not good at selling even a newly caught fish). That doesn't mean that these people cannot vote for Raila, but Raila must do the explaining himself.

For a start, Raila should visit the region either alone or escorted by the right people (not the Njonjo and Kuguru rejects and Mungiki thugs he has been associating with). To give credit to Raila as a fast learner, he seems to have realized that the Kikuyu elder installation business he is so keen on would not sit well if led by the rejects and thugs of the region. He has realized that the region treats people who come through the back gate as chicken thieves. It is commendable that he is willing to take time to find acceptable sons and daughters to escort him into the homestead through the main gate and get the eldership.

Hopefully, Raila is not just coming to get an animal skin apron tied on his loins. However, he should not be seen to campaign for votes on that occasion. Unlike in Western Kenya where people use solemn occasions (funerals, etc.) to fight their political battles, people in Gemaland frown at that behaviour. If he decides to talk politics on that occassion, my advice is that he be seen to repudiate last year's campaign rhetorics as represented in the three points I have summarized above. That would go a longer way than having anybody endorse him.

I find it amusing that Raila surrogates keep on dismissing Kalonzo calling him Kalooser or Kajudas. The greatest gift they can give Kalonzo is to keep on underestimating him. They are the gift that keep on giving and I am sure Kalonzo loves it.

In Gemaland Kalonzo has a headstart for now, but it is a summountable lead nonetheless. The next elections will be a different ballgame, and Raila surrogates need to now that it will not be won on a "kabila adui yetu" platform. Not at all. It will be won by the non-Gema candidate who will get the massive Gema vote, and for now Kalonzo has it. And if the present conditions persist till 2012, no amount of chest-thumping will stop a Kalonzo presidency. In fact if the elections were held today (without Kibaki on the ticket), the presidential motorcade would to to Mwingi non-stop with a 53% victory.

But as the time goes, given his style of politics, it is not going to be all rosy for Kalonzo in Gemaland. But that analysis is for another day!

Anonymous said...

By the way,

am no fan of Lucy Kibaki, but surely the Nyeri homecoming trip, Kikuyu Bible translation, first woman Nyeri MP, this surely was the perfect opportunity and environment with all the correct ingredients and reasons for a first lady to magnificently grace the occasion with her presence unlike in the state functions where she was slapping jamaz, something definitely wrong with the top leadership or ceremony managers. Someone needs to style up urgently. Of course she is unwell then apologies are due


Anonymous said...


You are a gentleman, don't copy Taabu and beat up on Lucy. You don't know whether there were apologies sent or not. Sick or not, please leave her alone.

Anonymous said...


why are you quick to jump the gun. Derek has made an allegation here and instead of asking him to substantiate his claims you find it easier to insult him.

They say the guilty ones are always afraid. Could you be the culprit? I know you are a very close friend of Chris.

Anonymous said...


You failed to indicate RAO's response to this 'endorsement' in Mogotio. He failed to invite any of the ministers present (notably Orengo) and declared that only Kibaki and him can talk about public policy, no one else. In other words, RAO, just like you, Phil, had swallowed the bait. I think at the moment it's Kibaki who needs RAO to have his troops in parliament 'go slow' on PNU ministers. How else to do this than to declare RAO 'principal assistant' and pretend 'endorsement' for 2012? RAO, as expected, comes running home to daddy......


Anonymous said...

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KN said...

lol -Kibaki endorsing raila is like moi endorsing uhuru -a doomed project -if kibaki himself run for a 3rd term he would be defeated lol

Anonymous said...

anon 10:37

started reading your comment then just couldnt help but wonder at

the people of this region do not subscribe to the politics of a kingpin (aka warlord, etc.);
....They don't answer to the call of a single leader, and they only come together when...
Kenyatta, Matiba, Kibaki all called them to the last man to answer tribal agenda which they have done consistenly and everytime without second thought, so it appears its a game the leaders have mastered well on how to "programme" their people. you would need to demonstrate the individualism with a little more clarity.

