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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Two Governments , One Kenya

There is no denying the fact that PNU and ODM CANNOT work together. We can chose to close our eyes to this reality but it will eventually hit us hard mercilessly in the face. PNU has made it clear that surrendering Foreign Affairs and Local Government ministries amounts to cutting the President from the outside world and grassroots respectively. Leaves you wondering who is the boss? Goodwill is a distant rumour in all this charade. Only fraudulent and incompetent managers allow their subordinates to make decisions of the very juniors.

The implied malice couldn’t have come off more openly. The die is cast Kenya is struggling to come up with two government pulling in different directions with no common agenda but only united in their selfish interests. The war of inheriting Kibaki’s presidency is on and PNU can disguise it all the much they care with Kenyans are pawns.

What do you make of a president who goes on air to publicly promise an announcement complete with timing only to renege on the same without bating an eyelid? Kibaki has taken his forte of deception to new heights in the knowledge that his apologists will sanitize any rot from him in equally deceptive efforts to absolve him from blame. Well, you can fool some people some time but not all the people all the time. Even Mugabe with the tight noose on Zimbabweans’ necks didn’t see the power of SMS coming. Kenyans may be down under Kibaki’s weight but definitely not out.


Anonymous said...

Taabu i absolutely agree with you on this one. We are (that is if it comes to pass) going to have a two-in-one cabinet. It has become very obvious with the haggling over cabinet portfolios. Each side seems to be minding their own business and a portfolio that goes to the other side is called "lost." That does not strike me as something you consider going to your partner.

As i said here before, Mutua (Alfred) has had it hard but his successor is going to have it even harder. I wonder if there is a side that is canvassing for this post in the maybe-to-be-formed grand confusion cabinet. These people will never speak with the same voice, unless they are telling a lie to Kenyans.

And just wondering, i think pnu list of ministries has Ministry of Health split into Medical Services and Public Health and Sanitation, while ODM list has Ministry of Health. Any insights on this anomaly?


Anonymous said...

I believe we are headed nowhere with this Kibaki - Raila cabinet. First, it is too large and secondly, it is clear that PNU does not and is not ready to work with ODM. We should stop wasting time and head back for a fresh election

Anonymous said...

Precisely Anon 1:09, turudi uchaguzi after kivuitu and cronies old men (muttu) go for retirement....We need them nowhere near any ballot box including the vioja mahakamani one. PUNU jipangeni we are ready to go and queue again to vote in a legitimate govt yenye haitatupatia headache....We need to declare Kalonzo IRRELEVANT....I thought his christianity is supposed to come to the fore in times of crisis.....You mean he missed church yesterday?


Anonymous said...

We need to go back for elections like yesterday, tumechoka na sarakasi ya Emilio.
Let's not give the guy too many excuses kwani if he fires some of his guys what will they do? Defect to ODM? No way under the sun!
So the guy is wasting our time knowing he does not sit in traffic Jams, does not care about investing for future generations- His grandchildren are already billionares!
He doesn't care if people die of cold in IDP camps and has no idea what insecurity means- I think this is the most selfish individual this country has ever seen.His heart is made of stone...

Taabu said...

Ivy I understand there is a prayer room at Haramee Hse so the VP must have communicated with his maker there. Spare him please he had more important things to WIPE than holding a leather bound bible.

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