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Monday, April 07, 2008

Horror That Was Planned For Kenya...

...And why we must retreat

Guest Post By Sam Okello

Wananchi Watukufu,

Last week I said there comes a time when a weary nation must say enough is enough. I was wrong. I was because last night someone dropped off a dossier at my door that has given me pause. The roadmap to what the enemies of Kenya planned to do immediately after the elections reads like a horror novel. There are men and women around President Kibaki who were not going to let the Hon. Odinga became president at any cost. For these peolpe, if Kenya was going to burn, to be wiped off the face of this earth, that was a small price to pay. Since that darkest month in Kenya, when over a thousand of our fellow countrymen lost their lives, you've seen these same people huggle and hold the nation at ransom till they can get certain ministries. For them politics is about enriching themselves and amassing power, never about developing the nation. They see politics as a zero-sum game where evil is rewarded and self-control is a weakness. A time is coming when these people must be made to pay for their sins. But that time is not now.
After reading this dossier over and over, it is easy for me to despair. Indeed, it makes me fearful for the future. But a time like this calls for wisdom and temperance. We are dealing with men and women who have decided that they have nothing to lose. Men and women who fear a change of guard because of the crimes they committed in the past. Men and women who see their only chance of escaping trial at the Hague or in Kenya only if they hang on to power at any cost. What we must realise is that people of this ilk don't think rationally. In fact, that's why they sign off on agreements in the morning and gladly walk away in the evening.
Now, there is a good reason why the Hon. Odinga has chosen engage these people. I didn't know it until I read this dossier last night, and several times today. What I want to tell my fellow countrymen is this: Whatever and wherever the Hon. Odinga goes at this hour, let's follow him. The man is walking with us through a very dark tunnel. In the fullness of time I will personally reveal the devilish schemes and the murderous plans these bloodthirsty hounds had for Kenyans, and why you literally saw the Hon. Odinga look like a man on the verge of tears back in January. The weight of an entire nation was on his shoulders.
When the story of January and February 2008 is written, we will all look back and see in the Hon Odinga and the Pentagon a people who stayed awake at night so we could sleep, people who cried in their bedrooms so that the rest of us didn't have to wipe our tears, men and a brave woman who left their homes in the morning knowing full well it might be the last time they kissed their spouse goodbye, heroes who knew that by looking weak they were keeping the nation from walking into the jaws of callous bloodsuckers.
Yes, the number of ministries is high. And yes, the PNU people have plotted to grab the prime ones. But this is not the time to fight these people. That would be the wrong fight. It would be a fight that leads our people straight into a trap. What I've realised, by reading this twenty five-page dossier, is that we are where we are purely by divine intervention. The Lord used the Hon Odinga and the Hon Kofi Annan to save our nation. So, fellow Kenyans, whatever the Hon. Odinga finds neccesary to do to steer the nation through the stormy seas at this dark hour, I call on his supporters to back him to the hilt.
The wise know when to retreat. The time for a knockout punch is just months away!
For Love of Country.

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Anonymous said...

Follow Raila into the lake if you like. To the best of my knowledge, there isn't a single clean politician in Kenya. Kibaki stole the election yes. I wouldn't have given a hoot if Kenyans hadn't died as a result. I support Raila's fight for influential ministries in the hope that ODM will use its ministerial strength to push for a re-election. For how long will Kenyans be ruled by a blood-thirsty, greedy election thief nad his tribe-mates?

Anonymous said...

I think the dossier you received was really shocking. Wow! And it is all a figment of your imagination!

Luos will be luos! You think there aren't organisations out there like wikileaks, KNHRC, Amnesty International etc that the dossier could have been sent to? But no... Sammy Okello is the world cop... the only one who will act on the disturbing dossier, right?

Go fish!

Anonymous said...

anon.4.20. This stupid stupid stupid stupid KIKUYU MAFIA YA MLIMA KENYA.....SHAAME ON YOUR THICK SKULLL BLODDY MAFIA. I am ashamed to share a country with you. you belong to Afghanistan not Kenya not even this world, Infact you belong to HELLLLLLLLL.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 4.20 you have the infantry to open you dirty mouth just because Raila maintained a stand that save your bloody ass from burning in Eldi, Now you have forgotten so fast. wake up and be consistent, you think I don't know you? Why didn't you protest when they signed the agreement. Your lack of intelligence is great disease to ppple of your class. you do not belong to this blogg.

