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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

We Are Ready For Fresh Elections, PNU Now Says

And Why Kibaki Must Go NOW

The question on the minds of worried Kenyans now is whether the violence that has broken out in the country is spreading or it is just pockets of resistance that will easily be contained?

Reports reaching this blogger indicate that protests and skirmishes have so far been reported in Nairobi’s Kibera slums, Kipkelion (near Kericho) and in Kisumu. However all have been contained quickly and successful only that in Kibera the railway line that cuts through East And Central Africa’s largest slum was once again destroyed by rioting mobs. Still, at the time of writing this post, tensions remained high in most of Rift Valley.

Emilio Stanley Mwai Kibaki, blundering, lame duck "duly elected" president of Kenya still living in the 60s. Under him Kenya has limped from one crisis to another since 2003.

But the biggest surprise came out of the tough talking PNU and affiliate parties parliamentary group meeting yesterday. The MPs emerged from their meeting vowing to fully support the president even if the worst came to the worst and he dissolved parliament and called for fresh elections.

Of course PNU were bluffing and the truth is that a fresh general election is the last thing President Kibaki wants. But Kenyans will also remember that not too long ago, the last thing President Kibaki wanted were the Anan-brokered peace talks. But they still happened did they not? And shortly after he had sent his ministers to say that those coming to broker peace were coming all that way for a cup of tea. My take is that I will be surprised if Kenyans do not go back to the polls within the next 12 months. But more on that later.

Obviously the game being played by PNU is one of bravado because the call for fresh elections from ODM is hitting where it hurts most.

The biggest problem president Kibaki would face (if he was even eligible to run again) would be from his own Kikuyu community. The truth is that these dear fellow Kenyans, our brothers and sisters have suffered greatly in IDP camps. But to add insult to injury politicians have taken to mentioning IDPs in recent times with only political mileage being the motive. There is nothing that can be more cruel and insensitive.

Nobody has lifted a finger to help alleviate their pain and suffering. In fact the IDPs problem has exposed our political class for who they really are and most of that blame must lie squarely on the door step of one Emilio Stanley Mwai Kibaki. Indeed it should be very clear now that what is ailing Kenya most terribly now is a disease, nay a fatal disease called Mwai Kibaki. Any Kenyan who is honest with themselves irrespective of what tribe they come from will quickly admit that if Mwai Kibaki were to leave office today the country would quickly get out of every crisis facing her today.

Let us completely forget our tribal affiliations for one minute and analyse the Kibaki presidency soberly and how the country has limped from one crisis to another...

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Anonymous said...

chris, what took you so long to say this?

The Okellos Know Me said...


Kenyans from all walks of life are eagerly awaiting the release of the secret dossier which landed at your door. We think you are a very dangerous man bent on causing untold sorrow and chaos in Kenya. We also have credible news that you are plannign to turn the dossier into one of the cheap political fictional stories to be sold a at a profit.

We would like to warn you that such a venture will turn into disaster as have others. We are also warning you that failure to release the dossier in good time may leade to other things which we are not ready to disclose at this time.

It is our advice that you release the 25page Dossier that landed at your feet or rather at the door of your footstep the other day and we want it now, Kenyans demamd that right, and you need to act real quick!

chris said...

Hi Mrembo,

You've been missing in action... but oh my what a come back. I say this after seeing some of your comments in the last post.

And while we are at it, rumour has it that you have changed your name to Mrembo of something else (and not ODM) can you please confirm or deny.


From your comments in the last post, here is what I have to say.

I am open to suggestions on how I can best offer leadership here. Perhaps by re-introducing moderation? Is that what you have in mind?

My hope was that since I am reliably informed that extremely powerful folks religiously read this blog, I was hoping that they would be able to get a feel of exactly what Kenyans are feeling and thinking before it is too late.

My two cents.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you that if we go for fresh polls Kibaki, Raila and Ruto should not run. But as you know the constitution could possibly only bar Kibaki, this is debatable because he can argue it is a repeat poll and he has not finished his two terms. The constitution stipulates a maximum of two 5 year terms.