Indiviualism that we have seen demonstrated i.e people who have gone against the grain and stood their ground whether popular or not are the likes JM Kariuki, Njonjo, Jaramogi Odinga, Kuguru, Joseph Nyaga, Tony Gachoka, Gitobu Imanyara, Harun Mwau, Ngilu, RAO, Tuju, Wekesa, Wetangula, Mungatana, Kipkalya Kones, Ababu Namwamba, Najib Balala, William Ruto, Charles Rubia, Kenneth Matiba, Martin Shikuku, Kiema Kilonzo, and a handful others that we can mention one by one and these guys who have gone against the grain some simply because they had the backing of the executive, while others were for stronger grounds

...the region treats people who come through the back gate as chicken thieves.
hahahahaha, no comments nuff said, i know you are serious ... but bro, seriously ....

...t will be won by the non-Gema candidate who will get the massive Gema vote,...
just one question for you professor, how was Moi able to govern, and win elections without this "missive" i mean massive GEMA support? you will of course note he was Non-GEMA and consistently faired even worse than RAO.

Its like this prof, we either all pull together as kenyans or if you insist on GEMA lets agree for the devolution we so badly need

Anonymous said...

anon 10:52

i mean no disrespect and am not bashing, am concerned sincerely. there are a number of events that befit a first lady, they are few and apart, but such as that one which has a large social element to it. most others are window dressing

if she is unwell then I am not aware other than various rumors peddled here and there have not heard definitively but if that is the case then i rest my case.


Anonymous said...

This article was written by a very naive person. There is no-way central province or kibaki will endorse raila for 2012. Especially after so many Kikuyu's were killed by ODM suppoerters. If raila wants the top seat he will have to get it by his own means.

Taabu said...

Whay are you starting a fire whose warmth you fear. You have been told leave Lucy alone. Don't flog a dead horse, the efforts are not worth th carcase.

But again don't we pay her Ksh 0.5m and so we have the right to demand to know. If she is sick we must know and not insinuate. Maybe mentally unfit for her office, any lawyer out there? Trust Kenyans to bottle a problem wishing it will evaporate.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki and Raila eat from the same plate and are cut from the same cloth. They are both guests at the foreigners table and dine at the same restaurant of corruption. Is it a coincidence that Raila was an East Germany educated COMMUNIST? Has this gone away?

What saddens me the most is having fools here vilify Kibaki while praising Raila. So what if he lost? Do you think he doesn't want to be PM? Do you think being president is what matters? FOOLS! To place oneself in a trusted position where they can steal is the only thing that matters. Whether it is a ministry, presidency or premiership.

Kibaki and Raila shook hands on the violence that occurred. Has it escaped your vacuous minds that just before Kenyans had totally rejected the idea of a PM? Do you see now that violence was the only thing that could scare Kenyans into handing over this post to Raila?

Whatever some imbeciles here may think, Kibaki and Raila are NOT enemies. They laugh at our gullibility, and through our folly they enrich themselves.

Anonymous said...

you all miss the point, what phil has written on secret succesion. This guy phil is very intelligent; the article was written to gauge the mood of ordinary Gema people: the blogger.where you stand after kibaki. Are gema ready to vote for Raila. Guys this is where the PM is always a head . MUTAJAZA

Anonymous said...

Phil,welcome to the gospel according to Kibaki-the unveiling of the good book surely portends only good things for us?
i am sure the holy writ says something about "thou shalt not lead in a vacuum"-don't dare allude to the 10 commandments-"thou shalt not steal" the printers forgot to edit that.
one of the principle of the good word says "whatever is done in secret will be made public"-if indeed Kibaki has secretly endorsed Raila, then let what was hidden come to light ala the grand regency deal-endorse the chap i say-then again is annointing successors biblical and will Kenyans accept Raila if he is endorsed?
Amen everyone

Kimi Raikkonen said...