Anonymous said...

Proof, or it didn't happen. This site has the great potential of being a top notch "Kenyan Wikileaks" what with everybody's inside sources. However, one thing is lacking in a big way to prevent that from happening- and that is evidence. The internet is an awesome tool for disseminating information (factual or otherwise). If you have proof to support your statements, present it.

James said...

I wonder whether you read what you write. If you do, try and picture if someone fed you with the same stuff, an eloquently phrased rumour with no evidence to support its vigour.What stops another from writing exactly the same thing, only this time in support of Martha Karua?

Anonymous said...

Let me guess: the dosssier you are talking about which was conveniently dropped at your door last night, is your new book called The Mau-Mau Prophecy and this whole nice piece here is a more than obvious public relation attempt. Don't take Kumechans as fools.

Anonymous said...

I will only back him to the hilt, if and only if he doesn't conceed any ground....He has given enough and there is no more he can give...Tosha Kibaki ajipange


Anonymous said...

Anon 4:23, Luos will go and fish....Halafu, SO?


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, in addition to cooking up the dossier story, you shoul also have cooked up evidence. atleast that way your post would've looked authentic.

Forest Gump said...


Sir, why are you trying to make Kenyans feel like they are in Hell in the midst of a world that is heaven?

You are just describing the normal book behavior of any politician.

You have not provided us with any grounds on which we can declare the source of your information reliable but I am willing to give it about 10 % benefit of doubt.

You said "The roadmap to what the enemies of Kenya planned to do immediately after the elections reads like a horror novel."

Correction. Its not the enemies of Kenya, its the owners of Kenya. We're talking about people who own almost all of Kenya's wealth, and they manipulate the politicians who are in power, NOT their tribesmen or any other people, those in power. And they will continue to do so whether its Raila, Kibaki, Kalonzo or Saitoti who is president.

You wrote, "For them politics is about enriching themselves and amassing power, never about developing the nation."

My brother, that describes every politician - Kibaki, Raila, Bush, Gordon Brown, Obama, Name them. Who told you being a politician is a charitable calling. You want to know why people enter politics? You've described it above.

You wrote, " A time is coming when these people must be made to pay for their sins."

There is NEVER going to be such a time. Did Moi pay for his sins? Aren't the likes of Biwott,Pattni and Ruto still roaming the streets freely? Sit down bro, who's being lied to?

You wrote, "Men and women who fear a change of guard because of the crimes they committed in the past. Men and women who see their only chance of escaping trial at the Hague or in Kenya only if they hang on to power at any cost."

They don't hang on to power because they fear being prosecuted at home and abroad, they do so in order to continue reaping the benefits, i.e. obtaining money illegally etc.

Also: "Now, there is a good reason why the Hon. Odinga has chosen engage these people."

Yes there is. And the reason is simple. There are people who financed his presidential bid including members of his own party. These people (and companies, lords, schemers etc) were expecting RESULTS and were expecting to gain from his being in power. Now those are people you just might not want to disappoint. And those are the peole who were pushing him to the wall not to relent. If you thought the man has this Messiah characteristic in his heart, I am sorry to tell you he is a fully normal politician.

"you've seen these same people huggle and hold the nation at ransom till they can get certain ministries"

Both sides are doing the exact same thing - huggling over the minstries! None is a saint. Exact same motives.

You wrote: "we will all look back and see in the Hon Odinga and the Pentagon a people who stayed awake at night so we could sleep, people who cried in their bedrooms so that the rest of us didn't have to wipe our tears, men and a brave woman who left their homes in the morning knowing full well it might be the last time they kissed their spouse goodbye,"

Big Correction. Its supposed to read like this: "we will all look back and see people who slept in their mansions in Runda and Karen while IDPs slept in the cold, people who cried in the bedroom because power was snatched from them through stolen election (not because of you and me), Men and women who had their flight tickets ready to move their families abroad in case the situation in Kenya became intolerable. Thats the way its supposed to read.