I don’t think PNU and ODM can claim to sure wining on fresh polls, they all making political statements. My opinion has always been that the last elections were closely contested despite claims of rigging. The voting pattern is not likely to change and we shall get back where we started. Maybe PNU can bank on benefiting from Kalonzo votes to get a clear win

Private Parts said...


The comeback that Mrembo has made is re-introducing jibes and vulgarities that people who visit this blog don't need.

She doesnt state any facts. Read some of her comments and you'll see they are just reckless spewings. Jibber-jabber.

Sickening. Am out

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Kumekucha supposing they both agreed to step down. That will not happen but just supposing they did. They'd meet somewhere, agree to step down for new leadership to take over, sign a few papers probably under the watchful eye of an eminent person. Then when time comes to step down one of them will have forgotten about the agreement. Never seen those papers before. It wasn't me!

Kibaki swore by John Kiriamiti's MY LIFE IN CRIME by the way. There was no time to look for a bible that evening.

chris said...

Private parts,

From your chosen name alone it is clear who is the vulgar one here. Leave Mrembo alone and please stay out permanently.

I and many readers here are head over heels in love with Mrembo's comments. Uta-do?


Wanjiku Unlimited said...

PRIVATE PARTS. Who is more vulgar - Mrembo or your very name??!!

chris said...

Private parts,

Let's deal in facts here.

Show me a single vulgar comment from Mreembo. JUST ONE.


Privte Parts said...



BY the way I still think that guy made alot of sense.

Anonymous said...


what rumour? hehehehe!! i think i will just stick with mrembo.

i gotta tell you though, i agree with antonio on this one, i have been trying to catch up with what has been said here in the last few days and honestly my dear, there are some gutter press like comments here......this blog is in a class of its own, you have to maintain that status!! please re-introduce moderation if you have to....

Mkenya Damu said...

Let us not fool ourselves that we can wish politicians away, these guyz are good at what they do which is play around our emotions,the business elites or the githongo types are technocrats who lack charisma to impress the local men n women ,people see such updiy's like naikuni like wanajiringa if you follow my drift.We are stuck with these politicians atleast for a while until we get our own Obama, Raila is not bad perse but like every man he has a wickness his being vulnerability to be fooled by the same man twice, he is just too trusting , did he really believe that the athari would actually share power,their is no big deal about a coalition even the gova as it is is a coaltion and so was the previous one even moi's last govt was a coaltion.The only real power sharing was to have kibs cede exec powers to the PM as proposed in the bomas draft,this did not happen ofcourse and that is why kibaki was very quick to sign, he knew he was signing a void law.i think Mazurui was right Kibaki is indeed smarter than raila.Once raila saw the word PM he forgot everything and hastily signed as well , he should have just fought it out to the bitter end.

Anonymous said...

my goodness what vulgar comments have i made jamani?

i turn huku kidogo and yawa!! someone called 'private parts' is saying am vulgar for calling kibaki 'a mungiki president'?!! this is just too funny!!

sawa am vulgar!!

Anonymous said...

Kibaki our President ,EGH.

Pls dont be bothered by frogs making too much noise here in this blog.

You have 4M + supporters and more have been brought by VP.

Tawala Kenya tawala, Rais wetu......

Fave said...

Analysis of the Kibaki Presidency has been done exhaustively. It is just that most people have chosen to bury their heads in the sand. Denial is not a solution. And as you can decipher clearly from this blog, the hatred on both sides is exponentially increasing as days go by.
You have written a nice article. But unfortunately, nice articles do not get nice responses. Look at the attack on Mrembo a very measured and placid blogger if you ask me. Private parts get a life or pick on someone of your own mental disposition.

Back to elections, question is, If Kibaki calls elections, is he eligible to run? Now that he swore himself in during twilight before beginning his murderous rampage on the nation?
My answer is that he can not call elections because, he is ineligible, and off course once more he won't win.

