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Monday, April 14, 2008

Sam Okello On The New Grand Coalition Cabinet

Latest on ongoing Mungiki violence

Fellow Kenyans,

Yesterday marked an important milestone in the nation's history. It marked the end of the 2007 elections. We finally have a government that President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga have weaved together to help heal the deep wounds a sham electoral process opened up in our country. As this new government gets down to business, there will be people who gloat about PNU retaining the plum ministries. There will be those who complain about the ODM having absorbed a further body blow after being robbed of victory at the polls. Such gloating by the PNU supporters and complaints by the ODM supporters are understandable.

But they are also childish and misplaced.

The point here is that Kenya must move forward. The Prime Minister has accepted a government that by any measure is grossly bloated, and one he would never have constituted, so that the nation is freed from the intransigence of the men and women who have allowed themselves to think Kenya can't do without them. By accepting this government, the Prime Minister has passed through a very dark tunnel with us and brought us to the other side safely. That's what statesmanship is all about.

But the work is just beginning. At this point there are three crucial issues that need urgent attention:

1. Our brothers and sisters in the camps (IDPs) need to be settled urgently. It shames us when our fellow countrymen sleep in tents and beg for food within our borders. As a matter of urgency, let's move swiftly to settle our people and close the camps.

2. We must act with speed to disband the Electoral Commission of Kenya and replace it with one that brings together men and women of character. It would indeed be immoral for the current discredited body to be allowed to conduct another election. Mr. Kivuitu and his team represent men and women who have disgraced themselves and betrayed the Kenyan people. They deserve no part in shaping the future of our nation.

3. Finally, there's the matter of the constitution. And though I mention this third, it is critical to understand that this is the most important assignment the new government is going to confront. Changing the constitution, and making it reflect the hopes and dreams of the Kenyan people, will require wisdom, patience and tolerance of the kind usually displayed by statesmen. Those who will cling to a tribal agenda, who will champion the narrow interests of certain communities, will be doing a grave diservice to the nation. Because at the end of the day, the three issues will form the basis for how we judge the conduct of the government and those we elected to represent us in Parliament.

It is my hope that should the PNU, ODM and ODM-Kenya officials work hard to deal with the three issues mentioned above, we will move foward in harmony and face future elections without fear. If we don't start the work right away, we will be stunned by how fast time rolls by. Then we'll have created room for those who scheme evil to come in and derail our democracy further.

That would be sad.

For Love of Country,
Sam Okello


Kimi Raikkonen said...

Very well said, couldn't have put it better myself.

MB said...

Sam Okello, Irrelevant as ever!

Just last week, you beseeched us to hold on to the hand of Raila as he leads us towards the dark tunnel. Now in this article, Raila has finally emerged from the dark tunnel, with such irrelevant and irreverent people as the very dark Fred Gumo as full ministers!.
So much for savior Raila! When will Psychophantic Africans get it?

You also told us not to cry in the public because Raila is crying in the bedroom at night (just like an African Witchdoctor).

Sam Okello, you seem to be a talented young man, why waste your time peddling lies, rumors and hate? What happened to the dossier which "fell on my footsteps at the door"?.
Keep on writting books and trying to be BALANCED and FAIR [even to the people who live in other countries!]. The rest is foolishness!

Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your conversion. I from now give you powers to preach peace, see good in othere as you see yourself and go sing it in the mountains.

This is the first ever post you have done that does not stink. Continue it brother.

All the same - am dissapointed with rao for bringing ntimama, gumo and mwau in the government. He ends being like kibaki. The oldest guy in the cabinet comes from ODM. Is this the change we promised Kenya? Would Gumo add value to Kenya rather than constitute jeshi la mzee

Anonymous said...

For once Sam u've written a mzuri piece. Now to add some stuff on point #1. We want those leaders to address the issue of land since it affects them (The leaders since they're the main beneficiaries and the IDP since they're the main victims). Once this major issue is address PROPERLY then peace will last for a long time. Anything short of that will result to the same thing in the next 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello:

For the first time you have written as a nationalist. The moment I saw your name I had gone into a fighting mood thinking that you about to feed us the usual Saviour Raila versus Damned PNU crap, until I read the contents. I hope you are not enticing us to let down our guard before you pull a first one on us. Calling the Kikuyu IDPs your brothers and sisters is quite an unbelievable conversion. I guess it is never late to de-tribalize one's mind. Now you need to call upon the Taabus of this world to realize that IDPs are Kenyans/humans too. For now I put my sword back into its sheath and give your call for peace and unity of purpose a chance! Well spoken, Sam! Enjoy your Big Mac, there in America.

Anonymous said...

Greetings to you 'sister' - Anon-MB of 6:44 - you have taken the words out of my mouth so this time I don't condemn you for having spoken for me.

I wish to tell you all some very good news: finally Sam Okello has taken out my book A Shining Star in Darkness from the list of his other 'fictious' novels - finally. I am glad that he cannot make more money in selling it illegally. His lawyers must have finally convinced him - or was it the bad publicity and comments I distributed to all outlets which have this book in their programme telling them that I am writing the true story according to the real events as I have been asked by the biggest American and German Publisher and not the phantasy of a certain Bozo as invented by Sam not only in this book but also in 'The Night Bob Died' which he announces now to come out in a revised version.