You wrote "men and women around President Kibaki who were not going to let the Hon. Odinga became president at any cost."

Welcome to the world of democracies. Same stuff happens everywhere. Al Gore had sure won the presidency. Fox news even announced that he had officially been declared winner in Florida. Several hours later CNN announces that Bush won Florida and Fox is ordered to apologize. Its about those guys who own the country. Every country has its own. Welcome to the world, Ladies and Gentlemen.

So dear Kenyans, panic not too much for thou dwelleth not in Hell while others rejoice in heaven.



Anonymous said...

Why can't we all get along? Sam Okello needs to get laid Vibaya.

Taabu said...

Ivy that is CONSISTENCY, you earn the top price gal, keep it there. Meanwhile eat FISH tonight, au sio?

Anonymous said...

Kikuyu's, when will you open your eyes and realize that the real enemies of Kenya reside within your community: The so called "Kikuyu elite" who are not any different from the Kikuyu (underclass)MUNGIKI thugs, rapist's and extortionist's who just love to cut of their fellow kikuyu's heads all in the name (sic) of being "allowed" to extort, rob and rape their fellow Kyuks. This is crazy! These primitive, selfish, greedy, backward and disgusting values and morals are what have led to Kenya being a disapointing underachiever. Most of this your so called "enterprising nature" is actually full of FRAUD and DECEPTION. Their is nothing superior about you people. Nothing to admire!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...


After reading all the commentaries on the cabinet fiasco (forty-folio balancing), my question remains unanswered. Which positions does ODM want and why? Or to put it another way, which positions is PNU denying ODM, and why?

A minister is a minister, ama?


Philip Roy said...

It is sad to see how this young Generation of Kenyans thinks .I thought it was only guys above 50 who were into tribal hatred.

People can throw words back and forth, but if we don't solve this....

2012 will be another HUGE problem....

NOTE: I was born in the city so I may be blind to the ills of tribalism.

Philip Roy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Philip Roy said...


Do you have any idea how ministries are operated?

And have you ever lived in Kenya?

Phil said...

Instead of sitting behind your computer and aimlessly tapping the keyboard, I am asking you guys to deeply reflect what Sam is talking about.

I agree with your views partly. However, we want to believe the party is greater than the individual, in the sense that if Raila were to drop dead today, the vision, manifesto and ideals of the party, plus the individuals within it will take the party, its supporters and the country forward. Yes, Sam the knock-out punch is coming. Sooner than we can all imagine.

As matters are 3pm Kenya time, Kibaki and PNU have been unable to reply to a letter that was sent to them by ODM early this morning. The letter detailed ODM's position on the cabinet and was clear that Raila would no longer meet Kibaki unless the cabinet portfolios were distributed equitably between ODM and PNU.

I want to agree with Museveni. Kenya's problems are mostly due to poor and indecisive leadership. A president is now answerable to his ministers to the point that he is unable to sack them for the the sake of peace in this country. Bure Kabisa.

Anonymous said...

Taabu Definately, fish is more healthier at any time than a plate of dry githeri.....That is why it is expensive......Tell me in which country have you you seen Kenya selling maize and beans to (That is Taabu's Qn so wengine mujipange i dont need your answers)Unless Americans buy to feed what? You know the answer!!!

Oh no, Forest Who? has resurfaced i am shocked after the tongue lashing he got from Mrembo....Ei that girl...He dares shows his writting skills i have not even read his comments he might just be insulting our unorthodox ways


P.s Anon 5:54 Do i really need to answer you...I dont think so i will not stoop to your level...Pole get someone to jibu your comments

Anonymous said...

By the way ......Raila gains from me i dont gain from him....I am his employer...By the way i am well occupied and i dont really need my tribesman to be the CEO or the president for me to benefit....Iko swali ingine

I know i said i will not answer you...But i needed to tell you that...Iko swali ingine


Anonymous said...

Jeff at 6.04 if a Minister is a Minister why cant PUNU give up finance, defence and internal security??
For those obsessed with with fish FYI lay off bcoz you cannot even afford it, kula maharagwe na mahindi milele.........

For the thieves, your days are number- only 40 and it shall come to pass!

Fave said...