But all said and done we need new elections. and a heart attack on you know whom.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brothers and Sisters. What is needed in Kenya are fresh elections before the end of the year. They should agree on minimum reforms, O.K not agree but be forced to agree ODM has a majority in the house and can easily do this. They need to reconstitute the ECK and name credible commisioners. My bet Gabriel Mukele should be reappointed to oversee the election with new commissioners who will be thoroughly trained with a properly structured ECK. Let Mwizi Kibaki stand, we want him to. Raila should agree to step down for Musalia remember this is the person who can get votes anywhere in Kenya. Ruto to be the running mate. This combination will wipe PNU from the face of Kenya. Ofcourse Agwambo will come back as PM, with Ngilu as DPM. ODM will have gotten 100% and not 50:50 that the accord says since they will be the single party with the majority in the house. Let this election be called and see people like Harum Mwau and some very strange faces team up with ODM, even Eastern will not vote for Kibaki infact they shall go back to Ngilu. They have seen where the light is. Kalonzo is total darkness. Emilio (how I wish to hear this name for the last time this year) will be lucky if he got 10% votes from the 6 provinces that Raila won.


Anonymous said...

I think PNU should stop acting that way.for every kenyan not taking into a/c where he/she comes from (tribe) would think this way. there is no way one side can take powerful ministries.all politicians want to survive n so they require this ministries 4 their political career. the idea of of back to elections is a crazy one n secession no. we cant have two republics in one republic.this idea of nrb metropolitan devt is also alot of nonsense.wat is da work of local govt minister,town clerk and the mayor? we should have portfolio balance. Those who r inside come out first then u all go in

Mkenya Damu said...

Alot of sober sense in your proposal iam a tinga man but at this point iam willing to sacrifice him for the sake of kenya,now the PNU will attack musalia on you know what, what i would suggest is musalia to write a detailed book that exenorates him from the GB scandal since the report was never made you said that team would be formidable raila is too volatile, right now we need somebody neutral and mudamba is a good choice, lets hope he will not metarmophise like KIbaaki.

Anonymous said...

Open letter to Mwizi Kifucky,

Your time is over. Kenyans want sincere leaders, you are not. Frankly, you are a criminal, a liar, a pagan, a lunatic and a murderer.

The 4.5 million top-up votes are in reality 1.5 millions from Central. Give up your mischief. We know that your assistant, Mr Kalonzo will boost you with 0.6 votes. But the majority of Kenyans, even Kikuyus and Kambas are tired of Mungiki and Ngoroko type of politicians.

Kenyans will give the right owner of Kenyan Presidency the votes. From Western to Coast, over 7.5 million voters will give ODM the mandate to form the next government. If you are intelligent, leave Uhuru or Karua or Kirauti run for presidency.

They have more chances. Your time is out. Good-bye. Dont try to cheat again, this will not help your people.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:47 AM,

The only way Kibaki can rerun is if he/ someone close to him, sues the government on the elections results. Since Kibaki runs the courts, they will step in and rule the election result void and Kibaki's second term void. Then he could redo his second term. Other than that Emilio is done.

But that is such a huge risk to take unless he know how to break up ODM or has a back up plan to run and hide.

Anonymous said...

an interesting article for everyone on this blog to re-think their hardline positions and political affiliations:

Addressing historical injustices: Queries that require an answer

Publication Date: 4/9/2008
THE POLITICAL PROBLEMS caused by the General Elections has led to a flurry of calls for addressing historical injustices.
The power-sharing accord also contains the objective of working on “historical factors and injustices” in its agenda. Many issues will come to the fore once the injustices are put into focus.
The immediate perception about historical injustices seem to centre mostly on land acquisition in Rift Valley and parts of Coast provinces.
When members of certain ethnic communities were regarded as immigrants to those regions, violence and displacement occurred.
The common refrain was that the displaced should move back to their ancestral homes, which essentially meant that parts of Kenya are deemed to belong to certain ethnic communities.
However, there are several other weighty and deep-rooted injustices that have a history. Does the issue of addressing historical injustices consider them? These issues include:
(1) The Maasai land question:
This issue is the result of so-called agreements between the then Maasai Laibon (Lenana) and the British colonialists. The various purported agreements led to the Maasai losing almost all their productive land to white settlers.
It is argued that the Maasai leadership that signed the agreements neither understood the contents nor implication of such agreements, but the fact was that the Maasai were moved to reserves by force. The departure of the colonial government and settlers led to their immediate replacement by the local ruling elite.
Most of the remaining Maasai pastureland was turned into national parks, game reserves and sanctuaries. Today, these are lucrative tourist attractions and revenue earners.
(2) The Northern Frontier Districts:
As the colonial government prepared to give Kenya its independence, the northern districts occupied by Somali, Borana and related ethnic groups were not consulted. The result of a referendum to determine where they wanted to remain alone, join Somalia, or join Kenya, was never implemented.
This led to secessionist movement in 1960s. The Government decided to crush the northerners with no regards whatsoever for human rights or international law. Children, women, the elderly and innocent non-combatants died.
To deny such people justice, the Government had Parliament pass what was referred to as “Indemnity Act” in the late 1960s. This Act was repealed in 2001.
The subsequent decades saw insecurity, deaths and destruction as a result of chronic banditry – clear evidence of the State’s deliberate neglect and isolation of Northern Kenya.
(3) The Malka Mari, Wagalla and other massacres in North Eastern Province:
The 1960s, 1970s and even 1980s saw many undesirable events taking place in the NEP. Huge numbers of people were massacred by Government security forces with complete impunity.
The Malka Mari massacre in Mandera (1981), the Wagalla massacre of 1984 in Wajir, and various other mass murders were committed by security forces. The people are crying for justice. Will they get it?
(4) Identity crisis in upper eastern and north eastern provinces:
Anybody who comes from the above regions knows very well that some of the inhabitants do not know where they belong – whether they are Kenyan, Somali or Ethiopian nationals.
It does not matter whether ones’ father or grandfather was born and lived in Kenya. It does not matter if one’s grandfather was a colonial chief. There has always been a need to prove to a policeman that you are, indeed a Kenyan. One must always carry one’s identity for without it, one is in great peril.
As if that was not enough, in 1988, the Government introduced a major screening process and an extra identity card for Kenyans of Somali ethnicity (pink cards). This became a serious human rights issue. A number of indigenous Kenyans were deported to Ethiopia or Somalia.
(5) Marginalisation of northern Kenya:
The entire northern region of Kenya has suffered untold levels of neglect and deliberate marginalisation by successive regimes. The North West (Turkana, Pokot and Samburu); Upper Eastern (Isiolo, Marsabit and Moyale); NEP (Mandera, Wajir, Garissa and Ijara); Coast (Tana River and Lamu), are all affected.
Insecurity has become synonymous with these areas as deaths from banditry, raids, and ethnic conflict. The Government security forces are too weak to contain the violence.
Kenya’s political history is based on socio-ethnic foundations where the large ethnic groups call all the shots. The northerners and pastoralists are few and weaker than the rest. Will these issues be addressed? If not, what do we mean by historical injustices?
Mr Waqo is a peacebuilding, conflict management and humanitarian response consultant.

Anonymous said...

Just got this and thought twill be goood to hear others speak.Reward Raila with a honourable name

Published on April 9, 2008, 12:00 am

Luos call a leader who displays courage and leads from the front jakom.

That means a natural leader who attracts faithful followers. The station occupied by jakom is higher than that of "jatelo", a leader in general terms.

In Kikuyu, a leader of note is referred to as "mutongoria". The Wadawida call such a leader mgosi while the Waswahili use the term mzee for distinguished people.

Since the Kiswahili word is Kenya’s most common term for such a leader, I propose that we honour Prime Minister-designate, Mr Raila Odinga, with the title mzee.

President Kenyatta earned the title because of his ability to stay above ragtag wisdom.