The only reason GEMA people listen to Kibaki is because he is the President, otherwise most of them view him as a weak leader. A "Njamba" he certainly isn't. He cannot impose a candidate like Raila on GEMA and expect to get any support. Kibaki can therefore say whatever he likes, but on the ground, the man to inherit the GEMA vote is Kalonzo.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki surrogate @10:37. Your analysis makes good reading but that's as far as it goes.

In your analysis you insinuate that Raila is keen to be made a Kikuyu elder;any proof for that allegation? As far as I know, it's the 'Kikuyu elders' that have been jostling to identify with him, as a way to end the isolation of the community. Why not make Kalonzo an elder?

The message you Kibaki surrogates keep on harping on, that the next non - gema president has to be acceptable( a yes man) to the kikuyus simply doesn't wash? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

Secondly, we must all admit that the ground has shifted since the electoral theft. I doubt the thousands of IDPs dumped in their 'home' areas or still suffering in camps would vote the same way given the indifference shown by the PRESIDENT to their plight.

You must be aware that Kalonzo got some of his votes by wooing the Christian voters who have since known his true colors, and have vowed never to be conned again.

Raila's support base may have changed slightly (increased)but he is looking pretty good compared to Kibaki.

In view of all this, can you explain where the 53% Kalonzo support is coming from when he can't even Rally the Kambas behind him. He belongs to a differetnt league with Karua, Uhuru, Kimunya, Kombo etc. But that's okay you can all continue holding your hopes high.

kalamari said...

I actually see it as Kibaki attempting to put Raila in his 'rightful' place……esp. with Raila trying to convince folks that his word is official govt. policy. You see, every time Kibaki uses the name Raila in a sentence, it is to sculpt him into a smaller idol. That is the plan.

As far as succession, although Kibaki did NOT win this past election, the Kambas and GEMA have realized that their combined genuinely counted votes can dictate who becomes president….to perpetuity. The math is simple; split the rest of Kenya into two or three voting blocs. That is why this Kikuyu eldership business is simply to project our man Raila as a figure of ridicule. No sane Kikuyu, at least those who appreciate village elders, will ever vote for elder Raila….no matter how many times he eats goat tripe while sitted atop Mt. Kenya. These jamaas are still thoroughly traumatized by the events that followed the past election. Kalonzo is their only beacon.

It is for this reason that ODM must consistently advertise the irrelevance of Kalonzo. His lantern must remain dim at all times. Otherwise, Kalonzo is your next president. Yes folks, sad as it sounds, Raila will not make it without the Rift Valley support…which he has pretty much lost at this point.

Other than that, I have no strong opinion on the matter.

kalamari said...

In addition, no Kamba villager will vote for a Kikuyu candidate in 2012. Not after they misuse Kalonzo then discard him like toilet paper. So Karua and UK must prepare for the office of principal assistant.

Anonymous said...

Kimi, can you give me an honest reason why Kalozo would inherit the KIKUYU votes. I think we are missing something here.

You say Kibaki is weak is Kalonzo a NJAMBA?

Who is THE MAN between Karua, Uhuru and Kalonzo

By the way what makes a good leader in your opinion?

If Kalonzo is good for Kikuyus, do you think he is good for the rest of the country?

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo will never be the President of Kenya, and it will be many eons before we witness another GEMA presidency. So brace yourselves folks, and by the way, why would Raila need the GEMA vote? Did he now win the last elections with that region's vote before unmasking them for who they are?

Anonymous said...

That is what they keep on forgetting. This nonsense of the next president being acceptable to the kikuyus is nonsense.

Anonymous said...



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“When people in Dagoretti discover that the girl next door is having sex with her father, nobody makes a big deal out of it because its a common occurence,” says Mwaura, a young man born and bred in the area. “If my friend tells me that he slept with his sister, I wouldn’t be surprised because this is Dago,” adds Mwaura. Dago is slang for Dagoretti.