While the cheap insults from supporters of the dictator have sullied this particular thread. The author has not helped his case at all (That is assuming he has a case)
Sam Okello, please put your dossier in the open. You do not need any evidence, just give us the dossier. Otherwise, I will handle you post just like any other rumor.
Kumekucha, please set a standard for your authors. We have come to expect certain standards. The article does not meet any standard.
The problem remains Kibaki,... and I have to do the necessary. I put a curse on his household, his children and every body that ever comes after that. And when he dies may his children dig up his carcass by moonlight and make soup it. and may Lucy's insanity run through all her descendants

Anonymous said...

Phillip Roy,

Just why do ODM and PNU want to keep certain ministries? Is it about power or service? How are ministries operated?


Anonymous said...

Sam to enable a discussion and debate please present the dossier to Kumekucha. If unable to please explain why! Am sure my request is felt by many.

Forest Gump said...


I implore you to reconsider your position about reading my article. By the way I enjoy your "joky" comments - like right now people are discussing about Kibaki, Raila, cabinet and you're busy concentrating on fish etc.

Its people like you who keep the blog interesting and not just straight-up serious discussions.

By the way can you stop being lazy and read my comment before you judge it.

Anonymous said...

Amen to Fave- Kibaki is Kenyan's current biggest problem.
Now I'm sharing power, now I'm not, Now I need to consult, now i dont... ala. Huyu mzee ametuchosha, tulimpeleka P.O Othaya akaiba kwa nguvu.
How the hell did this guy ever go to prestigious schools like Makerere and the London School of Econ. Ama akili yake ni ya Kitabu tu???

Anonymous said...

Seriously fish is food healthy food at that jamani try apply your obongo abit and use a real insult....just tryingto help you guys out.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Ei yawa Forest Who? Imagine i have better things to do like maybe playing solitaire....Than reading your comments....You know comments that annoy, like yours...So maybe another day.....By the way you can always skip my comments .....That is why i sign as Ivy so that you are not forced to read....By the way if you find them joky..then what the heck are you waiting for? Laugh it may just ease some stress from you after working so hard


rogger said...

Confirmed information reaching us says that another Member of Parliament was this afternoon assaulted by First Lady Lucy Kibaki. Dr. Naomi Shaban, who is also Minister for Gender, arrived at State House for an appointment with President Kibaki after her name featured as one of the front runners for the post of Deputy Prime Minister. Upon arrival at State House Dr. Shaban was met at the corridor by the first Lady who asked her is Swahili " Unataka nini hapa? Watu wote wanakutana na mzee Harambee House, mimi ndiye mwenyeji hapa".

At this point, realising danger and knowing what was about to follow, Dr. Shabaan handed her handbag to one of the bodyguards and replied to the First Lady in swahili " State House ni nyumba ya serikali, na wewe mama Lucy tafadhali shika adabu wacha kuaibisha Mzee". But before she could finish her sentence, the First Lady had sent a slap that missed Dr. Shabaan. A tattoo follow-up slap found its rightfull destination. Mr. Hyslop Ipu, Comptroller of State House, intervened and asked the Minister to leave. She complied. This becomes the fourth time the first lady has assaulted someone at the supreme seat of power in Kenya and brings the tally of her known high profile victims to 4. .

Fave said...

May be you should sign your name at the start of the blog rather than the end of it so that at a glance one can avoid it.
I like your comments and goofiness so I will not avoid your comments.

Anonymous said...

Forest Gump,

Nice comment. That common sense is not common to everyone.

Anonymous said...

I think this is what is called a tactical retreat Sam you know the writing is on the wall and you know that Raila can either take what he has been given or split not a big question why prolong the debate you are testing the waters to see whether people will accept that and what the future will hold for RAO already some of his supporters are waking up to the fact that they have been duped by none other than Amollo Odinga was it so dificult to spell out what he wanted while they were debating the accord if you think back on the day of the signing he clearly said that people will say Raila gave too much, but nobody listened instead they thronged to the streets shouting and celebrating talking of executive PM and ceremonial President well the truth has come to pass, all Raila wanted was his PM (with no powers as is obviously apparent now, a big motercade, security etc.)It may be sad to comprehend but it is time for all those wishful thinkers to coe to there senses and realise the Game is over the whistle has been blown final score Kibaki 1 - Raila 0. It may be interesting to note that Raila was warned not to take the deal and both the TZ President and Kofi told him that they thought him accepting the PM position would be the begining of the end for him in fact he was told that there is no TZ Prime Minister who has ever benefited politically from the position, so he was given the rope and now he has hung himself RIP Mr Odinga let the next generation of young leaders take over the fight you have passed your sell by date join Kibaki and the rest of the grey haired folk and retire.