He skillfully reached out to the settler farmers in the Rift Valley when Africans were baying for their blood.

Those who hail Kenyatta’s greatness often forget that some of the concessions he made enabled Kenya to stand on its feet in an otherwise stormy political environment. Raila has risen above ethnic seductions to stand up for Kenya.

The astute politician he is and the faithful team of followers and supporters he commands could have prevailed on him to take a hard stand. Had that happened, Kenya could have been badly ravaged.

Let us give credit where its due. Raila has shown great insight and wisdom by engaging in power sharing with President Kibaki. Their styles of leadership may differ, but Raila has met Kibaki midway with his focus in the right place – Kenya of the future.

For that, Raila deserves to be called Mzee Raila Amollo Odinga.

Jack Kiraka,

via e-mail.

Raila Mzuri said...

You see, the problem with Kenyans, you like glorifying your politicians. You think they are 'gods' and idolise them the way the west idolise their celebrities and sport stars.
Why is the name Odinga a cult in Luo-land?

Do you know most Kikuyians would vote for a Luo president if they have a choice other than Raila?
Bring on Raphael Tuju and we will have unchallanged Luo president instantly.

Anonymous said...


Come on Chris!

Nice effort but you almost drove me to a deep afternoon siesta. Didn't get your pay slip, your ugali burnt, your wife can't give birth....never mind just blame Kibaki! What nonsense!

Seriously speaking, haven't we heard this gibberish before? Come on guys, we said exactly the same stuff abour Arap Moi, that he should step aside and it would all be rosy and lovey dovey. How wrong we were!

Look, today is almost 6 years since the exit of man Toro, we are still squabbling, heckling, screaming, cursing and killing each other senselessly.

Even if we assume Kibaki stole the elections as claimed by some, does that justify anyone burning their neighbour's children to ashes in a church or chopping off your shopkeeper's head because he blongs to tribe Z? Where does Kibaki come in on this madness?

How many countries have had election disputes and didn't result to barbaric slaughter of the most vulnerable and innocent of humans in the society? I think Chris is being blinded by this legendary hatred he has of the Head of State.

It's the society stupid, not Kibaki! We need to stop blaming the political class for every ill since it's us who put them routinely in positions of power even when they execute the biggest of scams. We need to have a sober look of ouselves as a society in the mirror.

And when the law catches up with corrupt leaders, we come out and jam the courts claiming our 'communities' are being targeted for persecution. Even if Kibaki and Raila were to step aside as Chris argues so emotionally, who would be the best to take over?

ALL our leaders are tainted with graft, heinous acts against sections of the society, illicit love affairs, greed and egocentrism. I fear that Kenya is cruising at 200 M/h.....IN THE WRONG DIRECTION AND ONLY GOD CAN INTERVENE!



Nbi Kenya.

Anonymous said...

I definately agree 200% Kibaki needs to go. Believe me, in my house fresh elections & how to go about it are the order of the day.
What I certainly do not appreciate is this need to make both Raila & Kibaki bad...KIBAKI IS THE CULPRIT, LETS NOT VILLIFY RAILA FOR THE UPUMBAVU OF ONE DULY ELECTED THIEF & as a result conclude Raila should not be given a chance to reclaim what is rightfully his.
Yes he has his weaknesses, but compared to the average kenyan, they would be strengths !!

If I recall before the elections there were people who felt Raila wouldnt go down with most people, lets be honest when the bloggers here are saying Raila should step aside for say Mudavadi are we not going back to that unelectable nonsense? Or how do you explain the need for someone "neutral"
We should give credit where it is due, Raila UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, Is the man for the job. And too bad if you think i'm Raila "worshiping" it wont change my breathing pattern.
Kenyans proved these propagandists wrong and as far as I am concerned, I am yet to see anyone, even amongst the pentagon outshine Mzee Raila Odinga.
Let them prove themselves, beyond reasonable doubt first, then we can ask for replacements.
We have seen how dirty politics can be, politics is for politicians, fullstop. And most importantly it is not for the fainthearted...
Raila is still tops!!