So we all can expect some more rubbish phantasy about a certain killer Bozo - or maybe he was the one who 'dropped' the 25 pages information on Sam's door? Or was it like the fairytale of The Mau-Mau Prophesy - Sam's latest helping creating nightmare 'novels'?

I have read his comment - I like the way Sam talks on behalf of the Kenyan people .... we did .... we elected ...our democracy.....

Strange for a man who never voted in Kenya since he did not even go back to make the effort at least this time .... it is so much easier to watch and talk (and write) from a safe haven in South Bend, Indiana ....

I am sure, you all agree with me: this stinks and people who are starving, suffering - and hoping - should not listen to people like Sam Okello or tell them: come back here and help us, risk your life like we do - otherwise just shut up and leave us alone just like you did the last 18 years. Don't give us a preaching when it fits into your own schemes. This is cheap and everybody can see that you are not even believing your own words since your deeds speak another language. Accusing others of looting and robbing when you did and still do the same yourself, is not only cheap - it is offensive if not criminal.

Marianne Briner

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello: And one last suggestion: since you so nicely talk about your 'brothers and sisters' in the IDP camps:

Why don't you send them the money you have stolen from me?

This would at least for once show that you are really understanding their suffering.

I herewith give you the permission to take my money out of your bank account and send it to Kenya because that's where it belongs and not to buy some more nice dresses for your wife Hellen.

Be compassionate and honest - at least for a few minutes.

Marianne Briner

Abbas said...

Sam Okello, in South Bend India.

If you knowingly stole money from this woman and stashed it in your bank accounts, please return it at once.

If you stole the story from this woman and published "A Shining Star in the Darkness" and went to sell the book illegaly, then Shame on you, you are FAKE.

We are sick and tired of people who claim to be holy men of God who are stealing money internationally and selling books illegaly, and claiming to be Nationalists. What is the difference between Moi and his cronies who stole Kenyans' money?

Sam Okello, return money stolen from this woman; do not stash money in your bank accounts in India. And give this money to IDPs if they are indeed your brothers and sisters!

PS: All the while I thought you lived in the USA, kumbe you live in INDIA? No wonder you support hawa wahindi!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sam Okello for your love of country. Keep doing what you do best brother. You've really been a blessing to most of us here at home! Your words of wisdom have sustained us in the darkest of the moments.

Thank you brother Okello.

Anonymous said...

We have a cabinet that clearly favours one region...the Mt. Kenya Mafia. Sam your points are right on...we'll remember to send Karua back home in 2012.

One kenya, one people

Anonymous said...

Sam, mimi Okuyo damu. Sasa you're the man!

Anonymous said...

What is the difference between Moi, Biwott, Kibaki and all the rest - and people like Sam Okello?The answer is NONE. They are all of the same kind. Shame on you, Sam Okello. Continue dreaming about becoming Kenya's next President. Or should I better say: congratulations Kenya. You will be in good hands with a man like that maybe even more than now since Sam has already demonstrated to have real 'presidential qualities'.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello is young, brilliant and very calculating. I dream of an Okello-Jeff-Raymond ticket. There are those who will tell me to dream on, but having watched Sam Okello up close, I cannot discount the enormous talents this young man has. He will be president someday.

Who wants to bet?

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello, a man becoming contrary to the Bible which he likes to quote pretending to be a holy man, a PAULUS becoming SAULUS or in other words: he is like Judas Ischariot selling Jesus to his killers. I have followed all of Sam's comments posted here by Chris. It's amazing, how often and how fast one man can change his opinion. Sam, you must have even problems to believe your own words since I like many others find it difficult to follow your brainwashing mentality.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:09 PM - A Sam (Okello) - Jeff (Koinange) - Raymond (Moi) presidential ticket? Kenya would be really up for a big surprise. One a false preacher - one a confessed rapist and the third one a drug addict. All three of them have therefore true presidential qualities. Poor Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello, Jeff Koinange, Raymond Moi are our leaders of tomorrow. this will be our dream ticket come 2012! LUO_KIKUYU_KALENJIN alliance...unbeatable....ODM2...

Anonymous said...

Sam, Jeff and Raymond: a real DREAM TEAM. Why wait until 2012 - get together now and lead Kenya on the road to even more MISERY and total DISASTER. All of them are experts in this as they have demonstrated by the way they have handled their own life up to now: a bunch of extremely uncapable, but nevertheless dangerous fools.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello=False (SDA) Pastor
Jeff Koinange= A Rapper who raped womens in London
Raymond Moi=Drug Addict


Anonymous said...

Sam Okello - an Immoral THIEF.

Jeff Koinange - an immoral RAPIST who according to his own words (see Adam Magazin March 2008) sees himself as the center of the Kenyan catwalk staying 'tuned' to become President being sponsored by the whores Rose Kimotho and Esther Passaris.

Raymond Moi - an immoral DRUG-ADDICT having been called back from the States by his father Daniel arap Moi and had to undergo medical treatment in Kenya. Ask Prof. Ongeri. He was the one conducting the 'cleaning' of Raymond and that's how and why he was then rewarded with a Government position already in the 90's.

These are the people somebody here (and my guessing is that this ANON has the name Hellen Okello) promotes to become the future leaders of Kenya.

What a shame for Kenya just to think about this TRIO.

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