So prevalent is the curse of incest that Dagoretti’s notoriety has spread far and wide. Many people are reluctant to marry from this area for fear of what they will discover about their partners. Societal values are upside down. Single parenthood in Dagoretti is at alarming levels, and children from such households suffer increased rates of abuse from parents or persons dating their parents.

As though that wasn’t enough, parents in Dagoretti plot how to solicit funds from foreign donors in order to educate their children. As expected, the “donors” will occasionally want to visit their beneficiaries and there’s no telling what happens during such encounters. Mwaura attributes the “sponsorship” mania to laziness among area residents. “People here don’t want to work; they would rather spend the day drinking. So they must look for churches, non-governmental organizations and foreigners to sponsor their children’s education. I know of several families where each child has a different sponsor.”

At the same time, widespread incest is worsening the scourges of alcoholism and drug abuse. Or maybe it is the other way round?

This is an incredible story narrated to the Nairobi Chronicle by a Dagoretti resident who we shall call Onesmus:

ONESMUS: “A couple of years ago, a young man in Dagoretti consumed a drug reputed to increase sexual libido. Which would be alright if the young man were married, or if he had a girlfriend. Unfortunately, he was single and living at home with his parents. On getting home and with a raging sexual appetite, the guy went berserk around the homestead, breaking things. When the mother was told what her son had taken, she decided to quench his sexual desire by sleeping with him. ‘I can’t let my son continue suffering like this, I must do something as his mother,’ the woman is quoted as saying.

Nairobi Chronicle: “That is really sick. If this woman really wanted to help her son, why didn’t she just go to the nearest pub and get a commercial sex worker?”

ONESMUS: “Well, maybe she didn’t know where or how to talk to one.”

Cases of fathers having sex with their own daughters in exchange for cash, property and jobs are very common in Dagoretti. Some men are said to force their daughters into sex by threatening not to pay school fees. The hapless girl, eager to continue with her education succumbs to the demands and eventually, the relationship becomes a normal affair. However, the phenomenon of father – daughter sex is not unique to Dagoretti as many cases continue getting reported from across Kenya.

But why is Dagoretti so afflicted with incestuous relationships compared to other parts of Nairobi? In the whole of Kenya, the only other area that comes close to Dagoretti in the recorded and observable cases of incest is Naivasha. Both areas have certain features in common.

They are semi-urban, semi-rural settlements with a multi-cultural population attracted by low-skill but low-wage labour. Many of these people grew up elsewhere but their relocation to a new, harsher environment has meant that the traditional taboos that governed their lives are no longer applicable. Add to that the effects of poverty and an oppressive work environment with no prospects for personal growth. The prevailing social and political climate in Kenya doesn’t do much to cultivate optimism either. High crime rates have made people feel vulnerable to the vagaries of fellow man.

The result is a population of people who have no feelings left for fellow human beings, not even their own family. In this bleak, Darwinian setting, money, sex and alcohol become the means to existence. Not only are they the means of livelihood, but money sex and alcohol are the ends that keep people going.

If sex is a tool and a means, then it does not matter how one gets it and with whom. It could be your next door neighbor just as much as it could be your wife or husband. It could be with your daughter, brother or uncle. It could even be with your daughter’s best friend, or your son’s fiancĂ©e. It doesn’t matter who you hurt as long as you get sex.

With this kind of moral vacuum, the future for the young people of Dagoretti is not very promising. It can be concluded with reasonable certainty that cases of incest in Dagoretti will get worse in future. Unless somebody takes the initiative to change the moral landscape of the area, the young people of Dagoretti will abuse their children just as much as they have been abused. An initiative to combat incest could be from government, it could be from religious bodies or from non-governmental organizations. Perhaps, such a programme could originate from politicians. Any initiative towards tackling the shadow of incest in Dagoretti would be welcome.