Oh yes, when do we get to kick out thief in chief? My little finger is itching for that black ink:):)

Anonymous said...


Usianze, i think you go back to your archives....I never replied Forest Who? comments...What is vulgar in one calling Kibaki mungiki president...
If vulgar is defending my luo brothers from M-Pesa so be it...Swali ingine


Anonymous said...

Anon 5:47 AM

A too close to call election, nini nini is what PUNU based their unintelligent election theft on.
Reports from all the observers, ALL, right from the local, E.A.C to our observers from the international commnuity can atest to this.
Oh how can i forget our very own N.S.I.S, wote na sisi wanakenya know Obaki had 1 million votes or maybe less:):)

Anonymous said...

raila mzuri, wacha kutupaka mafuta...Ati Tuju and yet you guys coudn't adopt him leave alone nominate him....What changed?


Anonymous said...

Raila will never be the president of republic of Kenya!
I don't think that's too hard on anyone. It's the reality!!

Mkenya Damu said...

Tuju was cosumed by the inferno of his own arrogance, ati he was told to pack his projects and take them to othaya and kibaki could not even nominate his sorry ass

Mkenya Damu said...

Tuju was cosumed by the inferno of his own arrogance, ati he was told to pack his projects and take them to othaya and kibaki could not even nominate his sorry ass

Mkenya Damu said...

Tuju was cosumed by the inferno of his own arrogance, ati he was told to pack his projects and take them to othaya and kibaki could not even nominate his sorry ass

Mkenya Damu said...

Tuju was cosumed by the inferno of his own arrogance, ati he was told to pack his projects and take them to othaya and kibaki could not even nominate his sorry ass

Anonymous said...

hahahah Kibaki swore by John Kiriamiti's MY LIFE IN CRIME by the way. There was no time to look for a bible that evening

If there is a rerun give Rutto the flag not even satan will try to steal the votes .
-Kipkutuny Kokumngueny-

Anonymous said...

8:00 AM
I guess you should shoot yourself! Guess what Raila IS the president of Kenya, what are you blubbing here??
So you thought you'd steal the presidency from him, huh? Well I hope you stick around to feel n experience the upcoming events including the new elections that will allow his excellency the president Raila Odinga reclaim what you stole from him...

Or you could move to Somalia coz its only a matter of time & he'll be YOUR BELOVED PRESIDENT, ONCE AGAIN!!!

P.S You mean there are people out there who think Kalonzo is relevant? He cant deliver even, hata 100,000 votes.
Ask all the christians who could vouch on their lives for this man, how many have since seen the light??? Talk of being played.
I'm christian myself so no pun.
But what a laugh!!!!

Anonymous said...


Today, you woke up on the right side of the bed. With the exception of who won the election part, this was a good piece of writing exposing the nationalist in you (albeit wishful). How wish too tat the three tribal goons (Kibaki, Raila, & Ruto) could be locked out of future elections. As a Kibaki supporter, you can imagine what a concession it is for to agree that Kibaki be included in the lockout. I hope the followers of Raila and Ruto can also be willing to give as much. By analysing Kibaki so well, you have helped me reach my decision, but your job is still unfinished, Chris. You need to help Raila's and Ruto's supporters to come to a similar realization by giving a detailed analysis of Ruto and Raila as to why you think they merit to be shown the red card. In honor of your article, today I promise to hold my arrows in my quiver, to put my machete back in the closet, and my stone under my bed - but only for today. Thanks, Chris.

Mkenya Damu said...

Enyewe the mood is right , kibaki, raila n rutto out .As much as iam a raila supporter iam willing to concede and support a neutral person , preferably from the luhya community, these guyz are humble and will not load their arrogance on kenyans,Musalia tosha!

Amka said...

I think I know why PNU wants the Nairobi metropolitan ministry formed, see they lost the local govt elections to ODM, so is this ministry a PNU plan of taking control of Nairobi through the backdoor? Just a thought

Anonymous said...

nonymous said...

