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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What Kibaki is Planning?

In politics the unspoken is usually more important than what has been said and the hidden cards constantly being played under the table and out of site by politicians always have a much bigger impact than what can be seen

ODM has been having a parliamentary group and national Executive council meeting to discuss the cabinet crisis. The meeting has been going on at the Orange House headquarters of the ODM all morning.

Separately PNU and it’s affiliate parties are having a meeting at KICC being chaired by the Vice president and official leader of government business Kalonzo Musyoka. The agenda of that meeting is to also discuss the cabinet crisis.

President Kibaki is expected at his Harambee house office any minute now to chair a cabinet meeting.

The message to ordinary Kenyans should be clear. PNU have a plan and it seems that ODM has got wind of it and are desperately trying to figure out the best way to frustrate that PNU plan in the works.

The question is; what is PNU’s plan?

In all likelihood it seems that what PNU and President Kibaki have been planning all along is on how to take over government for themselves and without anybody looking over their shoulders. So it seems that in the political chess game that was being played out, Kibaki shouted last night in private; CHECKMATE!!

In all likelihood and based on information from my sources, chances are very high that PNU is about to make a drastic and major move very soon. The ODM high command seem to know what it is but are not talking, at least not to the press.

Meanwhile Raila has said that ODM will not go back for any more negotiations with PNU until the two parties can agree on one interpretation of the Anan acts and what a grand coalition government means.

Keep your eyes on the news coming out of Kenya and on this space.

P.S. Everybody seems to have missed a remark made yesterday by President Kibaki towards the end of his speech. He assured Kenyans that the government is “still working” even as it tries to find a solution to the cabinet crisis. In other words he was saying that there is already a government in place. Some including this blogger would argue that that government he was talking about and especially the half cabinet, is illegal because it contravenes the recently passed Anan talks legislation. But while all this circus and hoodwinking of the public is going on, Kibaki is still President and very much in power.

P.S. 2: The events of the next few weeks will force Kenyans to rethink very deeply many basic issues that have to do with freedom and democracy. My good friend Marianne Briner emailed me an interesting piece about freedom. I hereby reproduce it below;

Freedom - in the old meaning of the word - depended upon a give and take and a moral sense of what was right or wrong for its preservation.

Today, however, our civilization has become so complicated, our values so warped, political pressure on government so great, that freedom has become an illusion for ordinary people. Freedom is now only a word repeated parrot fashion by our leaders as they rush from making one new law to making another.

It seems that today's society is unaware that freedom's existence depends on the readiness to take risks. If risks are chained, freedom dies.

Freedom was once governed in this country by common sense - just as behaviour was governed by conscience. Laws were then limited to guarding the frame-work of freedom and these laws were respected - just as the rules of behaviour were respected. Of course there were abuses, but the offenders had to risk the moral condemnation of their comrades, an intangible punishment which hurt.

Today there is no such condemnation. We have become instead bemused by cynicism, and by the overwhelming mass of legislation which - although enacted in the name of freedom – isin fact eroding it.

Freedom is no longer synonymous with fair play for the conscientious.

The laws have become so extensive and complicated that only the few can understand them and so liberty - as our fathers knew it - is fading away. We can no longer follow our dreams. We need no longer reach for the stars because there will be no reward in reaching them.

And then there are those who have died sacrificing their lives for the freedom of their beloved country. They died also for those of us who wish to live in a free and fair society - in a new Kenya where everybody - regardless of tribes and ethnic background - can live as equal individuals and have the possibility to follow his own way of life within a framework of commonsense laws and conventions.

Let's all fight to reach this common goal: a peaceful Kenya ruled by a legally elected Government which is willing to take over the responsibility to 'care' for its people, in the truest sense of this word.

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Phil said...

Apparently reactionary PNU's 'big announcement' will be to say they now prefer a cabinet of 20, which means a crowded ODM gets only 10, and thereby create divisions within ODM.

A few months later, Kibaki will increase PNU's cabinet positions gradually.

PNU has all along, and against the peace accord, been trying to poach Musalia, Ngilu and Balala with cabinet appointments. The emissary has been none other than Kalonzo 'Judas' Musyoka.

However much Kibaki tries, it will NOT work. As they say in ODM circles - NUSU BIN NUSU.

Taabu said...

Kenya is in the 2oth Century na ole wao still stuck with 1960 models of governance. Politicians know the feeling on the ground and betraying the masses is self-induced suicide both physically and politically. The charade can continue all the much they fancy but no end to their evil schemes.

Motosana said...

Find yourselves another hobby and stop this Kibaki-bashing? The other day you asked who are his bosses/ My question to you today is - who are Raila's bosses? who is holding him by his remaining balls? Een as an ODMer they are beginning to sound like cry babies. Why would anyone want to invite Balala to PNU anyway? We Phil wacha uongo

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