Regardless of the moral ambivalence of the residents of Dagoretti what is happening there just ain’t right.

tnk said...

this article in the standard

provides some interesting perspective to the genesis of our current problem. clearly as has been said over and over the problem we have today did not start where many imagine, it started way back with Kenyatta, was shelved during Moi times and resurfaced with kibaki.

if we cannot detribalise our thinking and politics, then it will continue to haunt us for many more years to come

and we should then expect everything else that goes with it.

interestingly enough all these problems result from the action or inaction by omission or commission of just one man (the president) who under the constitution can very well walk to your kraal, milk your cow, slaughter and eat, bury or throw away the remaining and still have you charged for promoting poverty through waste

Anonymous said...

Raila does not need Kibakis's endorsement , the kikuyu would rather not cast their presidential vote thana\ to vote for a non kikuyu period(thes guys are tribalists to the bone marrow) , so wether kibaki endorses Raila or not it amount's to nothing politicaly , every kenyan knows kibaki was beaten hands down at the polls , so raila is like a lake and kibaki is promising him more water.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:21 Precisely!!!!

RAO doesn't need even Kibaki's one vote to win.
I thought he WON...Or was it just a thought?


Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 1:32 PM. We are not missing anything. Kalonzo as President is just your worst nightmare as it means the elusive Presidential seat will not go West any time in the next fifty years. In fact, a Coastal will probably be President after Kalonzo does his term.
The reason Kalonzo will inherit Kikuyu votes is because Kikuyus are pragmatic and realistic enough to know that they cannot provide the next President.
We can only know if Kalonzo is a Njamba once he is in office. However, being a Njamba is not the primary criteria for inheriting Kikuyu and GEMA votes, it is the ability to earn their trust and confidence such that their extensive commercial interests, in all spheres, will be LEFT ALONE and that there will be NO DISCRIMINATION against them post Kibaki. Those imputing that Kikuyus want Kalonzo so that they can control him are just stupid and ignorant. They simply trust him more than Raila. THE MAN therefore, as you put it, is Kalonzo, with Uhuru probably as a powerful Prime Minister to ensure those interests i spoke about are taken care of. Raila would never make Uhuru or Karua a Prime Minister or even a VP. We all know his dictatorial streak. Only a big fool can trust Raila, and the GEMA are hardly fools.
A good leader in the current context is one who unites and not divides, and Raila is a divider not a uniter. Kalonzo is miles ahead of Raila as a Uniter and has already proved it. Just look at Namwamba's call for Uhuru to be censured in parliament, WITHOUT BEING HEARD, for merely exercising his powers when he was Local Govt Minister. Do you believe Namwamba is acting alone? How come Raila has not seen it fit to ask Uhuru to explain himself? This is what i am talking about. Raila does one thing in the open and other things underground, that is why he lied to Kimunya he would follow him to parliament to help defend him. Kimunya was extremely naive to believe that. How on earth do you trust ANY deal with Raila? It is only the dunderheads like the fellows around Kibaki and those who want to install him as a Kikuyu Elder who believe you can trust and do business Raila. Just ask Moi.
Kalonzo would be a good leader for the country because he would be able to defuse the incendiary atmosphere currently being witnessed and he comes across as more diplomatic and non intimidating. He does not exude malevolence, hidden malice and spite like the hypocritical Raila does.

Vikii said...

Kimi Raikkonen, tuko pamoja.

That said, anybody and I mean anybody who believes they can ever control Kalonzo either through stones, heckles, business interests or threats will always be in for rude shocks. They tried it last year and they will keep trying. Wish them luck.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 7:02, UTA DOO?

Anonymous said...

kibaki is not the kind of leader who can endross anyone and even if he does ,kikuyus will never vote for raila they would rather vote for a woman than vote for uncir....... man as they say.his influence in kikuyu land is very little bearing in mind that most kikuyus consider him a weak president.

mzinga said...

i love to hate this blog but in many ways tends to confirm my worst fears. unlikein many countries where the middle class in many ways spark a revolution, in kenya its a bunch of envious citizenry willing to do all they can to be upper class. to an extent of behaving like zombies at the expense of the lower class who look up to the middle class for direction...mungiki will lead the fight against the kikuyu elite masquerading as kikuyu leaders.

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