Anonymous said...

At leasy Fave i am not aloof as your duly elected president...ama. There is a scroll bar for you to scroll before you read a comment...I think i prefer it that way...Anyway thanks for the advise

Rogger, Please tell Naomi Shaban..Pole ...LOL


Fave said...

I hope you realize I said , ..
'I like your comments and goofiness so I will NOT avoid your comments'

The quantifier being I will NOT avoid your comments.

Then please Ivy, this statement hurts me so bad ...'as your duly elected president',
I hope you realize, I do not call Kibaki anything but a dictator. and the duly elected nonsense remains just that nonsense.
The crook has already caused me and numerous other Kenyans enough pain to last a life time. Without the duly elected shit being dropped at every instance by his boot lickers.

Ivy said...

Fave......heh heh hold it i was joking....Sorry i didn't mean it...Enyewe. POLE....I am signing out till tomorrow


Chicity said...

Enough of all the cliff hanger posts about damning info that will be released at the "appropriate time." If folks have something to say, put it out there. If not, save it until "the time" comes. Today there are several ways to disseminate information WITHOUT adverse consequences so spare us the Nancy Drew type intros about dossiers left on doorsteps! Your "info" may be factual but your presentation makes it sound like a rough draft of one your books.

For the feeble minded:

1. AIDS is a universal problem, not a Luo problem as you allude.

2. The insults regarding the consumption of fish ( a healthy source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids, thank you very much!) make you sound like a disgruntled 4 year old in a sand box. This is a blog where ADULTS attempt to have ADULT conversations. If you can't keep up, jump right back into your sand box until you learn to play well with others.

Anonymous said...

Chicity my friend, heh endelea....Tell them

You Know Who I AM said...

Sam Okello, You Liar!!
Once more, Sam Okello and his thirst for attention has shown up at Kumekucha, intent on grabbing the headlines with his nonsensical scary message. Kenyans deserve better.

So somebody dropped a dossier on the door of your house? Are you UN? Are you UNHCR? What are you? Why was the dossier not dropped to world renown leaders or human rights or policing bodies? Sam Okello to the rescue!

Could it be that this "someone" who dropped the dossier is also looking to make money after this fictional dossier is turned into one of your many cheap political thriller fiction? "It read like a horror novel.." so now you are into horror novels? I thought you are still in political fiction thrillers??? Come on, Sam Okello!

Typical luo sypchophantic behavior "lets follow Raila because he is leading us in the tunnel of darkness...Lets follow Raila because he is crying in the bedroom so that I dont have to cry in the daylight....lets follow Raila because he is kissing his wife for the last time (so that I can kiss my wife forever??)....lets follow Raila because he is staying awake so that I can sleep ( I tell you what, Sam Okello, wake up and start writing real books, as in getting a real job, rumor mongering is not one of them)

Finally, if you want people to follow Raila, you and your wife [name withheld--but we know her!] go and follow Raila to the lake and monger fish there not rumors. YES YOU CAN! ,Follow Raila to the lake!

NB: Post the dossier at Kumekucha or let Kumekucha serialize it...but wait, no, the last time it happened you closed peoples blogs and wanted to sue Kumekucha to google and close it down as well....we know U!!!

Anonymous said...

Sam stop trying, sheep do not need a reason to troop after Raila.

The man has been making tactical retreats since 1982. One day he will just find he has retreated right back to his house in Bondo!

Ati dossier on your door step? I must commend you guys on your creativity though. Its awesome

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think Okello is full of sh... or fish, just full of something.

Its very simple, present evidence or shut up. I can show you a dossier on Raila and Ruto that will make you want to be a refugee in Somalia, but its full of shi... like Sam. I guess the wise ones who can discern truth from shi... are few.

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