Raila will never be the president of republic of Kenya!
I don't think that's too hard on anyone. It's the reality!!



Raila Mzuri said...

I did not say you should start analysing Raphael Tuju. Tuju is a good man and you should leave him out of this blog plse.
The point I was only trying to highlight is, it's not only Odinga who can be the president. we have many talented young politicians from the region.
Raila has been on the scene well before some of us were born and it's about time we start looking for the future.
He is well advanced in age, God forbid, what if Raila dies?? (we all have to go one day!)
We have put too much hope on one man and YES he is only a man.

Anonymous said...

Wapi Kimunya? The just released IMF economic projection for 2008/2009, show that Kenya is going to be hit pretty hard by the looming global recession. Not only is Kenya forecast to do significantly worse than her neighbours, the downturn is likely to get worse if the current political impasse continues.

See African table here:

Country and regional perpective:

Global propects:

Full report:

Anonymous said...

Amka, if they want to take Nairobi, it's their ancestral land. Only worry if they take Kisumu.

Anonymous said...

best form of flattery is immitation

so now we have one Raila Mzuri ? amazing.

yet s/he totally hates RAO.

brought up the story of tuju but ouch ouch, still-born (PNU) strategy, they couldn't even decide between Kombo and Tuju. ha ha ha but they can elect Tuju president over Raila (i.e anyone that licks central booty). chief problem - arrogance, theft, arrogance.

Fave said...

I will repeat once more that Kibaki is the problem.
For those saying that Kibaki should not contest another election. He is on his second term, he can not contest again. So it is just calling 12 a dozen. That is crap etc. Lets not go down that road at all
There is no way RAO and William Samoei should fore go their aspirations and deny us leadership to placate some ethnocentric cabal. They have not broken any law or they have not stolen any election. They are not the reason for the current mess. And in fact without those two beacons, to give us courage and inspiration, some group of Kenyans will be running roughshod all over other Kenyans. So Fave, repeats it once more. I am proud William Samoei Ruto is on my side

So when anon@ 8:57 says 'as Kibaki supporter, you can imagine what a concession it is for to agree that Kibaki be included in the lockout. I hope the followers of Raila and Ruto can also be willing to give as much' He or she should not think people are stupid on this blog. In any case, what is he giving up in a demented 70 something year old recovering alcoholic with a crazy wife on his way to hell.

Raila has done nothing wrong, apart from exercise his democratic right. As for Samoei bring some evidence against him or stop being obsessed with him. He is the obstacle to dominance by some people.
R&R are here to stay

Amka said...

@raila mzuri 7:19 AM
I beg to differ with you, Kikuyu's cannot vote for someone who is not from the house of Mumbi! just look at the struggle for DPM position,Uhuru, Karua, Saitoti kinuthia. Kiraitu is just a sideshow, they'd never support him either, that's why I keep telling my fellow meru's to start using their brains and stop supporting these kikuyu's kazi ya Wameru ni kutumiwa tu! kama kodomu, if you don't trust me Kiraitu, just try and be a serious contender for the DPM position to test the waters

Chicity said...

Raila and Ruto have every right to exercise their democratic rights, as all Kenyans do. I think it's ridiculous to suggest that they be excluded from running for public office simply because a segment of the population cannot overcome their prejudices. As far as Kibaki, it would depend on what the law says about that. He is on his second term now so logic would suggest that he is constitutionally barred. But we all now that the Kenyan Courts' strict adherence to legal doctrine is an oxymoron. They prescribe to "the law is an ass and an idiot holding us hostage" school of thought.

Anonymous said...


funny how, constitution is applied to propagate a stalemate in favor of status quo, but suddenly becomes a very limiting factor in the event of a new election.

the exact same games played during kenyatta days and when the transition to moi was played out.

and when so called reformers (kiraitu and other central) agitated for change with moi in power but immediately changed once kibaki got the position.

in short constitution must favor central leadership. crap.

Anonymous said...

Amani ni Haki Yetu

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